Payne Furnace Reviews – 2022 Round-up

| Last Updated: July 29, 2021

Moving to a new house and have to take care of installments such as air conditioners or furnaces? Given the task of furnace installation in a commercial building? 

If so, you might now be looking for top-notch furnaces. Well, you have come to the right place. 

Here we mention some of the best furnaces, with the aim of helping you find the very best one.

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How Does Payne Compare to the Competition?

The market is full of companies offering multiple models of furnaces; each model is designed with extraordinary features to cater to the needs of its users. Companies such as Carrier and Goodman Furnace also offer furnaces, but Payne stands out from its competition. Let’s have a look at some features that support the earlier statement.

Low Price

Payne furnaces have the most affordable prices. If you have a budget in mind, then going with these models is a good idea. This feature has made Payne furnaces the talk of the town.


Keeping in mind the prices of Payne furnaces, one might think that they have to make a compromise of quality, but that’s not the case at all.


One can’t keep on re-installing furnaces; therefore, reliability has a huge role to play. With Payne furnaces, you don’t have to worry, for they are impeccably designed to last several years.


The installation of Payne furnaces is like a walk in the park; it comes with a manual with detailed instructions.

After having a quick read at the manual, you can grab your tools and carry on with the installation process. What is better than investing in a furnace that is very easy to install?

Carrier vs Payne Furnace

Payne PG96VAT

Payne is made by Carrier; however, models by the former come at a more affordable price while those by the latter are more beautifully designed.

Payne Furnace vs Goodman Furnace

Both Payne and Goodman are the top manufacturers in the furnace industry. Both offer high-quality products yet, Payne offers scaled-down models as compared to Goodman.

Comparison of the Best Payne Furnaces

When you step inside the market, you will come across numerous models of Payne furnaces. So how would you know which one to pick? All these models have different features on technical grounds. It is wise to have a look at those features before making the final pick. To make your job a bit easy for you, we have done some research work for you.

Model NameSuggested AFUEHeating CapacityZoneWarrantyCost of Unit OnlyInstallation Cost
Payne PG96VAT95%60,000–120,000 BTUh710-year part warranty and 20-year heat exchanger limited warranty$2,550$3,250
Payne PG95XAT92%-95%40,000–120,000 BTUh610-year part warranty and 20-year heat exchanger limited warranty$2,350$3,000
Payne PG95ESUA96%60,000 – 100,000 BTUhN/A10-year part warranty and 20-year heat exchanger limited warrantyN/AN/A
Payne PG80ESA80%45,000–155,000 BTUhN/A10-year part warranty and 20-year heat exchanger limited warrantyN/AN/A
Payne PG95S95.5%26,000–140,000 BTUhN/A10-year part warranty and 20-year heat exchanger limited warranty$924.35$600-$1000

Review of the Best Payne Furnaces

Now that you know the technical specifications, let’s look into the details of our listed models to see which one suits your needs.

Best Overall

Payne PG96VAT


Energy Efficiency (AFUE): 96%

Parts Warranty: 10-Year Parts Limited Warranty

Unit Warranty: 20-Year Heat Exchanger Limited Warranty

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Why it Stands Out to Us

Payne’s model PG96VAT stands out to us because of many reasons. Most of those revolve around its never-ending features. This model is best known for offering a smooth and consistent temperature because it features a variable speed air handler. 

In addition to this, this model is equipped with a pre-installed air humidifier and purifier to keep your residential or commercial area healthy and warm. In the case of overheating, this model comes with a high-temperature limit. 

Lastly, this Payne furnace is all about energy saving – this is one of the reasons that makes it stand out the most from models by its competitors.

Bottom Line

Buying a furnace is an investment, and it requires a serious thought process; this Payne furnace is easily affordable. This model is easy to install and is equipped with long-standing hot surface ignition. It even works well with air conditioners and offers excellent performance all year round.


Comes with a warranty

Features a fully installed cabinet

Offers energy-saving heating performance

Compatible with air purifiers and humidifiers

Performs excellently without making any noise


Not the fanciest product


Payne PG95XAT


Energy Efficiency (AFUE): 95.5%

Parts Warranty: 10-Year Parts Limited Warranty

Unit Warranty: 20-Year Heat Exchanger Limited Warranty

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Why it Stands Out to Us

In case one of its parts is not working properly, and your technician suggests you change it, then you should be excited as this Payne model comes with a 10-year warranty on parts. 

In addition to this, if your heat exchange system malfunctions, then you should take advantage of this model’s 20-year heat exchanger warranty. Its different types of warranty are one of the numerous reasons that make it stand out to us. 

Moreover, if you are a quiet sleeper, then this model brings the heat with consistent temperature and operates in deadly silence. Its two heating stages also make sure that you get adjustable yet consistent heat.

Bottom Line

If you are in the market for a furnace with high-efficiency blower motor and sound-reducing features, then you should check this out. It is a quality product that controls overheating and has a heating capacity of 40,000-120,000 BTU/H. With multiple types of warranty, Payne PG95XAT is a must-have. 


10-year parts limited warranty

Works in an extra-quiet manner

Comes with a multi-speed blower

Equipped with two heating stages

Features a draft combustion motor


Not the best in the design department

Best for the Money

Payne PG95ESUA


Energy Efficiency (AFUE): 95%

Parts Warranty: 10-Year Parts Limited Warranty upon timely registration

Unit Warranty: 20-Year Heat Exchanger Limited Warranty

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Why it Stands Out to Us

It stands out to us because it is one of the best furnaces for Californians. The reason behind this is that the NOx emissions from this furnace are very limited as compared to other models. 

Moreover, it is easily compatible with purifiers and humidifiers. This makes it perfect for the environment and saves energy, as well. If you want more advanced results, you can attach a heat pump, especially manufactured by Payne. 

Other than these features, this model is bound to last several years. It also comes with multiple sound-reducing features, which include fully insulated cabinet and mounted blower, ensuring sound sleep in winters.

Bottom Line

Payne PG95ESUA is easily affordable by most users. It is highly efficient with variable speeds and is equipped with a compatible thermostat. All these features make it a perfect companion when the temperature drops, especially in areas surrounding California.


Reliable direct gas ignition

Affordable and easy to use

Equipped with a 5-speed blower motor

Enhanced performance and energy efficiency

Offers a heating capacity of 60,000-100,000 BTuh


Doesn’t have an attractive appearance 

Best Payne Gas Furnace

Payne PG80ESA


Energy Efficiency (AFUE): 80%

Parts Warranty: 10-Year Parts Limited Warranty

Unit Warranty: 20-Year Heat Exchanger Limited Warranty

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Why it Stands Out to Us

This Payne gas furnace excellent model is best known for providing consistent heat all winter. The secret behind its consistent heat and temperature is its fixed-speed blower and single-stage gas heating. If that wasn’t convincing enough, this one does its magic without making any noise. 

Another feature that makes it stand out to us is that it is available in low NOx models. For a family with kids looking for a furnace that won’t contribute to polluting air any further, this is the one! 

Bottom Line

Multi-speed ECM blower motor, induced draft combustion motor, and aluminized heat exchanger make this model worthy of a mention here. It is responsible for offering stable and consistent heat to homes in winter. With its quiet performance, it gives full temperature control to its user.


Makes air quality better

Dependable gas furnace

Offers reliable temperature control

Comes with a single-stage gas value

Equipped with a fixed-speed blower motor


Comes with a limited parts warranty

Best Payne High-Efficiency Furnace

Payne PG95S


Energy Efficiency (AFUE): 95.5%

Parts Warranty: 10-Year Parts Limited Warranty

Unit Warranty: 20-Year Heat Exchanger Limited Warranty

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Why it Stands Out to Us

Along with excellent, highly-efficient performance, this model allows its user to attain full temperature control, making this Payne furnace stand out to us. 

In addition to this, it is designed to offer the highest performance to its user as compared to the rest of the models mentioned here. Its compatibility with a heat pump makes it capable of dual-fuel, making it perfect for energy-saving purposes.

Moreover, it is designed with an induced draft combustion motor that makes sure this furnace does not make a sound while you enjoy quality time with your family. All these features make it stand out to us.

Bottom Line

In all, it doesn’t make a single beep when it is working, runs on a machine that is energy-efficient, and is environment-friendly, eventually helping users save a couple of bucks. In case its parts break down, users can find solace in warranty options.


Easily available in the market

Backed by an easy-to-avail warranty

Even the level of temperature control

Runs on the sounds-reducing mechanism

Comes with a preventive heat control system


Might not fit in all budgets 

What Kind of Warranty Does Payne Offer?

The majority of users prefer to invest in products that come with a couple of years’ warranty. In case of a problem, the warranty acts as a soft cushion, and users are comfortable knowing that they have the company’s support to rely on.

There are two different kinds of warranty offered by Payne furnaces:

Limited Parts Warranty

Timely registration is required if the user wishes to benefit from the 10-year parts limited warranty.

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Heat Exchanger Limited Warranty

The heat exchanger warranty goes on for 20 years, and just like we mentioned earlier, timely registration is mandatory for this one as well.

If the user doesn’t register within the first 90 days of installation, then they can’t benefit from the warranty. Moreover, there are some jurisdiction rules and regulations that users have to comply with. For more information about the registration procedure for warranty and warranty use, you must have a deep look at the warranty card and manual. 

If there is still some confusion left, you can ask your vendor for details. Know that your region will influence your warranty details. Lastly, whatever you do, don’t lose your warranty card. And only the model’s registered users are allowed to claim the warranty.

Who is Payne?

Payne is America’s leading heating and cooling brand. It manufactures and offers well-finished, highly efficient, reliable, and durable air conditioners, heat pumps, and gas furnaces. This well-known company was founded in 1914. Now, it is a part of United Technologies Corporation. For many years, Payne was solely operating from the United States, but today, it is also operational in Canada.

When you compare Payne products with its competitors, you will realize that it offers more affordable and high-quality cooling equipment, heat pumps, and furnaces. This company specializes in offering single-stage and two-stage furnaces.


Choosing a furnace for your house is a big investment, so this decision requires serious contemplation. We have carefully picked some of the very best Payne furnaces and made this job a bit easier for you. The key is to make a list of your requirements, have a look at the features, and choose a model that fulfills those requirements.

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People Also Ask

If this is the first time you are shopping for a furnace, then you must have some confusion and questions whirling in your mind. To help you out, we have made a list of questions that can help you pick the best model. Go through the answers to these questions and relax peacefully in your warm house.

Where is the Filter on My Payne Furnace?

Usually, in most Payne models, the filter is located inside the blower compartment. This is the part of your furnace where the used air returns and enters the blower compartment. Mostly, the reason behind looking for a furnace filter is to change those filters. 

Do You Have to Turn Off Furnace to Change Filter?

Yes, it goes without saying! To be on the safe side, it is very important to turn off the furnace when you are changing the filter. It is the first step of changing filters. Go over to the electric box, and there you will see an “off” button. Make sure to press it before changing the filter.

Where is the Reset Button on a Payne Furnace?

It is not that difficult to find the reset button on a Payne furnace. You can easily find it in the blower compartment, which is located near the blower motor. But you have to do more than this. You need to find its circuit breaker, then cut off all chances of electric supply, and when you see that its button is up, you can press it.

Who Makes Payne Furnaces?

As mentioned above, Payne is a part of United Technologies Corporation; therefore, technically speaking, that is the manufacturing hub of Payne furnace. This company has an outstanding record of manufacturing high-quality air conditioners, electric and gas furnaces, and heat pumps. Payne has its manufacturing units and is operational in Canada as well.

Are Bryant and Payne the Same?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions by most potential buyers. Although Payne and Bryant have the same parent company and they share most of their parts, their products are different from each other. The difference lies in the quality of their products, price, and nature of the warranty.

Is Payne a Good Brand?

If you want to stay in your budget, yet don’t want to compromise on quality, then yes, Payne is an extraordinary brand. All of their products work efficiently without any complaints and last a very long time. If you are moving to a new place, then a Payne furnace can help you make it warm and homely.

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