Armstrong Furnace Reviews (2022 Guide)

| Last Updated: July 29, 2021

A cozy home feels safe and welcome when you return from a tiring day at work, doesn’t it? You need to have a functional heating unit at home to create your desired atmosphere. 

An Armstrong furnace can be a great option for this as it comes with high fuel efficiency. It keeps your house warm while keeping the planet clean.

So, read on to see which Armstrong furnace you need and how to choose the right one for you.

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How Does Armstrong Compare to the Competition?

Armstrong furnaces have distinguished themselves from others with the quality they offer. They have better working than most others, and HVAC experts recommend these. Here is how they compare with rival furnaces on the market.


Armstrong is not as expensive as most other brands, making them a favorite of most people. Their furnaces come at a moderate price, which most users can afford. This beats other brands’ pricing policies, helping Armstrong earn more customers. 


With the rapidly changing world, people are more concerned about the environment. So, there is an increased demand for energy and fuel-efficient products. And, like most other brands, people at Armstrong work to develop units that ensure minimum fuel losses.

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Digital Accuracy

Digital accuracy is something that most HVAC unit manufacturers are trying to achieve. Armstrong Air has succeeded in it, and now their furnaces have exact temperature readings. 

Design Reliability

Armstrong gives due importance to construction quality when it comes to HVAC equipment. Their products have better construction, so they last for a long time. There are hardly any flaws in the design, making Armstrong more trustworthy than what the competitor manufacturers.  

Comparison of the Best Armstrong Furnaces

Getting an Armstrong furnace will certainly help you have a comfortable atmosphere at your place. But, you need to buy the right furnace which meets your requirements. To help you with this, we have listed down some quick details of the best models that you can compare.

Model NameFuel CompatibilityEnergy Efficiency (SEER)Heating Stages
A962V Gas FurnaceDual Fuel96% AFUETwo
L83UF Standard-Efficiency HighboyN/A83% AFUEN/A
A802V Gas FurnaceDual Fuel80% AFUETwo
A97MV Gas FurnaceDual Fuel97% AFUEN/A
L85UFV Variable Speed HighboyN/A85% AFUEN/A
A962E Oil FurnaceN/A83% AFUEN/A

Review of the Best Armstrong Furnaces

As you have gone through a brief comparison already, you must be looking for a detailed description now. So, let’s see what the best Armstrong furnaces offer and which one might be right for you. 

Best Overall

Armstrong Pro Series A962V


Energy Efficiency (AFUE): 96%

Parts Warranty: 10 Years Limited Warranty

Unit Warranty: Limited Lifetime Warranty on the stainless steel heat exchanger

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Why it Stands Out to Us

It stands out to us with its amazing energy efficiency of 96%. It ensures that there are minimum fuel losses even when the furnace runs constantly. This way, there is greater heat generation at lesser fuel consumption. 

Moreover, it has stainless steel heat exchangers that do not rust or damage easily. The lifetime warranty makes these heat exchangers even more reliable for users. 

In addition to the live weather updates, it provides a five-day weather forecast as well. This lets you stay prepared for the upcoming weather conditions. 

The remote control lets the users operate the furnace even from work. So, there’s a warm room awaiting them when they get home. Hence, this one from the Armstrong pro series is a definite winner. 

Bottom Line

Considering all its features, the A962V is a remarkable furnace. It helps in keeping your place comfortable all the time without you having to break your bank. The running cost is quite low as the fuel-burning mechanism is super-efficient.


96% fuel conversion into usable heat

Live weather alerts and weather forecast

Even heat distribution with small BTU consumption

Comfort Sync thermostat for maximum performance

Remote access to the controls while away from home


Carbon dioxide leakage can be an issue


Armstrong L83UF


Energy Efficiency (AFUE): 83%

Parts Warranty: 10 Years Limited Warranty

Unit Warranty: Limited Lifetime Warranty on the stainless steel heat exchanger

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Why it Stands Out to Us

The L83UF is the runner-up on our list due to the insulated cabinet that it comes with. The insulation prevents loss of any warmth, making sure that the rooms stay warm even after the furnace is off. It also enables the furnace to provide more warmth as there are no background heat losses.

Furthermore, the furnace has a well-connected duct system in it. There are clean-cut pumps along with the ducts that regulate air better. There is lesser energy required for maintaining the required airflow with this duct system.

Along with all this, there is a solid-state ignition feature as well, which keeps things clean and active.

Bottom Line

All in all, this is an amazing furnace by Armstrong, which minimizes heat losses. The energy efficiency rating is also quite high at 86%, so there is less worrying about fuel costs. So, go for this furnace if you want something which does not give up on you easily.


AFUE efficiency rating of 83%

Insulated cabinet to retain warmth

Solid-state ignition to avoid a mess

Ten years limited warranty on parts

Clean-cut pumps for better air regulation


Expensive installation

Thermostat is a little tricky

Best for the Money

Armstrong Pro Series A802V


Energy Efficiency (AFUE): 80%

Parts Warranty: 10 Years Limited Warranty

Unit Warranty: Limited Lifetime Warranty on the stainless steel heat exchanger

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Why it Stands Out to Us

We found this to be highly affordable due to the features-to-price ratio. This Armstrong furnace comes loaded with features that customers love. The Comfort Sync in it keeps a close check on the internal functioning of the furnace. It informs you as soon as it detects any potential damages, ensuring a smooth supply of warmth. 

Moreover, the furnace has a very low NOx emission rate, making it safe for you and your family. 

In addition to this, the EHX technology makes this furnace much more reliable. It keeps the frame functioning for a longer time period, so your investment will go to good use. 

Bottom Line

Summing up, this is an amazing furnace that keeps the fuel costs to a minimum. The furnace goes into an ultra-energy saving mode when you leave your place. Thus, it keeps your place warm all the while and goes light on your pocket too.


Prompt alerts in case of any damage

EHX technology ensures high durability

Dual-fuel compatibility for consistent use

Ultra-low NOx emission for greater safety

Enhanced energy-saving mode when you aren’t around


Bulky duct system

Best Armstrong Gas Furnace

Armstrong A97MV


Energy Efficiency (AFUE): 97%

Parts Warranty: 10 Years Limited Warranty

Unit Warranty: Limited Lifetime Warranty on the stainless steel heat exchanger

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Why it Stands Out to Us

Armstrong A97MV is another one of our favorite furnaces that has impressive performance. It has a very high-efficiency rating at 97% AFUE. This ensures that there is a negligible waste of fuel. 

Moreover, it has a heat modulation option that lets users choose from multiple heat settings. This way, you can control the temperature at your place more actively. The furnace has become Energy Star most efficient 2020, increasing its reliability. 

Also, it has a limited lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger, which gets most of the work done. 

Bottom Line

To conclude, this is an incredible furnace by Armstrong, which delivers consistent warmth. The internal monitoring of the furnace keeps the users updated about the condition of the parts. Thus, it comes with the least possible damage possibilities.


Heat modulation over a wide range

Energy Star most efficient 2020 furnace

Variable-capacity for optimum performance

Limited lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger

Even temperature maintenance with humidity adjustment


Noisy operation

Best Armstrong Oil Furnace

Armstrong L85UFV


Energy Efficiency (AFUE): 85%

Parts Warranty: 10 Years Limited Warranty

Unit Warranty: Limited Lifetime Warranty on the stainless steel heat exchanger

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Why it Stands Out to Us

This furnace has caught our eye with its PSC burner motor and the overall construction quality. The PSC motor constantly runs on a set level. This minimizes fluctuations in fuel consumption and keeps a constant flow of warm air. 

Furthermore, the furnace has active noise reduction as it burns small BTU units per hour. The simplicity of working keeps a calm aura at your home, making it more relaxing. 

The blower motor is another great addition as it helps you set the speed of heating. So, this is a worthy furnace with its high energy saving capacity and heat generation.

Bottom Line

Keeping all this in view, we recommend this Armstrong furnace to all those looking for a reliable heating option. This can be a great choice, even if you are making a new house.


Sturdy and long-lasting frame

Helps cut down fuel expenses

Blower motor offers variable speed

PSC burner motor for effective heating

Active noise reduction prevents disturbance


Costly maintenance

Seems slightly overpriced

Editor’s Pick

Armstrong A962E


Energy Efficiency (AFUE): 83%

Parts Warranty: 10 Years Limited Warranty

Unit Warranty: Limited Lifetime Warranty on the stainless steel heat exchanger

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Why it Stands Out to Us

It has earned our approval with its superior construction, which keeps external damage to a minimum. The silver-grey body can last many decades with the least weather damage. Its stainless steel heat exchangers and the durable air pumps ensure a hassle-free usage. 

Moreover, it has a standard efficiency value of 86%, which helps you in saving more on fuel prices. The PSC motor also restricts the usage of fuel to save it further. 

Also, the ducts are well connected, which prevents any loss of warm air. The cabinet has insulation, which helps the ducts save even more heat.

Bottom Line

The bottom line on this is that it is definitely worth a shot. The oil furnace works amazingly well to keep the emissions to the least possible level. So, get this one if you want to update the heating system at your place.


Standard efficiency of 83%

Effective controls of fan speed

Sleek built and modern construction

Cabinet insulation prevents heat loss

Thorough connections in the duct system


Provides dry heat sometimes

What Kind of Warranty Does Armstrong Offer?

Armstrong furnaces come with an amazing warranty policy. The brand values its customers and is considerate of their worries. If you buy an Armstrong furnace, you do not have to worry about its working. The company helps you out without complicating things. 

Here is all that you need to know about the warranty by Armstrong. 


There is a 10-year warranty for the furnaces by Armstrong. For internal parts, it is five years, but for the heat exchangers, it goes up to 20 years. The warranty covers repair and replacement, both when installed by registered HVAC experts.

What’s Covered

The warranty covers all the internal parts which are there in a gas furnace. It extends to the outer frame as well since it is important as well. But, you need to have it installed by a competent installer to claim your warranty.


When you buy an Armstrong furnace, you have to get it registered on the Armstrong Air website. If you fail to register within 60 days of installation, your warranty claims get affected. 

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Who is Armstrong?

Armstrong Air is a heating, ventilation, and cooling equipment manufacturing company. Lennox Furnace Co. founded the company in 1928 but sold it to Armstrong in 1957. They repurchased the company in 1988, and it is still in their possession. 

Armstrong delivers high-quality heating and cooling units to a diverse range of users. Their products have earned a big name on the market boards. They manufacture a variety of HVAC products that cater to almost everyone’s needs. The products are not only of high quality but are also quite affordable. So, choosing Armstrong can be really helpful for you in the long run. 


To sum up, Armstrong furnaces are a nice option to keep your home warm and comfy. They do not occupy much space and have high energy efficiency. You will not regret investing in these as their working is well worth the money. So, go ahead and buy the furnace which goes with your requirements and beat the cold effectively. 

People Also Ask

Armstrong furnaces have become more popular lately, and people are interested in knowing more about them. There are many questions that they ask about these. So, here are the answers to those questions to help you figure out the best furnace for your place.

Who Makes Armstrong Furnaces?

Armstrong Air makes highly recommended furnaces for houses and commercial buildings. Lennox International owns this company and specializes in manufacturing other HVAC-related products. So, they have a reliable name to them when it comes to ownership.

How Long Does an Armstrong Furnace Last?

Armstrong offers a warranty of 10 to 20 years for furnaces. But, an Armstrong furnace can last well over 30 years for most households. The kind of use that you put the furnace to and the way you take care of a unit affects its life. Installation and maintenance matter, too, when Armstrong furnaces are concerned.

Are Armstrong Furnace Any Good?

Yes, Armstrong furnaces are pretty good in terms of both construction and working. They have high energy efficiency, and HVAC experts recommend them. These furnaces come at budget-friendly prices and have a trustworthy warranty policy as well. So, these are a great choice on the whole.

How Much is an Armstrong Furnace?

There are several furnaces manufactured by Armstrong that have prices according to the features they offer. You can get an Armstrong furnace at as low as $850 and as high as $1700. Just see what kind of a furnace you need and how much area you want to cover. You can find an affordable unit to meet your needs.

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