Daikin Furnace Reviews (2020 Top Picks)

| Last Updated: April 17, 2021

Furnaces are an integral part of a home, especially for heating purposes. 

It is necessary to buy a good system that will last a long time and be guaranteed to run smoothly and efficiently, especially as they can be costly and constant replacements are a hassle. 

So, for your convenience, we have compiled a list of the best furnaces by Daikin, their features, and what makes them the best on the market.

How Does Daikin Compare to the Competition?

Daikin is a leading brand in the HVAC product market, be it in terms of air conditioning units or gas furnaces, and it is renowned for its efficient, durable, and reliable products. Some of the points that make it a better choice for such products than its competitors are as follows:


Daikin is an old player in the HVAC game, founded in 1924. It has only lasted for so long because of staying ahead of the game and making and catering to customers and clients that will be loyal to them. 

Their highly durable products that are both power and cost-efficient are highly in demand and reliable because of their impeccable performance. They have become one of the best brands in HVAC technology only through the reliability of their products.


Daikin, other than having reliable products, also offers technology with features that stand out in the market when compared to other companies. Their variable-speed motors, insulated holding sections, stainless steel construction, compatibility with other Daikin appliances, etc. make their furnaces some of the best on the market, especially in comparison to the competition.


Daikin offers technology of all ranges, from older, cheaper models to the latest higher-priced ones. Also, each of their models has a set of important features that are sure to satisfy any buyer, with a few extra perks for someone who is willing to buy higher-priced models. Basically, there is something in almost every price range.

Customer Service

It is impossible to run a technological company that is a hit with the people as well, without having a good relationship with the customer.

Consumers have often remarked on the highly accommodating and efficient services of the customer care workers of Daikin, who make sure to solve each and every one of the problems that you may encounter with their products. 

Comparison of the Best Daikin Furnaces

Below, we have compiled the specifications of different furnace models by Daikin, so an informed decision can be made in case you are interested.

Model Name

Unit Size

Energy Efficiency (SEER)

Home Sq. Ft.

Condenser Fan Motor

Cost of Unit Only

Installation Cost

Daikin DM97MC



120,000 BTU



$3200 - $6150

Daikin DC96VC



120,000 BTU



$3200 - $6150

Daikin DM92SE



80,000 BTU



$3200 - $6150

Daikin DM96SE



120,000 BTU


$1700 - $2000

$3200 - $6150

Daikin DM80VC



60,000 BTU



$3200 - $6150

Quick Take: Best Daikin Furnaces

These are our recommendations for the best Daikin furnaces:

  1. Daikin DM97MC
  2. Daikin DC96VC
  3. Daikin DM92SE

Review of the Best Daikin Furnaces

Now that we have discussed things like model numbers and energy consumption, let’s get into the important features of our chosen Daikin furnaces, and what makes them special enough to be on this list.

Best Overall:
Daikin DM97MC


  • Can be installed in multiple positions, upflow – left, right, horizontal
  • Features a completely insulated section for the heat exchanger and blower
  • Consists of a modulating gas valve that configures itself for every installation
  • Has a self-diagnostic control board that monitors and keeps constant track of the system’s working for reliable operation
  • Equipped with a quiet and efficient variable-speed induced draft blower motor and a durable stainless-steel heat exchanger


  • Faulty products received by some customers
  • Specialized technicians are required in case of any problems

Why it Stands Out to Us

The Daikin DM97MC is one of the best furnaces on the market. It stands out to us because of the amazing features that it possesses like a variable-speed induced draft blower motor, a stainless steel heat exchanger, an insulated section for the heat exchanger and blower, a modulating gas valve, etc. 

But the most eye-catching out of all of these is the self-diagnostic control board, which keeps the entire system in check and pays attention to its condition and functioning, monitoring everything happening and looking out for issues or errors, which is pretty cool when you think about it; it’s like a built-in doctor.

Bottom Line

In all, this is a high-quality product that is definitely worth the cost. The reviews prove that it is highly durable and consists of great features that make it a great product.

Daikin DC96VC


  • Consists of a two-stage gas valve along with a silicon nitride igniter
  • Compatible with Daikin One+ smart thermostat and other equipment
  • Features a quiet and highly efficient variable-speed indoor blower motor
  • Lets the air continually circulate to keep it moving throughout your home
  • Can be installed in multiple positions, downflow – left, right, or horizontal


  • Motor is noisier than expected in some models
  • Some customers received low-quality products from contractors

Why it Stands Out to Us

This furnace is a hit among the people. Daikin has always been the top dog when it comes to HVAC technology, and this one further proves the point that it deserves that place. With features such as a two-stage gas valve, a variable-speed indoor blower motor, a two-speed induced draft blower, a tubular stainless steel heat exchanger, etc., it is a definite knockout. 

The standout of this one, though, is that it is compatible with the Daikin One+ smart thermostat and also with other Daikin equipment. This makes it way easier to control the temperature of your home and is more efficient too.

Bottom Line

With this one, great performance is guaranteed as it consists of a lot of great features and is also great at keeping the air inside the house fresh.

Best for the Money:
Daikin DM92SE


  • Also gives low NOx emissions
  • Features a multi-speed ECM blower
  • Equipped with a quiet single-speed induced draft blower
  • Has a self-diagnostic control board and a single-stage gas valve
  • Consists of a heavy-duty stainless-steel tubular heat exchanger and a secondary heat exchanger


  • Blower became faulty in some cases
  • Had issues with the amount of NOx emissions in some products

Why it Stands Out to Us

Daikin products have been the top pick of people for a long time when it comes to efficiency and reliability, and this is a great example of it. This furnace consists of things such as a self-diagnostic control board, a multi-speed ECM blower, a single-speed induced draft blower, a single-stage valve, etc. 

But the thing that stands out the most is the heavy-duty stainless steel tubular heat exchanger, which is amazing when it comes to its function. It exchanges the warm air with the environment around it highly efficient and is highly reliable and durable because of its construction and manufacture.

Bottom Line

This is a superb product with a list of features that makes it quite tantalizing to buy. With things such as low NOx emissions, a multi-speed ECM blower, a stainless steel tubular heat exchanger and a second heat exchanger, etc., it definitely is a great catch.


  • Gives low NOx emissions
  • Equipped with a quiet single-speed induced draft blower
  • Fitted with a silicon nitride ignitor as well as a one-stage gas valve
  • Has a heavy-duty stainless steel heat exchanger that is tubular in shape
  • Features a control board that has self-diagnostic properties, along with an LED that displays the output of memory fault code history


  • Some products were faulty in case of NOx emissions
  • Faulty products received by customers in some cases

Why it Stands Out to Us

The company is a frontrunner in air conditioning and heating systems, and this model is no different. The furnace consists of a host of amazing features, including the stainless steel tubular heat exchanger, a single-stage gas valve, a single-speed induced draft blower, a silicon nitride igniter, self-diagnostic control board, etc. 

Out of all of this, the low NOx emission feature stands out the most. This is something that can be seen with most of their furnaces. They try to make the emission of harmful substances less and less into the environment, with this furnace being careful to emit the lowest amount of NOx possible.

Bottom Line

Overall, it is great for quality and reliability. Surely this will last you for a long time if you are interested in buying such a product, or are due for a furnace replacement.


  • Also has a two-gauge gas valve
  • Has a durable silicon nitride igniter
  • Able to continuously circulate air to keep it moving inside the house
  • Consists of a durable, heavy-duty steel cabinet with a baked enamel finish
  • Features a quiet variable-speed motor and a two-speed induced draft blower


  • Noisier than expected
  • Under-sizing issues for some of the products

Why it Stands Out to Us

This furnace is a total winner. It consists of features such as a two-gauge valve, a variable-speed fan motor, a two-speed induced draft blower, a silicon nitride igniter, etc. But the thing that stands out to us the most is its steel cabinet with baked enamel finish. 

The cabinet is the main component of the furnace as it consists of the rest of its parts and protects them as well. The heavy-duty steel is already great when it comes to reinforcing durability, but a baked enamel finish is the icing on the cake, making sure that the cabinet is as strong as it can possibly be, to last for as long as possible without any damage. 

Bottom Line

To sum up, this is a cost-efficient and highly reliable piece of technology, which is perfect for maintaining the temperature of your house to provide you with the utmost comfort.

What Kind of Warranty Does Daikin Offer?

Daikin is a company known for its durability and reliability, and it shows in their warranty policies. They, like most of the other companies on the market, offer a standard lifetime warranty and then a limited parts replacement warranty.

A Daikin furnace, like most of the products similar to it on the market, has a total lifespan of 15 to 20 years. To optimize its use during these years and to help in any kind of repairs that may be required in case of problems that may occur, Daikin offers a 12-year unit replacement limited warranty that will come in handy in case the entire unit fails to function. 

There is also a 12-year parts limited warranty that will help in case of repairs or replacements needed for different parts of the furnace.

Also, people can get an additional five to six years of warranty on top of these, courtesy of their contractor. But for all of this, they will have to register within 60 days of installation.

Who is Daikin?

Daikin is a world-renowned brand of HVAC appliances and technology. It was founded in 1924 by Akira Yamada and was, at first, named Osaka Kinzoku, which was then changed to Dalkin Kogyo Co. Ltd in 1953 due to the development of Neoflon, and then finally to Daikin Industries Ltd. In 1982.

The company is the inventor of Variable Refrigerant Volume Systems (also known as VRV or VRF systems) and was the manufacturer of the first split and multi-split air conditioners. In addition to this, it is also responsible for the development of the R-410A refrigerant, in association with Carrier.

It is a company with operations all around the world, including China, Australia, India, Middle East, Southeast Asia, Europe, Africa, Latin America, and the United States.


All of the products listed in this article are our own personal picks. We have compiled them with the help of research about the products and the customer reviews that reflected their performance in different aspects. It will definitely help you in choosing the right product to fit your requirements. All of the furnaces listed in this article are gas furnaces.

People Also Ask

Even though we have tried our best to compile every important aspect of each product, there may be some lingering questions that people may have. So below, we have compiled a few questions that will help clear some confusion:

How Old is My Daikin Furnace?

It is easy to find out how old your model of Daikin furnace is through the serial number. This is because the date of manufacture is coded in the first four digits of the serial number, which represents the year and month of manufacture. This way, you will be able to determine the age of your furnace.

Are Daikin Furnaces Reliable?

Yes, Daikin furnaces are reliable. It is a company that was founded in 1924 and has been working since then. It has built its success on the fact that its products are highly durable, reliable in manufacture and performance, and very cost and energy-efficient. So, Daikin is a good choice for all your HVAC needs.

How Long Does a Daikin Furnace Last?

A Daikin furnace, like most on the market, has a lifespan of 15 to 20 years. But this can be extended to 25 years by signing up for a preventative maintenance plan with a good and reputable HVAC contractor.

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