Lennox Furnace Reviews (2020 Guide)

| Last Updated: April 17, 2021

If you are looking to buy a gas furnace, you will be amazed at the number of options available in the market. While variety seems great, it can often get confusing and take up a lot of time.

To make things easier for you, we have compiled together all that you need to know in the form of a buyer’s guide below. Here you can expect to find information regarding the brand Lennox and which model will be the most suitable for you. 

You will also find a comparison chart and some basic FAQs so you can skim through the facts without spending hours on it. 

How Does Lennox Compare to the Competition?

Lennox is the number one choice in the industry for many people, and rightfully so. It has multiple features, which makes it unique and undoubtedly, a good choice for work and home stations. Here are some features which stand out the most;

Efficient Furnaces

Most Lennox furnaces have an 80% efficiency rate. They are offered in both kinds of stages; single and two-stage. The ones with high-efficiency come in models that have more than 97% efficiency. 

Heat Control Technology

It has state-of-the-art technology in some of its efficient models. They come equipped with condensing furnaces, which also have secondary heat exchangers so that the furnace does not produce more heat than required for operation. 


The models work flawlessly with Alexa, which allows for remote monitoring by the user. It also allows the user to control the HVAC system.

Compatible HVAC Components

If you are looking for a package, it comes with compatible components, such as air conditioners, central ventilation, heat pumps, air purification, and thermostats. 

Price Value

Lennox offers the most energy-efficient and unique HVAC features for the price it offers in comparison to other brands in the market. 

Lennox vs. Trane Furnace

Warranty is an important aspect that adds great value to your money. Therefore, in terms of warranties, Trane furnaces have better policies. Meanwhile, Lennox’s higher-end models and product ranges are better performing than the cheaper ones. So, if budget is a problem, then the cheaper models by Lennox might not be the best. 

Lennox also has better efficiencies compared to Trane, where the average efficiency of a furnace by the latter is 97% and 98% for the former. 

Carrier vs. Lennox Furnace

Once again, for price value, Carrier has better warranties than Lennox furnaces. However, the former is more on the higher end and is expensive compared to Lennox’s versatile range of products. 

If you want to lower your utility bills and need more efficient furnaces, then Lennox is a better choice. 

Rheem vs. Lennox Furnace

In terms of price value and affordable range of furnaces, Rheem, and Lennox both have a very similar product portfolio. However, the choices and options Lennox has are way more than what Rheem has to offer. 

Both the companies are easily available at most home development stores and are in constant competition with one another due to equally excelling quality. 

Rheem’s furnaces are better than its air conditioners, and the company is also known for its good customer service. This might be missing out a bit from Lennox. 

Bryant vs. Lennox Furnace

Bryant furnaces are a lot quieter than Lennox’s. This plays an important role for many people, so if you are looking for silent furnaces, Bryant is a better choice. 

Meanwhile, Bryant also offers a 10-year long warranty, which is better than the 5-year warranty that Lennox has to offer. Both of the companies have very similar-looking furnaces. 

York vs. Lennox Furnace

Lennox’s new solar-powered units have been launched, making it a premium brand in the market. Many people consider Lennox overpriced compared to York, but the quality is undeniable. 

In comparison, York’s units have better looks and style, but the quality of their air conditioners and furnaces is similar to that of Lennox. Maintenance parts for the latter are difficult to find as compared to the former. 

Comparison of the Best Lennox Furnaces 

To help you choose the best Lennox furnace, we have compiled all the information in the form of a table below regarding their unit size, efficiency, and costs that you will incur for the purchase and installation. This will help you make a more informed choice before investing in one. 

Model Name

Unit Size

Energy Efficiency (SEER)

Home Sq. Ft.

Condenser Fan Motor

Cost of Unit Only

Installation Cost

Lennox Merit Series ML195

2-5 Tons






Lennox Merit Series ML180 




Single Stage



Lennox SL280V

2-3 Tons 






Lennox EL296V

2-5 Tons

96% AFUE


Two-Stage Heating



Lennox SLP98V

2 to 5 tons, 66,000 to 132,000 Btuh






Lennox Elite Series ELO183

68,000 to 150,000 BTUs






Lennox Merit Series ML193

3 tons, 44,000 to 132,000 Btuh






Quick Take: Best Lennox Furnaces

These are our recommendations for the three best Lennox furnaces:

  1. Lennox Merit Series ML195
  2. Lennox Merit Series ML180
  3. Lennox SL280V

Review of the Best Lennox Furnaces

Since there is a huge variety of Lennox furnaces in the market, it can be very easy to get confused about which one to invest in. To make things easier for you, we have listed down the pros and cons of some of the best ones and laid out all that you need to know before coming to a conclusion. 


  • Offers great value in terms of the cost 
  • Tested in research labs for efficiency in performance
  • Dual-fuel capability which makes for year-round savings
  • Allows for energy efficiency up to 95% which cuts down your costs
  • Has a tightly sealed blower compartment which does not allow for air leakage


  • A bit costly in comparison to other models
  • Not compatible with some of the other components offered by Lennox

Why it Stands Out to Us

What makes it so special is that it is paired with a special heat pump, which allows for a system that operates without the help of any manual assortment. This means it can automatically maneuver when it comes to electricity and gas options. 

The end result will be the user getting the comfort of being warm without having to do a lot. This way, you get the most energy-efficiency unit possible in a furnace without having to provide a lot of manual input. This is exactly what most house-hold staff want in their daily lives to save up on time and effort. 

Bottom Line

To conclude, this one is the best for people who like to use their equipment in the default settings because they don’t have a lot of technical know-how. As such, it can also make a great choice for work stations where there is no time to handle the equipment in manual settings. 


  • Offers dual-fuel operation
  • Comes with a robust blower assembly
  • AFUE of 80% which means more savings
  • Features a top vent with a rotatable inducer
  • Has a heavy gauge steel cabinet which provides extra comfort


  • Requires regular maintenance
  • Not one of the cheaper options

Why it Stands Out to Us

The best thing about this model is its ability to provide savings of hundreds of dollars thanks to its energy-efficient system. It also has an in-built feature, which automatically alternates between electricity and gas. This ensures balance and keeps you warm. Resultantly, you don’t have to intervene to make the best choice; the product handles it for you while looking out for your electricity bill.

It also has a good heat exchanger and an igniter, which are not offered in the cheaper alternatives in the market. Its furnace control system also allows for troubleshooting, so you don’t have to find the cause of any minor break out.

Bottom Line

To conclude, if you are looking for a self-sufficient furnace, this is the one to go for. It has many in-built features that allow you to lie back while the furnace does your job. It will cut down on the maintenance cost and the time you would rather have to invest in operating it.

Best for the Money:
Lennox SL280V


  • 80% AFUE heating efficiency for reduced costs
  • Has dual-fuel capability which minimizes heating costs
  • Efficient in cooling which eventually improves the system’s SEER
  • Features a sealed blower compartment which maximizes efficiency and comfort
  • Comes with iComfort which allows for user-friendly programming of thermostat after installation


  • Requires regular maintenance to ensure a longer product life
  • Shorter product life than other Lennox furnaces as a result of it being cost-friendly

Why it Stands Out to Us

We like this model because it is the quietest one in the market; it is about 4-1/2 times quieter than other models. It is equipped with SilentComfort™ technology and has a low fan speed, which makes it great for home use. It ensures good indoor air quality.

It also has features that protect you from pollutants throughout the year. It is also fully compatible with other air conditioners and thermostats. Last but not least, it has humidity control and other adjustment options, so you can make full use of it, depending on the circumstance and temperature.

Bottom Line

To conclude, this one makes for the best choice if you are on a tight budget. It fulfills all the qualities of a good, energy-efficient furnace, which will also give you a lot of flexibility when it comes to user control.

Best Lennox Elite Series Furnace:
Lennox EL296V


  • Has a sealed blower compartment
  • Comes with SureLight Silicon Nitride Ignitor
  • Also has an ultra-low continuous fan for heat control
  • Equipped with an air filter and humidifier compatibility system
  • Features enhanced humidity control to keep the environment comfortable


  • Least price-friendly of the Lennox furnaces
  • A limited lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger

Why it Stands Out to Us

What makes this one stand out is the technology features embedded in the product, which allow for easy-to-use interface and for making adjustments to get the most out of the product. It also has a very quiet way of operating because of its special sound-absorbing insulation.

Not only that, but it also offers enhanced humidity control, which is great for catering to different speeds. It also has a secondary heat exchanger, which helps by capturing additional heat. This saves a lot of parts from breaking and helps in more product life. Its fan is also designed in a way to provide a continuous flow of warm air.

Bottom Line

To conclude, this one is the best for you if you are looking for a cheap alternative while wanting the best out of energy-efficient features. It is all on the table for you to grab, whether it is about energy efficiency or racking up on advanced technological features.

Best Lennox Gas Furnace:
Lennox SLP98V


  • Has iComfort™ which allows for an easy-to-use interface
  • Stainless-steel secondary heat exchanger captures waste heat
  • Efficiency rating of 98.7% AFUE which can save the user about $800 dollars annually
  • Dual-fuel capability means it provides fuel efficiency by alternating between electric and gas heat
  • Comes with a self-calibrating variable speed inducer which helps in automatically adjusting the system requirements related to cleaning and operation


  • Can be a bit heavy on the pocket
  • Requires regular maintenance for maximum efficiency in long term usage

Why it Stands Out to Us

The best thing about this is the use of SilentComfort™ technology, which changes the whole way it behaves and operates. You will love having this in your home environment because it will be super quiet.

It jolts upon activation, and there is a very low hum while it’s heating, which will indicate any sign of overheating. It is seven times quieter than its competitor furnaces, which means it is the best option to go for if low noise levels are your priority. You will get a noticeable difference using this, and it is super user-friendly too.

Bottom Line

To conclude, this is the one to go for if you have set your expectations very high in regards to low noise and pollution levels because it is designed to target those specific concerns. 

Best Lennox Oil Furnace:
Lennox Elite Series ELO183 


  • Uses a Beckett burner
  • Has a user-friendly interface 
  • Energy efficiency of up to 83%
  • Single-stage unit with a PSC fixed blower speed
  • Cost-friendly unit that also helps save on electricity


  • Not as energy-efficient as its competitive oil furnace options
  • Warranty of five years on parts, which is not among the top warranties

Why it Stands Out to Us

This one is one of our favorites. It is one of the most extensively tested ones in research labs for efficiency, so you can take all your worries regarding its operations off your mind. It is sure to offer maximum efficiency in every season along with the quiet operation, and you will need very little maintenance to keep it going.

It has a fully insulated cabinet designed with noise-reducing material using a Beckett® burner. You can be relieved if you have any concerns regarding efficient combustion for more fuel efficiency in hotter climates. The burner is designed to remain unaffected by outside conditions such as a poor chimney.

Bottom Line

This one is the quietest of Lennox furnaces, so go for this if low noise levels are your top priority in your home environment. Its body is also high quality and makes for a super aesthetic addition in your home.

Best Lennox High-Efficiency Furnace:
Lennox Merit Series ML193


  • One of the cost-friendly furnace options from Lennox
  • Has a robust blower assembly which means even temperatures and more comfort
  • Energy efficiency of 93% AFUE which can save you hundreds of dollars every year
  • Equipped with a sealed blower compartment which allows for less than 1% leakage
  • Features a stainless steel secondary heat exchanger which means you don’t have to worry about the additional heat getting trapped in


  • Less technological features than its competitor products
  • Requires regular upkeep for the smooth running of systems

Why it Stands Out to Us

This model is made for long-lasting reliability for the value it is offered at. It is best to achieve the maximum comfort at a small price. However, do not mistake its efficiency for the low price it is offered at. It is sure to surprise you with its high standards, which are designed to cater to your home comfort needs.

It is super economical and a very high-efficiency gas furnace. It serves as an ideal combination of energy efficiency along with cost-efficiency. If you are worried about your utility bill but do not want to compromise on the comfort level, this is the one to settle for. You can rely on it for the coldest of days and for the longest of years to come.

Bottom Line

To conclude, this one is made exclusively for the highest levels of reliability and efficiency. If you are looking to keep your home warm and cozy during the coldest temperatures while keeping the bills on the bare minimum, this one is the one to go for. 

What Kind of Warranty Does Lennox Offer?

The warranty applies only for residential applications, and for the basic Limited Warranties, there is no prior registration needed. Depending on the model, the warranty periods differ, ranging from five years to the lifetime of the product. The company also offers an Extended Warranty for some units. Here is a breakdown of some products and the warranties offered on them;

Dave Lennox Signature® Collection Series Products

  • Ten years on covered components
  • Ten years on compressor
  • 20 years or Limited Lifetime on the heat exchanger (depending upon model)

Lennox Elite® Series Products

  • Five years on covered components
  • Ten years on compressor
  • 20 years or Limited Lifetime on the heat exchanger (depending upon model)

Lennox Merit® Series Products

  • Five years on covered components
  • Five years on compressor
  • 20 years on heat exchanger

Healthy Climate® Indoor Air Quality Systems

  • Two or five years on covered components (depending upon model)

Lennox® Comfort Controls / Thermostats / Zoning Systems

  • Two or five years on covered components (depending upon model)

Lennox® Ductless Mini-Split Systems

  • Five years on covered components

You can also refer to the warranty certificates which are given alongside the equipment to find out about the specific warranty periods and the terms and conditions that apply to your products. To avail of the extended limited warranty, product registration is required. This allows you to increase your warranty by twice the time period on individual parts. 

Who is Lennox?

Lennox was created by Dave Lennox in 1895. The company is famous around the globe for providing top HVAC solutions. It offers energy-efficient air conditioners, furnaces, and heat pumps. It also has indoor air quality systems. 

Since it has been around for so long, the company is committed to investing equally in research and development to provide its clients with state-of-the-art solutions to their HVAC needs. Their experience in air conditioning is unmatched, and they have a history of providing the most energy-efficient products under their name. 


To conclude, Lennox is a reliable brand that offers the best furnaces available in the market. All their products are also of high quality, which means minimum user intervention required in terms of maintenance. 

People Also Ask 

As someone who has to make an informed purchasing decision, you might have a lot in mind regarding some aspects not covered previously regarding the Lennox furnaces. To guide you thoroughly, we have compiled some frequently asked questions below;

How Old is my Lennox Furnace?

The date of production of the Lennox furnace can be known by locating the serial number. It is usually found on the data plate. It is a ten character serial number which begins with four numerical digits followed by one letter and ends with five numerical digits. Along with it, you can also expect to find the year and month of manufacture. 

How to Change the Air Filter on a Lennox Furnace?

To change the air filter, first, you need to locate your filter cabinet, which you will find next to your furnace or air handler. Next, you need to unwrap your Lennox air filter and pull the handle of the cabinet's front panel to remove it. 

Then, you need to slide the filter out using the cardboard handles. The last step is to insert a new filter while making sure that the airflow arrows are pointed toward your furnace or air handler. Lastly, you need to ensure its replacement every 9-12 months.

How Much is a Lennox Furnace? 

Lennox furnace prices can differ because there are multiple factors that make them up, such as your location and their features. The minimum average price of a Lennox furnace is $1,690, while the maximum average is $2,595, excluding the installation cost. 

How Long Do Lennox Furnaces Last?

Most Lennox furnaces last for 16-24 years. This means they have good furnace durability. However, there are some factors that come into this, for example, its usage and initial quality at the time of purchase. 

Cheap furnaces are not designed to last long. Investing in a high-quality furnace can give you 18-30 years. It also depends on how well it is maintained. If you clean it well, it will prevent major failures in the long term. 

Why Won't my Lennox Furnace Turn on?

If your Lennox furnace is not turning on, it is highly possible that the electrical system providing the furnace power has shut down or experienced a power failure.

Other than that, the furnace igniter must be checked as it might have cracked. The thermostat must be checked for settings, and the blower motor must also be checked for any burn-outs. 

Where Are Lennox Furnaces Manufactured?

The manufacturing of Lennox Furnaces is based in Richardson, Texas. It is near Dallas. The company has manufacturing and distribution facilities across North America. All the products can be found via more than 6,000 independent dealers associated with Lennox. 

Does Carrier Own Lennox?

No, it does not. All of Carrier’s air conditioners are owned by United Technologies (UT), who is behind the creation of similar HVAC brands. 

Is a Lennox Furnace Any Good?

Lennox furnaces have the highest efficiency rates in the market. It’s signature series furnaces have an AFUE rating of 80% to 98%. Their best one, SLP98V, has 98% efficiency, and there is nothing comparable in the market. 

Are Lennox Parts Hard to Get?

Lennox parts can be difficult to find because the company's supply chain is proprietary. This does not leave the users of Lennox much choice, so if you order replacement parts, you have to wait for weeks until it finally arrives. However, you can get in touch with professional HVAC contractors for immediate small repairs. They often have replacement parts at hand. 

Can a Lennox Furnace Last 40 Years?

Any furnaces lasting over 40 years is a very unlikely scenario. If you look at the average lifespan of a classic gas furnace, it is 15-30 years. Extending another ten years on average would mean its usage is very less and it has a very high maintenance rate over the years. 

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