Payne Heat Pump Reviews – 2022 Guide

| Last Updated: July 29, 2021

Summers are just around the corner, and we can’t even think of bearing the scorching weather at any cost. Big thanks to Payne, a well-reputed company that offers a wide range of effective heat pumps. These heating and cooling units provide a chilled as well as a warm atmosphere according to one’s desire.

In this article, you will be introduced with top-of-the-line Payne heat pump models and their exciting features. Furthermore, this article will give you the know-how about this brand in detail. 

How Does Payne Compare to the Competition?

Every well-established brand sets a benchmark by delivering outstanding performance. Payne has launched class-leading and versatile products, including heat pumps and furnaces. Owing to many unique reasons, Payne stands out among all its competitors, some of which include: 


The products, launched by Payne, are best known for their high efficiency. A customer puts his trust in something that works and offers limitless features. Payne products steal the show on account of their trustworthy effectiveness. 

Intelligent Construction

Payne has gained success because of the intelligent construction of its products. This brand always keeps the construction material and technology on top of its priority list. This company constructs its models from sustainable materials and offers full coverage coating to ensure maximum weather protection. Other brands often lack the sturdiness of their products, resulting in weak performance.


Payne products offer a very long warranty for their parts. A person appreciates a brand that serves him for a very long time period. Fortunately, all Payne products come with a 10-year parts warranty so that the customers can enjoy the product for a prolonged span of time. On the other hand, several popular brands launch products that possess a short-term guarantee, and therefore their products expire soon.

Comparison of the Best Payne Heat Pumps

  • Offers whisper-quiet operation
  • Equipped with a compatible gas furnace and thermostat
  • Two-stage compressor for improved temperature control
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  • Single-stage compressor operation
  • Designed to be resistant to corrosion
  • Offers quiet but strong performance
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  • Best for the Money
  • Built to withstand bad weather
  • Made to last for many years
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  • Best Payne 14 Seer Heat Pump
  • Manufactured to be durable and strong
  • Doesn't make excessive noise
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  • Best Payne 3 Ton heat Pump
  • Solid and durable metal construction
  • Bi-flow liquid line filter drier
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Payne heat pumps differ from each other on various grounds, including efficiency and design. Before going to buy a heat pump, you should know what type of Payne heat pump fits your requirements and budget. For your convenience, we have formed a table in which all the specifications of Payne heat pumps are included:

Model Name

Unit Size (Ton)

Energy Efficiency (SEER)

Home Sq. Ft.

Condenser Fan Motor

Cost of Unit Only

Installation Cost

Payne Two-Stage Heat Pump 16 (PH16NA)







Payne Heat Pump 16 (PH16NC)




Single – Stage



Payne Heat Pump 15 (PH15NB)




Single – Stage



Payne Heat Pump 14 (PH14NB)




Single -Stage



3 Ton Payne by Carrier 14 SEER R410A Heat Pump




Single -Stage



Review of the Best Payne Heat Pumps

Before purchasing any heat pump, take a look at the reviews of the best Payne heat pumps to have a better understanding of the product:

Best Overall

Payne Two-Stage Heat Pump 16 (PH16NA)


Cooling Efficiency (Max SEER): 17

Heating Efficiency (max HSPF): 9.5

Decibel Level: 71

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Why it Stands Out to Us

This Energy Star rated heat pump deserves songs of praises for many reasons. This heat pump is made of galvanized steel on which a thick coating of weather-resistant paint is present. Deluxe wire grille panels allow the effortless cleaning of the coil. Sound levels are as low as 71 decibels; hence you enjoy its output thoroughly.

Most importantly, its compatibility with gas furnaces and thermostats ensures maximum possible energy saving. Apart from that, this unit is highly recommended for its environment-friendliness. Last but not least, this incredible heat pump covers a 10-year parts warranty. This means it will serve you in the long run.

Bottom Line

After looking at the prominent features, we can infer that this heat pump is surely going to be everybody’s number one choice. This heat pump is a great option because it involves non-ozone depleting R-410A refrigerant technology, and does not harm the environment.

No matter what weather conditions occur, this heat pump will remain sturdy and stable. The protective paint coating intends to save the unit from corrosion and scratches. This heat pump is not at all costly, so it is quite a good-to-go product. All these outstanding qualities show that the Payne heat pumps have everything we want and need.


The cooling capacity is quite large, approx. 2 – 5 tons

Capable of combining with gas furnace and thermostat

Interconversion of heating, cooling, and defrost modes takes place silently

Constructed from galvanized steel and coated with weather-resistant paint

Boasts a two-stage compressor which ensures temperature and humidity control


Frequent maintenance will be required

No variable cooling and heating capacity


Payne Heat Pump 16 (PH16NC)


Cooling Efficiency (Max SEER): 16

Heating Efficiency (max HSPF): 9

Decibel Level: 68

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Why it Stands Out to Us

One of the most attractive characteristics of this heat pump is that it is fully compatible with gas furnaces and thermostats. The dual-fuel system noticeably saves money and energy.

This heat pump consists of a single-speed fan motor. The filter drier of this pump traps the dirt and debris from the surroundings. Not just that, the tight wire grille panels enable easy cleaning of the parts and cavity of the unit.

As far as the protection is concerned, the steel body is richly coated with paint to withstand adverse weather conditions and corrosion. The product makes no noise as the sound level is as low as 68 decibels. All in all, it’s a ‘so far so good’ unit for everyone out there.

Bottom Line

The Payne Heat Pump 16 (PH16NC) is Energy Star qualified. Besides being effective and efficient, this unit is quite stable for fighting against tough weather. Other brands’ heat pumps follow tedious cleaning procedures, but luckily this heat pump requires struggle-free cleaning.

Owing to this quality, your worries regarding the safety of the unit will surely vanish. If someone thinks that the brand might be charging a high price for this ‘all benefits in one’ unit, then he is absolutely wrong. Surprisingly, this unit is available at low rates. In addition to this, Payne offers a 10-year warranty for this brilliant heat pump. 


Very silent and effective

Dense grille panels facilitate the cleaning process

Includes high- and low-pressure switches and filter drier

Construction is strong enough to face severe climatic conditions

Composed of a single-stage compressor with exceptional cooling efficiency of up to 16 SEER


If used often, routine maintenance will be needed

Exceedingly cold weather causes a loss in efficiency

Best for the Money

Payne Heat Pump 15 (PH15NB)


Cooling Efficiency (Max SEER): 15.5

Heating Efficiency (max HSPF): 9

Decibel Level: 69

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Why it Stands Out to Us

The heat pump is environment-friendly, and this is the quality that makes this unit stand out among other competitors. The unit is rust-resistant and chlorine-free. This shows that this heat pump is totally harmless to the ozone layer, environment, and is safe for every home and office.

The steel cabinet is beautifully pre-painted with zinc phosphate for full protection from rust and abrasion. The cooling capacity is also fairly large. Moreover, you can sweep out the contamination or dirt deposited in the unit with the dense wire grille panels. This all-time-favorite heat pump will last for about ten years. 

Bottom Line

Payne Heat Pump 15 (PH15NB) is quite an amazing unit that not only maintains whisper silence but also attains high-efficiency cooling up to 15 SEER. Payne Heat Pump 15 (PH15NB) is an environment-friendly and ozone-safe unit. The sound level reaches 69 decibels, enabling it to attain pin-drop silence. The buyers will be delighted with the relaxing atmosphere it provides.

Besides having these virtues, this unit covers a 10-year warranty. Hence, it is going to serve you for a long time. The galvanized and well-insulated steel body further enhances the rigidness of this heat pump. In a nutshell, this heat pump is undeniably worth buying.


Has a very long life

Works with a single-stage compressor

Non-ozone depleting R-410A refrigerant

Able to survive in severe weather conditions

Includes defrost relay, defrost timer, and low voltage terminations


Ineffective below 25 degrees Fahrenheit

No variable cooling and heating capacity

Best Payne 14 Seer Heat Pump

3 Ton Payne by Carrier 14 SEER R410A Heat Pump


Cooling Efficiency (Max SEER): 14

Heating Efficiency (max HSPF): 8.2

Decibel Level: 69

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Why it Stands Out to Us

This heat pump is super-beneficial in those areas where climatic conditions are extreme very often because this unit can be paired with gas furnaces and thermostats to increase efficiency. The combination with a gas furnace and thermostat also saves money. The most astounding feature that this unit possesses is even airflow.

According to this unique feature, the heat pump delivers airflow equally in all directions. This heat pump also has high- and low-power switches. It further excels in providing a calm and silent atmosphere, as the sound level is as low as 69 decibels. It is undoubtedly a lovely masterpiece!

Bottom Line

The unit is well-recognized for a lot of remarkable features. First, its productiveness cannot be denied. This long-lasting unit will not only have your hearts but also impress you with its services.

From sturdiness to quietness and compatibility, this unit sets a standard where no other brand can reach. That’s why this product is becoming increasingly popular.

With such amazing features, it is going to fascinate every buyer for sure. The cooling efficiency is also good enough to gain your trust. Everybody should use this heat pump for an exceptional experience.


Filter drier is field installed

Comes with a single-stage compressor

Fully compatible with gas furnaces and thermostats

Robust construction withstands climatic situations satisfactorily

Silent performance provides utmost relief and comfort to the user


Repairing is costly

Installation is a little frustrating

What Kind of Warranty Does Payne Offer

Payne knows very well that a customer selects the product whose services last the longest. Owing to this fact, Payne generally offers a 10-year limited warranty for the parts of all the above-mentioned heat pumps. This warranty will be activated upon registration within 90 days of installation. This means if a customer faces any problem in the parts of the heat pump during the first ten years, he can get it fixed or replaced free of cost. 

However, there are some conditions that come with this warranty coverage:

  • The heat pump must be purchased directly from the company, and not from local dealers.

  • Registration of the unit must be carried out in no more than 90 days of installation. Those who don’t make it on time, the company will grant only a 5-year warranty.

Usually, the repair of heat pumps costs a lot, but thanks to this awe-inspiring brand, Payne guarantees to repair and, if necessary, replace the product free of cost in these 10 years.

Who is Payne?

Payne, a well-recognized company, came into existence in Los Angeles in the year 1914 when D. W Payne and his son started building furnaces in a converted barn. The company was flourishing, and later on, in the 1970s, the brand got purchased by a market-competitive company, Carrier Cooperation. Payne works on the principle of self-dedication and loyalty.

This company has launched many exclusive products until now, including gas furnaces, air conditioners, heat pumps, indoor coils, duct-free splits, and small packaged products. All these products are reliable to use and enhance your comfort level. This brand intends to serve its customers with incredibly efficient and well-developed products.

payne ac


With such exemplary and abundant features, Payne heat pumps are going to win your hearts. You can count on their durability, effectiveness, size range, and longevity. Unlike other brands, highly efficient Payne heat pumps are available at affordable prices. You’re certainly going to enjoy hours of comfort with these unique heat pumps. 

People Also Ask

We cannot afford that the queries of our confused visitors stay unresolved. Keeping this in mind, we have answered some of the most frequently asked questions:

Are Payne and Carrier The Same?

Carrier cooperation, founded in 1915, is an American brand that manufactures air conditioning systems and refrigerating equipment. Carrier came into possession of United Technologies Cooperation (UTC) in July 1979. Carrier has been holding the ownership of the Payne brand since 1970. Both brands produce identical products, but they are totally different entities.

Who Manufactures Payne Heat Pumps?

D W Payne, together with his son, started the business of furnaces in a converted barn in Los Angeles. Eventually, this business grew into a renowned company and launched its first ‘forced air down-tube discharge’ furnace in 1933. After a few decades, this brand was acquired by Carrier Cooperation, and since then, the company has been manufacturing heat pumps under the same brand name, Payne. 

Is Payne a Good Brand?

Payne is a brand that integrates innovation and advanced technology to produce a broad range of heat pumps and furnaces. Payne keeps the prices relatively moderate to make the product accessible to both rich and less-wealthy customers. Not just that, Payne offers a 10-year parts warranty so that the customers don’t have to worry about the repairing cost.

At What Temperature Do Heat Pumps Become Ineffective?

Heat pumps manufactured by Payne are doubtlessly remarkable and yield an impeccable output. A little drawback that Payne heat pumps entail is the lack of efficiency at freezing temperatures. As the temperature reaches 25 to 30 degrees Fahrenheit, these heat pumps either quit working or lose efficiency to a noticeable extent.

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