Jøtul Wood Stove Reviews – 2022 Buyer’s Guide

| Last Updated: July 14, 2021

Thinking of getting a wood stove to beat the cold? Elegant Jøtul wood stoves are the best solution to your problem. 

The brand is known for offering handmade stoves especially designed to cope with long, harsh winters. 

We have selected the best models of Jøtul wood stoves and provided an in-depth analysis of their features and specifications. So, read on to get familiar with Jøtul’s exquisite wood stoves.

Who is Jøtul? 

Jøtul has been the world’s leading and largest manufacturer of classic and modern wood-burning stoves since 1853. Jøtul woodstoves crafted in Norway present a rich tradition, timeless design, craftsmanship, and environment-friendly heat. 

The company has been striving to master the art of beating long, harsh winters for more than 160 years. It has faced several highs and lows during that time, but it continued to grow and develop, owing to its courage and desire to adapt to the market’s changing trends.

Jøtul provides elegant craftsmanship in the shape of wood or gas burning stove or fireplace inserts. All the products are stylish and high-quality. The company has also won numerous design awards from the Norwegian Design Council and Red Dot Design awards.

The Jøtul F 500 V3 Oslo is a popular wood stove known for its Vesta award that it won twice. It is an advanced non-catalytic stove and is also equipped with the patented Flow Combustor Technology.

Thus, with its exceptional and adaptive technology, Jøtul continues to maintain its position as a global market leader.

Jøtul F 500 V3 OSLO

What Makes Jøtul Wood Stoves Stand Out From the Competition?

Jøtul offers wood stoves that have a modern design and advanced technology. With rapidly changing technology and trends, it was able to adapt to changing market trends. Consequently, it assisted them in sustaining its position as a global market leader. 

Besides, Jøtul does not fail to amaze users with its high-class technology that makes its products one of the best on the market. The Fusion technology found in most products provides an impressive clean-burning experience, where the stove requires no bypass.

Moreover, its products are a perfect combination of design and craftsmanship. The thing that makes it the best in the industry is the High Flow Combustor backed by a 20-year combustor warranty. Thus, it promises long-lasting and durable products, giving you the ultimate experience during cold winters.

Jøtul Wood Stove Reviews

In this section, you will come across the top models of Jøtul wood stoves that are shortlisted based on their features and functions. These products are thoroughly reviewed for you to have a deeper understanding of. So, let’s get started.

Best Overall

Jøtul F 500 V3 OSLO


Heat Output (BTU/h): 70,000

Heating Capacity (sq ft): 2,300

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What Recent Buyers Report

People who used this model were highly satisfied with their performance. It heats the entire house effectively, especially during chilly days. It has a great heating capacity, which made the users content with the product. 

Moreover, this unit’s burn time is up to ten hours, which was more than enough for the users. Most of them required a burn time of five to six hours.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The Jøtul F500 V3 Oslo is considered to be one of the best, having won two Vesta awards, including the best new technology and best in the show.

Furthermore, the model has an easy front and left-sided loading mechanism. It also is equipped with a non-catalytic clean-burn system that’s known for its efficiency. This model has a signature Gothic Arch design and a large fire viewing area that gives your house an elegant and magnificent appearance.

Moreover, Jøtul Fusion technology and Flow Combustor technology are incorporated in this unit to produce a clean-burning wood stove that works without requiring a bypass.

Bottom Line 

To sum up, Jøtul F500 V3 Oslo comes with advanced technology and functions that make for a great option. If you are looking for a quality wood stove with all the essential features, this could be the one for you.


Offers 75% heating efficiency 

Features Jøtul’s limited lifetime warranty 

Comes with the industry’s largest front and left-side loading door 

Features Jotul Fusion Technology that ensures an advanced clean-burn efficiency 

Operates in clean mode 100% of the time due to the absence of a bypass combustor 


May not be able to heat a space of more than 2300 sq. ft


Jøtul F 500 V3 OSLO CF


Heat Output (BTU/h): 70,000

Heating Capacity (sq ft): 2,300

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What Recent Buyers Report

Users of this product loved the front and side door for convenient loading. They were happy with the heating capacity of the woodstove. Moreover, this model comes with a simple design, providing a clear view of the fire, which was a delight for users. The people found this product offering great value for the money.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Jøtul F500 V3 Oslo CF is quite similar to the previous Oslo model. Both are EPA certified that make them clean-burning stoves and two time Vesta award winners.

This model comes with Jøtul Fusion and High Flow Combustor technologies that enable it to operate without the need for a bypass. Therefore, it provides a 100% clean burn.

Moreover, this unit has a simpler design with a clear view of the fire. Besides, it offers efficient heating during winters and keeps you cozy and warm.

Bottom Line

To conclude, this product is one of the best wood stoves on the market. With its high-class technology, it would not fail to keep you warm and cozy during the winter season. Hence, do consider it while making your purchase.


Capable of burning up to 70,000 BTUs 

Efficient heating capacity of up to 2000sq.ft

Incorporates Jøtul’s non-catalytic clean burn technology 

EPA-certified clean burning stove with only 0.5g/hr of particulate emissions 

78% HHV efficiency and creates up to nine hours of heat from a single load of wood 


Comes in black paint only

May require quite a tall chimney of at least 15-inches to work well

Best for the Money

Jøtul F 45 V2 Greenville


Heat Output (BTU/h): 58,600

Heating Capacity (sq ft): 1,800

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What Recent Buyers Report

Reports suggest that this unit offered high efficiency with its LHV of 76.55% and HHV of 71%. The customers appreciated the affordable medium-sized stove that comes with a classic appearance. Also, it has a low emission rate of 1.8gram/hr. It is EPA-certified and features Jøtul Turbulator non-catalytic clean burn technology, which provides higher efficiency to users. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

Jøtul promises to offer high-quality products that fulfill the needs of the customers. The F 45 V2 Greenville comes at a fairly reasonable price, offering efficiency and durability to its customers.

This model is also EPA 2020 certified, which further backs its claims of being clean-burning. The medium-sized stove features Jøtul Turbulator non-catalytic technology that creates greater efficiency.

Moreover, if you want to place a wood stove in a small space, this is the best pick. It can heat up to 1800 sq. ft and has a low emission rate of 1.8gram/hr. Furthermore, it has a classic appearance that makes your house appear magnificent while making sure you stay warm on cold winter days. 

Bottom Line

Overall, this is an affordable wood stove that comes with Jøtul Turbulator non-catalytic technology. With its advanced technology, it provides high efficiency and low emissions at a fair price. Thus, if you are looking for a product that offers value for the money, then do consider this model.


EPA 2020 certified 

Comes at an affordable price

Comes with a classic appearance 

Has a low 1.8gram/hr emission rate  

Features Jøtul Turbulator non-catalytic clean burn technology that creates high efficiency 


May not be suitable for larger spaces

Smallest Jotul Wood Stove

Jøtul F 602 V2


Heat Output (BTU/h): 49,576

Heating Capacity (sq ft): 800

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What Recent Buyers Report

This small-sized stove is offered at an affordable price to customers. People who used it lauded the quality and design of the stove. It has a magnificent design that enhances the look of your house. Moreover, the users were content with how efficient it is.

Why it Stands Out to Us 

The patented Turbulator non-catalytic technology makes this model outstanding. It is a great-quality wood stove, offering superior performance at an economical price.

Furthermore, there are over 1,000,000 of these fine stoves produced and sold worldwide. It is Jøtul’s oldest and best-selling EPA-approved cast iron wood stove. 

Besides, it comes with a beautiful design. It has a magnificent glass door, along with a sculpted charging lion on the side plates. Having an attractive wood stove will give your house an elegant look. Also, it has a low 2.11gram/hr emission rate with an HHV of 70%. It is given the nickname “Little Giant” due to the heat output and burn-time of up to five hours.

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, this small-sized model is ideal for heating small spaces up to 800 sq. ft. It comes with an attractive design along with amazing features. If you are tight on budget, then this high-quality wood stove could be the right pick for you. 


Fully functional top cook plate 

Economical price compared to others 

Features Jøtul Turbulator non-catalytic technology 

EPA 2020 certified, making it a clean-burning stove 

Has a beautiful glass door and a sculpted charging lion on the side plates, giving your house a magnificent appearance


Unsuitable for heating large spaces

Editor’s Pick

Jøtul F 373 Advance


Heat Output (BTU/h): N/A

Heating Capacity (sq ft): N/A

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What Recent Buyers Report

People who bought this Advance model felt delighted to have a modern unit installed in their home. It has a contemporary design that fits perfectly with your home style. Moreover, it sits on a pedestal base that gives an excellent view of the fire from the large front and side glass windows.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Featuring advanced eco-friendly technology, this unit ensures lower gas emissions and complies with international standards. It is DEFRA-approved for smokeless zones.

It comes with a pedestal base to offer a full panoramic view of the fire with its three separate viewing windows. It has a contemporary design that will make your home look magnificent.

Moreover, the heat output is rated at 5.9kW with a maximum output of up to 9kW when more heat is required. It is available in black paint or a white enamel finish and has won the prestigious international Red Dot ‘Best of the Best’ design award for innovation.

Bottom Line

To sum up, the Jøtul F373 Advance is one of the best models that offer innovative design and outstanding features. If you are living in a smoke controlled area, then this DEFRA-approved and eco-friendly wood stove is ideal for you.


Cast iron with a pedestal base 

Defra-approved for smoke-controlled areas

Eco-design complies with lower emission regulations

5.9kw heat output for consistent and powerful impact 

Provides an excellent view of the fire from the large front and side glass windows 


Pricier than other units

Jøtul Ignition Types

Jøtul stoves are equipped with advanced technology that brings you the warmth and comfort of a real wood fire with just a push of a button. 

There are two types of ignition systems: standing pilot or millivolt and electronic ignition. Now most new stoves, gas fireplaces, and inserts have electronic ignition systems with multiple pilot modes. 

Millivolt Ignition System

Millivolt ignition system does not need any external power and uses a standing pilot light. The pilot light can be turned off for a prolonged period and then re-ignited when required. 

Photo credit: staticwhich.co.uk

Electronic Ignition System

This type of ignition system has two modes for pilot light: Intermittent Pilot Ignition (IPI) and Continuous Pilot Ignition (CPI). 

  • IPI: The IPI system does not use a pilot light. Instead, it relies on an electronic ignition switch to light the pilot after turning on the wall switch or using the remote. It is energy-efficient as the flame would not burn if the unit is not in use. It requires electricity for a remote or a wall switch to light the gas stove. However, some electronic ignition units include battery backup systems.

  • CPI: CPI puts your fireplace in continuous pilot mode. Electronic ignition systems require electricity to light the pilot. With CPI, your fireplace burner will start right up even during a power outage. Thus, it is a reliable way of keeping your unit up and running.

Comparison Overview  

We have compared some popular models and brands of wood stoves on the market so you can see why Jotul is one of the best brands to invest in. Take a look:

Jøtul vs. Vermont Castings

Jøtul is Vermont Castings’ main competitor in the industry. They have been in the business for a long time and have various products on the market. Some similarities and differences between their products are discussed below:


Jøtul and Vermont Castings offer great-quality cast iron wood stoves. Both offer products that are EPA certified and eco-friendly. There is a wide range of products providing comfort, ease, and warmth to customers. Both offer innovative designs along and incorporate modern technology to keep up in today’s competitive world.


Vermont Castings stoves come at a higher price than Jøtul’s stoves. The former offers an innovative combination of catalytic and non-catalytic technology all in one stove. The latter, however, does not offer any such feature in its models.

Quadra Fire vs. Jøtul

Jøtul and Quadra-Fire aim to provide quality wood stoves to their customers. A comparison of their products is given below:


Quadra Fire offers wood, pellet, and gas stoves. Wood stoves by both brands are designed with advanced non-catalytic technology and are EPA-certified, keeping emissions low.

Both brands ensure that the products are heat efficient and bring the maximum level of warmth, comfort, and ambiance to your living space. 

Photo credit: stovesonline.co.uk


The primary difference in the technology of Jøtul and Quadra-Fire is the latter’s Quadra Burn Four-Point Burn system. This system involves four cycles that extend the heat, increase the fire, and enhance efficiency for long-lasting performance.

Further, Quad-Fire wood stoves are costly than Jøtul wood stoves. The latter offers affordable wood stoves that do not compromise on quality. A limited lifetime warranty also backs the products.

Lopi vs. Jøtul vs. Hearthstone

Lopi and Hearthstone are popular brands in the market. They have been in the business for over 30 years and are often compared. Let’s have a look at some of their similarities and differences:


Hearthstone, like Jøtul, provides modern stoves that give a beautiful impression in rooms with minimal furnishings. Both feature a combustion system in their products that provides a clean burn with high efficiency. All their products are EPA certified.

Moreover, products by both offer similar heat output and burn time that would sufficiently heat up your house during cold weather. 

Lopi and Jotul wood stoves feature clean-burning technology that produces a clean burn with 75% to almost 80% efficiency. 


Lopi is mainly a steel stove manufacturer, but it does offer wood stove products. Lopi wood stoves have a larger firebox; therefore, they are more suitable for bigger houses. Jøtul, on the other hand, is suitable for small to medium-sized houses.

Hearthstone, on the other hand, offers soapstone wood stoves that are a bit more expensive than Jotul cast iron wood stoves.

However, the appearance of the latter is more attractive. If you are more into aesthetics, then Jotul would be a great option. 

How to Light a Fire in a Jøtul Wood Stove

Lighting a fire in a wood stove could be a tough job. However, there are various ways to get the fire going. Before we begin, the following things will be required:

  • Newspaper or firelighters
  • A couple of large wood logs
  • 8-12 pieces of kindling sticks
  • Matches 

Now, let’s start the fire:

  1. Ensure all the air vents in the fireplace are open. Now, put the logs in the fireplace’s bottom and be sure that the wood is dry and separated.

  2. Add a layer of small logs of about four cm. Then, put one or two layers of kindling. Leave approximately one cm between the pieces of wood.

  3. Next, place a couple of firelighters or newspapers on top of the coating of kindling wood. Bear in mind that newspapers contribute to more soot and produce an excessive amount of ash.

  4. Lastly, light it and close the door. In case the draught is insufficient, you may open the door to the wood stove slightly to help in proper burning.

To gain a better understanding of how to light a fire, here’s a video of the whole process:


To sum up, Jøtul wood stoves are one of the finest on the market. Their products come with contemporary designs, offering high-class technology. Their desire and determination to grow and progress led them to adapt to rapidly-changing market trends. Therefore, if you are looking for a quality wood stove at a fair price, then do check out Jøtul’s incredible wood stoves. 

People Also Ask

To choose a wood stove for your house, you must be aware of the features and specifications that would align with your needs. This section includes responses to some frequently asked questions that would help you in making your purchase decision.

How to Pronounce Jøtul

Jøtul is a company that was started in 1853 on the outskirts of Oslo, Norway. Many people might not be aware of how to pronounce it. It is pronounced Yo-Tule, which may be different from how it appears. 

How Much Does a Jøtul Wood Stove Cost?

Jøtul offers a wide range of wood stoves that feature advanced technology and modern design. You can find models at different prices, ranging from $1000-$3000. 

Where Are Jøtul Wood Stoves Made?

Jøtul’s cast iron stoves and fireplaces have been produced in Norway since 1853. It has been working at mastering the art of fighting the cold for more than 160 years. All Jøtul wood and gas stoves and fireplace inserts sold in North America are manufactured in Gorham, Maine.

Who Makes Jøtul Wood Stoves?

Jøtul AS is the parent company. It is a Norway-based company, popular for manufacturing cast iron stoves and fireplaces. The company also has subsidiaries based in the US, UK, France, Spain, Poland, and Denmark.

Who Owns Jøtul?

In March 2018, the Global private equity firm OpenGate Capital acquired Jøtul. Ever since then, OpenGate is striving to boost performance and eliminate inefficiencies in Jøtul’s operations.

How Long Has Jøtul Been Around?

Jøtul is one of the world’s oldest producers of wood stoves with a 165-year long history. In 1853, Oluf Onsum known as Kværner Jernstøberi (Kværner Foundry) founded the Oslo-based company.

Why Are Jøtul Wood Stoves So Popular?

Jøtul is the largest manufacturer of cast iron wood stoves since 1853. Cast iron is an extremely durable and reliable material that resists rapid temperature changes, making it the best material for a wood-burning stove. 

Jøtul stoves are durable enough to last a lifetime and offer modern design for your living space. Moreover, the company is considerate of the effects its products have on the environment; therefore, it uses recycled scrap iron from local scrap dealers.

What Kind Of Warranty Does Jøtul Offer?

Jøtul offers the best quality products, along with a limited lifetime warranty. It provides a five-year guarantee on external castings and a 25-year warranty on external cast iron parts. Moreover, it offers a two-year warranty on the enamel finish and a one-year warranty on electrical components.

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