HVAC Licensing Requirements for Maryland

Are you thinking of joining the HVAC community in Maryland? Do you have a passion for repairing things and specifically in the air conditioning sector?

The first thing you will want to do is sign up for a school, learn what qualifications are needed and also how much you would earn after successful completion of the course.

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Before you jump right in here is all you need to know about licensing of HVAC technicians in Maryland.

Income Potential

If you are in Maryland and you have asked around, then you know that the HVAC technicians are well paid for their services. Imagine earning over $50,000 per year when you start off as a novice. The range of your salary increases after a while, and you could make over $70,000.

Those numbers are real if you decide to work hard in the HVAC industry. Maryland is known to bring groundbreaking technologies in this field and is, therefore, one of the best places to learn from. Several schools and organizations offer excellent apprenticeship programs.

License Requirements

Before acquiring a license in Maryland, there are several qualifications you need to achieve. There are also various licenses you can procure. The Board of Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Contractors in Maryland, is responsible for awarding these licenses.

The different types of licenses include: journeyman, limited, master restricted and master. The different licenses are based on experience and qualification. The form below is a great way to find schools and programs to get started in the HVAC field:

The applicant must also hold either a journeyman license or one of a higher level.

The applicant must be a holder of the journeyman license or higher level of license. The applicant must have been employed in the HVACR services industry for at least two years. This employment must have been under the guidance of an HVACR Master for two years.

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Always check for the license requirements and which exam you want to sit for before you start your process. The applicant will have to send in an application to the Board of Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Contractors.

Once the board has reviewed the request and decided that the applicant is suitable for a particular license they pass the information to the examination body. The body, in this case, is PSI Inc.

The examining body will then send the necessary information to the applicant. Prepare for the tests here.

Examination dates

The PSI sets the exam dates. The individual who wishes to sit for the exam will be sent materials with all information on which dates exams are held and the centers at which they will be held.

Exams happen on a regular basis. Exams are held daily in some of the centers such as Baltimore and Salisbury.

Exceptions for taking the exam

A person does not always have to sit for an exam for them to get a license. There are some exceptions to the rules.

An example is when a person is applying for an apprenticeship license. It requires no exam.

The other exception is when a person wants to apply for a journeyman license. The examination can be foregone on two conditions:

  • If the applicant has held an apprenticeship license for three years.

  • If the applicant has graduated successfully from a learning program supported by the board.


The information above is meant to lead you in the right direction if you feel that you have a passion for the work. Do not hesitate to call various institutions for more information. HVACR trained professionals can work almost anywhere in the country. The opportunities in Maryland are just the beginning.

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