MRCOOL Universal Series DC Inverter Split System – 2020 Review

| Last Updated: November 14, 2020

Does your furnace run so hot that it can burn a hole through your wallet?

Or is the temperature change so steep that you don't need the furnace anymore? 

MRCOOL has got you covered. MRCOOL Universal Series DC Inverter System will keep your home temperature in check and that, too, without costing a fortune to run. 

  • Great for all-weather uses - very versatile
  • Slim design makes it perfect for zero lot lines
  • Design allows for quiet operation in sound restriction areas
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  • DIY Installation
  • Quiet Operation
  • Long Warranty Period
  • Dip-Switch Capacity Switching


  • High Cost of Purchase
  • Expensive No Vac Quick Connect Accessory

Specs and Dimensions 

MRCOOL Universal DC Inverter Series Indoor Unit has the following specifications and dimensions:

Height: 48-1/4in. (1224mm)

Depth: 21-1/4in. (540)mm

Width: 21-1/4 in. (540mm)

Cooling Capacity: 3-ton/2-ton

Voltage Requirement: 230V ~ 60Hz

Filter Size: 19-5/16×20-5/16× 5/8in. or 490×516×15mm

Vapor Pipe Diameter: 3/4in.

Liquid Pipe Diameter: 3/8in.

Main Features 

The MRCOOL Universal Series DC Inverter Split System is one of the best options out there.

The system can take care of temperatures between -22°F and 130°F, so you don’t have to worry about anything. Between -5° and 105°F, it can save you a lot of money as it runs at 100% efficiency. These high numbers are made possible by a high-efficiency heat pump, with an inverter variable speed compressor and line sets that are pre-charged with refrigerant (R410A). 

Anyone can install the MRCOOL Universal system effortlessly by themselves. The DIY includes easy link-up electrical and cooling connections. The system requires no special tools or equipment and can be installed by just about anyone using the instruction manual. 

There is a dip switch on the outdoor unit and the indoor unit. If you would like the extra cooling, just flipping the switch can convert the system from a two-ton into a three-ton system. Or you could go back to the two-ton set up to save you the extra costs. MRCOOL is the pioneer of this nifty feature that can save you thousands in upgrade costs. 

The up-flow and horizontal configurations allow for easy installation at any place. You can either install it in a horizontal position in the attic to connect it to the existing ducting or go for the vertical up-flow of air into the ducting overhead. MRCOOL has one of the best SEER ratings on the market. 


The MRCOOL DC Inverter Split series was designed with efficiency and practicality in mind. The system is one of the most feature-packed options out there that promises great benefits. Some of these include:

Long Warranty Period

The Universal Series DC Inverter Split comes with a seven-year warranty on the compressor and a five-year warranty against replacement parts. It is notable that while these figures might not mean much, this is the highest warranty period offered by any top HVAC manufacturer. The extended warranty is a welcome advantage that the MRCOOL Split series offers because these units do not come cheap.

DIY Installation

The Split system is a complete DIY solution that does not require any professional tools, so it is easy to set up and understand. The No Vac Quick Connect lines snap-on to the provided fittings on each end, and the HVAC system is good to go. The system has a thermostat wire option on the indoor unit that can connect your MRCOOL system to the existing thermostat if you do not want to use the included one on the HVAC system.

Quiet Operation

The worst thing about some of the split units is that they can wake up the neighbors. Thankfully, the Universal Series DC Inverter is one of the quietest running systems out there. You will not miss your old furnace when you give the MRCOOL system a go. 

Dip-Switch Capacity Switching

One of the niftiest features on the MRCOOL DC Inverter system is the ability to switch between different capacity modes with just a flip of a switch. Normally, if a unit is not enough to cool an enclosed area, you'll have to spend enormous amounts to get a new one with a higher capacity. 

MRCOOL has taken care of that and has included dip switches both on the outdoor and indoor unit, which can change the system into a three-ton system from a two-ton system in under a minute. This is also helpful if your three-ton set-up is excessive for a given space. You could just switch to the two-ton option and save costs.


MRCOOL Universal DC Inverter Split System has a ton of great features, but there are certain downsides to it, which include:

High Cost of Purchase

Although feature-packed, the MRCOOL Universal Series has a high upfront cost of purchase. The unit is a bit more expensive than the competition, but it is worth the money spent. DIY solutions and installation methods sweeten the deal. It can save you a lot in professional labor charges. 

Users have reported the installation to be super simple, and you could save as much as the cost of the HVAC solution in installation charges.

Expensive No Vac Quick Connect Accessory

The DIY solution requires an extra pack of No Vac Quick Connect lines if you want to run the liquid and vapor lines longer than required. The overall costs can go up because of this, but the solution is so simple yet efficient that the overall cost will still stay below the price charged by a professional installation service provider.

What is the MRCOOL Universal Series DC Inverter Split System Best For? 

The DC Inverter Split System lineup from MRCOOL has proven itself over the years and is one of the best HVAC solutions on the market. There are many advantages to having one of these at your home. MRCOOL DC Inverter series can be best used for:

Keeping Warm in a Chilly Winter Blizzard

MRCOOL split system series retains its heat production capabilities down to -22°F. The amazing thing is that it can retain 78% of its heating capacity at the two-ton setting. Meanwhile, at -5°F, it can provide an unparalleled heating performance of 100%. 

Cooling Down the Summer Heat

MRCOOL is efficient and able when it comes to cooling too. It can cool temperatures as high as 130°F at a 78% capacity utilization. If the outside temperature is around 115°F, you can expect serious cooling from your unit as it can utilize 100% of its cooling capacities at that temperature.

Cutting Down Cost Quietly

The smart DC Inverter system is based on top innovations and can seriously cut down operational costs. The traditional HVAC systems periodically turn the compressor on and off. MRCOOL, on the other hand, uses a smart DC Inverter-based motor that takes care of your energy costs while decreasing the high noise output.

What Do I Need To Know Before Buying the MRCOOL Universal Series DC Inverter Split System?

The HVAC solution from MRCOOL is a great addition to your home. It can take care of ambient temperatures with ease. However, there are new things to keep in mind when going for MRCOOL Universal.

Space Requirements

MRCOOL split systems, like other split systems, require ample space on the outside for the installation of the outdoor unit. From the outdoor unit, a refrigerant line will be laid to the indoor unit. If you opt to lay the pipe in the open, it will not be aesthetically pleasing.

Capacity Range

All DC Inverter systems require a room that they can conveniently cool/heat. If the room is a bit larger or smaller than its rated capacity, the system won’t be able to achieve the promised electricity savings rating. The solution from MRCOOL is no different. Thankfully, it comes in four models. You can choose from the two, three, four, or five-ton options, depending upon space requirements.

Installation Method

The MRCOOL Universal DC Inverter Split can be installed in two different ways. You can use the No Vac Quick Connect Line Set, so you don’t have to worry about vacuuming or preparing things.

But, if you have a built-in HVAC with liquid and vapor pipes already embedded in the walls, then a conventional weld/flare line set method will be used.

MRCOOL Universal Series DC Inverter Split System vs Mitsubishi Mini Split - Comparison Overview

Mitsubishi has been around for a long time now and is one of the household names on the market. On the other hand, MRCOOL has only been around for a mere six years but has been successful in making a name for itself thanks to the excellent build quality and longevity. Here’s a comparison between the two:


Both are excellent options from great manufacturers. Both units have:

Excellent Build Quality

Both the MRCOOL and Mitsubishi HVAC Split Systems have the excellent build quality and can withstand the test of time.

Long Warranty Periods

The two models have comparable warranty periods. Both offer a seven-year warranty on the compressor and a five-year warranty for replacement parts.

Commendable SEER Rating

The 24K BTU Model from the Mitsubishi Mini series has a SEER rating of 20. On the other hand, the two-ton/three-ton MRCOOL Universal DC Split system can go up to 36K BTUs and has the same 20 SEER rating. 


While the MRCOOL DC Inverter and Mitsubishi Mini Split have a lot in common, the main point of difference is:


The Mitsubishi Mini Split costs twice as much as the MRCOOL offering. And that too, before factoring in the fact that the latter can go all the way up to 36K BTUs. Considering the fixed 24K BTUs on the Mitsubishi Mini Split, the cost per BTU is way higher on the Mitsubishi.

How to Install the MRCOOL Universal Series DC Inverter Split System

MRCOOL Universal can work as a two-ton or a three-ton system. You can select the dip switches on both the indoor and outdoor units to suit your needs. To install the system:

  1. Place the outdoor unit in an open area. The fan should face away from the wall.

  2. Place the indoor unit in the area where you intend to install it. It can be installed in a horizontal or vertical position.

  3. Run the MRCOOL NO-VAC Quick Connect line set from the location of the indoor unit to the outdoor unit. 

  4. Once the line is in place, unscrew the flare fittings on the indoor air handler and screw on the quick connect fittings. Threading by hand and tightening by a wrench is recommended. All the quick connect fittings required are included in the NO-VAC line set box.

You may need more than one line set for long distances between the indoor and outdoor units. MRCOOL coupler kit will join two line sets for your ease.

  1. Connect the line set to the outdoor condenser. Thread by hand and tighten using tools.

  2. Connect the line set to the indoor air handler in the same way.

  3. Unscrew the valve cover and open the valve. The smaller one will need a five-millimeter hex key, whereas the bigger one will require an eight-millimeter hex key. Keep rotating the key left until it stops, then screw the caps back on.

  4. Once the line is installed on the indoor air handler, line it up to connect the ducting available at your premises. You can check for leakages using soapy water that bubbles up if there is a leak. 

  5. You can connect your existing thermostat to the indoor air handling unit. Run the wire from your thermostat to the relevant point on the indoor unit.

  6. Once all the wires and the quick connect line sets are in place, you can power the system on.

For a full overview of the installation process explained above, refer to the video given below:


All in all, the MrCool DC Inverter Split system is a complete solution for all your climate needs. It can keep your home cool on a sunny summer day and also keep it warm during the chilly winter nights. The quiet system lets you sleep peacefully while keeping your energy costs to a minimum thanks to the DC inverter motor incorporated into the system.  

People Also Ask

MrCool has some great offerings for the many needs of different customers.  

Be it scorching heat or the winter chills, MrCool has an innovative solution to keep your home at the optimum temperature. But before you make the buying decision, here are some things you should know:

Who Makes MrCool Mini Splits?

HVAC Repco is the designated manufacturer for the MrCool Mini Split series. The agreement includes the Ductless Mini air-conditioners, Heat Pumps, PTACs, Package A/C and Gas, and the latest DC Inverter series.

Who Owns MrCool?

MrCool was founded by Magnus Cool back in 2014. He still owns his company, and ever since it came into existence, he has strived hard to bring innovation to the heating and cooling industry. His ductless mini-split heat pumps and universal solutions can heat and cool your home.

How Long Has MrCool Been Around?

MrCool has been working to provide HVAC solutions since 2014. The company has since provided innovative solutions to its users. MrCool’s latest product lines, including the DIY Split Systems, can even be controlled with a smart speaker or assistant. 

How Many Feet Will The MrCool DC Inverter Split System Heat/Cool?

The DC Inverter system has two modes, the two-ton mode, and the three-ton model. It can churn out 24K BTUs at the two-ton setting, which is good to cool/heat a covered area of roughly 1500 sq. ft. Meanwhile, it can take care of up to 2700 sq. ft at the three-ton setting, thanks to the increased 36000 BTUs. 

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