Kozy Heat Fireplace Reviews – 2022 Guide

| Last Updated: July 17, 2021

Despite all the new ways of heating, the classic fireplace never goes out of style. If done right, it is efficient and produces a lot of heat in a short time. With the cozy ambiance and the crackling of logs, winter nights become much more enjoyable. 

But there are reasons why these fireplaces started getting replaced with electrical heaters. These include the difficulty of starting the fire, keeping it going, and the danger of an out-of-hand fire. 

This is why you cannot just buy any fireplace. You need a brand that lays importance on quality and safety. Kozy Heat is one of those brands. This article reviews some of the best Kozy Heat fireplaces that you should definitely check out.

Comparison of the Best Kozy Heat Fireplaces

  • Remote control included with full function control
  • Comes with a high heat capacity of 48000 BTU per hour
  • Comes with a safe air ventilation system included
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  • Made from high-quality materials to last longer
  • A strong and durable burner design for better heat control
  • Designed to be safely used indoors
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  • Best for the Money
  • Made from high-quality materials to last longer
  • High heat capacity of up to 30000 BTUs
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  • Comes with a very high heat capacity of up to 52000 BTUs
  • A fan kit is included for better heat control
  • High-quality materials is used in construction
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  • Very easy to install inside the wall
  • High heat capacity of 32000 BTUs
  • Will quickly heat up to maximum heat
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Who is Kozy Heat? 

Dudley Hussong established Kozy Heat in 1976 as a private and family-owned business. It started as a small town business that was looking for an efficient solution to heat up a millwork shop during the fuel embargo. These fireplaces provided an alternative source of fuel that was abundantly found in nature.

The company’s line of products includes gas and wood fireplaces, gas inserts, and direct valves. Their focus is not just on efficient fireplaces, but they are also known for making modern and aesthetic designs that spruce up your home. 

What Makes Kozy Heat Fireplaces Stand Out from the Competition?

Kozy Heat is more than 40 years old. Their sole focus is on conventional means of heating like the fireplace, so, over the years, they have become an industry expert. Other than the basic setup, the company also provides decorative overlays, mantels, doors, decorative screen fronts, fireplace refractories, and other accessories. Their dealers assist customers with information like fireplace maintenance, what accessories to buy, and installation.   

All Kozy Heat fireplaces have a limited lifetime warranty, but it differs in some cases. If there are any problems with the paint, gasket, light bulbs, and/or glass media, it needs to be reported within 30 days of purchase. All other parts and materials have one year of reporting. This comes in the parts and labor category. Labor warranty only applies if you get the installation through an authorized dealer.

The firebox, heat exchanger, logs, burner tube, outer shell, heat shield, front viewing glass, and the refractory firebox liner have a lifetime warranty.

Review of the Best Kozy Heat Fireplaces

Kozy Heat has definitely made a name for itself in the heating business. If you are looking to add an efficient fireplace in your home, this is a good place to start. Here are some of the best Kozy Heat fireplaces that you should definitely consider buying. 

Best Overall

Alpha 36S

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What Recent Buyers Report

If you are looking for an old-fashioned yet efficient fireplace, this is a good option. Its large viewing area and log setup create a great ambiance in the home. It can quickly heat up the room and make it comfortable. Due to the ignition system, using and maintaining it is much easier than manual fireplaces.  

Why it Stands Out to Us

The Alpha 36S has a traditional design and a traditional log set. It has a high energy input of 48,000 BTU per hour. This is more than enough as an average-sized home only needs 15,000 BTU per hour. So this unit can easily meet the energy requirements for a big room.

It has an easy-to-use electronic intermittent pilot ignition system. This type of ignition system turns on when you light the flames. Likewise, it turns off when the main burner stops operating and hence conserves energy.

The full-function remote control helps you turn the fireplace on and off with a button. The company provides three different types of energy efficiencies, i.e., EnerGuide, steady-state, and AFUE. The ratings are 75.99%, 76.38%, and 71.34%, respectively, which are higher than the average requirements.

For design options, the model gives an accent light kit. These lights are added to the fireplace’s sides to give it a distinct look even when it is not burning. It also comes with a clear screen front and has three different refractory lining options. These include the herringbone (V-shape weaving pattern), traditional brick lining, and black enamel lining.      

Bottom Line

This fireplace is gas-based and uses logs. This is a traditional design that comes in both arched and rectangular shapes. It has one of the highest efficiencies for a gas fireplace and works with both natural gas and liquid petroleum.  


A front screen for safety

48,000 BTU per hour input

Has a full-function remote control

Electronic ignition for an easy start

71.34% AFUE fuel efficiency rating, which is higher than average


Can expose you to lead


Bayport 36

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What Recent Buyers Report

According to buyers, this model’s rectangular design gives it a newer look, and the glass media adds to its appearance. The different hearth and front door options that the company offers gives many varieties of design to make it better fit with your home decor.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This fireplace has options for log, birch log, rocks, and glass for media. The 26,000 BTU input is more than enough for an average-sized home. It also has an electronic intermittent pilot ignition (IPI) system. One version of the Bayport 36 that is the Bayport 36 Millivolt, has a standing ignition system. Unlike the IPI system, this pilot does not stop burning after the fire starts.  

It is a direct vent fireplace, which means it does not need a chimney and can be installed in any home. A direct vent uses a sealed combustion system that draws air from the outside and releases the exhaust gases outdoors. 

The energy efficiency ratings are EnerGuide 71.09%, steady-state 75%, and AFUE 75%. These are when you use liquid nitrogen fuel. It has a glass screen front, enamel firebox, amber bed light, and accent light. The amber bed light kit and accent lights add to the aesthetic appeal of the fireplace.

There are several fireplace panel options, including brick, masonry, black glass, and herringbone.   

Bottom Line

The Bayport 36 is a versatile fireplace that can use multiple media types, including glass and logs. Its sleek rectangular shape fits into any room. The clear ceramic glass gives your room the ambiance that you need from a fireplace. Its efficiency is also higher than industry standards and helps save on fuel.  


Uses high-quality lifetime glass

ANSI certified for quality and standard

Excellent 74% AFUE fuel efficiency rating

Has an enamel firebox refractory for strength

Direct vent design does not require a chimney


Not suitable for large homes

Best for the Money

Bayport 41

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What Recent Buyers Report

Users report that having a direct vent system makes this fireplace very efficient. It heats the room quickly and can cover a large area. The inner brick lining gives it a much better look, and it doesn’t catch rust as easily as metal does.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The Bayport 41 is similar to the Bayport 36 model in many ways but with higher efficiency ratings. It has a 30,000 BTU per hour input, EnerGuide (government of Canada efficiency rating) 76.77%, steady-state (amount of usable heat) 78.04%, and AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilisation Efficiency) 72.16%.

It also uses log, birch log, glass, and stone (optional) as media. Since it is a Minnesota-based company, it is compliant with the Minnesota energy code. It is also certified to ANSI vented gas heater. This model is also directly vented and has a ceramic glass viewing. Its operation is easy and straightforward with the remote control and electric ignition system.       

Bottom Line

Many of Kozy Heat fireplaces are similar with some differences in efficiency ratings, media, and refractory linings. This model uses multiple burning media, giving you more options with a high-efficiency rating. You can also set the temperature as needed with the remote control. It lets you control the heat, so it does not get too warm or too cold. 


Screen front included 

30,000 BTU per hour input

72.19% AFUE efficiency rating

Compliant to Minnesota Energy Code

Comes in log, birch log, and glass media options


Options for refractory lining are limited

Bellingham 52

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What Recent Buyers Report

As per reports, having a slim and dark design makes this the perfect fireplace for a modern contemporary home while the logs give it a traditional look. It does not have the highest efficiency rating of all the Kozy Heat fireplaces, but users love it for the amount of heat it can provide. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

The Bellingham fireplace has a landscape design. Its slim design is made to go with a TV on top. It uses logs as media. It has two different BTU inputs as needed according to the requirement (low: 18,500 BTU/hr, high: 59,500 BTU/hr).

The decoration elements include a top accent light and an ember bed light kit. It also includes a front safety screen. The refractory options include Chicago, black glass, Ledgestone, and herringbone. Its efficiency rating is around 66%.

Bottom Line

Bellingham 52 is part of the landscape designs from Kozy Heat. It is slim, modern, and uses the traditional log for the complete fireplace look. Its accent lights give it a distinctive look, yet it still has a low profile to accommodate a TV on top.      


A safety screen is included 

High input of 59,000 BTU per hour

Ceramic glass withstands high heat

Uses a safe-to-use electric ignition system

Includes top accent and amber bed light kits


AFUE rating is lower than the rest of the models

Callaway 40

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What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers state that having a linear design makes it an attractive choice if you want conventional heating but a newer style. Everything from the hearth and inner lining to the media is fully customizable, which helps it fit into any home easily.   

Why it Stands Out to Us

This is a linear fireplace that has a vented cavity and a komfort zone kit that helps hang a TV on top of it. It also has options for heat transfer kits or a power vent system that redirects heat from the fireplace to the house.

Its low BTU input is 16,500 per hour, and it has a high BTU input of 31,500 per house. The media material it uses is a log, glass, and rock. It also includes a glass safety front and inner linings for improving the durability of the product. 

Bottom Line

The vertical fireplace design is more modern and therefore has modern accessories to go with it. It is designed to accommodate a TV on top, has media options like rock, and perimeter options like crushed glass.  


73.12% AFUE rating

Has a large viewing area

Has multiple media options

Certified by American National Standard institute


Safety screen is not included 

Comparison Overview 

Modern and efficient fireplaces are becoming people’s top choice for heating, so many companies develop these products. If you want the best option in your home, you need to know how Kozy Heat compares to others and why it stands out as the best. 

Lopi vs. Kozy Heat vs. Mendota

All three of these companies make gas and wood heating products, but they differ in some ways. 


Lopi makes gas, wood, and pellet stoves and fireplace inserts. Fireplace inserts are basically stoves that are inserted into an already built fireplace area. The company also makes stove and insert accessories like heat-resistant paints for decorative covering of the fireplaces. Their other accessories include greenlight ignitors that automatically start the fire, custom shop mantels, and finishes.

Mendota Hearth makes gas fireplaces, gas inserts, heat transfer systems, front doors, mantels, and various options for inside linings, firebases, and andirons. An andiron is metal support on which logs are placed for burning. They have many options for firebase, including different kinds of marble, glass, and wood.   

Kozy Heat makes gas fireplaces, gas inserts, and gas stoves. They also provide front doors, different media options, and inner brick linings. They also design the surrounding hearth area but don’t produce electric fireplaces.  

Photo credit: houzz.in


Kozy Heat gives limited lifetime warranties for its parts, but some parts and labor have only a one-year warranty. 

Lopi has a warranty of seven years from the purchase date. It is reduced to five years for cast iron stoves. All electronic parts (excluding bulbs), trims, faces, and the labor for installing it are covered for two years.  

Mendota has a lifetime limited warranty for the firebox, heat exchanger, burner, and glass. All the other parts have a one or two-year warranty. 


Different kinds of media are added to the fireplace for producing heat. Lopi only uses wood and pellets. Mendota, on the other hand, has a large variety of options. These include birch, Norway spruce, premium fire oak, driftwood, white oak, forest oak, liquid clear glass, liquid clear glass diamonds, midnight black glass, natural river rock, black glass diamonds, clear ice cubes, and white tumbled marble.

Kozy Heat media options vary from model to model. Some have birchwood while others have midnight crushed glass, copper crushed glass, lava rock, ember/hot coal, and other types of rock.  

Heat & Glo vs. Kozy Heat

Heat & Glo is almost as old as Kozy Heat. They started in 1975 and only make fireplaces and their accessories, much like Kozy Heat. Here’s a comparison between the two:


Heat & Glo products include fireplaces, gas fireplace inserts, outdoor gas fireplaces, outdoor wood fireplaces, gas logs, and gas stoves. They also make electric fireplaces that give the allusion of fire but are much safer. Their products are some of the most modern and aesthetic units, including see-through ones. They are enclosed on the front and back with glass that lets you see either side. 

Kozy Heat only makes gas fireplaces, and their designs are more traditional with only a hint of modernity as compared to the more contemporary styles of Heat & Glo.  

Alpha 36S


Heat & Glo has nine different types of warranty periods that start after installation. The limited lifetime warranty is for parts with a three-year warranty for labor that includes the firebox, heat exchanger, and other electrical components. The one-year warranty with no labor is only for replacement parts.

Kozy Heat offers a limited ten-year warranty to the original owner of the product. In the first year, the warranty covers any manufacturing defects and its replacement. The rest of the years up to the tenth cover the replacement and repair of all defective parts, including accessories. 

How to Clean the Glass on a Kozy Heat Gas Fireplace

By cleaning the fireplace, you keep it looking great and in great condition. A clean glass gives you a clear look into the fireplace and the burning wood. Follow these steps to do it properly.

  1. Make sure the fireplace is off and has completely cooled down.

  2. Use a liquid polish to clean the glass from any residue caused by mineral deposits.

  3. First, press the spring-loaded latches at the bottom of the firebox.

  4. Pull the latches out and down to unlock the glass and remove it.

  5. Apply the cleaner on the glass using a clean cloth and make a thin covering of it over the entire glass.

  6. Let it dry for 10 to 15 minutes.

  7. Use a clean cloth to wipe off the product completely.

For more help and tips and tricks on cleaning, have a look at the following video:


That is everything you need to know about Kozy Heat fireplaces. They have some very modern and stylish designs that will fit into any home and be its centerpiece. Installing them correctly is very important. The company has dealers that advise the accessories that go with it, and they have authorized people for proper installation. 

People Also Ask

If all of your questions have not been answered and you still have some confusion, read through these frequently asked questions.

Where Are Kozy Heat Fireplaces Made?

Kozy Heat is part of Hussong Manufacturing Co., which is located in Industrial Park, Lakefield, Minnesota. All the fireplaces are made here. 

How to Operate My Kozy Heat Wood Fireplace?

To turn on the Kozy Heat fireplace, first, turn off the electrical power, locate its manual valve, and turn it clockwise to the off position. Wait for five minutes, and you’ll start smelling gas. If you don’t, turn it on again. Turn the electric power on and use the remote control to operate it. There are OFF/ON buttons on it.    

How to Light a Kozy Heat Fireplace?

These fireplaces have an electrical ignition system. To use it, press and hold the knob at the back of the firebox and repeatedly press the ignitor button. Once the pilot is lit, hold the knob for 30 more seconds and then release it.

Why Does My Kozy Heat Fireplace Keep Cycling?

Your fireplace may be cycling or turning off because your thermostat setting is wrong. You can increase the temperature of the thermostat or switch to manual mode. It can also happen because of a malfunctioning thermocouple.  

How Do I Turn on the Pilot on My Kozy Heat Fireplace?

These fireplaces have automatic ignition pilots. To start them, press and hold the knob at the back of the firebox and repeatedly press the ignitor button. Once the pilot is lit, hold the knob for 30 more seconds and then release it.

How Much Do Kozy Heat Fireplaces Cost?

Kozy Heat sells fireplaces through authorized dealers, so the price differs from model to model and from dealer to dealer. 

What Other Name Does Kozy Heat Fireplaces Go By?

Kozy Heat also goes by the name of Hussong Manufacturing. Co., Inc.

How Do I Start My Kozy Heat Fireplace?

To start the Kozy Heat fireplace, first, turn off the electrical power, locate its manual valve, and turn it clockwise to the off position. Wait for five minutes, and you’ll start smelling gas. If you don’t smell any gas, turn it on again. Turn the electric power on and use the remote control to operate it. There are OFF/ON buttons on it.

Who Makes Kozy Heat Products?

Hussong Manufacturing. Co makes Kozy Heat products.

Who Owns Kozy Heat?

The company is owned by the Hussong family. It was founded by Dudely Hussong and later joined by his children Jim, Heather, and Hannah Hussong.  

How Long Has Kozy Heat Been Around?

The company was founded in 1976.

Why Are Kozy Heat Products so Popular?

These fireplaces are highly efficient and create some of the most realistic flames. Since they don’t require a chimney, their installation is much easier.  

What Kind of Warranty Does Kozy Heat Offer?

Kozy Heat offers a limited lifetime warranty for all its fireplaces. The warranty covers installation problems if it is done through an authorized installer and repair and replacement of defective parts. 

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