Requirements To Work in HVAC in Missouri

It may be the “Show Me” state, but one thing you won’t have to show in Missouri is an HVAC license. This is because Missouri is among the states that don’t require testing or a license. But there may be other registrations as well as local requirements, so read on!

You may also be interested in getting your certification to help further your career, even though it isn't required. If that is something you are interested in then you can find nearby HVAC schools below:

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Bond Requirement for Contractors

Missouri recommends (although it does not require) corporate surety bonds. These can cover contractor performance, license and permit bonds, and financial guarantee bonds, among others. You can get these bonds through your insurance agency.

Local Requirements

All licensing for HVAC contractors is left up to local governments, whether at the county or city level. St. Louis, for instance, does have requirements. It’s listed under mechanical contractors.

St. Louis Contractor

For St. Louis’ purposes, an HVAC servicer-installer is someone who employs a person as a journeyman. If your business is a sole proprietorship, you yourself can be the journeyman.

There’s also a kind of “grandfather clause” if you were exempted from older laws, and have a minimum of three years experience.

Along with your application, you must submit a certificate of insurance.

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St. Louis Journeyman

Becoming a journeyman HVAC servicer-installer requires 7500 verifiable hours of work. It permits work on residential units up to 5 tons of cooling or 150,000 BTU of heating.

Other cities and counties have their own regulations, so be sure to contact the appropriate authorities.

EPA Certification

In Missouri, or anywhere else in the United States, anyone working with refrigerants must also have federal certification. The Environmental Protection Agency Section 608 has various levels depending on the type of equipment you service. Find out more about EPA certification in this article.

Also, if you service air conditioning in motor vehicles, you need to be certified under EPA Section 609.


An experienced HVAC technician in Missouri makes a little over $22 an hour - that’s $44,000 a year. At the top end of the industry, the annual salary rises to over $75,000. So be sure to learn your trade well, comply with any local regulations or licensing requirements, and get started on a great career in the HVACR industry!

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