HVAC Jobs and Career

| Last Updated: June 9, 2021

HVAC careers can be very rewarding for those who have a strong technical, math and science background, and job opportunities in this field are expected to increase as HVAC systems become more elaborate and people continue to build more residential and commercial structures.

Many HVAC jobs are now more focused on eco-friendly or environmentally-friendly systems that help to reduce energy loss and still provide the right level of heating, cooling, ventilation and air-conditioning supply for various types of buildings.

When you are researching HVAC jobs and HVAC career options, take some time to look at an HVAC job description from a few different employers and learn more about this growing industry.

HVAC Job Description

Looking at an HVAC job description when you are exploring different career options or are interested in an HVAC career can help you get a better sense of what your primary duties and responsibilities will be on the job.

HVAC mechanics and technicians are responsible for operating, maintaining, installing and repairing heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigerator systems. They may choose to specialize in repair work, installation of systems or maintenance, and the key duties and responsibilities will be listed within the HVAC job description.

The HVAC job description will also include information such as:

  • Education Requirements – Number of years of training at an HVAC school or the requirement of having an HVAC associate’s degree

  • Work Experience – Number of years of professional, hands-on experience outside of an HVAC internship or apprenticeship which can last up to three years. Some employers are simply looking for HVAC technicians who have a few years of real-world experience

  • Work Hours – The HVAC job description will include a range of hours for the position, but most full-time positions will be the standard 40-hour workweek

  • Physical Requirements – The HVAC job description will include information about whether the technician will be standing for long periods of time, be responsible for carrying heavy loads, and traveling as part of their daily tasks.

Applying for HVAC Jobs

You can begin your search for HVAC jobs and HVAC careers online, and find a number of job descriptions and job postings from employers in your area. HVAC contractors, service companies, wholesale suppliers of HVAC systems and products, and even manufacturing companies post HVAC jobs regularly.

Whether you have an interest in service, engineering, installation, maintenance or sales, you can find a number of attractive HVAC jobs and HVAC career opportunities at dozens of contractor companies, service providers and manufacturing companies.

Examples of HVAC jobs and HVAC careers that you may be qualified to apply for include:

  • HVAC Installers
  • HVAC Maintenance Technicians
  • HVAC Estimators
  • HVAC Project Managers
  • HVAC Installation Managers
  • HVAC Operations Managers
  • HVAC Refrigeration Technicians
  • HVAC Manufacturer Reps
  • Pipefitters
  • Engineers
  • Designers and Drafters
  • Service Managers
  • Superintendents
  • Wholesale Suppliers
  • Appliance Technicians

Finding the right type of HVAC jobs or HVAC career paths that meet your level of expertise and complement your career goals can be challenging, but you can start your search for suitable jobs as early as your first year of HVAC training. Consider completing an apprenticeship program or an internship so that you have some experience to share on your resume after you complete your educational program.

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