Lennox Air Conditioner Buyers Guide – HVAC Brand Review

HVAC equipment is a major investment all property owners must make at least once in their lifetime. The decision can be overwhelming for some. One of the most well-known brand names in air conditioners has been Lennox. Is it worth the extra money to get a trusted name? Does Lennox live up to its 100-year-old reputation in commercial heating and cooling innovation and excellence?

This will serve as your one-stop guide to Lennox equipment, from the company’s rich history to user-identified drawbacks to the benefits of purchasing Lennox HVAC equipment.  

The Best of Lennox

Founded in 1895, Lennox has been an industry trailblazer as it owns and operates the largest and most/advanced research and development labs in the country. This is how they have been able to remain ahead of the pack at every turn.

Here are just some of the most recent Lennox innovations:

Energence rooftop units

This unit comes with options to have SmartAirflow systems that save ventilation energy consumption. It is also equipped with a supply fan that brings even more energy savings, with additional potential to harness solar energy.  

Mini-Split Systems

A dual cooling and heating system that can help property owners circumvent ductwork.

Prodigy Control System

An intelligent control system that can be configured to meet your daily heating and cooling needs from your roof top system.

Lennox VRF

It is a versatile HVAC solution that can be used in commercial buildings of all sizes. It is easily customizable and offers energy savings.

Being on the cutting edge has also allowed Lennox to offer a wider variety of units. This gives consumers more options that better fit their individual HVAC needs. There are a lot of upsides to being a Lennox customer.

Energy Efficiency

Lennox is a leader in energy efficiency. Their products are Energy Star efficient. What does that mean? Energy Star is a government program that helps potential buyers make energy-smart decisions when purchasing equipment to help save energy and in turn help customers save money. While the initial investment might be costly, it could very well pay off in the long run and you’ll have a great return on your investment.

Customizable Technology

Lennox is a leader in designing custom comfort for homes and commercial buildings. As we talked about earlier, they have the best of the best when it comes to technology and they aren’t afraid to flaunt it. If you want an intuitive system that has the easiest and most efficient pre-programmed settings for your cooling system, Lennox is the way to go.

Localized Technical Support

The benefit of purchasing equipment from such a ubiquitous brand in HVAC is that customers receive local technical troubleshooting and repairs. Anytime you have a problem you can contact a local Lennox dealer for service or support. Lennox provides technical support to all of their dealers nationwide.


With every Lennox purchase there are options for warranties that range from the basic limited warranty period for units to additional warranties that can cover the equipment’s entire lifespan. Warranties and extended warranties vary for each unit or piece of equipment.

The Drawbacks

Before buying Lennox equipment, it is important you understand the drawbacks in addition to all of the “pros”. Here are some of the downsides to purchasing Lennox units that we’ve gleaned from experience, customer comments and general online chatter.


With Lennox, you aren’t just paying for the equipment, you are paying for the household and trusted brand name. While this might be a good idea to buy from an accredited brand when it comes to HVAC, the price tag isn’t all functionality, the price is affected by the Lennox reputation in reliability.

Parts are pricey and hard to find

Looking to repair a Lennox Air Conditioner or heat pump? You might not be able to get your unit fixed as quickly as you’d like. You may have to wait weeks for the part to arrive for installation. Since you bought name brand, you will also have to pay name brand prices for the parts too.


Lennox does offer some incentives for purchasing their products, which we’ll discuss below. But a major complaint Lennox customers have with the company is its rebate process. People buy Lennox with the idea that they will receive rebate money. Lennox does give the customers their rebate, as promised.

But the catch is that it is only available on a debit card. The card expires after 6 months and after that time period the customer is unable to reclaim it. Additionally, if you use the card to withdraw cash from an ATM, a $2.95 fee is incurred in addition to the ATM fee.

Lennox’s Top Models  


SEER Rating














Let’s have a look at some of Lennox’s best models.

XC25 Variable-Capacity Air Conditioner (Signature Collection)

  • Energy efficiency up to 26.00 SEER can save you hundreds annually on utility costs
  • Variable-capacity operation
  • SilentComfort™ technology gives this unit a sound rating as low as 59 dB
  • R-410A refrigerant and Solar Ready
  • iComfort t®-enabled technology
  • 10-Year limited warranty on covered components including the compressor
  • This unit is tax credit eligible

Sl18XC1 Single Stage Air Conditioner (Signature Collection)

  • Energy efficiency up to 18.50 SEER to help with your energy savings
  • Single-stage cooling
  • SilentComfort™ technology gives this unit a sound rating as low as 65 dB
  • R-410A refrigerant and easily combined with solar roof modules
  • iComfort t®-enabled technology to give you connectivity to the system whether you are home or not and allows you to maximize comfort
  • 10-Year limited warranty on covered components including compressor
  • This unit is tax credit eligible

XC20 Variable- Capacity Air Conditioner (Elite Collection)

  • High-efficiency air conditioner with true variable capacity
  • Helps control humidity with unprecedented precision
  • Up to 20.00 SEER
  • Variable-capacity operation
  • SilentComfort™ technology gives this unit a sound rating as low as 65 dB
  • R-410A refrigerant and easily combined with solar roof modules
  • iComfort t®-enabled technology to give you connectivity to the system whether you are home or not and allows you to maximize comfort
  • 10-Year Limited Warranty on compressor, 5-Year Limited Warranty on covered components. This product may be eligible for valuable 10-Year Limited Extended Warranty

14ACX Single-Stage Air Conditioner (Merit Series)

  • Efficient and economical unit for those looking for a best-value purchase
  • Up to 16.00 SEER
  • Single-stage
  • As low as 76 dB
  • Energy Star certified
  • R-410A refrigerant
  • Reliable scroll compressor to give you years of efficient cooling
  • Compatible with the exclusive Humiditrol® whole-home dehumidification system
  • 5-Year Limited Warranty on covered components including compressor. This product may be eligible for valuable 10-Year Limited Extended Warranty coverage.

Some Other Great Lennox Products

To help make your home even more comfortable, Lennox also offers other parts of a climate control system. We wanted to highlight just a couple here

Comfort 3000 Thermostats

  • Simple accurate temperature control at a good cost
  • 2-year limited warranty
  • Programmable so that you can customize your comfort and your energy savings
  • Has a filter reminder so you always know when it is time to change your filter
  • Easy to operate with user-friendly interface

Sunsource Home Energy System

  • Compatible with all of the air conditioners listed above
  • Solar modules take energy from the sun and use it to power your Lennox solar-ready A/C unit or heat pump
  • It is easy to expand the system by just adding more solar modules
  • Installs with no major modifications to your home

Finding the Best Prices

When you are weighing your options at different Lennox dealers, it is important to not only look at the price tag but also factor in tax credits, rebates, and long-term energy savings. Here is what you should consider when shopping around for your new Lennox unit.

Lennox Rebates and 0% Financing

While sometimes you may be able to get special pricing on a brand, it usually comes through a local contractor. The brand itself doesn’t make mention of it publicly. But Lennox is different. At the time of this writing, they are offering a rebate of $150-$1250 on selected equipment, or 0% financing. It is a limited-time offer but be sure to check when you are ready to buy to see what might be available.

Invest in hiring a quality contractor

This might not be a tip on how to find the best price, but it may be one of the most important things to consider. Be sure to account for the money it will take to hire a qualified, licensed contractor in your initial budget. Proper installation may feel pricey now, but it could save you a ton down the line on repairs and maintenance. There is no point in buying a name brand only to have it improperly installed. Be sure to get at least 3 bids before settling on a contractor.

HVAC contractors may requires licenses

Tax Credits and Rebates

Check out databases like this to see what tax credits or rebates you may be eligible for when buying Energy Star equipment from Lennox. There are different policies for different states and cities that offer tax incentives for buying “greener” units. Don’t miss out on your rebate, and be sure to subtract this from the initial price of the unit.

Price Matching

Request a price match from your local contractor. Contractors hear this all the time, so don’t be surprised if they are not thrilled with the request. A great way to convince them to meet you at least halfway is to explain why you NEED the particular unit you have chosen. Another strategy is to bring other local business to that contractor, your word-of-mouth can be more valuable than money in some cases.

Company History

Lennox originated as a small furnace manufacturing business founded by Dave Lennox in Marshalltown, Iowa in 1895. Lennox eventually sold the company in the early 1900s to Dave Norris who took the company from its humble beginnings in heating and expanded Lennox into air conditioning.

The Lennox we know and respect now is an international company that has cornered the market in all things HVAC and refrigeration. The company is based in Richardson, Texas and operates through a network of over 6,000 Lennox Dealers nationwide.


Now that you know all there is to know about Lennox, it is important that you find a good contractor to help you properly install the equipment once you buy it.

Remember that while the price tag may seem hefty for Lennox, don’t forget to take into account your property’s lifelong energy savings, rebates, tax credits, and lowered maintenance costs. What you might pay for in a name might show up in savings on your next utility bill.

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