Bryant Furnace Reviews (2022 Guide)

| Last Updated: July 29, 2021

Are you considering purchasing a brand new furnace? 

Bryant is an amazing mid-range brand that offers great deals on their units. They also come with an energy star certification.

In this guide, we will give you detailed reviews of the best Bryant furnaces in the market. Let’s have a look!

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How Does Bryant Compare to the Competition?

Bryant has quite a few competitors, but its products truly stand out in terms of quality and efficiency. In this portion, we will provide you a breakdown of the features that makes Bryant products different from its competition. These can be measured with regards to the warranty, costs, and efficiency of the systems.


Bryant is one of the most renowned HVAC brands and is popular for its efficiency. You can gather from its consistent performance that the products it manufactures are made with exceptional detail and efficiency.


As compared to other HVAC brands, Bryant provides the best product and service quality. Its quality can be compared to other premium brands like Carrier, as it is the parent owner of Bryant and does not compromise on its quality.

Additional Benefits

For its price, Bryant offers unique features and warranties on different products. The products are also designed to be environment-friendly and are quieter than other models. 

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Bryant vs Carrier Furnace

Bryant is owned by Carrier, which means that it has the same supreme quality products that Carrier does. It is priced lower than Carrier so that more households can afford their products without compromising on the quality. 

Bryant vs Lennox Furnace

The sound of Bryant gas furnaces is quieter than Lennox furnaces, which gives the former a distinct competitive advantage over the latter. It also has unique features such as a media filter cabinet that comes with a high dust holding capacity and greater performance.

Bryant vs Trane Furnaces

Both Bryant and Trane are energy-efficient brands and are known to be leading companies for product efficiency and product quality. Their designs are also similar; the only difference might be in some of the features included in a few specific models. Thus, the best one then depends on your needs. 

Bryant Preferred Series 80 Oil Furnace

Comparison of the Best Bryant Furnaces

Let’s look into the best models that Bryant Furnaces provides. In this portion, you will find all the technical specifications of each model, so you can decide which one suits you best. You can look at the comparison table below for further details:

Model NameUnit SizeEnergy Efficiency (SEER)Home Sq. Ft.Condenser Fan MotorCost of Unit OnlyInstallation Cost
Bryant Preferred 96 926TTwo-Stage Model N/AN/ATwo$2400$1800
Bryant Legacy Line 912SSingle-Stage Model N/AN/AOne$1700$2000
Bryant Evolution 96 986TTwo-Stage Model N/A2,600Two$2400$1800
Bryant Legacy Line 915SSingle-Stage ModelN/AN/ASingle$1850$2050
Bryant Legacy 80 Line 810SASingle-Stage ModelN/AN/ASingle
Bryant Evolution 987MModulatingN/AN/AN/A$2450$1850
Bryant Preferred Series OVLSingle-Stage ModelN/AN/ASingle$1850$1000-$1750

Review of the Best Bryant Furnaces

Now we’ll go over each model one by one to give you a detailed review of the furnaces. You can read up on their features and their pros and cons to decide which one is better suited for your needs. So, without any further ado, let’s dive right into the reviews of the best Bryant furnaces:

Best Overall

Bryant Preferred 96 926T


Energy Efficiency (AFUE): 96.50%

Parts Warranty: 10 Years Limited Warranty

Unit Warranty: Limited Lifetime Warranty on the heat exchanger

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Why it Stands Out to Us

Included in the Bryant Preferred line, the 926T model is one of the best Bryant furnaces that you can get. It’s super-efficient and is designed with high-quality materials that make it last for a very long time.

Moreover, the technology embedded in this furnace is very powerful, and it can make heating your home much easier. It has a two-stage operating system that provides comfort to your family and improves energy efficiency in order to reduce your bills every month.

It is also equipped with a SmartEvap Technology that allows the air to be dehumidified in summers as a part of the air cooling system. Lastly, it is painted with a urethane base coat and a top coat made of polyester in order to protect it from rusting. The furnace is also constructed from galvanized steel for robustness and strength.

Bottom Line

If you’re on the hunt to get the best furnace to buy overall, then this is the one you should go for. The Bryant 926T is a 4-way multipurpose furnace that has superb features and high-efficiency levels.


Extraordinary heating efficiency with up to 96.5% AFUE

Fan On Plus technology also enables the system to choose the speed for the fan

Comes with a perfect-heat technology system for adjusting in different environments

Cabinet is insulated so that the furnace operates quietly without causing any disturbance

Comes with a lifetime limited warranty on the heat exchanger if the furnace is registered on time


Installation costs are high

If the heat exchanger is not registered in 90 days, warranty is reduced to 20 years only


Bryant Legacy Line 912S


Energy Efficiency (AFUE): 92.1%

Parts Warranty: 10 Years Limited Warranty

Unit Warranty: 20 Years Warranty on the heat exchanger

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Why it Stands Out to Us

If you’re looking for a Legacy Line furnace from Bryant, then you should definitely consider this model. With its high-quality features and supreme functionality, it is bound to leave you quite satisfied. It is highly convenient, efficient, and super-powerful.

The hybrid-heat system allows the furnace combinations so that the heating system is quite efficient. The filter cabinet included also adds to the convenience as it provides the user with easy filter changes.

Moreover, the PerfectLight igniter embedded is a pilot-free igniter that heats the furnace up in no time. If you want a silent, robust, and high-performing furnace for your home, then you should check this model out.

Bottom Line

With a capacity of about 120,000 BTUH, this powerful machine can outperform any of the regular furnaces that you purchase. It is a four-way multipurpose furnace that is designed with top-notch materials to provide you long-lasting heat and efficiency for decades.


Gas efficiency of this model is up to 92.1% AFUE

PerfectLight technology that reduces any gas waste

Can operate on natural gas as well as liquid propane

Built to last a lifetime with high-quality materials only

Equipped with an insulated cabinet and QuietTechfor quieter operation


Not as efficient as the 926T model

Warranty can last only five years if the product is not registered in 90 days

Best for the Money

Bryant Evolution 96 986T


Energy Efficiency (AFUE): 96.7%

Parts Warranty: 10 Year Limited Warranty

Unit Warranty: Limited Lifetime Warranty on the heat exchanger

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Why it Stands Out to Us

One of the reasons why this model stands out is because of its high-quality features, along with its strength. This has one of the most efficient and technologically advanced systems of all the models, and it has all the features that you would need in a stellar furnace.

The AFUE efficiency of this furnace is about 96.7%, and it serves as the perfect machine to provide warmth and comfort in your homes. Since this is a multipurpose system, it also allows relief from the sticky and humid summer days. The filter cabinet is also a very convenient addition in this model, as it makes cleaning much easier.

Bottom Line

With its solid construction and unique features, this is the best model you can get for your money. If you’re planning on investing in a furnace that will give you premium comfort and luxury, go for this one.


Unit adjusts the fan speed with the Fan On Plus technology

External cabinet included making filtering an easier process

Hybrid Heat system for enhanced efficiency in heating rooms

Comes with a lifetime limited warranty on the heat exchanger

Ultra-quiet performance of the furnace with a balanced temperature


Expensive unit installation costs

Programming was a bit difficult to do for some users

Best Bryant Plus 90 Furnace

Bryant Legacy Line 915S


Energy Efficiency (AFUE): 96.50%

Parts Warranty: 10 Years Limited Warranty

Unit Warranty: Limited Lifetime Warranty on the heat exchanger

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Why it Stands Out to Us

Like other models, this one is also very advanced and technologically efficient. It is also very powerful and has the most capacity as compared to the other furnaces. In fact, this one is the best that Bryant has ever produced. It is constructed to provide excellent durability and high value to the customers.

The 915S furnace is also one of the most energy-efficient models that have been produced in the Legacy line. Most of the users testify that the comfort level that it provides is unmatchable as compared to other brands.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a furnace that provides excellent value and durability, then go for this one. It is easy to install and works super efficiently.


Durable and sturdy build to last a lifetime

Powerful capacity of about 135,000 BTUH

Gas efficiency is an impressive 96.5% AFUE

QuietTech embedded to reduce noise and avoid any disturbance

Perfect Humidity technology is also included to make summers less sticky


Airflow is not balanced in the room

When the furnace kicks in, it makes a loud pitched noise at the start

Best Bryant Plus 80 Furnace

Bryant Legacy 80 Line 810SA


Energy Efficiency (AFUE): 80%

Parts Warranty: 10 Years Limited Warranty

Unit Warranty: 20 Years Warranty on the heat exchanger

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Why it Stands Out to Us

The 810SA Bryant Furnace is a perfect furnace for indoor heating and cooling. For homeowners who are looking for a powerful furnace to heat their home in less time, this is their best option. It is a solid and dependable machine that comes with Fan On Plus Technology to aid in constant airflow.

It is also constructed with galvanized steel and painted with a polyester topcoat to help it last longer and provide efficient heating. The furnace is also equipped with an ECP motor to make the machine more energy efficient. Overall, this is a very convenient and effective unit to provide comfort for your family.

Bottom Line

Looking for an 80 plus furnace that provides quality and is not as expensive as other models? This model by Bryant can provide premium quality comfort for you and your family.


Also equipped with Fan On Plus facility

Comes with a capacity of whopping 135,000 BTUH

QuietTech system reduces noise for a comfortable sleep

Filter cabinet is available in this model as well to provide filter changes

Cabinet is also insulated so that the system operates smoothly and silently


Not as gas efficient as other models 

Warranty can reduce if the model is not registered on time

Best Bryant Gas Furnace

Bryant Evolution 987M


Energy Efficiency (AFUE): 98.3%

Parts Warranty: 10 Years Limited Warranty

Unit Warranty: 20 Years on the heat exchanger / Red ShieldTM 10-Year unit replacement warranty (heat exchanger failure only) upon timely registration

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Why it Stands Out to Us

This model has most, if not all, of the features that an exceptional furnace should include. With a high-efficiency rate of 98.3% AFUE and accurate gas modulation, this is an impressive machine for any home. It is also equipped with Perfect Heat technology to provide consistent temperatures by adjusting to the changing environments.

TrueSense filter detection feature also helps you determine how dirty the filters are, and the maintenance reminders come with evolution control as well. The model is also energy-efficient and comes with a variable-speed blower motor. It also has an insulated cabinet included for less noisy operation.

Bottom Line

The 987M modulating gas furnace is an excellent outdoor and indoor companion for your winter nights or summer days. It aims to provide high-efficiency comfort at all times for you and your loved ones.


Comes with a filter cabinet to clean easily

Humidity control feature available for summer times

Modulating gas furnace with an efficiency of up to 98.3%

Consistent temperature controlling and premium comfort

TrueSense filter detection system with the help of Evolution control


Motor of this furnace is a bit noisy

Installation is a bit tricky for beginners

Best Bryant Oil Furnace

Bryant Preferred Series OVL


Energy Efficiency (AFUE): 87.50%

Parts Warranty: 10 Years Limited Warranty

Unit Warranty: Limited Lifetime Warranty on the heat exchanger

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Why it Stands Out to Us

The Lowboy OVL furnace by Bryant is a perfect choice if you want to install a furnace in spaces where there are lower ceilings. For smaller homes, this is an amazing system that comes with a blower motor that operates at different speeds.

It is also super energy efficient and has a capacity of about 154,000 BTUH, which makes the furnace highly robust and powerful. The heat exchanger is aluminized steel so that it lasts for a longer period of time, and it comes with insulated cabinet walls too. Moreover, the Riello burner in this furnace is quite impressive and provides high comfort in your home.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a furnace in a smaller size for your low-ceiling home, then opt for this model. With its highly efficient system and impressive features, it is bound to leave you impressed. 


Furnace has a capacity of 154,000 BTUH 

Amazing energy savings of up to 87.5 AFUE

ECM motor included with variable speed options

Blower is multi-speed with different controls included

Cabinet walls are fully insulated for a quieter operation


Little bit louder than expected

10-year warranty on heat exchanger only if you register it on time

What Kind of Warranty Does Bryant Offer?

Before we jump into the conclusion, let’s take a look at the kinds of warranties that Bryant has to offer:

Standard Warranty Information

Bryant offers different types of warranties, depending on the specific item that you purchase. The standard warranty Bryant provides is applicable if the product is registered within 90 days of purchase. Some come with a lifetime limited warranty, other products have a 10-year warranty, while the shortest one is for five years. 

Product-Wise Warranty

In order to learn the exact information and details of your product’s warranty, you should look up the document that comes with your purchase. If you have the model number, you can also search up the code online and download the document. 

Labor Warranty

Bryant also offers labor warranties in case you want to repair something that does not come in the warranty. This is because even if you have a standard parts warranty, the labor bills and repair can cost up to $1000 or more, depending on the damage. 

Overall, when you purchase a Bryant furnace, you ultimately get dependable coverage and warranty on the product for a minimum of ten years to protect your investment. Once you register the product, you can also avail lifetime limited warranty on items such as heat exchangers

Who Is Bryant?

Bryant has been operating since the past century and has been in charge of producing and creating new and innovative systems for home comfort. They have unmatched quality and reliable systems when compared to other mid-range and even luxury brands.

Since its inception in 1904 by Charles Bryant, the company focuses on providing premium comfort in terms of heating and cooling systems. Their duty is to sell 100% tried-and-tested furnaces and air conditioning systems in the market. They are also dedicated to excelling at customer satisfaction and improving their customer service. From customized home comfort systems to providing highly efficient and technological solutions in labs, Bryant does it all. 


If you are looking for a furnace that doubles as an air conditioning system, then look no further than Bryant. This brand is known to provide dependable and efficient solutions for home comfort. Their furnaces and air cooling systems are very popular and come with impressive warranties as well. 

People Also Ask

If you still have some questions or concerns regarding Bryant furnaces, you can look at the following frequently asked questions to get further insight into your queries or concerns. Let’s go over some of the main questions asked by Bryant users:

Where Is the Reset Button on my Bryant Furnace?

Firstly, you need to turn off the power of the furnace at the circuit breaker, which is clearly marked. Following that, you should lift the blower compartment so you can access the blower motor. Next, you should identify a red or yellow button on the side of the blower motor, and press down the reset button once it is visible. 

Where Is the Filter on my Bryant Furnace?

The filter on the Bryant furnace can be located in three different places. It can either be found in the blower compartment, or in the filter compartment that is beside the furnace. It can also be located or attached underneath or at the bottom of the furnace. 

How Old Is My Bryant Furnace?

In order to determine the age of the furnace, you should take a look at the serial number that is located on it. The first two digits will tell you the week of the year when it was manufactured, and the third and fourth numbers will indicate the year that it was made. 

Is Bryant a Good Brand for a Furnace?

If you’re looking for dependable quality and a reliable furnace, then Bryant is the way to go. With excellent and sturdy construction and impressive warranty, it is an energy-efficient brand that runs smoothly and operates for a long time without being damaged. It is also very reasonably-priced with respect to the quality that it provides. 

How Much Does a Bryant Furnace Cost?

The standard price of a Bryant Furnace can be about $2300. Although some of the units that Bryant produces can be more expensive as compared to others, it all depends on the size and features that you want. The typical range that the furnaces can lie between is $800-$2450, with separate costs for installation. 

Are Bryant and Carrier Furnaces the Same?

Bryant furnaces is a sub-brand of Carrier as it is owned by them, but they differ a lot in terms of costs. The newer gas furnaces manufactured are almost similar to each other, but Bryant furnaces tend to be cheaper in price as compared to Carrier, as the former is a premium brand. 

Does a 2-Stage Furnace Really Save Money?

Yes, a 2-stage furnace does save a household’s energy bills because they don’t use or burn that much fuel. It doesn’t load a lot of fuel in the heat exchanger when it’s not that cold outside. This helps the furnace save gas and energy, hence being more energy-efficient. 

How Long Do Bryant Furnaces Last?

The average lifespan of a Bryant furnace is 16 years, but it can be more or less, depending on how the furnace is maintained. If it is properly cared for and serviced every year, then it can last you a lifetime. However, if its maintenance is neglected, it lasts for more or less ten whole years.

Where Are Bryant Furnaces Made?

Carrier Corporation owns Bryant Heating and Cooling, and most of the product lines of Bryant are produced and manufactured in the United States. A lot of the systems’ parts are assembled in Indianapolis, where the furnaces are put together and sold all over the US.  

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