Best Small Pellet Stoves of 2022 – Complete Round-up

| Last Updated: December 21, 2021

Wood stoves have been quite popular in the past for their reliable heating capability. However, most people always prefer pellet stoves due to their much more advanced mechanisms.

It is their energy-efficient design, reliable performance, and convenience that makes them superior.

In this guide, we will shed some light on some of the best small pellet stoves.

Comparison of the Best Small Pellet Stoves

  • Very powerful 110V blower
  • Hopper features a 55 pound capacity
  • Large viewing area-bay design
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  • Large viewing area-bay design
  • Hopper features a 80 pound capacity
  • Very powerful 110V blower
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  • Best Small Wood Pellet Stove
  • Large bay front window for viewing
  • Digital control board for easy adjusting
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  • Best Small Pellet Stove For RV
  • Heats up to 1,500 square feet
  • Speed blower with various settings
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  • Best Small Pellet Stove For Garage
  • Very easy to clean
  • Heats up to 1,500 square feet
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Why Did These Small Pellet Stoves Make Our List?

If you are looking for a reliable heating solution, then you are in the right place. This guide features some of the best small pellet stoves that you can purchase. But what makes these models so unique and superior as compared to traditional units?

The following are some of the features that make our chosen products highly reliable.

Energy Efficiency

Out of all the features, the energy-efficient design of these models is worth mentioning. These units are designed to operate efficiently without consuming a large amount of fuel. As a result, you can significantly reduce your power consumption costs without compromising the heating capability.

Compact Design

Our list of the best small pellet stoves comprises units that feature a compact and sleek design. Their small and low-profile design is of great importance as they take up minimum space but work just as well. Therefore, if you have a smaller living space like a one-bed apartment or a studio apartment, opting for one of these models will be a wise decision.

Multiple Features

Another great thing about these units is the handful of features that they deliver. Most of them promise numerous features that are designed to provide users with the utmost comfort. Some features include a large hopper capacity, digital thermostat, and remote control capability.

Castle Pellet Stoves 12327

Review of the Best Small Pellet Stoves

Small pellet stoves are a great way to keep yourself warm during winters. Their heating performance, backed by an energy-efficient mechanism, makes them a worthwhile purchase. However, finding a quality model for yourself is essential to enjoy all the goodness. This is why we have listed some of the best products available on the market.

Best Overall

Comfortbilt HP22

No products found.


Heat Output (BTU/h): 50,000

Heating Capacity (sq ft): 2,000

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What Recent Buyers Report

A high percentage of positive reviews suggest that this unit has a remarkable build quality. The auto-ignition feature was loved by many, as it allowed them great peace of mind. Buyers believe that this model is very powerful and provides a perfect heating solution. The multiple features and large pellet capacity are the highlights of this model for most buyers.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The Comfortbilt unit features a 50,000 BTU rating, that is powerful enough to keep the cold at bay during extreme winters. The blower conveniently dissipates warm air into the room and is super-effective in warming the space in no time. Unlike most other products, this one ensures rapid and consistent heating.

It also features an auto-ignition option that offers great convenience to the user. A programmable thermostat is included with the unit. Moreover, it has a large storage hopper that can house quite a few pellets for a long-lasting heating capacity. Besides, it comes with one year of manufacturer’s warranty to safeguard your investment.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for the best pellet stove, then this unit is ideal for you. The Comfortbilt model is an all-in-one solution to meet your heating needs. It offers a handful of features and powerful operation featuring an advanced controllable thermostat.


Features 50000 BTUs of powerful operation

Promises a one-year manufacturer warranty

Large hopper capacity that is enough for long use

Uses a powerful blower to reliably warm your living space

Comes with multiple features like auto-ignition and programmable thermostat


Color scheme is not attractive


Comfortbilt HP22-N

Comfortbilt HP22-N Pellet Stove Black EPA Approved Smart Controller 80 Lb. Hopper


Heat Output (BTU/h): 50,000

Heating Capacity (sq ft): 2,800

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What Recent Buyers Report

Many buyers used this unit to heat medium-sized rooms and living spaces. They report that despite the small size, this stove is ideal for heating larger rooms as well. It also has a large hopper capacity and an attractive bay design that appeals to most people.

Why it Stands Out to Us

We like this primarily for its powerful operation that is capable of heating a large space. This 50,000 BTU unit is capable of heating an area of about 2800 sq ft. This is more than enough for anyone looking for a powerful pellet stove.

Also, it features a large hopper capacity. The 80-pound hopper capacity is enough to keep it running for a long period. The unit’s bay design is quite attractive and features a large viewing area, which you can use to monitor the pellets. Also, it comes with one year of manufacturer’s warranty.

Bottom Line

Overall, this unit is a solid, robust, and efficient heating solution that is enough for any large living space. Its powerful blower and heating operation are capable of keeping you warm during cold seasons.


Backed by a one-year warranty

Easily heats an area up to 2800 sq ft

50,000 BTU unit that offers powerful heating

Offers a large viewing area with its bay design

80-pound hopper capacity ensures long-term usage


Opening of the hopper is very small

Instructions for installation are not very clear

Best Small Wood Pellet Stove

US Stove 5660E


Heat Output (BTU/h): 48,000

Heating Capacity (sq ft): 2,200

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What Recent Buyers Report

An overwhelming response from a large number of users tells us that the unit is of great quality and has a sturdy build. The digital controls provided users with easy adjustments while the high heat output kept them warm for longer hours.

Why it Stands Out to Us

What we like about this product is its overall build quality. It features unrivaled quality and heating performance compared to most units. The device is capable of delivering a high heat output of 48,000 BTUs to keep you warm. Meanwhile, the 120 CFM blower ensures even heat distribution across your living space.

The model has an LED display that makes it quite convenient and advanced compared to others. Its bay design is very attractive and offers a large viewing area. The model also features a digital control board that promises easy heat adjustment with just a few button presses.

Bottom Line

You are looking for the best small pellet stove, right? Well, this model is more than enough to cater to all your heating requirements. It has premium features, such as a digital display and a control board that guarantee user-friendliness.


Very easy to use with an LED display

Offers a high heat output of 48,000 BTUs

Bay design promises a large viewing area

Digital control board for reliable heat adjustment

Features a 120 CFM blower for even heat distribution


Not ideal for outdoor use

Best Small Pellet Stove for RV

PelPro PP60


Heat Output (BTU/h): 35,000

Heating Capacity (sq ft): 1,500

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What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers are convinced that this product is all you need for winters. Its reliable heating capabilities and thermal efficiency made it a perfect choice for everyone. People also loved the large hopper capacity as they didn’t have to refill it again and again. Even though the unit is small and compact, reports tell us that it is appropriate for a medium-sized living room.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The manufacturers of this product claim that it is capable of heating an area as large as 1500 sq ft quite effectively. The unit is known to provide great thermal efficiency of 89.5% as well. Even as a compact and small-sized model, it is quite powerful and strong.

It has a large 60-pound hopper capacity that is ideal for longer runtime. As a result, you can now forget about refilling your unit for quite some time. The best part about is its variable-speed blower. It automatically adjusts according to the temperature, which significantly reduces power consumption.

Bottom Line

The reliable heating paired with thermal efficiency makes this PelPro unit a cost-effective product. If you want to enjoy controlled temperature in your homes during winters without worrying about utility bills, then this is a perfect pick for you.


Can heat an area of 1500 sq ft

Delivers a reliable heat output of 35,000 BTUs

Promises an EPA-Certified 89.5% thermal efficiency

60-pound hopper capacity offers increased runtime

Uses a variable speed blower for minimal power consumption


Available in single color only

Aesthetically, it’s not very attractive

Best Small Pellet Stove for Garage

Castle Pellet Stoves 12327

Castle Wood Pellet Stove Serenity 12327 Indoor Heating Temperature Control, Free Standing with Flame Window and Smart Controler, 18- ¼”W x 34”H x 23 ¾”D


Heat Output (BTU/h): 22,226

Heating Capacity (sq ft): 1,500

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What Recent Buyers Report

There are several positive remarks made by buyers of this product for its price-to-performance ratio. They love the advanced tech incorporated in this unit, including the Smart Controller, which ensures most buyers’ great convenience. Appearance-wise, buyer reports suggest that the unit is very modern and blends well with all interiors.

Why it Stands Out to Us

For people looking for high-tech units at an affordable range, this Castle Pellet Stove is their best option. The unit is available at a reasonable price tag along with a wide range of features. Talking about functionality, it delivers a high heat output that is enough to warm a 1500 sq ft area.

Moreover, it’s quite easy to clean, unlike other models. This stove comes with a Smart controller that has a programmable design and can be used to remotely control the device. You can easily adjust heat settings and apply various operation modes. Also, the attractive design blends with your interior while consuming minimum space.

Bottom Line

This model is considered ideal as it offers great value for your money with a reasonable price tag. It delivers the utmost comfort with its convenient controls and heating capabilities. If you want to enjoy a warm and cozy home in winter, then this is your best pick.


Very easy to clean

Available at a reasonable price

Capable of heating a large area of 1500 sq ft

Attractive design and requires minimum space

Comes with a Smart Controller for switching operation modes


Fans can be loud

Not portable due to its heavy weight

Editor’s Pick

Q-Stoves Wood Pellet Outdoor Heater

Q-Stoves Q-Flame Portable Wood Pellet Outdoor Heater, 106,000 BTU per hour, Eco-Friendly, for Patio, Backyard, Camping and Going Off-Grid


Heat Output (BTU/h): 106,000

Heating Capacity (sq ft): N/A

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What Recent Buyers Report

Most of the buyers say that the unit has a high heat output that makes it a perfect choice for open-area use. Its portable nature was loved by all buyers, as they wanted a unit that they could move around the house. People were also satisfied with the run time of this unit.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Several features of this Q-Stoves model make it stand out from other alternatives. The product features the use of wood pellets instead of electricity. That means that it can be used in an emergency where there is an electricity outage. 

The device also provides an astounding heat output of as high as 106,000 BTUs. Moreover, with a ten-foot heating radius, it is capable of heating a large area and spreads even heat throughout.

Besides, this model is capable of operating for a long period. You can expect a runtime of three to four hours with ease. Most importantly, the wood pellets used are environment-friendly as they produce little to no smoke and ash.

Bottom Line

To conclude, this model is one of the best available on the market, featuring a high heat output and a portable design for outdoor use. If you are looking for a unit that promises great heating capability, then this is your go-to option.


Portable design that is perfect for outdoor applications

Delivers long-lasting operation with three to four hours of runtime

Offers a perfect heating solution in case of any electricity shortage

Promises a high heat output of 106,000 BTUs with a 10-foot heat radius

Uses environment-friendly pellets that produce minimum smoke and ash


Not easy to assemble

Needs to be properly vented

When Would a Small Pellet Stove Come in Handy?

Pellet stoves are a great way to keep you warm during peak winters. Their reliable heating performance backed by energy-efficiency makes them worth an investment. If you own a small pellet stove, it can come in quite handy. Here’s how:

Smaller Living Space

If your living space is compact, and there is less room for more appliances in your rooms, then a compact and small pellet stove will be of great use. It not only takes up less space, but it will also heat the room efficiently. With its reliable heating, it can quickly warm your living space in no time.

Comfortbilt HP22 in use (Photo credit:

Controlled Indoor Climate

There is no doubt that a pellet stove offers you a convenient heating solution. Most stoves can be easily controlled using a thermostat, or the control board found alongside the unit. These units can be controlled effectively via a remote or digital app through wireless connectivity.

As a result, you can keep better control of the climate inside your home. This will come in handy, particularly during extreme winters and cold places.

Cost-Effectiveness and Reduced Utility Bills

These stoves are cost-effective in many ways. They are designed to consume minimum energy while maximizing performance. Since their size is smaller, lesser pellets and fuel are required. 

Such stoves are ideal for use when you are planning to reduce your power consumption bills. Therefore, for people trying to switch to energy-efficient heating alternatives, these will come in handy.

How Does a Wood Pellet Stove Work?

Pellet stoves provide consistent heating with energy-efficiency as high as 80%. They are quite simple and easy to use as well.

These stoves use pellets of wood as a source of power. These pellets are poured in the storage hopper located on the top of the unit. The electric auger is then responsible for delivering the pellets to the burn chamber. A convection blower installed in the unit, in turn, draws room air into the stove while dissipating warm air through heat-exchange tubes.

Cautious Considerations to Keep in Mind

Buying a good-quality pellet stove will always prove to be beneficial in the long run. Here are some careful considerations to keep in mind while purchasing a pellet stove to make sure you make the right pick.

Avoid Third-Party Manufacturers

You must purchase products only from a reliable and trustworthy manufacturer. Third-party manufacturers who promise similar products at a low price should be avoided. Although they cost significantly less, their quality and performance cannot be trusted.

Purchase the Right Fit

Opting for a unit that meets your requirements is important for a good experience. Size does matter, and so does the quality. Buying a small unit for a large space or a large one for a compact space can cause inconvenience. Similarly, purchasing a powerful unit for a small space or a weaker one for a large area can prove to be a failure.

Hence, match the product’s dimensions with the location you want to install it in. Matching its power output with the cubic feet of the room you need it installed will also help.

Photo credit:

Reduced Power Consumption

Before buying any model, make sure that it’s energy-efficient. Most products feature an energy efficiency rating that determines how much power they use up and how much they save. The higher the rating, the better. 

Other ways to check for energy efficiency are to look for EPA efficiency ratings and certifications, which are usually labeled on the unit’s packaging.

How to Start a Pellet Stove

Operating a pellet stove is quite simple and easy. Even if you’re a beginner, starting a stove is a piece of cake, provided you do it the right way. This section provides you a step-by-step guide on how to start a pellet stove:

  1. The first thing you need to do is open the front panel of your stove.

  2. Use a fire-starter gel to ignite the unit. You can also use propane can fire starter to conveniently ignite it.

  3. Make sure that the pellets in the storage hopper are ignited properly. Once they are black, close the front panel of your pellet stove.

  4. You will be able to see flames coming out of the burning pellets. Now, it’s time to turn to the control board.

  5. Adjust the heat output and the blower using the buttons found on the control board. Make sure that the settings are adjusted according to your needs.

  6. As the stove gets warmed up, enable the auger to use the control board to feed the flames.

If you are still unsure about how to start your unit, refer to the video below for a complete demonstration.


Finding a quality pellet stove is not an easy task by any means. It is particularly due to the wide range of brands featuring similar products. This article has provided you with a list of some of the best pellet stoves, so now it’s time for you to pick a small and compact unit for yourself.

People Also Ask

Although pellet stoves are quite simple and easy to use, people might have several questions related to the product. These questions are usually related to the troubleshooting issues with these units. We have listed some frequently asked questions to make sure you are free from any ambiguity.

How Much is a Small Pellet Stove?

There are different types of small pellet stoves available on the market. Some offer more features compared to others. A good-quality stove can range from $1700 to $3000.

How Many Watts Does a Small Pellet Stove Use?

Small stoves are known for their energy-efficient operations. Typically, small pellet stoves use 400-800 watts of power.

What Should the Flame Look Like in a Pellet Stove?

The flame in a pellet stove can show different colors, depending on the intensity of heat. If your unit shows a blue or white flame, it means that it is running too hot. Ideally, you would want the flame to be yellow. Also, it should be steady and solid without any flickering.

How Efficient is a Pellet Stove?

Pellet stoves have various thermal efficiency levels and ratings, depending on the quality of the unit. EPA-certified units have a higher efficiency rating. Generally, an EPA-certified unit can have an efficiency of around 70% to 83%. However, some premium units offer even higher efficiency but charge a higher price.

How Many Sq. Ft Does a Small Pellet Stove Heat?

Units with a heat output of 60,000 BTUs can effectively heat an area of 2000 sq ft. Meanwhile, a small unit with 42,000 BTU heat output is ideal for a 1300 sq ft area.

What Size Vent for a Small Pellet Stove?

To identify the vent size for a small pellet stove, it’s important to measure the chimney’s inside dimensions. Make sure that the chimney you are using is not smaller in size than the diameter of the flue pipe. You can always hire an HVAC professional for the perfect fit.

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