Best Wood Stoves of 2022 – Complete Review

| Last Updated: December 22, 2021

The best way to prepare for a comfortable and rewarding cold season is to invest in a wood-burning stove. These are relatively cheaper and offer very good warmth for your guests and your family. You can also get the traditional feel by seeing the logs burn inside the appliance. 

One reason why many people prefer modern units is because they are much more eco-friendly. Unlike old models, these don’t produce a lot of emissions that can harm the environment. They also keep the air inside healthier and ensure greater safety, But more on that later.

If you want to know more about these excellent units, we recommend you continue reading. This article talks about some of the most impressive models in the market. There’s also a buying guide and some safety tips for you so that you can find the ideal unit easily. 

Comparison of the Best Wood Stoves

  • Features an unbeatable heat transfer system
  • Suitable for heating medium to large homes
  • Features a huge door and viewing area
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  • Best for the Money
  • Heats up to 1000 square feet
  • Product includes an ash drawer
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  • Best Catalytic Wood Stove
  • Very compact and efficient
  • Built from high-quality cast iron
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  • Best Non Catalytic Wood Stove
  • Features ceramic glass for additional strength
  • Integral air wash system keeps glass clean
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  • Best Portable Wood Stove
  • Made from a sturdy stainless steal
  • Product is easy to assemble and collapse
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  • Best Rear Vent Wood Stove
  • Can be used as a primary heat source
  • Made from cast iron and steel
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  • Best Wood Burning Stove With Blower
  • Suitable for mobile homes
  • Includes an Outside Air Kit
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What Is a Wood Stove and How Does a Wood Stove Work?

A wood stove is a special heating device that is capable of burning wood fuel and producing heat in response. It also makes use of other wood-driven biomass fuel. A good example is sawdust bricks that produce the maximum amount of heat. 

A wood stove generally includes a very solid metal that is closed within a firebox. This is further linked by a fire brick. There are also many different controls on the appliance, thus ensuring easier usage.

Unlike most other modern heating appliances, a wood stove also works effectively. You only have to follow a few instructions to get it started. The stove will heat up itself and will radiate the heat produced through the top. It also heats up the walls to ensure thorough distribution of warmth. Most modern stoves combine both convection and radiation to ensure a faster process. 

Some models also use a small convection chamber that comes wrapped in a firebox. This chamber draws cool air inside and then warms it in a few seconds. It then pushes this air back to the room.

Types of Wood Stoves

Wood stoves come in different variations, each with their own specifications and benefits. Before you choose a unit for yourself, you must know the type most suitable for you. The common types include:

Pellet Stoves

These require you to use small wooden pellets as fuel for heat production. Pellet stoves run for approximately 12 to 36 hours and don’t require you to add fuel continuously. Moreover, since they use smaller chips, you can expect your room to heat up instantly. They are also very attractive to look at.

Cast Iron Wood Stoves

These are relatively expensive but also very efficient. As the name suggests, they offer a strong construction to ensure better durability. You can also get different sizes ranging from large to small, depending on your requirements. Cast iron stoves come with better warranties too.

Wood and Coal Stoves

Such stoves can work in conjunction with any furnace system in your house or office. You can save tons of money because you already have some parts of the system already installed at your place. Moreover, coal is cheaper than electricity; hence this option saves on your utility bills.


These aren’t always used for heating the room, but they can still be used for the purpose. These allow you to use a single appliance for both cooking and heating your home. You can do this simultaneously and save tons of money. Apart from versatility, these models also ensure good and consistent heat circulation throughout.

Review of the Best Wood Stoves

It is difficult to find a few of the best products when the market is flooded. So, we evaluated the most popular models for you and have selected the top ones that stood out. Here is everything you should know about these excellent wood stoves.

Best Overall

Lopi Endeavor NexGen-Fyre


Heat Output (BTU/h): 67,090

Heating Capacity (sq ft): 2,000

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What Recent Buyers Report 

Buyers have never been as content with a wood stove as they have been with this Lopi model. Unlike most other models, you won’t find it hard to clean this unit. It comes with an excellent ash pan that contains all the toxic waste and ensures easy cleanup. Moreover, buyers have used these ash remains to clean the glass window. 

Why it Stands Out to Us 

This modern wood burner has been in the market for a long time, and it has certainly left a mark on anyone who has bought the design. It comes with a classy look that combines an excellent form with an even better function. You hence get an unbeatable heat transfer system that can heat the room quickly and with little effort. 

The thing that stands out most is the excellent heating capacity of the unit. It can heat all medium and large-sized rooms and apartments quickly. It also comes with a very large door that ensures a large viewing area. But more importantly, this door allows for quick startups and a very smooth reloading process. 

Bottom Line

For a model to stand at the top of a list, it has to do a lot. But all Lopi had to do was be itself, and the rest followed. This model is a very powerful heating system that is ideal for any medium and large-sized rooms. There is also a bypass damper that will allow an easy reloading process. This saves both your time and effort.


Bypass damper allows easy reloading

Ideal for medium and large-sized homes

Easy-glide ash pan ensures a quick cleanup

Comes with a massive door that offers protection

Comes with a very powerful and reliable heating system


Requires frequent loading of wood


Woodpro WS-TS-1500


Heat Output (BTU/h): 42,000

Heating Capacity (sq ft): 1,000

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What Recent Buyers Report 

An efficiency of 50% is good, but 80% is much better, and buyers know that. The Woodpro stove does not offer a very good BTU, but buyers love its ability to heat a large room of 1000 sq. feet. People have also praised its ability to run for more than eight hours with consistency. Unlike other models, the heat on this one won’t deteriorate with time.

Why it Stands Out to Us 

Affordability is a standout feature for this Woodpro stove, but so is reliable and efficient heating. It comes with EPA certification and ensures a much stronger and smooth performance. Since it’s accredited, you also get access to clean and healthy air that is free from toxic pollutants. The likelihood of carbon dioxide production also decreases when you use this stove.

Moreover, this small firebox can burn up to eight to ten hours, thus ensuring ease of usage. You get an ash drawer that stores all the waste material. This ensures you don’t have to spend a lot of time cleaning and maintaining the unit.

Bottom Line

Wood stoves provide you with warmth, but they can also be used for cooking food, so it is natural to assume that such a diverse model will be expensive. However, that’s not the case with this unit. It is one of the most affordable models in the market that also comes with an ash drawer to decrease pollution.


Can heat a room of more than 1000 sq. ft.

Can burn up to 8 hours straight on a single load

Provides an efficiency of 80%, thus reducing waste

Comes with an ash drawer that ensures less pollution

EPA certification ensures a clean and strong burning performance


Provides less BTUs relative to other models on the list

Best Catalytic Wood Stove

Hearthstone Craftsbury


Heat Output (BTU/h): 40,000

Heating Capacity (sq ft): 1,400

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What Recent Buyers Report 

Catalytic wood units haven’t been in the market for very long, but buyers have loved the concept and have hence invested in this Hearthstone stove. The unit is made with strong and durable cast iron that provides better resistance against shock. Moreover, the design is praised by buyers because it offers good value for the money.

Why it Stands Out to Us 

Efficiency is one of the many adjectives used for the Hearthstone Craftsbury. It is a compact stove that heats up quickly to provide ample heat to warm your full house. It is made with the traditional cast iron material that adds strength to the design and makes it more resistant to impact and shock. This, in turn, ensures your model doesn’t break easily and can last for a long time.

Another noteworthy feature is that it is lined with a special soapstone block that includes TruHybrid technology. This ensures heat that lasts for a longer time. So even when the logs stop burning, you can still expect a warm room.

Bottom Line

Equipped with a strong design and better aesthetics, this model has everything that you need in an affordable stove. A very beautiful and attractive soapstone block is used to line the exterior body. This greatly enhances the look inside your room whilst also providing greater strength to the model. You also get a compact body that allows for quick portability.


Cast iron quality ensures better durability

Has a compact body that allows easy portability

Beautiful porcelain enamel adds to a smooth finishing

Lined with soapstone blocks that ensure long-lasting performance


Produces more soot than some other models

Best Non-Catalytic Wood Stove

IronStrike Grandview 300


Heat Output (BTU/h): 100,000

Heating Capacity (sq ft): 3,000

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What Recent Buyers Report 

Buyers who get frustrated when they have to add logs all the time are delighted to finally find a hassle-free model. This one accepts many smaller logs or a large 21-inch log at a single time. Moreover, buyers are astonished to find a unit providing such an extraordinary BTU that increases the stove’s heating capacity.

Why it Stands Out to Us 

As elegant as it is strong, the IronStrike Grandview 300 is certainly breaking barriers and emerging as one of the most durable models in the market. It is relatively large and comes with a special thermal fin heat exchanger that creates a larger surface area for efficient heating. Ceramic glass is also included to provide extra strength to the design.

But what really impressed us was the high-intensity firebrick that retains heat for a very long time and results in increased heat retention. You also get a very precise-cut design with heavy gauge steel construction that offers better reliability.

Bottom Line

Expensive models often come with complex exteriors and hence require more time and effort for the reloading process. Thankfully, this IronStrike stove is one of the simplest units that offer efficiency. You can start up the fire and the reloading process within minutes, thus saving your time. Moreover, since it is a large unit, you can expect your home to heat up pretty quickly.


Can accept more than 21-inch logs at a single time

Offers a BTU of 100,000 per hour to ensure efficiency

Air boost timer automatically adjusts the intake control

Can heat up to 3000 sq. ft, making it suitable for larger homes

Makes startup and reloading easier and saves time and energy


High emissions

Best Portable Wood Stove

Ohuhu Camping Stove

Camping Stove, Ohuhu Mini Wood Stove Stainless Steel Portable Stove, Backpacking Survival Stove Wood Burning Stove for Picnic BBQ Camp Hiking with Grill Grid and Carry Bag


Heat Output (BTU/h): N/A

Heating Capacity (sq ft): N/A

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What Recent Buyers Report 

Not everyone wants to carry a very large unit on their trips, which is why Ohuhu has gone to considerable lengths to make the design of this camping stove compact and sleek. Buyers have noticed the effort and have thoroughly appreciated it. They also love the model’s ability to provide stability even on uneven surfaces.

Why it Stands Out to Us 

Ohuhu completely changed the perception regarding portable stoves with this camping stove. It is crafted with the best quality stainless steel that ensures a very sturdy design. The unit provides steady fire and ensures you get an all-rounded heating performance throughout.

It is also geared with a diverse three-arm base support system that keeps the unit upright at all times. This feature comes in handy when you want to take the stove for one of your camping or hiking trips. It can hence be placed on uneven surfaces or grass surfaces without tripping over. 

Bottom Line

People who don’t want to contribute to the deteriorating climate change will absolutely fall in love with this model because of its eco-friendly design. It comes with its own mesh carry bag that you can sling along whenever you want. Unlike many other stoves, you can also add a variety of different logs at the same time and get a very good heating outcome.


Works best when you mix and match different types of fuel

Comes with its own mesh carry bag so you can sling it along

Stainless steel construction ensures better strength and durability

Geared with three arm base support system that provides stability

Does not require any alcohol, thus ensuring relatively safer emissions


Takes longer for the logs to combust fully

Best Rear Vent Wood Stove

Jøtul F 55 V2 Carrabassett


Heat Output (BTU/h): 84,311

Heating Capacity (sq ft): 2,600

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What Recent Buyers Report 

Having good vents isn’t a luxury; it is an absolute necessity, and buyers understand that. This is why they wanted to invest in this Jotul stove in the first place. It can heat up to a room of 3000 sq. feet and produces its fair share of emissions. But the vent system takes care of that and doesn’t let the air inside your room get smoky; feature buyers really appreciate it.

Why it Stands Out to Us 

This is one of the newest additions to Jotul’s collection, and it has been a true game-changer for the brand. The model is large enough that it can be used as the primary heat source for your house. This means that unlike with most other units, you won’t need a secondary heat source to warm your rooms individually. Moreover, since it has cast iron construction, it is strong enough to resist damage from accidents. 

Another thing that fascinated us was its large capacity. It is very annoying when you have to add a log all the time to keep your unit running for a longer time. The model offers a large area that you can use to put 18-inch logs in. You can hence get the heat going for up to ten hours straight.

Bottom Line

There is not a single person who would prefer a complex design over a simpler one, given they both offer the same level of efficiency. This Jotul stove does not only produce faster results, but it also comes with a very precise thermometer that is sensitive to even the slightest change. This helps to regulate the temperature inside better. 


Provides an efficiency of around 75%

Can heat up to a room of almost 3000 sq. feet

Large enough to be used as the primary heating source

Weighted particulate emission rate is only 1.3g per hour

Comes with a stovetop thermometer that regulates temperature


Installation takes time

Best Wood Burning Stove with Blower

Englander 25-PDVC


Heat Output (BTU/h): N/A

Heating Capacity (sq ft): 1,500

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What Recent Buyers Report 

Those who were interested in getting a model with a durable blower chose this model for the very purpose, and Englander delivered on its promise of precision and consistency. The blower is easy to handle and adjust and transfers adequate heat to the whole room. Moreover, since it comes with EPA certification, you can rely on it to provide better protection.

Why it Stands Out to Us 

If there is one thing that pellet stoves provide better than any other type, it is the ease of usage coupled with convenience. This Englander stove comes with an EPA certification that means it can be installed anywhere in your house without any hassle. You get to enjoy easy installation that doesn’t require much time and effort. Moreover, once installed, the unit requires very little maintenance. You can clean it once every month or so, and you are good to go.

It is also very user-friendly because of its efficient digital control board. This contains all the controls for adjusting the heat output and blower speeds of the stove. You also get a more steady performance as a result.

Bottom Line

With a digital-friendly board and a good warranty, there is nothing that this Englander stove has left to the imagination. The model offers excellent results, even on the coldest days. It also comes with a smooth auger system that adds to the efficiency and ensures that every part of your room receives the same amount of heat.


Backed by a good warranty

EPA certified and provides cleaner and healthier air

Offers user-friendly digital board for easier controls

Double auger feed system provides better consistency

Comes with an outside air hook-up that provides better fuel combustion


Covers a relatively smaller area

Best Wood Stove for Garage

Pleasant Hearth LWS-127201


Heat Output (BTU/h): 65,000

Heating Capacity (sq ft): 1,800

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What Recent Buyers Report 

Models that need to be put in garages are often very large and hence difficult to manage. But buyers were willing to overlook this issue in exchange for the promise of a good BTU. Apart from offering a good heat capacity, this Pleasant Hearth model has also provided a draft control slider for buyers who wanted to achieve better consistency.

Why it Stands Out to Us 

With a strong BTU and a large heating capacity, this model has been quite the surprise. It comes with a very large ceramic glass window to provide an amazing view of the logs inside. So as a result, you do not only get an efficient design, but you also add an aesthetic appeal to your living room. Another thing that stands out is the ash drawer that makes the whole cleaning process quite easy.

The blower also offers a range of different speeds. This really makes this model special because not many stoves offer this much diversity. You can also get quiet heat distribution, thus ensuring the peace of your home is maintained. 

Bottom Line

If you ever wanted to free yourself from the hassle of reloading the unit repeatedly, you are in for a treat. This Pleasant Hearth stove can burn logs for more than eight to ten hours in a single go. Moreover, it contains an ash drawer that ensures easy cleanup. You won’t have to spend a lot of time scrubbing the build-up debris and dirt from this unit.


Ash drawer allows for a quick cleanup

Can burn up for 8 to 10 hours in a single fueling

Offers an excellent BTU of up to 65,000 per hour

Comes with a 5-year warranty to ensure longevity

Draft control slider includes a variable-speed blower


Does not offer good portability

Affirm Global Wood Burning EZY Stove

Affirm Global IT117469B-Blue Wood Burning EZY Stove, Blue


Heat Output (BTU/h): N/A

Heating Capacity (sq ft): N/A

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What Recent Buyers Report 

Many buyers have recommended this product for everyday use. They really love the aluminum bars that cut notches and provide better durability. They are also content with the size because it allows them to cook for many people at the same time.

Why it Stands Out to Us 

We had to think long and hard before finding one feature that stands out most to us. This Affirm stove offers excellent durability without compromising on efficiency. It is made with the best stainless steel, and the smooth construction helps increase the reliability of the model. To top all this, it also offers a full heat-resistant coating that ensures better protection from impact or accidents.

Most models also offer very limited usage because they are very heavy and can’t be transported from one place to the other. However, with this unit, that won’t happen because you can take the unit for your camping and hiking trips and enjoy an unmatched outdoor adventure.

Bottom Line

This is not your usual stove because it offers excellent construction that has been approved by a thorough testing mechanism. The sturdy design leads to better heat retention even after the logs have stopped burning. So if you want to invest in a compact model that also uses 40% less wood, this is the model for you.


Uses 40% less wood than a normal unit

Easy snap technology provides easy assembly

Heat-resistant powder coating provides better durability

Weighs 6 pounds only, thus ensuring easy transportation

Suitable for a variety of experiences like hiking and camping


Not suitable for large homes

Best Small Wood Burning Stove

Guide Gear Outdoor Wood Stove

Guide Gear Large Outdoor Wood Stove


Heat Output (BTU/h): N/A

Heating Capacity (sq ft): N/A

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What Recent Buyers Report 

This model has proven to be a miracle for buyers who wanted to get rid of storage issues. Guide gear offers detached legs with this wood stove that can be stored separately. Buyers are hence very happy to keep the unit in the trunk of their car anytime they want. Moreover, they find the hinged door very useful in ensuring convenience.

Why it Stands Out to Us 

Small units aren’t always inefficient, and this Guide Gear stove is a testament to that fact. It is built with the best construction materials, and the main body, as well as all the accessories, are made with extreme care. This attention to detail has resulted in the brand producing one of the most revered models in the market. There is a hinged door that is also added to ensure easy-to-control vent holes.

This unit provides you with heat and also keeps you feeling cozy and comfortable for a longer time. You can place pots of coffee and water on top of the unit whilst it’s already running and hence enjoy a more versatile usage. Moreover, since there are no detached parts, you also get access to easy storage.

Bottom Line

This model may be small, but it is, in no way, inefficient. The use of hinged doors means that you can place the logs inside with ease. Plus, this Guide Gear model is not like others because it has undergone a lot of testing to ensure the best durability.


Hinged door makes usage easier

Has detachable legs that ensure easier storage

Tough cast iron comes with easy control venting holes

Lightweight and sleek body allows for excellent portability

Uses galvanized steel to ensure better durability and strength


Takes longer to heat

Comparison Overview

Conventional wood stoves are still used, but today’s market is home to many different types of models. All these types come with their distinct features. You can look at the pros and cons of each type to see which one suits you more.

Pellet Stove vs. Wood Stove

Pellet stoves are very common and almost as popular as wood stoves. Unlike large wood pieces for fuel, pellet stoves make use of small wooden pellets that burn faster. This makes them much more convenient and easy to handle as compared to wooden units. They also offer an excellent run time of 12 to 36 hours. Since they don’t require any chimney, you will have to focus less on maintenance.

On the other hand, wood stoves may be a bit difficult to handle, but they are much more rewarding. The logs combust fully to provide you with good heat output. Such units are also more suitable for colder environments where the stove needs to be switched on for a longer time. A downside to such units is that they require a lengthy installation process.

IronStrike Grandview 300

Wood Stove vs. Fireplace

Nothing adds ambiance to your house as much as a good fireplace. They are extremely attractive models that add to your room’s aesthetics and make them appear more romantic than they are. But more importantly, fireplaces are a lot safer than wooden units and save up a lot on energy costs. However, a major downside is that these units aren’t as efficient as wood stoves.

Wood stoves take the lead because they may not appear very fancy, but they do the job at the end of the day. They take less time to completely heat the room, and they ensure the temperature inside the room is retained for a long time.

Wood Stove Damper vs. Draft

Both dampers and drafts can be used with a stove, and they both offer good results. However, the former has the ability to retain heat for a longer time. It also doesn’t let heat escape from the chimney or the flue. However, dampers should be opened the whole time you have your stove on. You can close them up once the logs have completely burned.

Drafts are also similar, but they are slightly more expensive than dampers. They are also relatively more difficult to install, and you need to be extra careful about the kind of wood that you are burning.

Wood Burning Stove Tips and Tricks

Attention to detail can go a long way and help you enhance the performance of your units. Wood-burning stoves are relatively new in the market, and not many people know how to maximize their benefits. This section highlights some major tricks that you need to remember when using your wood stove:

Utilization of Wood

You must make the full use of the wood. To do so, fully open the draught control, thus resulting in intense flames. This not only helps with faster heat production but also ensures a reduction in pollution. Gas particles also undergo combustion, thus ensuring good heat regulation throughout your home. You need to also ensure that only small amounts of heat come out of your exhaust fumes.

Mix and Match

With stoves, you can use both hardwood and softwood and get very different results. They produce the same amount of heat, but softwood is often preferred because it is relatively cheaper. Softwood is preferred for less severe weather when the temperatures are relatively higher. It also provides a much cleaner burn and doesn’t produce a lot of smoke. However, hardwood burns faster and keeps you warm instantly.

Avoiding Pollution

One of the biggest mistakes that people do is leaving the wood-burning overnight. This is an old way to maximize heat production, but with modern and smaller homes, this just adds a lot to pollution. When you close the air supply and let the coal smolder for a long time, you create the risk of a chimney fire. This also makes your home appear more smoky than usual. You should also place bigger wood pieces at night, so they remain warm even after they have stopped burning at night.

Safety Considerations for Wood Stoves 

Regardless of how cold you feel, you should never rush into anything and ensure you follow a few simple safety guidelines before you get started. Modern units come with a lot of features that ensure better performance. The relatively compact size also makes handling easier. Here are some of the most important considerations for stoves.

  • You should always dispose of ashes using a metal container that is closed and properly sealed.

  • Always place the stove on a fire-resistant base that is non-combustible.

  • When burning the wood, make sure it is completely dry and well seasoned.

  • Don’t extend your stove pipe through the ceiling unless you don’t have any other alternative to dispose of the fumes.

Is it OK to Burn Cardboard in Wood Stove?

You can burn cardboard, but it is definitely not recommended. This is because it produces a lot of toxic chemicals when it is burned. This becomes an even bigger issue when the cardboard is printed with a logo.

 Ideally, you should stick with common firewood for wood stoves. All the other fuel types lead to a lot of pollution and increase the chances of accidents.

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Do You Need Permission to Install a Wood Burning Stove?

You are not bound by law to ask for permission when installing or replacing an old stove with a modern wooden unit. However, since 2005, there is a legal requirement that you should at least let your local building control department know that you intend to install such a unit. This is regardless of the size and brand of the unit. If you don’t do this, you may find yourself in legal trouble.

Is a Wood Burning Stove Bad for Your Health?

When burned, wood produces a lot of harmful chemical and toxic fumes that can seriously hamper your health. However, modern units come with a proper ventilation system that releases any gases and smoke outside the house. Moreover, these units are more eco-friendly and help ensure greater safety for the residents of the house.

Can You Leave a Wood Stove Unattended?

You can leave the model unattended for some time; however, you shouldn’t keep it unattended for days on end. If you leave the unit burning without first opening the air controls, then you will invite a lot of trouble for yourself. You should also avoid overfiring the stove by putting too much fuel inside. Moreover, keeping controls open for long may also hamper efficiency in the long run.

Can I Get Carbon Monoxide Poisoning from a Wood Burning Stove?

You can get poisoning from a wood-burning stove, but the chances of it happening are very rare. Carbon monoxide poisoning usually occurs when people don’t follow the right guidelines and don’t use the right kind of fuel for the burning process.

How Far Should a Wood Stove Be from the Wall?

Any unit that has anything to do with burning should be kept at a safe distance from the wall. The rule of thumb dictates that stoves should at least be 36 inches away from the walls. This is to ensure that the smoke coming out from the vent doesn’t damage the surface of walls and make them appear dull over time.

How Hot Does a Wood Stove Get?

The general temperature range for any stove is between 110 and 250 degrees Fahrenheit. Today’s stoves are much more efficient and waste very little fuel. They are more likely to burn less fuel and produce a greater amount of heat.

How to Install a Wood Burning Stove

The best thing about installing the latest models is that they provide better ease of usage. Their minimalistic design also ensures an easy installation process. Wood burning stoves are no different. Here is what you have to do to safely install such a device.

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  1. The first step is to get clearance for your model. All models will require a specific minimum distance clearance from the sides, top, bottom, and front and back of the stove.

  2. Make sure the chimney you install for the unit is at least UL-listed to ensure better safety. Moreover, avoid single-brick chimneys because they are more vulnerable to deterioration.

  3. Installing vents is an integral step because most exhaust fumes will release from there. The system will connect the stovepipe to the chimney.

  4. Keep your vent as short as possible, and leave a small distance from each side. The main section of the stovepipe should have the male ends facing down.

  5. Use three metal screws or fasteners to fasten the stovepipe sections tightly. Make sure the seams also overlap and face up from the inclined runs.

  6. The insulated stovepipe must also only go directly through the chimney and not through any walls. 

How to Install a Wood Stove Pipe Through a Wall 

You shouldn’t try to install a stove pipe directly through the wall. Instead, you should always use a factory-built chimney that is UL-listed for better safety. You should also leave a nine-inch air space for any combustibles. Moreover, use a 24 gauge sheet steel connector to allow for proper insulation.

How to Install a Heat Shield Behind a Wood Stove

The most common material that is used for the installation process is the type-X draw wall. This is at least five to eight inches thick and is directly installed on each side of the wood stud. It is normally spaced 24 inches from the center.

How to Install a Wood Stove in a Garage

If you are thinking of installing the unit in a garage, you are in for a treat. Installing stoves in garages is easy, but you first have to take all the measurements for the chimney system and wall covering. Then after placing the stove on your desired location, you need to follow the steps mentioned above.

For a more detailed overview of the installation process, check out the video link below.

How to Use a Wood Stove

The main reason why so many people invest in these units nowadays is that they are really easy to use. This is because of their simplistic design that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance and cleaning. Here is how you use a wood stove:

  1. You should always use the right kind of fuel. This is the key to achieving success. You can always mix and match different pellets to ensure efficiency.

  2. You should also keep the stove damper open whenever the fuel is being burned inside the unit. This prevents fire hazards at your home.

  3. When you want the room heated after closing the stove, close the damper to ensure proper insulation.

  4. If dirt, debris, or rodents enter into the flue, you need to instantly clean the pipe and ensure it allows for a proper gas release.

  5. You need to have a certified sweep chimney check to ensure your unit doesn’t cause your damper to warp over some time.

  6. When refueling, make sure you use dry wood that has a moisture content below 18%. This will keep your room warmer for a long time.

  7. Starving the fire is also a bad way to go about it. You should add an appropriate amount of fuel to ensure proper combustion of the wood.

How to Use a Wood Burning Stove to Heat a House

If you want a single unit to heat your entire house, it is very important that you create a fire that can last for a long time and provide you with consistent heat. The best way is to use an adequate amount of fuel and keep the dampers open for better efficiency. Once you shut your stove, make sure you close the dampers to increase heat retention.

How to Use a Wood Stove Damper

If you are lighting the fire, you need to keep your damper fully open the whole time. This will maximize the airflow that enters into the firebox and ultimately helps the flames from your log to burn sufficiently through the entirety of the process. You can close the damper when the fire begins to cool down.

If you are still unclear about how to use a wood stove, you can check out this video below.


Anyone who believes that they don’t have enough options for stoves to choose from hasn’t done their research properly. Many different brands in the market sell wood stoves that it is hard to decide on one. One easy way is to compare the units’ pros and cons with each other and once you have reached a decision, simply make a quick investment.

But like all good things, this also requires patience. So make sure you don’t rush into your decision and pick only the stove that will be your constant companion for winter seasons.

People Also Ask

Ever since people have read about the ease of using wood stoves, they have been fascinated. We found a lot of questions on the internet that compelled us to include this section in the review. Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions by potential buyers.

How to Get the Most Heat from a Wood Stove?

Anything that you use right will provide you with good efficiency. Similarly, you need to keep a couple of things in mind. Firstly, choose the right seasoned wood that can burn quickly and fully. Moreover, make sure you keep water away from the load to ensure full combustion. When the logs stop burning, close the damper to ensure better heat retention.

How to Circulate Heat from a Wood Stove?

If you want to circulate heat quickly, you first need to identify the type of stove that you have. With the traditional type, you have a fan that you can move to help circulate the heat. You can also get a modern model that offers a variety of rotations and speeds. If your ceiling fans rotate clockwise, you can have the fan rotate in the anti-clockwise direction to circulate heat.

How to Clean a Wood Stove Chimney?

Many times, rodents, dust, and debris get stuck inside the chimney, and you get inconsistent performance as a result. To clean the wood chimney, you need to place a damp sheet over the seal of the opening. If you are cleaning a chimney while it’s still hot, use a special chimney brush to get a thorough cleaning. 

How to Clean Wood Stove Glass?

This is an easy process; however, many people feel differently. You can make use of a damp and crumpled newspaper or even a damp paper towel. You can dip it in ash and then use it to clean the glass of the stove. If there is an unnecessary build-up, you can burn some fuel at high temperatures and then start the cleaning process.

How to Keep a Wood Stove Burning All Night?

If you live in a cold environment, you will want to have your stove burning the whole night. An easy way to do so is to rake the charcoal towards the front side of the stove and then place it inside gently. You can also place five to seven logs in a tight formation to make more space. Then shut the door and enjoy heating for the whole night.

How to Move a Wood Stove?

If you have a small and compact stove, you may have to move the unit from time to time. You can take it on your camping or picnic trips. To do it efficiently, wrap the burner in a thick blanket and a protective cover using some tape. Then load it carefully onto the dolly and move it to your car. 

What Makes a Wood Stove Mobile Home Approved?

Since stoves tend to produce many gases, you will need to get approval before installing one in your home or office. The unit should be tested by the HUD laboratory and should be listed for use in homes. 

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Wood Stove?

Many units don’t require installation and can simply be placed inside your home or your garage. However, units that do require installation will require an additional investment of around $250 to $800 for labor. The cost will depend on the size and shape of the brand. For more complex units that require chimney installation, the cost goes even higher.

How Much is a Wood Burning Stove?

Like installation, this also depends on the size of the model. If you are investing in a large appliance, you have to pay $1200 to $2000. Moreover, some models also cost around $5000 and can heat up to 3000 sq. feet rooms. Models that are very small and can only warm smaller rooms may be available at $250.

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