How to Get your HVAC Certification in Pennsylvania

If you like assembling gadgets and are technical minded, you might be interested in becoming an HVAC technician. HVAC is a very lucrative field with an ever-growing job market, especially in Pennsylvania.

If you are looking to get into the HVAC industry, getting professional training might actually be a good idea, as there’s a lot to learn, and training could accelerate your career and take you far. The potential is virtually endless.

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This article is specific to the state of Pennsylvania and will discuss in detail what your training entails, your options for HVAC training and certificates, and the job prospects and salary for HVAC trainees.

What You’ll Learn in your HVAC Training

So, what happens after you begin your HVAC training?

You will most likely learn about the most important things to know about HVAC as a technician, including knowing how to inspect the elements and diagnose issues with the Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning systems, and possibly Refrigeration.

Repairing and maintaining HVAC systems is one of the most common things you’ll need to do as a technician so you will definitely learn about that, and installing equipment is also a very important aspect of the job.

You will also learn about state, federal, and local legislations, as you are required to comply with the law while working on projects. In Pennsylvania, you might also learn how to effectively avoid the sick building syndrome by efficiently utilizing ventilation systems.

Other specific topics in HVAC specialization includes natural gas piping, ACR tubing, sheet metal operation, duct sizing, ergonomics, mechanical code, refrigerant handling, ergonomics, best practices, and even customer relations. Many schools will also prepare you for various certifications required for HVAC technicians as part of their training, to provide a smoother transition into the career field.

Opportunities to Learn the Trade

Pennsylvania has a very high demand for HVAC technicians and ranks in the top 5 states for HVAC employment, as well as having an explosive job growth in the field. So there are quite a few options when it comes to HVAC technical schools in Pennsylvania.

Your options include Brightwood Career Institute, which offers extensive training in HVAC/R. They have five locations throughout Pennsylvania including Pittsburgh, Broomall, Harrisburg, Franklin Mills, and Philadelphia.

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Another great option is the YTI Career Institute (YTI), which offers training that is 9 to 21 months in length, and offer a specialization in Heating, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Technology. They have three locations in Altoona, York, and Lancaster.

All State Career School is located in Pittsburg and offer extensive HVAC training, as they specialize in welding and HVAC. Last but not least is Fortis College, and they offer technical training in the field of HVACR. They have three locations in Pennsylvania including Erie, Forty Fort, and Scranton.

Certification Required?

In the state of Pennsylvania, there are currently no certification or licensure requirements for most contractors. However, some cities may require you to have an HVAC contractor license to install, repair, or alter mechanical systems in the city.

Also, you might need to get certain certifications and licenses depending on your project, which can include the Manufactured Housing Installers Certification, Home Improvement Contractors Registrations, Crane Operators Licensure, Asbestos and Lead Removal Certification, and Municipal Certification and Licensure.

If you are looking to become certified then you can find qualified HVAC schools and programs in Pennsylvania.

Average Income for an HVAC Tech in Pennsylvania

The average hourly wage for HVAC technicians in Pennsylvania is $22.12 an hour, with starting wage of $14.02 that goes up to $31.56. On average, HVAC technicians in Pennsylvania make $46,000 per year, with a starting salary of $29,170 that can go up to $65,640.

Compared to the national average of $21.24 per hour, Pennsylvania’s state average is slightly higher, but salary may differ greatly based on the company and how experienced a worker is.


In this economy, there are few fields with job growth as dynamic and big as HVAC in Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania has a rapidly growing job market and the demand for skilled HVAC workers, as the state offers hot summers and cold winters and HVAC systems are an essential part of any residential and commercial complex.

The demand for HVAC technician is only going to grow in Pennsylvania, offering skilled HVAC technicians the job security and stability they need, which is why now may be the best time, especially if you are located in Pennsylvania, to get specialized training in HVAC and make the transition.

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