HVAC Certification Requirements in Delaware

If you are already a Delaware HVAC technician or are interested in starting a career in HVAC, this article will serve as your comprehensive training guide.

With average salaries in HVAC at an all-time high and 14% expected overall job growth in the industry by 2024, there has never been a better time to accrue additional certification in the field.

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From getting your contractor’s license to becoming a Master HVACR, we will break down the application and examination process to help you become your best HVAC professional.

HVAC Licensing Requirements for Delaware

There are two different Master HVACR licenses in the state of Delaware that techs can pursue. Delaware’s Title 24 requires all apprentices, journeymen, mechanics, and others in the field to have an HVACR license if they would like to work unsupervised.

Having an HVACR license can give technicians freedom to work independently, making them quite the asset for any company. Restricted techs can work independently within their one field of specialty, while unrestricted license holders can work on any job within the scope of HVAC.

Let’s compare the scope and eligibility requirements:

Master HVACR  

With a Master HVACR license, you can design, install, construct, maintain, service, repair, or modify a product or equipment such as gas piping, A/C, refrigeration, ventilation, or process cooling or heating systems.

Master HVACR Restricted

With this license, you can provide all of the services listed above, but the master tech is limited to one of these specialties:

  • Heating - Forced Air Systems, Ventilation, and Gas Piping
  • Heating - Hydronic Systems and Gas Piping
  • Commercial Hood Systems
  • Refrigeration
  • Air Conditioning
  • Gas Piping
  • For masters that want to work in more than one of these concentrated areas, they must apply for an unrestricted license.

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    Requirements for HVACR and HVACR Restricted License

    Here’s a list of what you need to have in order to get one of these licenses:

    • Must have a journeyman’s certificate from any state
    • Must complete a qualifying training program and have two years of experience OR seven years of experience and a board-issued equivalency test
    • Have EPA Section 608 Certification (this is a national certification that carries over into any state)
    • Possess a clean criminal record
    • Pay $121 processing fee paid to the Board
    • Attain a grade of 70% or higher on exams

    Your license must be renewed every two years by Oct 31st of even years  

    HVAC Contractor License

    A contractor license allows HVAC professionals to bid on projects and undertake larger HVAC jobs. The license allows a contractor to work on every aspect within the realm of HVAC from heating to ductwork to gas piping.

    If you are looking to open your own HVAC business or work as an independent contractor, you will first need your HVACR license and then you will need to pursue a separate contractor’s license.

    Eligibility Requirements

    • HVACR licensing
    • Completed, signed and notarized application form
    • Processing fee paid to the state
    • Applications can be obtained by contacting the state board. You can reach the board at  (302) 744-4504

    Examination Process

    These are the steps to follow to take the relevant exams:

    HVACR Exam

    • Complete and submit registration form and fee to Prometric testing service
    • Exams are offered at testing sites in Dover/Harrington and Newark three times a year
    • You will need a minimum score of 70% to pass
    • After passing, submit a copy of exam results to the Board for your license

    HVAC Contractor License Exam

    • Exams are given on the first Saturday in February, May, August and November
    • You will need a minimum score of 75% to pass
    • If you fail two exams in a row with less than 50% correct, you have to wait a full calendar year before attempting to pass again

    Job Outlook for Delaware HVAC Technicians

    Delaware’s classic Northeast weather gives HVAC techs a wide array of opportunities to work in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. Techs earn a median hourly wage of $24.00 in the state of Delaware. Senior techs earn up to $33.38 hourly.

    Starting salary in the state is $36,640 and goes up to $69,440. Out of all trade workers in Delaware, HVAC techs are in the top 41% of earners.


    Getting an HVACR license does take some extra time and energy, but the payoff is well worth the work. Whether you would like to specialize in one area with a restricted HVACR or get your license to work in all areas of HVAC, being able to work unsupervised can make you an invaluable part of an HVAC company.

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