Best Crane Humidifiers: 2020 Brand Review

| Last Updated: April 10, 2021

Crane is one of the newly founded humidifier companies that focuses on providing you with premium quality products with ground-breaking designs and innovative technology.

These humidifiers are created to solve everyday problems present in the air such as dust and allergens. Many humidifier manufacturers focus on the quality and effectiveness of their products, but for Crane, the design is an important factor too.

Let’s see some of the best Crane humidifiers you can get your hands on!

Comparison Chart of the Best Crane Humidifiers

  • It Can Humidify a Room Up to 500 Square Feet
  • It Requires No Filters That Make it Easy to Maintain
  • Best Overall and Best Ultrasonic Offering From Crane
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  • It Requires No Filter, Making it Less Costly
  • Best Runner-Up Crane Option on the Market
  • Energy-Efficient Humidifier That Uses Very Little Power Compared to a Normal Light Bulb
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  • Best for the Money Option
  • It Can Run for 8 Hours Straight
  • Provides You With Quiet Operation
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  • Best Cool Mist Offering From Crane
  • Comes With Three Different Speed Levels for You to Choose From
  • The Timer Takes Away the Worry of Waking Up Only to Switch it Off
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  • Comes With an LED Lamp Light
  • It Can Run for a Whole Day With a Single Fill
  • Best Elephant Humidifier Present on the Market
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  • Best Travel Option From Crane
  • It is Exceptionally Easy to Use and Operate
  • It Comes With Variable Humidity, Allowing You to Customize This Product
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Who is Crane?

Crane is a brand dedicated to improving the environment inside and outside your household. Crane’s packaging is recycled cardboard, making them environment-friendly. Even the manuals present inside these products are created from recycled materials and have no harmful dyes or added finishes present.

As mentioned above, Crane believes in all environmentally-friendly products, and due to this policy, Crane switched in 2015 from packaging their humidifiers in styrofoam to a molded pulp. This recycled packaging provides users with the same supportive, cushioned protection, but is instead manufactured from all recyclable materials like simple paper products.

Their humidifiers are some of the best in the industry and ensure that the air around you is pure and clean.

How Does Crane Compare to the Competition?

Crane has some exceptional offerings that make their humidifiers stand out from the rest. These options include:

Warm Mist

Finding a warm mist humidifier in today’s world is very rare, but Crane continues to provide its customers with this feature. Warm mist humidifiers are ideal for people who like humidity created by warm heat. This also means that you no longer have to worry about bacteria present in the water because it boils the water and this heat kills any harmful substances present.

The vapor that you will breathe in is steam, and so this is slightly warm. This helps in making your furnace work more efficiently.


Some people tend to use a humidifier that is made up of evaporative technology. With this technology, humidifiers come with a fan included so using this at night can be noisy and disrupt sleep. However, for other people, this noise is peaceful and helps them to sleep better at night. The moisture that is added in the air is the same as any other, but since it is a cool mist, it does not affect your temperature too much.


One reason people love an ultrasonic humidifier is that these units are quieter than any other humidifiers available. Since these ultrasonic units do not come with a fan, you do not hear them working at night while you’re sleeping. These humidifiers are also affordable, costing the same as any other unit present in the environment, and maintain a nice, humid environment.

Quick Take: Best Crane Humidifiers

Review of the Best Crane Humidifiers

Finding the best humidifier can be a head-scratching task and takes a lot of time and effort. It requires intense research along with the reading of reviews and then trusting your instinct. To save you from this, we have decided to compile the best Crane humidifiers present in the market along with their pros and cons.

So keep on reading to find out which Crane humidifier will best suit your needs and be worth investing in.

Best Overall and Best Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier:
Crane Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

Crane Drop Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier, Filter Free, 1 Gallon, 500 Sq Ft Coverage, Air Humidifier for Plants Home Bedroom Baby Nursery and Office, Blue and White


  • It is Easy to Fill and Refill
  • The Unit is Very Easy to Use
  • It Comes With Variable Humidity
  • The Adjustable Nozzle Makes it Easy to Humidify Any Corner of Your Room


  • It Might Leave the Area Damp

Our Review

This humidifier is not just stylish, but it has some amazing features as well. It features the ultrasonic technology that makes it work quietly all through the night. It provides moisture in the atmosphere at night for easy breathing, thus ensuring a good night’s sleep. Moreover, this unit helps in relieving cough, flu, and cold symptoms and even treats nasal congestion, sinus irritation, dry cough, bleeding nose, and dry hair and skin.

Since this cool mist humidifier lacks a heating element, it is the safest product for young children. The ultrasonic humidifier makes use of vibrations that tend to produce fine particles of mist that feel cool when touched. This cool mist is ideal for reliving croup. In addition, the nozzle on this unit is adjustable and can be twisted around easily 360-degrees and can be placed in any part of the room.

This is an easy-to-use humidifier and only requires filling once in order to be switched on. Moreover, this humidifier comes with a dial that allows you to alter the level of moisture released into the room, which also controls the run time of your unit. The water tank holds around one-gallon of water, and on low setting, this unit can run for the whole day.

Bottom Line

Even though this humidifier may leave the surface damp, this machine has a one-year warranty, and if you notice any leaks or if the product does not work, you can send it back. Overall, this is an amazing humidifier that is user-friendly and can be an ideal choice for you and your kids!

Crane Warm & Cool Mist Top Fill Humidifier with Remote, 1.2 Gallon, 500 Sq. Ft Coverage, UV Ionizing Light, Metallic


  • The Digital Panel on This Unit is Easy to Operate
  • This Humidifier Provides Whisper-Quiet Operation
  • It has the Ability to Humidify a Room Measuring up to 500 Square Feet


  • The Warm Mist is Not Very Warm
  • The Light on This Unit Cannot Be Switched Off

Our Review

The Crane Germ Defense Digital Humidifier adds moisture into the air right away. This helps in providing you relief from sinus and nasal irritation, cold and flu symptoms, and even dry cough. This unit comes with a choice between warm or cool mist through a simple button. It can also create around 2.5 gallons of moisture in a day and runs for fifty-five hours.

Moreover, this unit comes with antimicrobial protection, enabling it to fight against mildew and mold present inside the water tank. This product can moisturize rooms that are around 500 square feet. Also, you do not have to use filters with this unit, which makes it easy to maintain. Plus, there is an auto shut-off feature present in this unit that makes sure it shuts down when the tank is empty.

Furthermore, this unit comes with a nozzle that is rotatable. This allows you to set the moisture direction wherever you like regardless of where the unit is placed. Moreover, this unit is energy efficient and uses less power than a normal light bulb. The digital display present on the unit is straightforward and makes it easy to operate and set up. Overall, it is a whisper-quiet humidifier that ensures you get a peaceful sleep all through the night.

Bottom Line

Apart from a few cons, this Crane humidifier is an exceptional unit due to its incredible features. It has dual mist levels, auto shut-off, and even ultrasonic technology, making it an ideal unit overall.

Crane Personal Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier, for Home Bedroom Hotels Travel and Office, 0.2 Gallon, Filter Free, Blue and White


  • This Unit Has No Filters, Making it Affordable
  • It Can Humidify a Room up to 160 Square Feet
  • The Material on the Base of This Unit is Anti-Microbial
  • It Comes With an Auto Shut-Off Feature That Protects This Unit When the Level is Low


  • This Unit Tends to Leak

Our Review

This Crane Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier has an attractive and unique round shape. This product is stylish and classy, and due to this, it’ll look good in almost every room. It cleanses the air inside and makes it healthy for you. The best part about this Crane product is that the nozzle on this unit is adjustable to up to 60 degrees. This means that regardless of where you place the unit, you can easily change the direction of the mist according to your need.

This is an easy-to-use humidifier, and you only have to fill the tank once and switch it on. This unit comes with a rotating dial that allows you to choose the moisture level you want in the room. This also controls the run time of the machine directly after the moisture level is decided.

This unit can run easily for eight hours straight and humidify a room that is up to 160 sq. ft. However, you cannot leave this unit on a low level because it causes moisture to fall downwards and this can leave the surface around the unit damp. Crane makes use of ultrasonic technology that provides you with quiet operation, and this can be useful for people who like to sleep in pin-drop silence.

Bottom Line

This is no doubt a great humidifier and has a single disadvantage which is its ability to leak. This unit has an auto-shutoff feature, can humidify your room easily, and is also user-friendly. This is also an affordable unit which makes it the best humidifier for the money.

Crane Air Purifier with True HEPA Filter, Germicidal UV Light, 250 Sq Feet Coverage, Timer Function, Sleep Mode, Washable Particle Filter, EE-5067


  • Features a UV Lamp
  • It is Ultrasonic and Aims to Provide You With Peaceful Sleep
  • It Helps Get Rid of All Kinds of Dust and Dirt Particles From the Room


  • It Does Not Have a Long Running Time Due to the Small Tank Capacity

Our Review

This Crane humidifier comes with extremely good features that make it ideal for your household. This unit has the ability to trap particles such as pollen, dust, allergens, smoke, and dander. This helps in cleaning your air of the dirty particles present. Moreover, with the absence of these particles, this unit also takes care of germs and bacteria and removes them from the environment.

Even though this unit uses filters, it does not make it a tough job for you. This Crane humidifier lets you know beforehand whenever you need to replace the filters. It comes with three different speed settings allowing you to choose the level you prefer. You can also select between the three different timer settings, allowing you to sleep without any worry of turning the unit off. The Crane Tower Air Purifier has a UV lamp as well; this provides your room with a lamp-like light, allowing you to sleep securely.

The filters on this unit are easy to change and this unit is perfect for small and medium rooms.

Bottom Line

This is a great humidifier and can work perfectly on small and medium-sized rooms. It comes with a timer and different speed levels, allowing you to customize this unit. It is a great investment for your room as well as for your kids.

Crane Adorables Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier, Filter Free, 1 Gallon, 500 Sq Ft Coverage, Whisper Quite, Air Humidifier for Plants Home Bedroom Baby Nursery and Office, Elephant


  • This is an Ultrasonic Unit That Makes No Noise
  • It Comes With No Filters, Making it Easy to Maintain
  • It Can Humidify a Room Measuring up to 500 Sq. Ft.


  • You Cannot Use Essential Oils With it
  • The LED Light Does Not Have an Off Switch

Our Review

This Elliot the Elephant humidifier, based on the famous cartoon, is a fun and enjoyable addition to your kid's room or your baby’s nursery. It does look extremely cute wherever it is kept. This unit produces enough humidity that it is able to fight dry air symptoms without any problem. It keeps your kids’ nasal passages clear and even reduces cold and flu symptoms.

This humidifier is not only adorable but is also very quiet when it works. It is easy to use and is not harmful to your kids. Even though it does make a slight noise as it gurgles, this noise is due to the water being used in order to create vapor and add moisture to the air. Moreover, this noise does not disturb the little sleepers at all.

This is a simple unit with an easy-to-refill, one-gallon tank. This unit can run at moderate levels, and you can enjoy around 24 hours of run time with a single refill. The best part about this Crane unit is that you can control the humidity level easily through the rotating knob that makes it easy for you to find the right humidity level. The light on this unit acts as a night light, but for some sleepers, it can be too bright.

Bottom Line

This is a very adorable humidifier that is perfect for your kid's room. It comes with great features and is user-friendly and safe. It can run for the entire night and takes care of your child’s nasal irritation and dry skin for you.

Crane Cube Personal Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier, for Home Bedroom Hotels Travel and Office, 0.5 Gallon, Filter Free,  White (EE-5400)


  • It has an LED Light
  • It is Good for Desks
  • This Unit Makes Use of Ultrasonic Technology That Makes it Quiet
  • The Adjustable Nozzle on This Unit Allows You to Direct the Mist Accordingly


  • The Light on This Unit Cannot Be Switched Off

Our Review

The modern design of this humidifier makes sure that this unit looks good in any room it is placed in. It has a modern and sleek look that makes it easy to add and fit into any room décor. Even though the tank on this humidifier is slightly small and is half a gallon, it is larger than many small and personal units. If you keep the unit on the low setting, you can easily enjoy fifteen hours of continuous moisture.

The nozzle on this unit is adjustable and this allows you to direct the humidity wherever you want. This unit can fit on any nightstand or desk for your own personal use. It is a quiet unit due to its ultrasonic technology, making sure that you get peaceful sleep at night. The blue light on this unit illuminates the entire room so if you prefer to sleep with a lamp, this is a great unit.

Bottom Line

This is a great unit in terms of display and performance. It is quiet at night and acts like a lamp, too. In order to avoid getting the mist on the ground, it is recommended that you keep it at a higher level. Overall, it has the ideal size for carrying it around with you on your next trip.

Crane USA Classic Warm & Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier, Blue & White


  • It is Easy to Fill
  • This is a User-Friendly Unit
  • It Has an Adjustable Nozzle


  • It Can Leak Sometimes and Leave the Area All Damp

Our Review

The drop-shape humidifier is one of the best warm mist humidifiers present in the market. It has the ability to push out the humidity it creates into the room and moisturize it. This unit comes with an adjustable nozzle that can be twisted around 360 degrees with ease. This allows you to moisturize any corner of the room without a problem.

This is an easy-to-use humidifier that requires you to simply fill the tank, turn it on, and then relax. The dial present on this unit allows you to alter the amount of moisture that will be released in the room. Once you have decided on the moisture level you need, this unit will use its smart technology and directly control the run time of this unit.

This unit has the capacity to hold one gallon of water and has a run time of 24 hours easily. The ultrasonic technology used on this unit makes sure that it makes no noise, making it perfect for a peaceful sleep.

Bottom Line

Apart from a single drawback that causes this unit to leak, this is an easy-to-use, refill, and operate humidifier. It is exceptionally good and effective in terms of performance and is an ideal choice for people with small and medium-sized bedrooms.


Crane provides users with various different types of humidifiers that can work in the bedroom, living room, child’s room, nursery, on an office desk, and in any other room that you like. Most of their units provide enough humidity for a single room and are effective in their performance. Depending on what you are looking for, one or the other of these Crane humidifiers can be the best choice for you.

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