How to Get your HVAC Certification in Virginia

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Ten years of experience verified by affidavits from employers or others in the field

HVAC contractors may requires licenses

Pay $385 application fee

Applying for HVAC certification

and more.

Job Outlook for HVAC Technicians in Virginia

The median hourly technician wages in the state of Virginia as of 2017 is $22.77. For entry level techs the wages fluctuate between $13.88 all the way up to $31.99. The average median salary for the state is $47,370, which is on the high end of the national salary for techs. The job market is expected to experience national growth at an alarming rate over the next decade, offering even more opportunity for licensed journeyman and masters.


If you are looking to get higher paying work in the state of Virginia as an HVAC tech, getting your journeyman or master level license is an excellent idea. In the growing HVAC job market, it will make you a hot commodity or help you move up within your current company.

Becoming an HVAC Class A, B, or C contactor is definitely well worth the paperwork and exam process. It can allow you to become your own boss and work on bigger projects as you move up the scale from C to A.

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