Ducane Furnace Reviews – 2021 Buyer’s Guide

| Last Updated: June 28, 2021

We rely on the indoor weather of our living and working spaces more than the outside. In maintaining a nice atmosphere for that, the furnace plays a huge role. Even regulation of temperature on cold and warm days alike is necessary for comfortable living. 

Many different brands have introduced their designs and models of furnaces. Each one has its own advantages. However, some do cost a lot. 

A reliable and affordable option for your furnace needs is one from Ducane. Ducane is a known brand that deals with many different HVAC machineries. In this article, we will review some of its best furnaces.

Who is Ducane? 

Ducane is an American brand that specializes mainly in heating, ventilation, and cooling appliances. Based in Metropolitan Drive, West Columbia, it provides excellent customer service, too. It is a sub-brand of Lennox, and its products come with warranties that can be registered online to make the process easier for the buyer. 

A long lineup of oil and gas furnaces, heat pumps, air conditioners, coils, etc. are manufactured by the company. These are then distributed across the country by collaborations with reliable dealers. 

The dealers ensure timely delivery of genuine products and also offer installation services. In case you need any assistance or maintenance in the future, Ducane dealers sort that out as well.

What Makes Ducane Furnaces Stand Out From the Competition?

Several things give Ducane an upper hand when compared with the competition. The biggest advantage is its affordability. For mid-level furnace consumers, spending a ton of money on a model that would seldom be used is not the best deal. Small spaces also do not need furnaces from high-end brands. For such price-conscious customers, Ducane offers not only a variety of furnaces to choose from but also at a very good deal.

Moreover, the installation services further add to the value. No matter how robust a furnace is, it would not function well if it is not installed properly. Ducane offers proper installation services and maintenance services for its customers.

Review of the Best Ducane Furnaces

Now that we know about the brand, let’s look at the furnaces it introduced in the market. In this section, we will look at our top picks from the Ducane line of furnaces. We will see what makes them a suitable option worth considering.

Best Overall

Ducane 92G1E Gas Furnace


Energy Efficiency (AFUE): 92%

Parts Warranty: 10 Year(s)

Unit Warranty: Lifetime Heat Exchanger Limited Warranty

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What Recent Buyers Report

Our top pick has a very high customer satisfaction rate. It has been hailed as a very efficient appliance that serves its purpose well. The customers also liked the look of the unit. They reported that the furnace heated the entire space very evenly. The service was also especially appreciated by the majority of customers.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Ducane has employed energy-saving technology in this furnace. This makes the product quite an efficient one. Firstly, the energy usage by the blower motor is one-third compared to conventional blowers. As a result, the unit itself becomes quite energy-efficient. Not only that, but this also saves up on the customer’s energy bill. With lesser energy used, your bills drop considerably. 

Coupled with robust machinery is the superb customer service provided by Ducane. They hire professionals to install your units safely and securely. Proper installation is ensured for the smooth working of the unit. All factors considered, with this furnace, you not only get an affordable solution to your heating problems but also end up with a very responsive customer care service in case anything goes wrong.

Bottom Line

What more can we want from a furnace that is energy-efficient yet provides even and constant heating? With the Ducane 92G1E, you get a robust furnace at a very affordable rate. In addition, you end up with lesser energy bills than before, thanks to the furnace’s 92% AFUE energy-efficiency rating.


No loud noises due to anti-vibration systems

Saves energy with 92% AFUE efficiency ratings

Even heating with a torque blower motor working constantly

Crimped aluminized steel heat exchanger for greater durability

Covered by a ten-year limited warranty for parts and lifetime limited warranty for heat exchanger


Produces low vibratory sounds

Warranty is only available for residential applications and does not apply to commercial usage


Ducane 80G1E Gas Furnace


Energy Efficiency (AFUE): 80%

Parts Warranty: 10 Year(s)

Unit Warranty: Lifetime Heat Exchanger Limited Warranty

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What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers are ecstatic with their purchase. They liked how efficiently Ducane facilitated the whole process from buying to installation. Afterward, the unit required very little maintenance, making it a very suitable option for constant use in busy lives. The Ultra-Low NOx model was a huge hit due to its noiseless operation, especially among those who wanted a silent environment. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

Design is one of the most important factors that affects the utility of home appliances like a furnace. Ducane has made sure to come up with a very efficient one. The 80G1E furnace is powered by a very strong motor blower that has Ducane’s signature energy-saving features. Also, it can be run at different speeds as required by the user according to the rooms’ temperature. 

In order to ensure that the ignition process is hassle-free and quick, the in-shot burners are enforced with aluminum. Since aluminum is a good conductor of heat, it aids in starting up the furnace and minimizes the chances of operational issues. The ignitors are made up of silicon nitride, which makes them more durable and resistant to breakage. They also require less energy to operate.

Bottom Line

Yet another amazing furnace unit by Ducane, this one has 80% energy-efficiency ratings. It is designed to keep energy consumption as low as possible. With the aluminum burners, efficient motor, and silicon nitride ignitors, the Ducane 80G1E operates at one-third of the energy required by conventional furnaces.


Torque blower motor has multiple speeds

Left or right utility connections to maximize ease of use

Equipped with electronic air cleaner and humidifier terminals

Aluminized steel in-shot burners and silicon nitride ignitor for smooth ignition

Constant torque motor blower and removable floor base use bottom return air to heat rooms evenly


Might cause some humidity on wet days

80% AFUE energy efficiency rating, which is lesser than what most other models offer

Best for the Money

Ducane 96G2V Gas Furnace


Energy Efficiency (AFUE): 96%

Parts Warranty: 10 Year(s)

Unit Warranty: Lifetime Heat Exchanger Limited Warranty

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What Recent Buyers Report

Efficient is the term that has been frequently used by recent buyers to describe this furnace. They say that both the air conditioning and heating mechanisms of the furnace worked very well. It also did bring their energy bills down. Warranty was easy to register and quickly responded to when needed. Not to forget, they appreciated the wonderful installation team that was both professional and courteous.

Why it Stands Out to Us

A 96% energy-efficiency rating is quite hard to go unnoticed. But that isn’t the only reason why we love this model. The 96G2V is certified by the energy star, which is not only a testament to its energy efficiency but also gives the buyer the option of money-saving rebates. In either case, you save some bucks. 

This model employs a two-stage heating mechanism for a more comfortable heat output. This means that the furnace takes into account the indoor and outdoor temperatures to provide optimal heating for your living space. As a result, you will have a comfortable living environment inside even on the coldest of days.

Bottom Line

Furnaces like the 96G2E are aimed at providing the best utility to customers. Anyone who buys it is sure to enjoy even the warmth that it constantly provides and the rebates and lower energy bills that come with its use.


96% AFUE energy efficiency ratings save more energy and money

Certification by ENERGY STAR makes it eligible for money-saving rebates

Aluminized heat exchangers and burner facilitate the ignition process for smoother operation

Motor blower starts up slowly and accelerates noiselessly, keeping temperature and humidity in check

Heat output is controlled by a two-stage operation to maximize comfort according to indoor and outdoor temperatures


Might produce slight sounds on very cold days with the load of work

Ten-year warranty is not applicable for commercial and industrial use

Best Ducane Gas Furnace

Ducane 96G1E Gas Furnace


Energy Efficiency (AFUE): 96%

Parts Warranty: 10 Year(s)

Unit Warranty: Lifetime Heat Exchanger Limited Warranty

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What Recent Buyers Report

Most recent buyers were greatly happy with how quietly the furnace starts up and shuts down. Also, even during the coldest of months, they did not observe it, making any vibrating or rumbling sounds. They report that the furnace heats up their places to very comfortable temperatures in no time. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

This furnace is the second model by Ducane, with efficiency ratings as high as 96%. However, this one works on one-stage heating outputs. The simpler mechanism keeps the machinery quiet throughout the time from its ignition to its shut off. Like all other Ducane models, this one too works on one-third of the energy required by conventional furnaces. Additionally, it reuses the air to provide quicker warming.

With the 96G1E furnace, you find not only an energy-efficient system but also an environment-friendly design. There are layout options available in this model that have lower NOx emission rates with a value of 14ng/J. The reduced emissions are not only safer for the environment but also provide a safer breathing atmosphere for residents.

Bottom Line

Environment-friendly and energy-efficient furnaces are not easy to find. Yet, here we are with this robust furnace by Ducane with outstanding performance. It not only saves up on energy bills and provides a safer living environment, but it also works very quietly throughout the operation. 


Also ENERGY STAR certified, making it authorized for rebates

Equipped with anti-vibration blower assembly for noiseless startup and shut down

Ten-year warranty covers limited parts and a lifetime limited warranty covers the heat exchangers

High energy-efficiency ratings of 96% ensure that the unit does not use much energy even in the coldest of months


Warranty does not cover all parts of the furnace

Best Ducane Oil Furnace

Ducane LUF Oil Furnace


Energy Efficiency (AFUE): 83%

Parts Warranty: 10 Year(s)

Unit Warranty: Lifetime Heat Exchanger Limited Warranty

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What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers loved how easy the furnace was to control. The three indicator lights made monitoring and diagnostics quite easy and eliminated the need for a technician for the smallest of problems. The sleek modern design suited modern living aesthetics well and fit easily in narrow spaces. Overall, they were quite happy with the consistent working of the furnace.

Why it Stands Out to Us

There are a lot of features that make the LUF Oil Furnace a very useful alternative to gas furnaces. In remote areas with very cold winters, the absence of gas connections often leads the residents to employ lesser convenient options like wood burning. The task is not only laborious but also causes heat loss. An oil furnace is a very suitable option for such areas.

With its sleek design, the furnace can fit smaller spaces. It has an 83% energy-efficiency rating, which does not waver no matter how cold the climate is. It features heavy-duty 14-gauge steel burners with a high-temperature ceramic combustion fiber. Couple that with a 10,000 Volts ignitor, and the resulting ignition assembly is very dependable.

Bottom Line

Quite a useful alternative to gas furnaces, the Ducane LUF Oil Furnace does not lack in features or functioning. It is built on the same principles of energy-efficiency and supports robust technologies like the dehumidifier and fiberglass cabinet that absorbs sound and prevents heat loss.


Consistent 10,000 volts ensure a smooth ignition

Equipped with active and passive dehumidification features

A well-balanced motor keeps the noise in check while the furnace is operating

Heat exchangers are made of steel and supported by a ceramic wall for enhanced durability

Heat and sound are absorbed by the fiberglass cabinet to account for a quiet and efficient system


Energy efficiency rating of 83% is not Ducane’s highest

Runs on oil, which might not be the most convenient option for everyone

Types of Furnaces By Ducane

Two different types of furnaces are presented in the market by Ducane. However, neither of these make any compromise on the brand’s signature energy-saving capabilities. The differences only widen the customer’s option and provide different furnaces suited to different needs.

Gas Furnaces

Ducane gas furnaces are more suited to those living in the city. This is because of the easy access to gas and the varying efficiency requirements of different regions. The energy efficiency goes up to 96% in some models.

Ducane offers two types of heat output systems. They differ based on the number of stages involved in their operation. The one-stage heat output system makes use of indoor air and temperature to regulate heating and is coupled with noise damping systems to remain quiet. This system is installed in furnaces with a rating below 96%.

The two-stage output system takes into account the indoor and outdoor temperatures to regulate the heating of your spaces. It provides more comfortable heating based on the requirements of the weather. Not only that, but these systems provide more efficient dehumidification. Two-stage heat output systems are installed in furnaces with a 96% energy efficiency rating.

Photo credit: achrnews.com

Oil Furnaces

Oil furnaces are more suited to areas where a gas connection might be a problem, but oil is frequently available. Also, all the oil furnaces have an energy efficiency of 83%, which might not satisfy the diverse need of urban areas. 

As far as heat output systems are concerned, only one-stage output systems are available in oil furnaces. This is because their efficiency rating is below 99.6%. The energy efficiency rating of oil furnaces is constant for all models, which is 83%. This is considered good for an oil furnace.

Comparison Overview 

We now know that Ducane is a trustworthy brand with an amazing product lineup and has one of the best customer services. However, it is better to compare it with the competition in the market. This section compares Ducane furnaces to some other competing brands to give a deeper insight to our readers.

Bryant Furnace vs. Ducane

Bryant is a leading brand in furnace manufacturing. It is widely popular and available throughout the states too.


  • The warranty provided by both brands is similar for their furnaces.

  • Some models by either of the brands are equipped with variable speed motors.

  • You can choose from oil or gas furnaces from either of the brands.
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  • Efficiency of Bryant furnaces ranges from 80-98%, while Ducane offers an efficiency range of 80-96%.

  • Bryant is more popular for high-level furnaces, while Ducane offers mid-level furnaces.

  • Price-wise, Bryant is a little heavier on the pocket compared to Ducane.

Ducane Furnace vs. Comfortmaker

Comfortmaker is also a well-known brand specializing in HVAC products. It releases its products categorized in series to target all budget needs.


  • There are one-stage and two-stage furnace models available by both brands.

  • A ten-year limited warranty covers parts of the product in both brands.

  • Both brands ensure that their furnaces make the least possible sound when operating.


  • Ducane has oil furnaces with efficiency at 83%, while Comfortmaker has a greater efficiency rating at 85.1-86.4%.

  • Comfortmaker has a longer line of products than Ducane.

  • Comfortmaker has three series with different price ranges for categorization.

Armstrong Furnace vs. Ducane

Yet another furnace manufacturer with energy star ratings, Armstrong is one of the topmost competitors in the market. 


  • Like Ducane, Armstrong furnaces also have either an aluminized heat exchanger or a steel heat exchanger.

  • Both have furnace options with two-stage heating.

  • Some models by both brands have energy star ratings.


  • Comfortmaker has more furnace options to choose from overall.

  • Comfortmaker offers more efficiency options ranging from 80%-98%, while Ducane has a range of 80%-96%.

  • Ducane has more design layouts.

Ducane vs. Goodman Furnace

Ducane 92G1E Gas Furnace

Like Ducane, Goodman also tries to be as affordable for buyers as possible. Still, you will see no compromise on quality in either of the brands.


  • Low price and good-quality furnace are what both of the brands specialize in.

  • You can get rebates on some products of either of the brands.

  • Products of both start at 80% efficiency.


  • Ducane is a sub-brand of Lennox, but Goodman is a sub-brand of Daikin.

  • Ducane offers both oil and gas furnaces, while Goodman only offers gas furnaces.

  • Goodman has a larger product line.

How to Install a Ducane Furnace

It is best to have the Ducane furnace installed by a certified HVAC technician. This way, proper installation is ensured for the best results. Below is a guide on how to install a Ducane furnace.

  1. Begin by selecting your Ducane furnace and having it delivered to your place.

  2. Select the location where you want to set up the furnace.

  3. You will need a unit strap, bolts, and nails, as well as a heavy-duty drilling machine for the job. It is best to take help from some people to do the job.

  4. Mount two lengths of the unit strap between rafters. Make sure you know which side of the furnace faces the room after installation.

  5. Next, attach the other part of the unit strap to the furnace.

  6. Drill in the bolts from the spaces in the unit strap onto the furnace.

  7. Make sure the unit strap attached to the wall is perpendicular to the unit strap on the furnace.

  8. Once the unit strap is securely attached, it is time to mount the furnace. Use a forklift or help from some people to lift the furnace.

  9. To hold the threads of the unit strut in place, put in the strut nuts.

  10. Next, take some help to lift the furnace in position while another person puts washers and bolts in place. Make sure the furnace is leveled on all sides.

  11. Attach the ducts, valves, and pipes to it as indicated. Your furnace is now installed.

For visual help, here’s a video going through all the steps discussed above.

Ducane Furnace Troubleshooting

It is quite normal to encounter problems when handling a furnace. Most of these can be easily solved. This section discusses some common problems along with their solutions.

Furnace Not Warming Enough

You might find that the furnace is not heating up the place sufficiently. This might be due to the settings set at a lower temperature. You can crank it up for more heat. Also, the furnace you bought may be too small for your place. Make sure you are fully satisfied with the heating quality of the furnace before buying.

Pilot Light, Not Lighting

If the pilot light is not lighting up, make sure that the furnace is connected to the power supply. The main valve should also be turned ON. See if the pilot ignitor is broken or is blocked by something. 

Operational Noise

If you hear a rattling noise when the furnace is on, then it might probably be because the side panels have not been properly closed. Make sure that after you position the panels back, they are securely fixed in place. If the noise still doesn’t disappear, contact a technician for proper diagnosis.

Ducane Furnace Troubleshooting Codes

The blinking system on each Ducane furnace makes monitoring and troubleshooting quite easy. By counting the number of flashes, you can easily relate it with codes to find the reason.

  1. If the LED is on continuously, then the furnace is working normally.

  2. If you see one flash, then it is an indication of the presence of flame while the gas valve is off.

  3. Two flashes mean that the pressure switch is closed, and the inducer is off.

  4. Three flashes mean that there is low fire pressure or rollout or that the aux limit switch is open.
Photo credit: youtube.com

Where Are Ducane Error Codes On Furnace?

Ducane furnace error codes can provide useful information in diagnostics and monitoring. They are used to determine the problem indicated by the furnace with the blinking of the LED indicator. These codes are present on the inner side of the door panel on the furnace. You can take the door down and flip it over to access it.

Ducane Furnace Pressure Switch Open With Inducer On

When the blinker LED code represents an open pressure switch and the inducer turned on, then your furnace would not start. It is best to replace the switch in such a case. 

You can do this by removing the front upper panel door and locating the switch. Next, disconnect the pressure hose and detach the wires from the switch. Loosen the bolts to take the switch out. Make sure that the new switch you get has the same pressure switch rating as the original one. Screw this new switch in position and attach the pressure hose and wires back to it.

Ducane Gas Furnace Will Not Ignite

There might be one of several different reasons behind this problem. It may be that the furnace is disconnected from the power supply. Also, make sure that there is no tripped circuit-breaker or a blown fuse that might be the reason. Faulty wiring may also prevent the furnace from igniting. Ensure all wires are properly positioned. 

If the furnace still does not ignite, you may need to replace the transformer or the fuse on the fan timer board.

Helpful Tips For Ducane Furnace Owners

Some helpful tips that will ease the use of furnace for you are discussed in this section.

Buy the Right Size

When deciding on a furnace, make sure you are well aware of the size of your building or apartment. Then properly communicate it with the dealer. Some dealers might also consider visiting the house for a survey. Before buying a furnace, make sure that it has enough heating capacity to fulfill your needs. A great way to quickly get an estimate is to use our furnace BTU sizing calculator. This will give you a ballpark range for what size you need which will make shopping a lot easier since you will have an idea of the size of furnace your house requires.

Hire an Installer

You might have heard that a furnace is as good as its installation. Proper installation is the greatest difference between a poorly functioning furnace and one that performs optimally. It is best to hire a licensed and certified technician for installation.

Timely Maintenance

For the lasting performance of the furnace, you must take care of it properly. Do not ignore issues like constant irregular noise, uncommon vibrations, or faulty and broken parts. Get the issues fixed right away so that the problem does not become too big to tackle. If you delay getting small fixes, then you might have to replace the furnace altogether.

Photo credit: doityourself.com

Where is Furnace Filter on a Ducane?

The filter of a Ducane furnace is located in the blower compartment. It is positioned at the site where the return air enters the compartment. This way, each time the air enters the compartment, it is filtered. 

How to Change a Ducane Furnace Filter

You can easily change the Ducane furnace filter in case it gets too dirty. Start by turning off the power supply to the furnace. Next, take off the door panels and access the blower compartment. Here, visually locate the filter. 

Once you have it in sight, slide it out from its slot and take it out of the furnace. Slide the new filter in the position of the previous one. Make sure it is securely attached by giving it a gentle nudge. Put the door panel back on and start your furnace.

Where is the Flame Sensor on a Ducane Furnace?

The location of the sensor may vary, depending on the model of the furnace. However, two of the most common places are next to the pilot or farther from the burner. In case your model has a pilot flame, then the sensor would be situated in the pilot flame. But in other models, it would be placed farther from the burner path.

How to Determine the Efficiency of Ducane Furnace

When buying a Ducane furnace, the efficiency of the furnace is clearly indicated in the model. Their gas furnaces have an efficiency rating ranging from 80-96%, while all oil furnaces have an efficiency rating of 83%. The efficiency may also be written on the product brochure that contains all the details about the model.

How to Test the Ducane Furnace Induction Motor

Ducane 96G2V Gas Furnace

To test a Ducane furnace motor, you will need a multimeter. First, open up the panels of the furnace to access the motor. Next, disconnect the motor from the power button terminal and attach the terminal to the multimeter. Check for readings. If the readings in volts are in accordance with your power outlet, then you can rule out the outlet and the switch as the problem. 

Similarly, check the capacitor and the resistance of the motor. All readings must be in accordance with the normal values. If you see any changes, call a technician for further assistance. Checking the motor itself for any stuck bearings is also a key aspect. Make sure that the motor is not too hot and its wheel spins freely.

How to Check the Pilot Light on a Ducane Furnace

The pilot light is situated inside the furnace. To check it, you will have to remove the side panels and access the pilot and the burner assembly. There, you can easily see the illumination from the pilot light. If you don’t or if the light keeps blinking, then you probably need to get the thermocouple replaced.


A good-quality furnace is a need for comfortable living. Especially during the colder months, it becomes absolutely crucial to warm the living spaces. Ducane is a renowned brand in furnace manufacturing. It has very affordable mid-level furnaces that are equipped with noise damping systems and have high energy-efficiency ratings. 

Moreover, the customer service of the brand is unbeatable. If you are looking for a furnace for your home, office, or any other space, then Ducane can give you a worthy deal.

People Also Ask

There still might be some things you want to know about Ducane furnaces but haven’t gotten the answer to. That is why this section addresses some of the most sought-after queries regarding these furnaces. This way, our readers will be well-informed.

Where Are Ducane Furnaces Made?

Ducane furnaces are manufactured and assembled in North America. However, their supply is not just limited to the region. They have qualified dealers across the country that you can buy the furnaces from. Also, these dealers cater to any of your maintenance and warranty problems.

Who Makes Ducane Furnaces?

A sub-brand of Lennox, Ducane’s furnaces are built as an affordable variety of furnaces. Lennox is known for higher-end product manufacturing and sales, while its sub-brand Ducane offers less expensive products built by the craftsmanship of equally professional labor.

Who Owns Ducane Furnaces?

Lennox owns Ducane furnaces. Lennox has set up a manufacturing setup for more affordable HVAC products in the name of Ducane in West Columbia, North America. Lennox exists as a frontline competitor in high-end furnaces while Ducane takes the lead in mid-level furnaces.

How Long Has Ducane Been Around?

It was in 1946 when Ducane came into existence. Originally, it was known as the Ducane Brothers Metal Fabricating Company that set up its headquarters in New York. Later, they shifted production to West Columbia, North America, and changed the name to Ducane.

Why are Ducane Furnaces so Popular?

Affordable prices, impressive efficiency ratings, and great customer service are the prime reasons why Ducane furnaces are so popular. They are not only easy on the pocket but also keep the energy bill in check, thanks to their energy-efficient technology. The ultimate performance, when coupled with responsive and helpful customer services, makes for a package that is hard not to praise.

What Kind of Warranty Does Ducane Offer?

Ducane offers a ten-year limited warranty to some parts of the furnace. So, for ten years, you will be eligible to demand a replacement if the furnace’s parts malfunction. However, this warranty is not available for all parts. For burners, Ducane offers a limited lifetime warranty to its customers.

How Long Do Ducane Furnaces Last?

You will find your Ducane furnace to serve you for 15-30 years, on average. How you use it and how much you use it is what determines how long the furnace will last. 

If the furnace is not overburdened and is large enough to warm the entire space, then it may last up to 30 years with proper maintenance. However, if you try to warm large spaces with a smaller unit, it would wear out sooner. Lack of maintenance may also cause the furnace to expire quicker.

Are Lennox And Ducane the Same Company?

No, Lennox and Ducane are not the same company. Lennox is a parent brand and has more specialized higher-end products, while Ducane offers a cheaper alternative to those high-end products. Both brands, however, are known for their robust machinery.

How Much is a Ducane Furnace? 

Depending on the fuel used and additional features, a Ducane furnace can range anywhere from $2000 to $3500. The more efficient the unit, the higher its price. But you also need professionals for installation. Installation cost covers the material required for installation and the service charges. More efficient units have higher installation prices too. Installation charges range from $1000-$2000.

What Powers the Fan in a Ducane Gas Furnace?

Ducane gas furnaces, as indicated by the name, are powered by gas. The fan that regulates the temperature by blowing air into the ducts according to the set temperature is also ultimately run by gas.

Where is the Year on a Ducane Furnace?

You can find useful information about a specific Ducane furnace on either the backside of the model or on the front panel’s inner side. You will see a chart with columns that not only indicate the model number, efficiency, and the year of the furnace but also give you the codes for the blinker LED indicator.

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