Airtemp Furnace Reviews – 2020 Top Picks

| Last Updated: April 19, 2021

As the winter season approaches, more and more individuals and families are looking for top-quality furnaces to warm up their homes.

In this article, we have carefully picked out the best furnace models from Airtemp so that you can be relieved of the cold and feel cozy and warm.

So, let’s dive into the article and get started. 

Who is Airtemp?

Before getting into the detailed reviews of the furnaces, let’s take a look at the brand and what it has to offer. Airtemp was established back in 1934, and its headquarters was the first building that had full air-conditioning installed. It was created by the inventor of Chrysler Corporation, Charles Neeson.

Airtemp has a wide variety of products to offer, including oil and gas furnaces, heat pumps, air handlers, conditioners, and coils and packaged systems for usage in residences. The company also categorizes its gas and oil furnaces into a high standard and high-efficiency models. 

What Makes Airtemp Products Stand Out From the Competition?

The products offered by Airtemp are guaranteed to be of the highest quality. Not only are their products made from the best quality materials, but they also come with excellent installation services. They are durable, work impressively, and are a great investment for any home.

Moreover, Airtemp offers its customers a ten-year warranty for all the equipment it sells. They also provide a limited lifetime warranty for the heat exchanger, along with a one-year replacement on their air conditioners if they do not work up to the standards. This is a feature not many competitors offer.

Quick Take: Best Airtemp Furnaces

These are our recommendations for the best Airtemp furnaces:

  1. Airtemp VG7SA/K
  2. Airtemp LowBoy
  3. Airtemp VG7SD/M

Review of the Best Airtemp Furnaces

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s delve deeper and finally go over the details of the best furnaces that Airtemp offers. 

Best Overall:
Airtemp VG7SA/K


  • Has a flexible venting system to let out the humidity
  • Equipped with high static blowers to supply heat evenly
  • Complies with Energy Star and keeps the leakage less than 2%
  • Furnace comes with an integrated control board for ease of use
  • Smart technology such as the 30-second post purge to increase heat exchanger’s lifespan


  • Size is quite large
  • Mostly suitable for large homes only

What Recent Buyers Report

From high static blowers to a multi-speed direct drive blower, this furnace comes with almost everything. It is equipped with some of the most highly advanced features that you would not find in other brands, which makes all the difference in users’ comfort. This is why this furnace has managed to earn its place as the best overall. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

For a comfortable, warm, and cozy experience, do not hesitate to check out the Airtemp VG7SA/K. This extremely reliable and high-performing furnace aims to heat up your home in no time, making your crib a cozy place to snuggle in. It is also equipped with all the latest innovative features to ensure a peaceful and warm night.

Along with that, Airtemp makes sure that the combustion is clean and reliable so that it is more efficient and environmentally-friendly. The durable finish added to the furnace also makes the product more durable and less prone to corrosion. 

Bottom Line

Looking for the best Airtemp furnace to evenly warm up your home? This model has you covered. With its impeccable construction and superior quality, the design of this furnace is bound to make you feel cozier, warmer, and much comfier. 

Airtemp LowBoy


  • Clean and reliable combustion method
  • Heating capacity of up to 142,000 BTUH
  • Quietly operates without disturbing residents
  • Heavy-duty design to handle extreme temperatures
  • Highly efficient multi-speed blower to evenly spread heat


  • Not as powerful as the previous model
  • Does not come with an integrated control board

What Recent Buyers Report

Coming with a ten-year all-parts warranty, this furnace by Airtemp comes with a superior design and quiet operation that is convenient for all users. It is also super powerful and has a heating capacity of up to 142,000 BTUH. It also burns cleanly and is environmentally friendly.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The main reason why this model stands out is due to its impressive quality and high-end features. This is one of the most competent and technologically advanced models, and it has all the features that you would look for in a high-functioning furnace. 

This furnace's AFUE efficiency is about 85%, and it serves as the perfect machine to provide coziness and comfort on cold winter nights. Since it is equipped with a multi-speed blower system, the warm air spreads easily and quickly across the room. The heat exchanger is also large and accessible and ensures even and maximum heat transfer. 

Bottom Line

With a capacity of up to 142,000 BTUH, this powerful machine can outperform any regular furnace. It is an innovative and technologically advanced model that is designed with top-notch materials to provide you long-lasting heat and efficiency for decades. 

Best for the Money:
Airtemp VG7SD/M


  • Equipped with an integrated control board
  • Height is not too high for low-ceiling homes
  • 30-second blower delay to ensure quick warmth
  • Comes with a sealed vestibule to reduce sound levels
  • SmartLite Technology equipped for innovative design


  • Not as durable as other models 

What Recent Buyers Report

Users who didn’t want to compromise on the furnace's quality but also did not want to break their bank opted for this model. Needless to say, they were thoroughly impressed with its build and performance. 

Most users testify that the comfort level that this furnace provides is comparable to other high-end models.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Like other models, this one is also very unconventional and technologically proficient. It is also very powerful and has a lot to offer for its impressively low price. For a budget-friendly furnace, it sure comes packed with a lot of stunning features.

It is constructed to provide excellent durability and long-lasting warmth and coziness. It is also one of the most energy-efficient models that have been produced. Moreover, it is very innovatively designed for utter comfort and convenience. It is sturdy, durable, and is equipped with all the necessary features to provide comfort. 

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a furnace that provides superb value and durability, then go for this one. It is easily installable, packed with features to enhance your comfort level, and promises great value for your money. 

Airtemp Gas Furnace Review:
Airtemp VG7TC-V


  • Sealed vestibule lowers furnace sound
  • DC motor is energy efficient and brushless
  • Smartlite technology to ensure durability for 20 years
  • Comes with a flexible venting system to decrease humidity 
  • Furnace comes with an integrated control board for ease of use


  • Offers relatively lower BTUH

What Recent Buyers Report

If you don’t want a furnace that powers on oil, then you should definitely check this one out. This gas furnace is designed to make your winters warmer and cozier. It is energy-efficient and features impressive SmartLite technology to make the furnace last for at least 20 years. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

The VG7TC-V is definitely one of the best gas furnaces that you can get in the market right now. It’s highly efficient and designed with superior-quality materials that make it last for a very long time. Moreover, the technology embedded in this furnace is very powerful, and it can make heating your home super convenient and easy. 

Along with those features, this furnace also comes with a low height that makes it compatible and easy to install at homes with low ceilings. The 30-second post purge also increases the furnace's lifespan, making it much more reliable and durable to use. 

Bottom Line

On the hunt for an Airtemp gas furnace for your home? This one comes with all the features you will need to ensure warmth and comfort in your home all winter long. It is also reliable for at least 20 years and comes with an excellent warranty too.

Airtemp Oil Furnace Review:
Airtemp HighBoy


  • Leakage is less than 2%
  • Equipped with an energy-efficient DC motor
  • SmartLite technology infused in the furnace for reliability 
  • Two-piece door design which makes the furnace look aesthetically pleasing
  • Flexible venting system that can be used as a one or two-pipe system for high flexibility


  • Does not power on gas

What Recent Buyers Report

For an ultra-premium experience and a highly comfortable setting in your home, this furnace is recommended by many users. It is reliable, durable, and comes in a strong and aesthetic finish. It is also equipped with an integrated control board that connects to an air cleaner and/or humidifier.

Why it Stands Out to Us

For families who are on the hunt for a powerful furnace to heat their home in the least amount of time, this is the best oil furnace that you can find in the market. It is fully insulated, and its technologically advanced interior and exterior makes its operation quiet and smooth.

Moreover, the heat exchanger is designed with heavy-gauge aluminized steel, which makes it highly reliable and dependable for extended use. It also comes with an impressive warranty, as do all other Airtemp products, and it is overall a powerful, durable, and high-quality furnace for any home.

Bottom Line

The HighBoy Oil furnace by Airtemp is an excellent outdoor and indoor companion for your winter nights or summer days. It aims to provide high-efficiency comfort at all times for you and your loved ones. 

Types of Airtemp Furnaces

Airtemp provides several types of furnaces to its customers to ensure that all of their needs are fulfilled during freezing winter nights. In order to decide which model to get yourself, this portion will help you out.  

The two categories of Airtemp furnaces are oil and gas ones. 

Oil Furnaces 

These furnaces by Airtemp have unmatched quality with clean combustion and engineered airflow. They come with high-density cabinet insulation, which makes the furnace run smoothly and quietly. The different models of oil furnaces include HighBoy, Lowboy, and Downflow. 

Gas Furnaces

The other ones are gas furnaces, which have several models as well. These also have cleaner combustion and durable finish for longevity. They are also equipped with a dependable heat exchanger. Here are the different models that Airtemp offers in the market:

VG7TC-V Models: These furnaces operate at the lowest cost and are 95% efficient. They come with two-stage heating and a variable-speed blower that is also energy-efficient and offers maximum comfort control for the members of the family.

VG7SC/L Models: This model type by Airtemp operates at a 92% efficiency rate and still offers considerable energy without boosting operating costs. They are more affordable and provide comfort for all types of homes. 

VG7SA/K Models: These are 80% AFUE furnaces. They provide excellent value to the users and consist of top-notch features. 

VG7SD/M Models: With 95% AFUE, this model furnace saves up to 95% energy and has lower operating costs as well. It is highly efficient and comes with all the necessary features required for warmth and comfort in your home.

Comparison Overview 

Let’s now compare Airtemp with some of the competitors in the market:

Lennox Fuel Oil And Airtemp Fuel Oil Furnaces

Both Lennox and Airtemp are Energy Star certified and are designed with the highest quality materials to ensure durability and longevity. They both also aim to be energy-efficient and have a similar rectangle-shaped design. 

However, Lennox has models that are up to 98.7% energy-efficient, while the highest energy efficiency level Airtemp’s furnaces have is 95%. Moreover, the former uses Precise Comfort technology for keeping consistent temperatures and SilentComfort for quiet operation. Meanwhile, the latter uses SmartLite technology and offers cleaner combustion. It also uses high-density cabinet insulation for quiet operation.

Airtemp vs. Goodman Furnace

Goodman and Airtemp both utilize multi-speed ECM blowers to ensure consistently and even heat transfer throughout the room. They are both energy-efficient as well and have an aesthetic design, which makes them look almost similar. They both also use tubular heat exchanger technology.

The difference comes in the little intricacies such as the sloped heat exchanger design on Goodman furnaces. Goodman also uses wrinkle bend technology that retains the strength of the wall and helps in even the transfer of heat. Airtemp uses engineered airflow and relies on SmartLite technology for quality assurance. 

Airtemp Furnace Troubleshooting 

You may face a number of minor or major issues during installation or after using different models of this furnace. Some of these issues may include things such as:

Thermostat Not Turning On 

This can occur due to the drainage of batteries or the debris or dust collected inside it that makes it inefficient. 

Inability Of the Thermostat to Produce Heat 

A circuit breaker or fuse that is tripped or blown can cause the thermostat to not generate heat. The filter might be terribly clogged in such a case.

Faulty Limit Switch 

An inefficient limit switch could cause the blower to operate constantly, resulting in a lack of its performance and shortening its lifespan.

 In order to fix a few of these issues, here is a troubleshooting guide:

Solid Green And Red Light on Airtemp Furnace No Amber Light

A red light on your Airtemp furnace means that a safety issue in your furnace has resulted in the shutdown of the whole furnace as it detected or recognized a fault. 

Airtemp Gas Furnace Status Green Light Flashing

If the green light on the furnace is flashing slowly, it means that the furnace is on but has received no instructions on turning on the heat. If the light is constantly flashing, you need to replace the IFC circuit board as the furnace does not receive any electrical power.

Airtemp Furnace Restarts Several Times During Heat Cycle

When a furnace restarts or shuts down itself several times, it means that it has overheated and needs to calm down and rest before starting up again. Restricted airflow is usually the cause of an overheating furnace, and it can be dangerous if it is not turned off on time. 

Airtemp Furnace Open Limit Switch Fault

The code or phrase’s meaning is that the furnace has overheated. The limit switch turns the furnace burner off and turns on the fan, especially if there is a high-temperature problem on the furnace. It can also mean that the switch is malfunctioning and needs to be repaired.

Airtemp Furnace Not Igniting

If the Airtemp furnace is not igniting, it essentially means that it needs cleaning, or it needs to be repaired. If the ignitor is dirty, it will restrict the flow of air into the furnace, which will cause It to shut down or malfunction. So you need to check the air filters for debris if this issue occurs.

Airtemp Furnace Burners Won't Stay Lit

If the burner keeps malfunctioning or shutting on and off, you might need to check its air filters. Overheating and other malfunctioning issues can occur if the furnace burners aren’t cleaned out properly. The air can be restricted, and the furnace won’t stay lit if it’s not cleaned out.

Airtemp Furnace, No Flames

A dirty pilot flame is weak and can cause little to no flames on your furnace. It will show up as a yellow-colored indicator light, which means you need to clean the filters and repair them so that they can be used again properly and become brand new.


Airtemp offers a wide variety of products and models for all its users. The brand name is known to provide dependable and efficient solutions for home comfort. Their furnaces are quite popular and feature different models. They also come with impressive warranties as well. Good luck finding the right one for you!

People Also Ask

If you still have some questions or concerns regarding Airtemp furnaces, you can look at the following frequently asked questions to get further insight into your queries or concerns. Let’s go over some of the main questions asked by Airtemp’s users:

Where Are Airtemp Products Made?

Airtemp’s indoor systems for comfort and luxury are designed, assembled, and tested all over North America. They use the most reliable and high-quality products and materials in their machines and constantly test them at every stage to ensure zero faults or errors. 

Who Manufactures Airtemp Furnaces?

The furnaces at Airtemp are manufactured at Nortek and are sold through R.E Michel Co. Inc. since 2012. All the other aspects of the furnaces, such as assembly and designing, are done in North America, where they are also tested for quality assurance purposes.

Who Owns Airtemp?

Airtemp is essentially a subsidiary of Nortek, and it has net sales of around $2.5 billion. Its furnaces are also created at Nortek and are sold through R.E Michel Co. Inc. since 2012. It is one of the nation’s leading HVAC wholesale distributors that focuses on high-quality products.

How Long Has Airtemp Been Around?

The building in which Airtemp was founded was built in 1930. Airtemp was established back in 1934, and its headquarters was the first building that had full air-conditioning installed. It was created by the inventor of Chrysler Corporation, Charles Neeson.

Why Are Airtemp Products so Popular?

The products offered by Airtemp are guaranteed to be of the highest quality. Their products are not only made from the best quality materials, but they are also energy-efficient and aim to reduce electricity bills at home. They are durable, work impressively, and have amazing warranties.

What Kind of Warranty Does Airtemp Offer?

Airtemp offers its customers a ten-year warranty for all the products it sells. It also provides a limited lifetime warranty for the heat exchanger, along with a one-year replacement on the air conditioners and heat pumps if they do not work up to Airtemp standards. However, product registration is required.

How To Light an Airtemp Furnace

Find the pilot light, which is a small burner present at the bottom entrance of the furnace. If it is on, you will be able to see that it has a small flame. Turn off the gas furnace and wait for the gas to vent out. Once that is done, relight the pilot light with the help of the ignition button.

How Do You Change The Fan Speed On Airtemp Furnace?

In order to adjust the fan speed of the furnace, you can use the pulley on the blower driver motor. For higher or increased speed, loosen the setscrew that keeps the pulley tight onto the driveshaft. You can also decrease the speed of the furnace by turning the pulley clockwise to tighten the driveshaft.

How To Restart a Gas Airtemp Furnace

Turn the knob of the furnace to pilot when the gas has been turned on. Then, press the reset button and make sure that the lighter's flame is close to the pilot light opening. Once this is done, the furnace pilot light will be turned on, and you can release the pressure off the reset button.

How To Remove the Filter From an Airtemp Furnace

Open or slide the door panel to get access to the furnace’s interior. You will find the filter near the area where the cool air enters the furnace. Slide out the old filter that will be visible below, and replace it with the new one. Make sure that the airflow arrows of the filter are pointing in the right direction.

How To Tell the Age Of an Airtemp Furnace

You need to check the serial number of the furnace in order to determine when it was made. The fourth and the fifth digit of the serial number are the year that the furnace was manufactured, which will tell you how old the furnace is and when exactly it was designed.

How To Adjust the Furnace Gas Regulator in an Airtemp

By turning the gas pressure adjustment screw in the clockwise direction, you can increase the pressure of the gas. Likewise, turning it counterclockwise will decrease the pressure. If you own a two-stage furnace, you will need to make sure that the gas pressure is set on both the low-fire and high-fire operation.

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