Best Ozone Air Purifiers of 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

| Last Updated: June 23, 2020

Whether in the office or at home, nothing beats fresh air. It is good for your muscles, great for recovery (whether from injury, disease, or just a heavy workout), and amazing for your general well being.

Getting fresh air in the house can however be a bit of a challenge, thanks to the various allergens and odors. This is why people invest in a quality ozone purifier. Ozone reacts immediately with allergens and contaminants in the air and renders them harmless. Being biocidal, ozone works on both microbial and bacterial contaminants, and this, in turn, helps with the removal of odors from your home.

If you are wondering if this is a device you should have in your home, read on to discover the uses and features of ozone air purifiers.

Comparison of the Best Ozone Air Purifiers

  • Best Overall Ozone Air Purifier
  • 5000 Milligrams Per Hour Production
  • Aluminum Alloy Casing with Insulating Rubber Handle
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  • Second Best Ozone Purifier on Our List
  • The Devices Comes with a 5-year Warranty
  • Generates Between 3,500 and 7,000 Milligrams of Ozone Per Hour
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  • Comes With a 3-Year Warranty
  • 1500 Milligrams Per Hour Output
  • Best Among the New Comfort Models
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  • 11,000 Milligrams Per Hour Output
  • Up to 4,000 Square Feet Area of Effect
  • Best Model for Commercial Application
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  • Smallest Ozone Generator on Our List
  • Up to 6,000 Milligrams Per Hour Output
  • Can Cover Areas up to 4,000 Square Feet
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What Are Ozone Purifiers?

Since ozone is highly reactive in the air, it’s almost impossible (at least with the technology that exists today) to store it for a long time. As such, it needs to be generated on-site using highly technical machines which are called ozone generators, ozone air purifiers, or simply, ozone machines. The science is quite straightforward.

An ozone purifier takes normal oxygen (O2) from the air and converts it into Ozone (O3) by running an electric charge through it. Electricity causes the oxygen molecules to rearrange themselves into the ozone we know and love. It’s actually why there’s an increase of ozone in the air after lightning storms. Since the application of ozone machines range from home use to hospitals and hotels, these devices come in a variety of sizes, to cover both large and small spaces.

How Do Ozone Air Purifiers Work?

When purifiers release ozone into the air, it adheres to allergens and contaminants, such as mold or smoke. The third oxygen molecule attaches itself to the pollutant and eliminates it. This works by reacting with the bonds of bacterial walls and membranes and the protein capsid in viruses. The reaction breaks down these cell walls and causes catastrophic damage to the organism.

This ozone reaction is total and complete when dealing with microorganisms and bacteria. Ozone is such a strong germicide that only a few micrograms are required per liter for the germicidal action to occur. However, it’s important to note that external factors such as humidity, temperature, pH, and of course the type of organism, all determine the kill rate and the effectiveness of ozone.

It oxidizes natural compounds such as oxalic acids, synthetic compounds found in herbicides and pesticides, and inorganic compounds such as heavy metals, sulfides, and nitrates in the air. It also slows down the ripening of ethylene gas. All these are qualities that make ozone so effective at finding and destroying the source of bad odors in your home, unlike certain common filters, ionizers, and sprays.

How to Choose an Ozone Air Purifier

There are certain things that will determine the type of ozone generator to buy. They include:


An ozone generator designed for your home won’t work the same as one intended for office use. Industrial purifiers are unsafe and energy inefficient for domestic scenarios. The best criterion is to gauge the amount of ozone generated, which is measured in micrograms per hour.


Just like any other purchase, the unit cost will come into play. Some higher-end devices have more functionality and can purify a larger space. Some can even double as humidifiers. Cheaper models tend to be smaller and more useful as desktop or single-room purifiers. Their functionalities are also limited.


Even though room acoustics will affect noise levels, you should look for the quietest model when in operation. It’s important to note that most (if not all) ozone air purifiers will make noticeable noise at their highest setting. In quality purifiers though, lower settings shouldn’t produce any conspicuous sound.


The space available for installing the purifier will matter. Some machines require a substantial distance between them and the wall or other objects in the room. Others can be placed flush against the wall, without any clearance, and still work perfectly.

Additional function

Look for an ozone generator that has extra functionalities such as timers and pollution sensors. Timers allow you to set up your purifier, automatically turning on/off as needed. Unless you are dealing with a persistent odor source like a pet litter box, you don’t really need your purifier on all the time. Pollution sensors – on the other hand – turn the machine on and adjust the speed, based on the quality of the air in the room.

Review of the Best Ozone Air Purifiers

Let's take a look at the top models on our list and what makes each unique. 

Best Overall:
Airthereal MA5000

Airthereal MA5000 Commercial Ozone Generator 5000mg/h O3 Machine Home Air Ionizers Odor Remover Deodorizer for Rooms, Cars and Pets, Red


  • Very Fair Price Point
  • Easy to Carry and Move
  • Low Energy Consumption
  • Kills Bacteria, Viruses, Mold, Mildew, and Fungus


  • It is Not Effective Against Dust and Other Particulates

Our Review

What sets this ozone generator apart from the rest is its combination of features. To begin with, it’s capable of producing an impressive 5,000 milligrams of ozone per hour. It is one of the lightest machines in this capacity, weighing a paltry three-and-a-half pounds. It’s also energy-saving and, at only 50 watts, it takes 20 hours of operation to burn through a kilowatt hour of power.

It is incredibly easy to use, with a timer that can be set up to two hours. You can also use the “Hold” mode, to leave the unit on. All this is done with the help of a well-labeled dial. Turn clockwise to activate the timer mode and anticlockwise for ‘hold’ mode.

The timer lets you leave the unit working as you do other things. Treatment time ranges between ten minutes and an hour depending on the space being sanitized. You should make sure that neither you nor your children or pets are in the room during sanitization and remain outside of the room for at least 30 minutes after. This half-hour is important, since it’s the time taken by ozone to harmlessly revert back into oxygen.

This purifier can be used in the home, including all living areas, offices, kitchens, restaurants, cars, and most importantly, smoking zones. It’s best used to remove odors and bad smells by killing off the particulate bacteria that cause scent. This machine is effective for furniture, carpeting, and drapes. It’s even capable of removing the odors in your basement.

Bottom Line

The combination of features really does hit the sweet spot with this one. It comes with a three-year warranty, which is a good thing to have. Always remember to only operate the unit when there’s no one around, or at least leave the room until it’s done.

Stainless Steel Commercial Ozone Generator UV Air Purifier 12000 mg/hr Industrial


  • Stainless Steel Body
  • Multiple Run Options
  • Adjustable Ozone Output
  • Sanitizes up to 6,000 Square Feet of Space


  • Ozone Generation Can Only Be Done in an Empty Room

Our Review

This generator gives the Airthereal 5000 a run for its money with its collection of features. At 12×6×7 inches and weighing a manageable 8.6 pounds, this is another very portable ozone generator.

It’s made mainly from durable stainless steel and other ozone-resistant materials to ensure it keeps running for ages. This is why it comes with an impressive five-year manufacturer’s warranty.

It’s great for homes, offices and even stores, up to 6,000 square feet. The New Comfort Stainless Steel Ozone Air Purifier is one of the few on the market that allows you to customize your output, with the selection being 3,500 milligrams per hour at the low setting, and 7,000 milligrams at the highest.

You can have this unit in continuous running mode or use its timer to set it up. The timer allows you to leave the room before the machine begins operation and will automatically shut it off when the time runs out. This ozone purifier is capable of getting rid of mold and mildew, as well as harsh odors such as cigarette smoke, paint odors, pesticides, and pet odors.

The generator is also capable of removing the smell of dead and decaying matter from your house, which is a very hard task. It is also capable of removing marijuana smell from curtains, clothes, and different couch materials including leather. It also comes with a UV lamp that eliminates 99 percent of bacteria and viruses from your home.

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for portable energy efficient ozone generator, this is it. You should, however, note that this unit cannot be used for homes where marijuana is growing, since it can only be used when all the plants have been removed.

New Comfort 6 Stage UV Ozone Generator Air Purifier Cleaner HEPA Covers 3000 Feet Acyrlic


  • Comes with UV Bulb
  • 2 Ozone Plate Design
  • Compact but Powerful Design
  • Usable up to 3,500 Square Feet of Space
  • High-End Materials Used in Construction of the Machine


  • Heavy for its Size and Output

Our Review

The New Comfort 6 Stage UV Ozone Air Purifier is one of the larger units made by New Comfort. It measures 14.5×13×11.2 inches and at 18 pounds it’s on the heavier end of the air purifiers’ spectrum. Although it is marketed as portable, the size and weight make it quite a chore, so most users prefer to move it only when necessary.

This is a premium air purifier, with up to six stages of purification. It’s capable of sanitizing up to 3,000 square feet of space. This is done using High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA), charcoal, TiO2, ionization, UV, and ozone filters. What sets this machine apart from the rest is the incorporation of the other filters.

Apart from ozone filtration, all the other forms of sanitization can be done with occupants still in the house. This ozone purifier incorporates a dual ozone plate sanitization system for enhanced results. It also has a powerful UV bulb for treating the bacteria and other odor-causing organisms.

The inclusion of other filtration methods means that this ozone generator is capable of working on the common allergens and contaminants that ozone deals with, such as bad odor, mold, mildew, and fungal spores. The other filtration methods – on the other hand – take care of the particulates that ozone filtration cannot handle. These include dust, pollen, pet hair, and dust mites, among others.

The New Comfort 6 Stage UV Ozone Air Purifier is made from high-quality material for all the internal and external parts. The confidence in their product is evident from the three-year warranty included at purchase. The ozone plates are rated for at least 1,000 hours before they require inspection and changing. The high-quality thick gauge cord is also a nice touch. You also get a choice of Black Acrylic, Clear Acrylic, and real Cherrywood as finishes.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for an all-around air filtration system, then this is the best choice for you. It’s important to note, however, that only the non-ozone filtration methods work with occupants in the room or house. Ozone sanitization should still be done in an empty space for safety reasons.

Best Commercial Model:
Enerzen Commercial Ozone Generator

Enerzen High Capacity Commercial Ozone Generator 11,000mg Industrial Strength O3 Air Purifier Deodorizer Sterilizer (11,000mg - Gray)


  • 3-Hour Timer
  • Washable Lifetime Filter
  • Durable Portable Design
  • Largest Area of Effect for the Price Point


  • Short 1-Year Warranty

Our Review

This is the go-to purifier if you’re working with large spaces. It’s capable of producing 11,000 milligrams per hour, which makes it perfect for large houses, offices, and multipurpose working areas. It comes with a fan that’s 40% larger than other machines at the same price point, enabling it to cover as much as 4,000 square feet. The timer is capable of being set up to three hours, allowing for longer treatment times.

It comes in a portable design with the ergonomic handle and finger grooves to make it easier to move around. The outer casing is a durable aluminum alloy that protects delicate internal components like the ozone filters against damage. The aluminum also contributes to keeping the unit light, and at only five pounds in weight, it has the highest production for its class.

It has ceramic ozone plates and a stainless steel filter. The filter is made to be washable and last a lifetime without replacement or wear. Ozone plates are made from a ceramic material to increase their longevity by up to three times the normal range for ozone plates. Power consumption is also pretty low and comes in at less than a 60-watt bulb. This saves you on maintenance costs as a whole and doesn’t cause a spike in your power bill.

This ozone generator is effective against microbial contaminants and eliminates odors. It’s also great at inhibiting the growth of mold, mildew, and fungi. It’s however inefficient at handling dust, pollen, and other larger particulates.

Bottom Line

This is an ozone generator made for sanitizing large spaces in a short time thanks to its large fan. The short warranty duration and the lack of specific measurements is something worth noting.

Smallest Ozone Air Purifier:
Enerzen Commercial Ozone Air Purifier

Enerzen Commercial Ozone Generator 6,000mg Industrial O3 Air Purifier Deodorizer Sterilizer (6,000mg - Black)


  • Eco-Friendly
  • Durable, Sturdy Design
  • Low Costs of Maintenance
  • Large Fan Blade for Increased Area of Effect


  • May Leave Behind an Ozone Smell
  • Short Power Cable Require that You Buy an Extension

Our Review

This takes all the great qualities of Enerzen ozone generators and puts them in a smaller package. Measuring 6.8×8×5.8 inches and at only five pounds in weight, this is a small, lightweight, yet extremely powerful, machine. The small dimensions coupled with its ergonomic handle and finger grooves make this purifier very portable. The handle also folds flat for easier storage.

The outer casing is made from an industrial-grade alloy with an aluminum base. This material was chosen for durability, protecting fragile internal components such as the ozone plates. The unit requires minimal maintenance, thanks to its washable stainless steel filter. The filter is designed to last a lifetime without needing to be replaced.

Its ceramic ozone plates are created with the aim of increasing usage time before a replacement is necessary. They provide a consistent ozone output while considerably lowering the need for re-treatment. The timer allows for a 180-minute use-time and comes with a ‘hold’ option for occasions when you want the unit to run for a while.

The fan is large and designed to cover as much ground as possible. You also have access to a post-sale customer care department, although there is a 24 to 48 hour response time. They also allow for a 30-day return period if you are not satisfied with your product.

Bottom Line

This is a small compact unit designed with power in mind. The portability is a strong selling point, as it opens up a host of uses.

Mammoth 10,000mg Ozone Generator, Ozone Air Purifier for Odors in Home, Car, and Large Rooms | Professional and Personal Air Sanitization Applications


  • Cheap Replacement Plate
  • Very Affordable Price Point
  • Compact and Portable Design
  • Comes With a Timer and Two Years Ozone Plate Lifespan


  • Short Warranty Time at 1 Year
  • Not as Effective Against Dust and Other Heavy Particulates

Our Review

The combination of features at the price point is what makes the Mammoth Air Ozone Generator the best value for your money. It’s a compact design encased in a durable metal outer shell. It’s light at 6.75 pounds. You should, however, note that for the output, there are options lighter than this particular model. This model comes with an ergonomic handle to make it easy to move from room to room.

This air purifier is capable of producing up to 3,500 milligrams of ozone per hour and can keep going for up to 6,000 hours (approximately two years) before it requires an inspection or replacement of the ozone plate. The ozone plate is however very affordable and costs less than $25.

Coupled with the price point for the entire unit (and the fact that the machine uses up very little power) this is the most bang-for-your-buck in the ozone purifier industry. It comes with a timer that goes up to 120 minutes. This allows you ample time to leave the room before the sanitization begins, and shuts off the machine when the exercise ends.

It also has a hold button for when you want the ozone generator to run continuously. Although this purifier works in spaces of up to 5,000 square feet, it’s best suited for small rooms. This is because it’s able to quickly and efficiently clear the room of all bad odors, mildew, mold, and other micro-organisms. It is, however, poor with dust and other particulates such as pollen and dust mites.

Bottom Line

This is an ozone generator best suited for small rooms, because it’s able to sanitize them quickly (between 10 and 30 minutes for most small rooms). Although it’s made from durable metal both inside and out, the one year warranty does not inspire confidence.

Pros and Cons of Ozone Air Purifiers

Different people own ozone purifiers for different reasons. There are however some universal benefits and downsides to owning one of those. Some of the pros include:


Cleaner Air

Ozone reacts with, and takes care of, all odors from the source. Depending on the ozone generator, this can be anything from the smell of cigarettes and marijuana to more exhaustive odors such as decomposing plants and animals. Removing these smells gives the air a crisp freshness that lasts. Since ozone is made from oxygen, once the sanitization process is finished, it harmlessly converts back to oxygen.

Organism Control

Having an ozone purifier is excellent at controlling the growth of mold, mildew, and other fungi. It also takes care of bacteria and other microorganisms that may exist in the air. It bonds with and removes heavy metals, sulfides, and nitrates from the air as well.

Can Be Paired with Other Cleaners

Ozone plates are safe to use with other types of filters, to make sure your air is safe and breathable. These other filters take care of the allergens and contaminants in the air that ozone may have a hard time removing. They include pollen, dust, and even pet dander. Ozone purifiers can be paired with HEPA, carbon, and even TiO2 filters.



There is only one major con to using ozone purifiers - ozone is actually dangerous for you. This is why you’re not allowed to be in the room during purification. Ozone molecules are unstable and react with anything they touch. The same quality that makes them dangerous to odors and mildew also make ozone bad for you and your pets. If you can smell the ozone, then it’s doing as much damage to your eyes, skin, and lungs as gasoline … if not more.


Ozone purifiers are a must-have in the home. They are essential towards stopping the growth of harmful allergens in the home and keeping your air clean and fresh. You should – however – use ozone purifiers with care. Make sure all the animals and people have exited the building before switching it on.

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