Mitsubishi Heat Pump Reviews – 2022 Guide

| Last Updated: April 25, 2022

Mitsubishi has found its way up in the industry through the recent past.

It has consistently provided users with outstanding products that display pure excellence in every context. For this reason, users have come to put their trust in the brand and seek its products.

One of the best products that they have to offer is heat pumps. If that is what you are looking for, then this article is just for you.

How Does Mitsubishi Compare to the Competition?

As we said, Mitsubishi has made its way onto the top tier of the industry. It has beaten a lot of other brands to get where it is today. And it has never failed to give a tough time to all its competitors. The brand has found numerous ways to keep its position in the market, and here is how it compares to the competition.


There may be a number of brands that may stand in competition against it, but there is one thing that allows Mitsubishi to keep an edge over most others, and that is competition. Mitsubishi is one of the oldest names in the industry and has earned a significant amount of experience in the time.

Mitsubishi 12,000 BTU 23.1 Seer Single Zone


Since Mitsubishi has had its time in the industry, slowly, it has introduced a great variety of products.

The brand offers a number of different models for the same product, with different features, ensuring there is one that suits almost every customer. Very few other brands have a variety as extensive as Mitsubishi does

Appropriate Cost

A number of well-known brands provide products at prices that are exceptionally high for a product of its type. But Mitsubishi has never been one of such brands. All the products that are available at a reasonable and appropriate cost, and one that is worth spending on the given item.

Comparison of the Best Mitsubishi Heat Pumps

  • Powerful built-in heat pump
  • Comes with useful handheld operation
  • Features energy-saving engineering
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  • Best for the Money
  • Ideal for spaces without existing ductwork
  • Equipped with built-in dehumidifier
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  • Best Mitsubishi Ductless Heat Pump
  • Electronic controls detect temperature changes
  • Improves the air quality
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  • Best Mitsubishi Mini Split Heat Pump
  • Cools, heats and dehumidifies
  • Designed for year-round operation
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Mitsubishi does have some of the best pumps to offer for its users. Trying to pick one may be a little tricky for the users since there are a number of features to be compared. In order to help you compare the products more efficiently, here is a quick comparison chart for your ease.

Model Name

Unit Size (BTU)

Energy Efficiency (SEER)

Home Sq. Ft.

Condenser Fan Motor (i.e., Single vs. Two)

Cost of Unit Only

Mitsubishi MZ-FH15NA






Mitsubishi MUZGL15NA – MSZGL15NA






Mitsubishi 12000 Btu 23.1 Seer Single Zone






Mitsubishi MZ-GL12NA Ductless Heat Pump






Mitsubishi Electric PEA-A18AA6






Mitsubishi 24000 Btu 20.5 Seer Single Zone






Review of the Best Mitsubishi Heat Pumps

Finding a suitable unit from a sea of products can be a painstaking task, and users often find themselves lost for a point to begin. If you, too, find yourselves in such a situation, here is a list of some of the best heat pumps that Mitsubishi has to offer for its users. All you need to do is pick one that meets your needs.

Best Overall

Mitsubishi MUZGL15NA – MSZGL15NA

No products found.


Cooling Efficiency (Max SEER): 21.6

Heating Efficiency (max HSPF): N/A

Decibel Level: N/A

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Why it Stands Out to Us

When we look at all the features that this unit is packed with, we think what’s not to love about it? But of all the great features that it offers, there’s one that particularly stands above the rest. And that is the auto start feature that it provides.

Power outages can happen anywhere. But the trouble of having to start your unit again after a power outage is not an issue with this unit. Following a power outage, this unit is designed to auto-start itself, once the power is back.

Bottom Line

Users have spoken in favor of this product time and again. Not only do they find its features to be more than enough, but they also find its functionality to be better than the rest. For this reason, this product ranks so high on this list.

This unit is one of those that will simply not fail you with its design or performance. It maintains the ambient temperature and provides users with the perfect heat pump functionality. Investing in this unit may be one of the best investments that you make in quite some time.


The indoor unit comes with a standard hybrid pre-filter

Comes with a wireless remote that allows easy operation of the unit

Unit provides extremely quiet operation that creates no disturbances

Features an auto restart that turns on the unit automatically after a power outage

Allows you to choose the fan speed between quiet, low, medium-high and super high


The filter only filters out bigger dust particles

May be slightly more expensive than other units

Mounting process may be tricky due to the weight of the unit

Best for the Money

Mitsubishi 12000 BTU 23.1 Seer Single Zone

Mitsubishi MY-GL12NA - 12,000 BTU 23.1 SEER Wall Mount Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner ONLY 208-230V


Cooling Efficiency (Max SEER): 23.1

Heating Efficiency (max HSPF): 11.5

Decibel Level: N/A

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Why it Stands Out to Us

For most users, one of the greatest incentives of investing in this unit is its low price point. And we agree that it’s great, but what stood out to us for this unit was entirely different. Looking at this product, we realized that it comes with an extremely easy installation process, and that was the highlight for us.

With other units, users often find themselves complaining about the tricky and time-consuming installation process, but not for this one. This unit comes with a very helpful guide that makes the installation process smooth as butter.

Bottom Line

Looking for a heat pump that doesn’t cost you a fortune but provides the feature that you need. Well, here is the product that you’re looking for. This unit will provide you with all that you need without having you to overspend. You no longer need to pay a great amount for the functionality of your dreams.

This product, with its exceptionally quiet functionality and remarkable efficiency, has become one of the top favorites amongst the users. And we guarantee you that if you invest in this unit, you too will get to experience the best of it.


Built with top quality materials ensuring a better durability

Provides great value for money, featuring as a low-cost product

Allows a five-year basic warranty on parts in case of any problems

The perfect unit for a small house and does not occupy great space

Functions efficiently to reduce your energy bills by reducing energy consumption


May not work efficiently for bigger homes

Does not feature great temperature control

Mounting accessories may need to be purchased separately

Best Mitsubishi Ductless Heat Pump

Mitsubishi MZ-GL12NA Ductless Heat Pump

No products found.


Cooling Efficiency (Max SEER): 23.1

Heating Efficiency (max HSPF): 12.5

Decibel Level: 49

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Why it Stands Out to Us

There is a lot that this heat pump has in store for its users. From its obvious ductless quality to its outstanding design that enhances its functionality, there is a lot that this product has going for itself. But what really stands out to us is its energy star rating.

Heat pumps consume a great amount of energy and are known to add to electricity bills greatly. But since this unit is an energy star rated product, it does not add as greatly as others. The energy star functionality ensures that the energy consumption of your unit is kept at bay.

Bottom Line

Looking for a ductless unit can be a tricky task. While there are a lot of them available in the market, very few of them actually perform well. A number of users have been highly dissatisfied with the previously used ductless heat pumps, but not for this one.

If you’re looking for a ductless heat pump by Mitsubishi, then this is the one for you. It not only provides a ductless feature but also ensures that all its other features perform equally well. This unit is one of those that are absolutely worth their cost.


The small size is the ideal unit for a small-sized home

One of the best ductless heat pumps available in the market

Has a handheld control for users, allowing them great convenience

Comes with a built-in dehumidifier to get rid of excess of humidity

Energy star rated product that ensures to keep your energy consumption at bay


Can’t be used ideally in larger sized houses

Users may have trouble getting the hang of the unit’s operation

The build quality is not as good as that provided by other products

Best Mitsubishi Mini Split Heat Pump

Mitsubishi 24000 BTU 20.5 SEER Single Zone

Mitsubishi 24,000 Btu 20.5 Seer Single Zone Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioning System (AC only)


Cooling Efficiency (Max SEER): 20.5

Heating Efficiency (max HSPF): N/A

Decibel Level: 53

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Why it Stands Out to Us

There are plenty of features of this mini-split unit that deserve individual appreciation, but the feature that deserves it the most is its size. The size of this unit is deceivingly small but manages to provide functionality that is at par with all the other products of its type.

With the bigger units, placement can be a great issue, because a considerable amount of space is required. But with this unit, that won’t be an issue at all. The unit is compact and slim and can easily be placed almost anywhere you wish to place it.

Bottom Line

From its near-silent functioning to its ability to function well in bigger houses, this unit has all that we could ask for. It excels in all aspects, and there is nothing about it that disappoints. Users that have invested in it could vouch for its high performance as well.

Units like these are the perfect example of how Mitsubishi never fails to deliver the quality and performance that it has always promised for its users.


Ideal for a large house, maintaining its efficiency

Near silent functioning of the unit ensures no disturbances

The ductless feature allows great convenience of installation

Compact size unit that can be easily fit in any designated space

Can turn itself back on after a power outage without requiring any extra efforts


The operational instructions are quite vague

Precision of temperature control is not the best for this unit


Mitsubishi MZ-FH15NA – 15000 BTU


Cooling Efficiency (Max SEER): 22

Heating Efficiency (max HSPF): 12

Decibel Level: 55

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Why it Stands Out to Us

Being the top product, it is evident that we find this unit to be above all. The reason behind that is the top quality features that it is equipped with. Of all these features that the product offers, there is one that really stands out, and that is the advanced filtration system that it comes with.

Most products feature a filtration system that only filters out dust and other bigger particles. But the filtration system on this unit is a lot more advanced than that. It allows filtration of not only macro particles but also finer particles as well as bacteria, maintaining a healthier environment.

Bottom Line

This product is undoubtedly one of the best-rated ones that you’ll find out there. It comes with great features that put its functionality on a whole other level. We are not the only ones impressed by this product. Even users have found this to be exceptionally perfect.

If used within the right size, this product will be sure to provide functionality that is better than that provided by all other products. From its filtration to its temperature control, everything about it is right on point, making it ideal for being the top pick.


Features a hot start technology that prevents cold drafts

Equipped with the i-see Sensor 3D that detect fluctuation in temperature

Comes with an advanced filtration system that removes nanoparticles as well as bacteria

H2i technology is designed to provide consistent functioning even in low or negative ambient temperatures

The precision temperature control technology allows users to control the temperature just according to their need


May not be as quiet as other units

Installation of the unit may be a little tricky

The instructions provided on the manual are not very clear

Best Mitsubishi Ducted Heat Pump

Mitsubishi Electric PEA-A18AA6


Cooling Efficiency (Max SEER): N/A

Heating Efficiency (max HSPF): N/A

Decibel Level: N/A

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Why it Stands Out to Us

We have seen a great number of features in this product, and all of these have really impressed us. But there is one specific feature on this product that we think is a class apart from the rest, and that is the self-check function that it provides the users with.

This unit is capable of keeping a check on itself. But is that all? No, it is also integrated with a list of diagnoses that allows you to understand exactly what is wrong with the unit, making the servicing job a lot quicker and more efficient.

Bottom Line

Ducted heat pumps are the standard type that is most commonly used. Given the common use, there are a great number of these products out there. But of all these products, this one stands tall, being one of the highest-rated products.

This high rating is justified by the outstanding performance and the impeccable functionality that it has proven to provide. Users have all been greatly satisfied after investing in this product by Mitsubishi, and we assure you it will be the same for you as well.


Unit is capable of restarting itself after a power outage

The ultra-thin body of the unit makes it extremely easy to install

Comes with a remote that makes the functioning of the unit considerably easier

Comes with an auto fan speed control that adjusts itself according to the surroundings

Features a self-check function that is integrated with diagnostics, allowing a great service


May not be designed out of the best quality material

Not as feature-savvy as some other products by the brand

Users may find the parts to fail a lot faster than they expected

What Kind of Warranty Does Mitsubishi Offer?

The warranty that Mitsubishi offers on its heat pumps is very unique. In order to avail the warranty, you need to register your product with the brand on their official site. The registration is of two types. One is for homeowners who purchase the product for their own personal use, while the other is for contractors.

The warranty offered by Mitsubishi is of different levels. There are three different levels that it has to offer. The first is the five-year warranty. This is the basic level which is provided on all products, even without registration. The warranty is valid for five years on parts, and 7 years on the compressor.

Mitsubishi MZ-FH15NA – 15,000 BTU

The second level is the 10-year warranty. This level is applicable only to products that are registered online. The registration must be done within nine days of installation in order to receive 10-year parts as well as a compressor warranty.

The last level is the 12-year warranty. This applies to products that are installed as well as registered by a Diamond contractor or Ductless Pro. Once again, that registration must be done within 90 days of installation and provides 12-year parts and compressor warranty.

Who is Mitsubishi?

Mitsubishi is a very well-known name in today’s world. But where did this name come from? Mitsubishi dates back to the early 1870s when it was founded by Iwasaki Yataro. And even though it disbanded during the second world war, it came back stronger than ever. Today, Mitsubishi Group is a group of multinational companies that rule over a great number of industries.

While there are certain products by the brand that are more known and talked about as compared to others, there are plenty more that the brand produces. And not just a few, but all products by Mitsubishi excel in terms of quality and performance. Mitsubishi engineers a large variety of products that range from aircraft to simple heat pumps and everything in between.


A new heat pump may serve to be all that you need for your home. And if that is the case, you should really consider investing in a unit by Mitsubishi. With its great variety of products and ideal price range, you can easily find the perfect unit for yourself just with the right consideration of the important features.

People Also Ask

Not all users are equally familiar with heat pumps. For some, they may be quite new. But it is important to know all about them before investing in one. In order to help you clear your queries, here are a few questions that users frequently ask.

How Much is a Mitsubishi Heat Pump?

As discussed earlier, Mitsubishi has a great variety of products that vary in their features as well as their price range. The most basic heat pumps by Mitsubishi would cost users somewhere around $14,000, while the fancy ones with greater features can be as much as $18,000.

Is it Cheaper to Leave a Heat Pump on All Day?

While some may think that leaving the heat pump on all day may be more expensive due to the constant energy consumption, it isn’t true. When you turn your heat pump on, it consumes a great amount of energy to achieve the required temperature, and the energy consumption greatly drops after that. But if you turn it off and then turn it on again, the great energy consumption phase is repeated, causing a higher electricity bill.

What Temperature Should I Set my Heat Pump To?

The temperature of your heat pump depends upon the season. During summertime, the greater amount of humidity requires your heat pump to work at 20 to 22 degrees. But if it is winter season and your unit is running all night, you can set it at 16 to 18 degrees and expect the best functionality.

Where Should I Place My Heat Pump?

Some users may be confused about where to place the outdoor heat pump component. Do not worry; it is actually really simple. Just pick a place that is behind or at the side of your home and make sure that it is in a shady area, and not in direct contact with the sunlight. It is also preferable to keep it away from any sort of vegetation or shrubbery.

Do Heat Pumps Need Servicing?

Like any other device that we use, heat pumps need servicing too. While they may not need to be serviced as often as other products, timely service can allow your unit to last a lot longer. While it would be great to get your heat pumps serviced every six months, it’s not necessary. What is necessary is to get it serviced every 12 months.

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