HVAC Certification License in New York

You might expect that the largest states would also be the ones to require trade licenses. But that’s not true for New York, at least! In the Empire State, an experienced HVAC tech can make over $24 an hour, and a rookie can expect to earn over $15.

Of course, it’s a huge and diverse state and a great variety of incomes. But whether you’re facing the unbearably hot summers of the Big Apple or the bitter winters of Buffalo, HVAC makes a great career!

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Local Regulations

Just because you’re free and clear from state licensing, you still should check with your local authorities to see what regulations they may have.

We tried finding information about New York City, but it looks like they don’t require an HVAC technician to have a license either. Buffalo does license heating contractors; you can contact City Hall for details.

EPA Certification

Any work with refrigerants is regulated by the federal Environmental Protection Agency. Our article on EPA certification explains some of the details about types of certification. While Type I is the easiest to get, we recommend getting at least Type II to give you more flexibility. Even better, try for the Universal License. This is a certification that does not expire, so it will come in handy as your career path changes.

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EPA Section 609 certification deals air conditioning systems in motor vehicles. If that’s the only circumstance where you deal with refrigerants, it’s probably the best option for you. But Type II Section 608 certification may cover you, also.


HVAC technicians in New York State have a lot of variety before them, from NYC’s skyscrapers to work in suburban and rural areas. No matter where you find yourself in the state, your skills are in demand. Study hard to master the craft, and you’ll be on the right path to a great career!

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