Best Wood Burning Stoves With Blowers – 2022 Guide

| Last Updated: December 22, 2021

A good-quality wood burning stove ensures your home is warm and cozy during winters. They are pretty useful and efficient, which is why they are quite popular these days.

However, it can be pretty challenging to find the right one if you don't know enough about them. So, to help you with this, we have the complete guide for the best wood-burning stoves with blowers.

It will surely help you to make the right decision and clarify any confusion. Read the detailed reviews to find the best unit for yourself.

Comparison of the Best Wood Burning Stoves With Blower

  • Heats up a space of up to 1,500 square feet
  • EPA certificate included for safe indoor operation
  • Made from high-quality materials
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  • Comes with fully insulated ducting for better heat retention
  • Can use a variety of materials for heating
  • Easy to assemble and install in home
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  • Best for the Money
  • Has 1,200 lbs of warmth from soapstone
  • Heats up a space of up to 1,000 square feet
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  • Will fluently integrate with the surroundings for better display
  • Made from soapstone and cast iron for better heat retention
  • Quite easy to assemble and install
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What Does the Blower on a Wood Stove Do?

One of the most important questions people have is what exactly is the purpose of a blower on a wood stove. Well, it’s important for the following functions:

Heat Distribution

A wood stove can very well be your primary heating source to warm up the whole house instead of just one room or specific area. The blower on the stove can actually facilitate this by pushing the heat throughout your house. It essentially aids in distributing the heat evenly, so it isn't concentrated in one particular area.

Time Efficiency

Since a blower works to spread the heat, the unit works in a more time-efficient manner, and thus heat the whole area much faster. Therefore, you can save on your fuel and utility costs with the help of a blower.

Can You Really Find a Quality Wood Burning Stove With Blower That's Affordable?

One of the biggest myths associated with investing in a quality wood burning stove with a blower is that it is a big investment. That isn't the case at all. Contrary to popular beliefs, it is quite possible to get a wood-burning stove with a good-quality blower at a rather affordable price tag.

You don't need a product with the maximum heat output; instead, invest in one which works for your home or living space size. The higher the heat output you opt for, the more expensive the product is.

Why Did These Wood Burning Stoves With Blowers Make Our List?

What is it about a wood burning stove which stands out to us? Well, here are some features and factors that make the beautiful stoves on our list stand out from the plethora of products present on the market:


These units have been made with the best quality materials, such as thick steel, which makes them durable. They are also backed by good warranty policies and excellent brand service, which ensures long-lasting user experience.


They have multiple features catered to consumer's convenience. Most of these units have a fully adjustable control board with built-in diagnostics. This allows for quick operation and startup. Furthermore, these units are easy to clean and maintain. They have ashtrays which can be simply pulled out to get rid of all the residue and debris.


All the products reviewed are exceptionally well-built and aesthetic. However, this doesn't take away from their operational capabilities. They are highly efficient and have many features that ensure consistency. Some of these features include an insulated or refractory brick-lined firebox that allows even and consistent heat distribution. Secondary air chambers work to ensure complete combustion and add to their efficiency.

Review of the Best Wood Burning Stoves With Blowers

There are several wood-burning stoves out there that come with a blower. However, not all are worthy of your time and investment. So, to break it down for you and help find the most suitable unit, we here have some detailed reviews of the best products.

Best Overall:
Englander 25-PDVC


  • Can efficiently heat up to 2200 sq. ft. area
  • Features a user-friendly digital control board
  • Equipped with a double-cast auger feed mechanism
  • Has a free-standing design with stylish nickel handles
  • Easy to maintain and clean due to a large ash removal drawer


  • Tough to move as it is pretty heavy
  • Some buyers find it noisy even at lower settings

What Recent Buyers Report

Consumers seemed to be pretty happy with this unit. They found it to be very heavy-duty and durable. It was easy to install and maintain. Some consumers did find it to be a bit noisy, even at lower settings. Nevertheless, it is easy to maintain and stylish and has a classy design.

Why it Stands Out to Us

It stood out to us due to its excellent design and sturdy construction. It is incredibly durable and lasts for years due to the heavy-duty build. It is capable of working very efficiently for a 2200 sq ft area.

It features a user-friendly digital control board that can be employed to control the heat output and the blower’s speed and, in turn, provide accurate heating. The product is easy to maintain as it has a large ash removal drawer. Plus, the unique double-cast auger feed system is responsible for the consistent heat flow this product provides.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, this unit is worthy of your money with its top-notch build and features. It is equipped with a convenient and user-friendly design, which makes operation and maintenance easy. Overall, it's a great investment.

 US Stove 6041HF


  • Comes with five blower and heat settings
  • Easy to clean up due to the removable ash pan
  • Fully insulated internal ducting for higher efficiency
  • Equipped with a digital control board with built-in diagnostics
  • Features a large ceramic glass window with an integrated air wash


  • Buyers find it to be pretty loud while operating

What Recent Buyers Report

Be it the large viewing window or the easy-to-clean setup; it seems to have completely amazed buyers. Its users highly praise the aesthetics and performance. Even though some did find it to be a tad bit loud, this doesn't take away from how well the product worked and performed to heat up the area.

Why it Stands Out to Us

There are several reasons why this unit captured our interest. Its high-quality design and impressive construction is a primary reason. The unit can provide the aesthetics of a beautiful fireplace with its large ceramic glass window with an integrated air wash. Alongside looking stylish and classy, it features a fully insulated internal ducting, which is responsible for efficient heat transfer.

The design is remarkable as it is equipped with a digital control board and built-in diagnostics. This allows LED testing, operation, and startup to be very easy. There are five blowers and heat settings to adjust the temperature according to your preference.

Bottom Line

Overall, it is a fantastic product. The pros it has largely outweigh the cons, and it performs very well for years. The design is simple yet equipped with all necessary features for a smooth, easy, and efficient operation.

Best for the Money:
Drolet Myriad III

Drolet Myriad III with Blower Extra Large 2020 EPA Certified Wood Stove - 90,000 BTU - 2,300 sq. ft, Model# DB03052


  • Large glass for viewing with air wash system
  • Equipped with a high heat resistant C-cast baffle
  • Provides a 90,000 BTU heat output and can heat up to 2300 sq. ft.
  • Features a refractory brick-lined firebox for even heat distribution
  • Stainless-steel secondary air system greatly improves gas combustion


  • Some buyers found it to be high maintenance

What Recent Buyers Report

The buyers praise this unit for its highly efficient and innovative design. It is reported to be large and heavy-duty, proving to be suitable for large spaces. People also enjoyed its silent operation and even heat distribution. The overall construction quality of the unit is worth the buyer's money.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The Drolet model has an impeccable 90,000 BTU heat output. It is capable of heating an area as large as 2300 sq. ft, which is truly impressive. The construction is heavy-duty and durable, which is why it is long-lasting and doesn’t compromise the performance for a long time.

It has an innovative design that features a firebox lined with refractory bricks. This ensures consistent and even heat distribution. Furthermore, the stainless-steel secondary air system allows gas combustion to be greatly improved. It offers a beautiful view of the fire with its clean and clear large viewing glass.

Bottom Line

All in all, this unit is truly impressive and worthy of your money. It is well-designed and constructed to be highly durable. We really like how affordable it is, while also being a really attractive unit to set in any living space.

4. Osburn Matrix OB02032


  • High-quality, heavy-duty thick steel body
  • Large ceramic glass with air wash system
  • Equipped with a limited lifetime warranty
  • Offers a heat output of 75,000 BTUs with an eight-hour burn time
  • Consistent heat distribution due to the refractory brick lined firebox


  • Fan is a bit noisy

What Recent Buyers Report

It seems to have quickly become a favorite for most of its buyers, primarily due to its lifetime warranty. This fantastic unit is equipped with a stylish and classy design that helped enhance every buyer's interior. People were also really satisfied with the running time and heating consistency.

Why it Stands Out to Us

There are several reasons why this product caught our attention. Firstly, it has an incredibly good-looking design that would fit in any setting or interior and enhance its beauty. Furthermore, it has a large ceramic glass, which allows one to view the fire burning.

But it's much more than just good looks. It has a wonderful 75,000 BTU heat output and eight-hour burn time. The firebox is lined with refractory bricks so that it has even heat distribution. The unit's overall construction is pretty heavy-duty and high-quality due to the thick steel body.

Bottom Line

To conclude, this unit has a highly stylish and classy outer look but, more importantly, a wonderfully efficient and functional design. Plus, it is durable and easy to operate. Therefore, it makes for a great investment.

5. Supreme Novo 24


  • Wonderful airwash system keeps glass clean and soot-free
  • Equipped with a sweeping chimney cap for an easy cleanup
  • Offers patented automatic air control for consistent heating
  • Features a stylish and elegant design to work well with any interior
  • Comes with a patented variable secondary air control for increased efficiency


  • Pricier than other units

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers are very fond of this unit. It is a wonderful addition to their homes as it is very elegant and classy yet works highly efficiently. People thought this is a high-end product with exceptional exterior and found it to be a good value for their money.

Why it Stands Out to Us

We think that this unit is a beautifully designed stove. It is equipped with patented automatic air control, which reduces the amount of combustion air used during ignition. This, in turn, enables consistent heating.

Furthermore, it has a sweeping chimney cap that allows maintenance and cleanup to be incredibly convenient. The large viewing glass is integrated with an airwash system, which keeps it clean and soot-free even at low burning temperatures.

Bottom Line

Last but not least, this unit is great for modern, luxury homes. It has a stunning design that allows it to look excellent with any interior setting. The operation is silent and smooth, enabling it to be highly functional.

Wood Stove With Blower vs. Without - Comparison Overview

Are you still on the fence about buying a wood stove with a blower? Perhaps looking at how a wood stove with and without a blower performs can help you make a decision.


Let's take a look at the only similarity between the two types of units:


You will be able to get the same heat output or BTU ratings with your wood-burning stove regardless of it having a blower or not. So, a wood stove will work without a blower and produce the same amount of heat. However, heat will be concentrated in one space, and this is only ideal if it's being used as a secondary heat source in a small area.


Here are a few differences between the two:


If you have a good-quality heat burning stove with a blower that is compatible with your living area, you might not require any other heating mechanisms. It should be enough to keep your house warm. This proves to be pretty cost-effective in the long run, unlike a stove without a blower, which cannot be completely relied upon for heating a large area evenly.


A blower can greatly increase your wood stove's efficiency as it allows it to distribute heat flow evenly to more rooms.

How to Use the Blower on Your Wood Burning Stove

Using a blower on your wood-burning stove can prove to be a smart choice. Here's a step by step breakdown of how to use it:

  1. Blower needs to be placed on top of the stove by means of fastenings or clippings according to the unit.

  2. They essentially work by drawing in air through the front and blowing it under the fireplace. Then, this air rises from the fireplace's top as heated air is regulated throughout the house to warm it.

  3. Blowers and stoves are equipped with controls that can be handled manually or automatically by the flip of a switch.

  4. The thermostat will regulate the fan automatically accordingly at high or low heat settings.

  5. The correct placement of the blower on the unit is necessary.

  6. From time to time, the blower might gather some dust that should be routinely cleaned. Doing so will allow the unit to run smoothly.

How to Clean a Wood Burning Stove With Blower

Cleaning a wood burning stove may appear to be difficult, but it's not if you know the right way to do it. So, here are a few very quick and easy tricks and tips to clean it:

  1. The ashes need to be cleaned out before there is an uncontrollable buildup interfering with the startup air.|

  2. One should not attempt to remove ashes until the fire has completely died down, and even then, there might be some hot embers, so caution is required.

  3. While removing ashes, leave half an inch or one-inch ash on the bottom of the firebox. This will serve as an insulating layer, allowing the startup to be easy.

  4. Make sure that you dispose of the ashes in a metal container with fitted lids and non-combustible surfaces.

  5. Do not attempt to directly dispose of the ashes in household garbage.

  6. When it comes to cleaning the glass, make sure that the stove has cooled down to room temperature.

  7. Then, open the door to clean the glass using a soft wet cloth and a glass cleaner of your own preference.

  8. Make sure you're using small amounts and wiping the glass in swirling motions.


People often choose a wood burning stove with a blower as a reliable heating system. Keeping this in mind, we have attempted to provide all the information necessary to buy a good-quality unit. Hopefully, you were able to find it helpful and choose the most suitable unit for yourself.

People Also Ask

People tend to have several questions when it comes to buying wood burning stoves with blowers. So, we took your most frequently asked questions and answered them, so you don't have any confusion left.

How Can I Increase the Efficiency of My Wood Stove?

There are multiple ways to increase the efficiency of a wood stove. First, the placement of your chimney is important. Make sure that it is at least two feet above the roof. Ensure that the stove pipe is not more than seven feet high, though. 

Moreover, try to keep your chimney as clean as possible and make it a habit to use good-quality dry wood. Ideally, go for wood with about 15 to 20% moisture content.

Can You Leave a Wood Burning Stove on Overnight?

Yes, a wood burning stove can be left on overnight. However, pay special attention to its positioning and keep it away from combustible surfaces and fire-catching objects.

Can a Wood Stove Heat a Whole House?

Yes, a wood stove can very effectively heat a whole house. However, certain factors go into making sure that's the case. Make sure the heat output and heat capacity are enough to heat an entire house.

How to Move Heat Upstairs With a Wood Stove With Blower

The easiest way to do so is by installing fans to manipulate the heat flow. Install a fan in the doorway or wall of the same room as the stove. This will allow the heated air to be directed in the desired direction.

Can You Add a Blower to a Wood Stove?

Yes, a blower can be added to a wood stove in case it doesn't already come with one.

How Much Electricity Does a Wood Stove Blower Use?

It typically uses about 0.480 kWh electricity a day and about 15 KWH power per month.

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