York Furnace Reviews – 2020 Ultimate Guide

| Last Updated: April 17, 2021

Dedicated to providing quality products for more than 140 years, York's heating and cooling systems are installed in some of the world’s most famous structures, including the Sydney Opera House, the U.S. Capitol Building, and the Empire State Building.

With a wide range of premium models, York products are synonymous with dependability and quality. Their three product lines of furnaces offer varying degrees of energy efficiency. The Affinity Line comprises of two modulating furnaces, while the Latitude series consists of only two single-stage furnaces. The LX series has several single-stage, two-stage, modulating gas furnaces.

If you want a dependably-made and competitively-priced York furnace, then you are in the right place. With in-depth reviews, features, and prices in this article, you will find a suitable furnace that will keep you warm during the cold winter days.       

How Does York Compare to the Competition?

York is one of the largest companies that supply some of the best quality furnaces. Their innovative designs and use of advanced technology makes their products some of the best in the world. Their various features include:  

Energy Star Rated Products

A large number of furnace models from York are Energy Star certified. Thus, these products are environmental-friendly and help to reduce energy costs by 38% as compared to older models.   

ClimaTrak Technology

York products are designed with the help of ClimaTrak technology. This innovative feature helps to operate the blower according to your specific needs.

Modulating Burner Design

York’s furnaces are designed with a modulating burner that allows users to adjust the level of heat continuously according to their requirements. These small increments not only provide the perfect temperature of your home but also easily match your comfort level.

This highly customizable feature keeps the temperature of your home just right and eliminates the need to continually adjust the temperatures inside your home.  


York furnaces come with a 10-year Parts Limited Warranty, Lifetime Heat Exchanger Warranty, and a limited 1-year Labor Warranty, thus cultivating a sense of confidence among customers.

York vs. Guardian Furnace

Guardian furnaces are designed for residential areas and are available in 95.5% and 80% AFUE models. York furnaces are great for heating homes and buildings around the world.

Their premium models come with an AFUE rating of 98%, while their entry-level models come with a high AFUE rating of 95%.

York vs. Lennox Furnace

Lennox furnaces are durable and energy-efficient; however, they have become an outdated name in the heating industry due to a number of reasons. Their furnaces are designed with internal components that are used only in their products and are not found in other brands. This means that if there is any problem with a Lennox furnace, it will not be easy to find the relevant part.

Lennox furnaces are more expensive than other brands. There have also been complaints about their customer service, and their repair fees are also higher as compared to other brands.

York furnaces, on the other hand, produce units that are energy-efficient, which helps to save money on energy costs every month. They are able to fit all budgets, and their parts can easily be replaced in case of any fault. Moreover, their extended warranty gives the customers complete peace of mind.

York vs. Trane Furnace

Trane furnaces are best for a commercial space, but they tend to be a bit expensive. Their central units are available in single and multistage configurations, and some of its models have an AFUE rating of above 90%.  

York furnaces are designed with a variable-speed blower that ensures quiet operation. The heating level in these furnaces can be adjusted in small increments, thus enabling them to meet your desired level precisely. These furnaces are Energy Star rated, thus providing Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency of up to 98%.

Comparison of the Best York Furnaces

The three product lines of York furnaces come with varying degrees of energy efficiency. We have compiled the data relating to these furnaces in the form of a table, thus making it easier for you to compare the figures in just a glance. This table will also make it easy to choose the unit that is just right for you.

Model Name


Energy Efficiency (SEER)


Condenser Fan Motor

Cost of Unit Only

Installation Cost

York YP9C

33 inches

98% AFUE

60 – 120 MBH input




York TG9S

33 inches

95.5% AFUE

40 – 130 MBH input




York TM9V

33 inches

96% AFUE

40 – 120 MBH Input





33 inches

80% AFUE

60 – 120 MBH Input




York TL9E

33 inches

95% AFUE

60 – 100 MBH Input




Quick Take: Best York Furnaces

These are our recommendations for the best York furnaces:

  1. York YP9C
  2. York TG9S
  3. York TM9V

Review of the Best York Furnaces

York furnaces are highly concerned with efficiency, quality, and budget. Their units are designed with Wi-Fi communicating capabilities, Energy Star certification, ClimaTrak blower fine-tuning, and variable-speed ECM motors, thus making them an excellent solution for your heating problems. The following reviews of their various models will make it easier for you to choose the one best suited to your climate and needs:

Best Overall:
York YP9C


  • Energy-efficient up to 98% AFUE
  • Integrated self-diagnostic control module
  • Variable-speed ECM fan motor offers efficient and quiet circulation
  • Modulating burner design allows continuous adjustment of heating output
  • Integrated ClimaTrak technology makes it easy to tailor the operation according to your needs


  • Not suitable for all

Why it Stands Out to Us

York YP9C boasts an efficiency rating of 98% AFUE, which is why we find this to be an outstanding product. This unit converts 98% of its usable energy, thus providing more heat for less money. It also qualifies as an Energy Star product as it meets the efficiency standards set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.  

We also like the fact that this furnace has been designed to provide maximum comfort to homeowners. It’s modulating burner design, and ClimaTrak technology helps to maintain a comfortable temperature setting.

These units feature a compact 33-inch cabinet profile that fits comfortably in less space such as attics, closets, and basements with low ceilings. Another innovative feature that makes this product stand out to us is that it can be remotely monitored using an internet connection and smartphone-compatible York thermostat.  

Bottom Line

York YP9C is the perfect option for consumers who are looking for an efficient heating system that ensures an environment that is comfortable and efficient. In addition to Energy Star and Best Buy awards, this furnace has also received the Good Housekeeping Seal that is a symbol of trust and quality.

York TG9S


  • Energy-efficiency of up to 95.5% AFUE
  • Main gas valve can be shut off completely for added security
  • Compact 33-inch height allows it to fit easily even in small spaces
  • Constant speed PSC fan delivers even and dependable air distribution
  • Easily applied in horizontal right or left, upflow or downflow installation


  • Might have defects or leaks

Why it Stands Out to Us

York TG9S is a Single Stage Compact Unit that utilizes induced combustion. They are constructed with aluminized tubular heat exchangers and reliable hot surface ignition. These compact products can not only be installed in horizontal applications but can be converted for downflow applications as well.

Designed for residential installation in a closet, garage, basement, attic, alcove, or recreation room, these furnaces are also ideal for commercial applications. The TG9S furnace is part of the Latitude series and has been awarded the Energy Star Certificate. Each of these units is factory assembled, tested, and wired to ensure safe, economical, and dependable installation and operation.    

Bottom Line

Standing at a compact 33inches, the York TG9S carries the Good Housekeeping Seal for trust and quality. It is ideal for installation in small areas such as basements, attics, and closets. It boasts a rating of 95.5% AFUE and has a constant speed blower that evenly distributes hot air indoors. This product is suitable for both commercial and residential installation.

Best for the Money:
York TM9V


  • Efficient and impressive performance
  • A variable-speed ECM fan motor and two-stage burner
  • Adjustable heat level to match your comfort level perfectly
  • Compact design ensures hassle-free installation even in tight spaces
  • State-of-the-art construction delivers a quality product at reasonable prices


  • Fan doesn’t seem to work sometime

Why it Stands Out to Us

People nowadays are concerned about environmental issues and energy costs. One of the reasons that we like York TM9V is that they reduce energy costs by almost 40% as compared to older models. It has a 96% AFUE rating, which makes it one of the best furnaces in the industry.

We also love the fact that it provides consumers complete peace of mind as these products are Energy Star qualified. The York TM9V is also one of the most energy-efficient furnaces available at highly competitive prices.

These furnaces also feature a high-efficiency and quiet air circulating fan motor. This motor operates at a minimal cost, which further increases the overall efficiency of these units.   

Bottom Line

With an AFUE rating of 96%, the TM9V is an excellent mid-range option belonging to York’s LX series. Its two-stage burner ensures a comfortable level of heating while achieving capable and quiet circulation due to its variable-speed ECM fan motor. Its Energy Star rated, which further increases its efficiency.  


  • Saves time and money as it easily fits in the existing space
  • Sound-dampening design ensures reduced vibration and noise
  • Good Housekeeping Seal further increase customer confidence
  • ClimaTrak technology delivers custom comfort irrespective of the climate
  • Automatically adjusts in .50% increments to maintain a comfortable heat level


  • Not Energy Star certified

Why it Stands Out to Us

We find the York YPLC a good option for modern homes as it continuously modulates in increments of less than 1%, thus matching your preferred level of heating more accurately while saving fuel. These units increase the comfort level of users by adjusting their level of operation according to the required level of heat.            

The YPLC also features an 80% AFUE rating, which can help consumers reduce their energy costs by almost 25% as compared to older models. Moreover, the variable-speed fan motor circulates air longer, thus ensuring reduced energy use, longer periods of air filtering, and fewer hot and cold spots.  

Bottom Line

York YPLC provides users with an unparalleled combination of reliability, convenience, and efficiency. Designed with various innovative features, these energy-efficient units make your home comfortable while helping you save money.  


  • Ensures quality airflow and enhanced comfort
  • Designed to provide maximum efficiency to users
  • High-efficiency ECM fan motor delivers even air distribution
  • Awarded for its innovative design and reduced emissions output
  • Environment-friendly product which produces fewer greenhouse gases


  • Is a bit more pricey than other products in the LX series

Why it Stands Out to Us

Although many of York’s products are energy-efficient and environment-friendly, we find the TL9E to be the most environmentally responsible gas furnace. It helps to reduce smog-producing and greenhouse gases by almost 65% as compared to other models while meeting the most stringent standards for air quality. Moreover, it is Energy Star rated, which is why we find it to be one of the best options for people who are more concerned with environmental issues.

York TL9E has an energy-efficient rating of 95%, and with its installation, you can also reduce your fuel costs by almost 20%.  

Bottom Line

Winner of the 2020 AHR Expo Innovation Award under the category of heating, York TL9E is perfect for people who care about the environment. It offers 95% AFUE, which helps to ensure customer comfort. 

What Kind of Warranty Does York Offer?

York is a reliable brand that offers some of the best warranties in the HVAC industry. Whether you choose an entry-level, mid-range, or premium model, you can be sure that your investment is well protected.

York Affinity Series offers a one-year limited warranty on labor, a 10-year limited warranty on components, and a limited lifetime warranty on its heat exchanger.

York Latitude Series provides a 10-year limited warranty on components and a limited lifetime heat exchanger warranty.

York LX Series comes with a heat exchanger that is backed by a 20-year limited warranty, components that have a 10-year limited warranty, and a one-year limited warranty on labor. 

Who is York?

York is one of the leading companies in the furnace industry. It has its headquarters in York, PA, with facilities in both Oklahoma and Kansas. Its products are not only used in local banks and malls but are also installed in many famous buildings such as the U.S. Navy’s nuclear submarine fleet and the U.S. Capitol. A wide range of York products is Energy Star qualified, and they offer comfort and efficiency for many years.

In addition to three gas furnace series, the company also produces air handlers, thermostats, and controls, split system air conditioners, evaporator coils, heat pumps, residential packaged systems, mini-split systems, and split system air conditioners.   

In 2006, York was acquired by Johnson Controls, who is a leader in quality manufacturing. This alliance has resulted in high energy efficiency products infused with a number of other benefits. York furnace products are engineered, designed, and assembled in North America. York has also been awarded the Dealer Design award, the Consumer Digest Best Buy award, the Good Housekeeping Seal, the AHR Expo Innovation Award, and the Energy Seal Most Efficient Award 2019.  


York’s dedication to producing quality products is clearly visible throughout its full range of high- efficiency furnaces. Their wide variety of price points, 10-year warranty on parts, and limited lifetime heat exchanger make them an option worth considering.  

Moreover, York’s natural gas and propane furnaces are designed with various top-of-the-line features that make them suitable for any climate. This also ensures that you will find a York furnace easily that matches both your requirements and your budget. 

People Also Ask

Before investing in a quality furnace, it is vital to do thorough research. This ensures the best product according to your climate and needs. In addition to the above reviews, answers to the following questions will tell you more about York products and their suitability.

Who Makes York Furnaces?

York furnaces are produced by York International Corporation or more simply York. The company produces light commercial and residential furnaces, central air conditioners, heat pumps, and more. It operates under the parent company Johnson Controls Inc. which is a global manufacturer of a wide variety of mechanical equipment.

How Much is a York Furnace?

York furnaces are available at different prices, which makes them suitable for all budgets. You can buy a furnace from the Latitude series for as low as $800, or you can invest in a high-end Affinity model for $ 2,050.

Moreover, these furnaces have low maintenance costs, which makes these furnaces a good option.  

How to Tell What Year a York Furnace Was Manufactured?

The year of manufacture of a York furnace can be easily determined with the help of the serial number provided on the data plate. This serial number typically has ten characters, and the second and fourth digit denotes the year of manufacture. For example, in the serial number N0K7896375, the second number and the fourth number together represent the year of manufacture. Thus, according to this serial number, the year of manufacture is 07, i.e., 2007.

How Do You Know When Your Furnace Needs to be Replaced?

There are various signs that indicate that it is time to replace your furnace. These include frequent repairs, rising energy bills, age of your system, uneven heating in rooms, and home humidity problems. Your furnace may also develop rattles, hums or buzzes or become unusually noisy. Physical evidence such as signs of rust or cracks around or in the system is also an indication that your furnace needs to be replaced.

Is a York Furnace Any Good?

York furnaces are some of the most energy-efficient models available with up to 98% AFUE. This helps to save on energy costs. These units are designed with a variable-speed blower that ensures quiet operation. This modulating furnace increases the heat level in small continuous increments, thus meeting your comfort level precisely.    

How Long Do York Furnaces Last?

The average lifespan of a York furnace is around 15 – 30 years. It is vital to schedule yearly furnace maintenance to ensure its smooth operation and long life.

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