Best Fireplace Screens of 2022 – Complete Guide

| Last Updated: July 18, 2021

Fireplaces have become quite famous as modern and convenient heating appliances in the last decade. And for anyone who has a fireplace, a screen is mandatory. These are specially designed to protect you and your family from the harmful radiation that heat produces.

They are also great at preventing any flying embers from landing into your hall or rooms. These embers can not only harm your skin but can also leave a mark on your sofa or carpet. If you have children and pets running around, the need becomes even greater.

This article doesn’t only highlight important information like the pros and cons of top products but also includes some of the most extraordinary screens in the market. It is the complete guide to help you pick the perfect unit. 

Comparison of the Best Fireplace Screens

  • Equipped with 4 single hinged panels for different size fireplace
  • Will easily guard against flying sparks
  • Made from high-quality materials to last longer
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  • Designed with nice display features
  • Made strong and durable to last longer
  • Very easy to assemble and use
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  • Best for the Money
  • Made from durable steel For durability
  • Comes with nice decorations to display well
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  • Best Brass Fireplace Screen
  • Comes with for panels included
  • Made with heavy-duty mesh to protect against sparks
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  • Best Christmas Fireplace Screen
  • Two sturdy doors included for durability
  • Comes with beautiful tree and animal pictures
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  • Best Modern Fireplace Screen
  • Stainless steel feet for better display
  • A clear glass sheet for protection
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  • Best Glass Fireplace Screen
  • Quite easy to install on fireplace
  • Made strong and durable for better protection
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  • Best 3 Panel Fireplace Screen
  • Comes with one large and three small panels
  • Comes with an arch design for the panels
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When Is It Time to Replace My Fireplace Screen?

Fireplace screens are essential in ensuring protection and safety, so it is recommended that you replace them every few years to ensure they do their job well. You also want to prevent any flammable sparks from escaping the fireplace, so the mesh panels of the screen must offer resistance against fire. 

There are clear signs that indicate your screen is losing its efficiency and hence needs replacing. These include the screen rusting or warping with time. Moreover, you may find them producing a noise each time you open them. Another clear sign is the screen not opening easily.

If your primary purpose of installing a screen was to beautify your house, you need to replace it as soon as any paint comes off. 

Are Fireplace Screens Universal?

Fireplaces aren’t universal, so it is safe to assume that screens can’t be either. Most traditional heating appliances are built by hand and come in a square shape. They are also very large, so you will need a screen that covers at least 75% of the body. They are also made of brick or old stone, and a large screen might be able to hide some imperfections of the unit.

It is also recommended that you typically size your screen with at least one or two inches overlap on all sides. If you are trying to hide some obvious defects, then you may buy a larger screen. Moreover, to determine the perfect size, you can simply measure the fireplace’s openings or have a professional do it. Then buy a screen accordingly.

Fireplace screens also come in various shapes and sizes, so you can choose a single, double, or even a triple panel screen.

Review of the Best Fireplace Screens 

Fireplace screens haven’t been in the market for long, but lately, many people have started realizing the sheer impact these affordable units can have on their home. They are strong, durable, and provide greater resistance. This section reviews some fireplace screens that we find best. You can compare their features and see which one suits you the best.

Best Overall

Amagabeli FBA_S41012PK

AMAGABELI GARDEN & HOME Decorative Gold Fireplace Screen 4 Panel Folding Ornate Wrought Iron Black Metal Fire Place Free Standing Gate Large Mesh Solid Steel Spark Guard Cover Outdoor Accessories

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What Recent Buyers Report

One look at buyers’ reviews was all it took to convince us that this screen from Amagabeli deserved to be on the number one spot. Most users absolutely love the design and have complimented the screen’s ability to work with any home décor. They also like the excellent warranty the model offers. This, they say, makes it more reliable.

Why it Stands Out to Us

We love this screen for a number of reasons. It is 32-inch long and 51-inch wide that covers the entire fireplace. It is also expandable, which means that you can make it as long or as short as you want. The quality is also top-notch as gold wrought iron is used in the construction that adds extra durability. 

Though single, the panels come with a hinged design and an arch that will make the screen appear more traditional and vintage. High metal steel is also incorporated in the construction that will hold the hearth firmly to the ground. To top all this is the spark guard that is both large and solid and will block any embers.

We love this screen for a number of reasons. It is 32-inch long and 51-inch wide that covers the entire fireplace. It is also expandable, which means that you can make it as long or as short as you want. The quality is also top-notch as gold wrought iron is used in the construction that adds extra durability. 

Though single, the panels come with a hinged design and an arch that will make the screen appear more traditional and vintage. High metal steel is also incorporated in the construction that will hold the hearth firmly to the ground. To top all this is the spark guard that is both large and solid and will block any embers.

Bottom Line

Even if we ignore all other amazing features, we just couldn’t ignore the solid construction this screen offered. The use of gold wrought iron in the manufacturing helps add unmatched durability to the design and makes it more suitable for long-term usage. So if you are willing to spend a couple of extra bucks for better performance, then this model is definitely for you.


Solid and large gate blocks any popping embers

Gold wrought iron construction adds to the durability

Matches with almost all home décor and fireplace grates

Comes with four single-hinged panels in an arched design

High metal steel comes with doors that hold strongly to the hearth ground


Heavier, hence difficult to move


Deco 79 71822

Deco 79 Metal Foldable Mesh Netting 3 Panel Fireplace Screen with Fleur De Lis and Scrollwork Designs, 52' x 1' x 31' (Black)

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What Recent Buyers Report

Deco 7971822 was probably one product that appeased many recent buyers. But what’s strange is that all these buyers had completely different criteria. Some wanted an attractive body, and some only admired good functionality. This unit proved to be a functional screen that provided all these different features at a relatively low price.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This is a 3-panel screen design that provides better coverage to the entire fireplace. It is made with wrought iron that adds to the strength and makes the screen hold its ground. It also includes metal mesh structures that are neither large nor too small. This is noteworthy because this will ensure that heat can circulate inside the room whilst also preventing embers from flying here and there.

But what really stood out to us was the excellent customization that the model offered. Unlike many other screens, you can mix and match styles and have the same design made with different floral patterns. This ensures that your screen matches the décor inside the house.

Bottom Line

Finding one particular screen that can complement your home décor is hard, especially when you are looking to add a rustic vibe to your room. This screen is decorated with attractive floral and diamond designs and uses very monotonic tones to easily ensure the screen gels in with the rest of the décor.


Gives a rustic and vintage vibe to your room

Designed with a metal mesh structure that adds strength

Made of wrought iron and ensures a very smooth black finish

You can mix and match designs and achieve greater customization


Exterior may lose its shine quickly

Best for the Money

Plow & Hearth Fireplace Screen

Plow & Hearth Metal Fireplace Screen Glass Floral Black | 44' W x 33' H | 2 - Door | Spark Guard Indoor Grate | Iron Fire Place Cover | Wood Burning Stove Decorative Accessories

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What Recent Buyers Report

With its strong body and extra safety features, buyers automatically assumed that this was going to be a very expensive unit. However, they were quite surprised when they saw the price tag. The Plow & Hearth screen is both cheap and reliable. Buyers have complimented the use of diamond designs that shine bright under the firelight and help make their rooms appear livelier.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Like many other people, we also thought that this model’s affordability would stand out most for us. But that was certainly not the case. The model came with tempered glass inserts that are decorated with diamond and floral designs that will shine bright under the flames. The door is also hinged and arched and comes with ergonomic handles to offer convenience. There is also a magnetic latch that will provide a safer closure.

Another special thing about the design is that it contains a heavy-duty and tubular mesh that is durable and lightweight. To top all this, there is the black powdered coating that makes the unit appear clearer.

Bottom Line

Safety was a top priority for the brand when designing this particular screen. Plow & Hearth ensures that you get a magnetic latch that will close easily. Moreover, it provides adequate protection for your children and pets. But more importantly, the feet are extra durable and add stability to the whole design.


Can fit flush against the hearth for added safety

Features feet at front and back for better stability

Arched and hinged doors provide greater convenience

Comes with a magnetic latch that will offer a secure closure

Offers floral and diamond designs that will shine in the firelight


Mesh is slightly bigger than other products 

Best Brass Fireplace Screen

Uniflame S41010PB

UniFlame, S41010PB, 4 Fold Polished Brass Fireplace Screen

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What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers had a hard time reviewing this brass screen because there were just so many things that they liked about it. The brass finish, they said, came with polished and well-rounded edges that give off a smooth look. They also liked the four-fold design that can accommodate all large fireplaces inside and outside the homes.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Brass screens weren’t very popular before, but they recently came into limelight because of their long-lasting designs. This UniFlame screen offers a very smooth look that is polished with brass and offers a much better warranty than most other designs. It is 52 inches wide, making it one of the largest units in the market. It is very stable and sturdy and won’t fall, even if your pets and children accidentally bump into it. 

In addition, the model doesn’t restrict your choice. You can enjoy a traditional design that is embellished with a variety of patterns. You can opt for either diamonds or flowers, according to your preference. 

Bottom Line

All in all, this 52-inch widescreen is definitely what you need to cover your entire fireplace. It is modern and comes with medium-sized mesh patterns that provide protection without hindering your view of the attractive fireplace. Once the fire is out, and only ash remains, the screen will ensure that you don’t have to look at any soot or experience any unhealthy fumes coming out.


Available in both a traditional and modern design

Four-fold design accommodates all large fireplaces

Comes with a polished brass finish for a smooth look

At least 52 inches wide to provide full protection for your children

Features a UniFlame folding design that compliments the carry handles


Heavier to move around during refueling

Best Christmas Fireplace Screen

VERDUGO Woodland Wonder 10016006

Zings & Thingz 57071351 Pine Forest Fireplace Screen, No Size, Black

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What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers are often brutally honest in their reviews, and they call a spade, a spade. This is why we were really surprised to see that rarely anyone had any issues with this Verdugo screen. They all loved the inclusion of pine cones that increased the unit’s aesthetic appeal and promised safety.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The importance of fireplaces is felt mainly around holiday seasons. At this time, families gather around, sit near the fireplace, and reminisce over memories and bonds. The attractive flames tend to add serenity and peace to the surroundings and uplift everyone’s moods. But direct heat from the fireplace can often make you feel uncomfortable, which is why you need to invest in this fireplace screen.

This amazing unit is made of iron and sheet metal with smaller meshes that will allow for adequate heat supply to escape the fireplace. Moreover, the unit comes with detailed pine cones surrounding the outer trim and makes the interior panels appear more attractive.

Bottom Line

Verdugo did not want to compromise on the exterior of this screen, which is why it used a combination of different construction materials. Iron, mesh, and steel metal, together, help enhance the design’s durability and force the fireplace to maximize heat production. So if you want to invest in a model that provides good value for the money, this is the one for you.


Detailed pine cones surround the outer trim

Interior panels are decorated with silhouettes of forests

Mesh metal forces the fireplace to produce a greater amount of heat

Uses iron, mesh metal, and sheet metal construction for extra durability


Assembly takes time

Best Modern Fireplace Screen

Manhattan Modern Free Standing Screen

AMS Fireplace | Manhattan Modern Freestanding Frameless Clear Glass Fireplace Screen with Polished Metal Stainless Steel Feet Base (Medium Size: 39' W X 29' H)

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What Recent Buyers Report

This model suited buyers who did not have any children or pets around and who didn’t have to worry about safety much. The Manhattan screen uses tempered glass that looks very attractive and appealing to anyone who visits your home, and buyers agreed. They also loved the polished edges that made their fireplaces appear smoother than they actually were. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

Modern problems require modern solutions, and that is exactly why we were quite impressed by this Manhattan screen. It comes in many styles and textures and offers reliable protection for your home. It is around 3/8 inches thick and prevents embers from coming close to you.

It also compliments your home with its highly sought design that combines excellent performance with durable construction. The use of tempered glass to make the edges appear smoother has also proved beneficial. Along with a meshed body, these edges help provide a shield from flames without blocking your view of the flames.

Bottom Line

As the name suggests, this model is for homes that are modern in their truest essence. It is available in various colors and designs, thus providing greater customization and versatility. So, all in all, graceful detailing and traditional arched styling make this model compliment any home décor.


Provides better customization

Available in many different colors and styles

Doesn’t block the view of the beautiful flames

Polished edges make the unit appear very smooth

Tempered glass usage protects you and your family from flying embers


More vulnerable to damage

Best Glass Fireplace Screen

Design Specialties GSFRSCN4129

Design Specialties Glass Free-Standing Screen, GSFRSCN4129, Dark Pewter Handles and Feet, Medium

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What Recent Buyers Report

Glass screens weren’t very popular before, but they have recently come to the limelight. Many buyers feel that now the glass used is more durable and more resistant to impact or damage. They praised this design because of its aesthetic appeal and low-profile design.

Why it Stands Out to Us

If there was an award for good ergonomics, this model would have definitely earned it. It is a medium fireplace screen that comes with strong handles and feet. Together, these allow you to easily move the screen for maintenance checks or for cleaning purposes. Moreover, since the screen isn’t very heavy, you also get to enjoy excellent portability. 

The strong and stable feet also stood out to us because they have a low-profile design and make the screen steadier. This also prevents the screen from falling off if anyone or anything bumps into it. To further enhance the appeal, this unit comes with a dark and smooth pewter finish.

Bottom Line

If there is one thing this model does better than any other unit, it is that it offers a good viewing angle. Many people don’t like screens that take over the entire fireplaces, especially people who have invested a lot in attractive designs. So if you want to enjoy looking at flames whilst also feeling safe, then this model is definitely the one for you.


Offers low profile feet that enhance stability

Ergonomic bar handles are smooth and sturdy

Not very heavy hence easier to move around and adjust

Made with textured glass that add to the aesthetic appeal

Available in a medium size that offers a good viewing angle


May not enhance the heat output

Best 3-Panel Fireplace Screen

Panacea Products 15951

Panacea Products 15951 3-Panel Arch Screen with Double Bar for Fireplace, 29.25 Inch

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What Recent Buyers Report

Panacea did all it could to provide efficiency and ease of usage, and this didn’t escape the buyer’s notice. They reviewed the design very positively and praised the inclusion of two hinges that can stretch and offer different openings for their ease. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

This arched fireplace screen comes with two hinges and an arched design that can stretch to suit many different openings. It comes with 24-inch wide panels that cover the front and 12-inch wide panels that cover each of the sides. You will also find it easy to fold and unfold the unit because of its strong ergonomic handles.

The feet are also very stable and can be adjusted to fit different openings easily. There are also hinged doors that won’t require you to lift the screen. You can simply slide them from one place to the other. The frame is also special because it comes in a tubular shape and allows the screen to balance its weight. The steel mesh screenings will also guard you and your family against any stray sparks. 

Bottom Line

The combination of arched design with hinges is just what many users needed. The front panels of this Panacea screen are 24 inches wide and hence cover all medium and small-sized fireplaces easily. You will also be amazed to see how easily the model folds when you have to move it around.


Folds easily, making it easier to move

Hinged doors allow for easy opening and closing of the unit 

Two hinges can stretch and fit a range of different openings

Arch screen comes with a double bar that offers greater portability

Front panel is at least 24 inches wide and covers the whole fireplace


Does not fully cover larger fireplaces

Best Stained Glass Fireplace Screen

River of Goods 8221

River of Goods Fireplace Screen: Stained Glass Tiffany Style Screens - Gas & Wood Burning Fireplaces

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What Recent Buyers Report

Much detail has gone into making this model perfect that it was almost impossible for buyers not to fall in love with it. River of Goods introduces a smaller screen that offers excellent portability. But more importantly, buyers have really praised the triple panel design that provides better coverage.

Why it Stands Out to Us

There are only two words that we will use to describe this River of Goods screen: beautiful and functional. Unlike many other models, this one doesn’t compromise on features or looks. The screen is specially handcrafted using 456 different pieces of textured glass that make them appear very attractive. Furthermore, 62 carbon gemstones are included to further enhance the texture.

Good functionality is also guaranteed because regardless of the situation, this model comes in handy. When the fire is cozy and roaring, you can use the screen to cover the fireplace and achieve protection. When the embers start to fade, the screen will cover the ashes and hide the soot so that your room or living area continues to be a welcoming place for guests.

Bottom Line

The model’s ability to not cover the beautiful flames has been widely praised. It is one of the only models that work well with both gas and wood-burning hearths. Since it is made of glass, it also adds to the beauty of your house.


Handcrafted with 450 pieces of hand-cut glass

Compact size allows you to move the unit easily

Works well with both wood and gas burning hearths 

Features a triple panel that offers better protection from heat

Allows for a beautiful viewing angle that doesn’t cover any flames


Warranty is not very good

What is a Fireplace Screen Used For? 

Regardless of how safe modern fireplaces are, there is always the risk of fire involved. But the alternative is not to avoid installing these beautiful units. You can simply install a screen in front of them and ensure they provide you with both warmth and protection. Here are all the things a fireplace screen is used for.


When the fireplace heating acts as the only heat source in the room, the fire can often become too intense and make the person sitting close to the appliance feel uncomfortable. These screens, therefore, protect people from the scorching heat and add to their comfort. The material used is often metal and copper, and most units also allow for height adjustments to provide more accuracy.

Enhancing Ambiance

Fireplaces, in itself, are beautiful and add to the ambiance of the room. But one sure way of enhancing the beauty is to add a fireplace screen. These will make the appliance appear attractive when the fire isn’t on. Moreover, since there are so many different sizes and shapes available, buyers get more customization and choice. You can hence either opt for a screen that is functional or decorative or both.

Amagabeli FBA_S41012PK

Reducing the Risk of Burns

Like we said earlier, when it comes to fireplaces, a full guarantee can never be achieved. You can always add extra layers of protection to ensure your kids and your pets are totally safe. A screen will prevent any fire ember from landing on the sofa and will hence reduce the risk of burns. Moreover, if there are any carpets or a wooden floor in the room, it is always recommended that you add a screen to prevent any accidents.

Pros and Cons of Fireplace Screens

Many people still think that adding screens to their fireplaces will disrupt the heating efficiency and will make their place seem unattractive, but that can’t be further from the truth. Such screens offer many benefits, and we will be discussing the top ones here. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t have their drawbacks. Here are both aspects of fireplace screens:


Some advantages stand out more than others. Here is why screens are so popular in the modern world:

Efficient Heating

Contrary to what is assumed, adding a screen ensures more effective heating. Most fireplaces will transmit only 10% of the heat to the room, and the rest will just escape out through the chimney. Adding a screen prevents that. It will force the heat to spread only through the room and will ensure even distribution all over. Moreover, a screen attracts and significantly increases the production of heat from the firewood.

Lowers Cost

An open fireplace isn’t the most affordable thing to have. It can significantly increase the heating costs inside your home. A damper is not as effective as a screen because the latter tends to force firewood to make more heat, reducing the need for refueling. A screen also provides better barriers hence preventing heat from escaping from the chimney.

Improved Safety

This one is an obvious advantage and something that we have discussed before as well. A screen ensures that no sparks or embers land on your carpet or skin. It also keeps your children away from the fireplace. But most importantly, it prevents logs from rolling out of the fireplace when the fire is still burning.

Photo credit:


Screens offer a lot of benefits, but they also come with a couple of drawbacks. The most notable disadvantage is:

More Vulnerable to Damage

A lot of brands offer good warranties; however, since screens aren’t very expensive, you can expect them to rust and lose their magic with time. This will hence require you to replace the screens every few years.

Types of Fireplace Screens

Once you have decided on whether to buy a screen or not, you now have to decide which type to buy. Like with fireplaces, you will also get a plethora of options here. All these types provide unique benefits, so before choosing the unit, think wisely.


If you are looking for a screen that can be both functional and still look vintage, you should invest in a traditional unit. These come in a variety of sizes and are often made with copper, brass, or iron. Some also include thick mesh panels, but you shouldn’t choose very wide mesh because that can prevent the effective distribution of heat. Traditional screens usually come in a flat shape and only cover the front of the heating unit.

Modern Screens

These aren’t only called modern because they were built recently. They also incorporate many modern features and hence offer more convenience and comfort. These screens greatly complement fancy houses. They are mostly decorated with netted or floral designs that enhance the ambiance of the room. They come in a curved shape that covers the entirety of the fireplace.

Photo credit:

Rustic Screens

A lot of people, even now, prefer rustic architecture over the ordinary modern one. If you are one of those, you may want to invest in a rustic screen that compliments the designs.

Such screens tend to be more durable and often make use of darker colors and tones. They are also free from any floral designs to ensure a full rustic appeal.

Comparison Overview

Fireplace screens aren’t the only thing added to keep the heat from the fireplace away. There are other variations too. Similarly, not all fireplaces are the same. Buyers, especially those looking to buy a screen for the first time, can find themselves confused between the different options. Here’s a comparison of different variations to help with that. 

Three Panel vs. Single Panel Fireplace Screen

The name of these screens is pretty self-explanatory. A three-panel screen will cover the fireplace from the front and the sides, whereas a single panel will only cover it from the front. The former is also sleek and incorporates a contemporary design that is more suitable for modern homes. It also comes with a tightly woven mesh that reduces any damage to the flooring, thus offering greater safety.

On the other hand, a single panel fireplace screen does not hinder your view and allows you to enjoy looking at the majestic flames. It is also slightly heavier than three-panel screens because of the additional width. 

The material used for the two types is the same; however, three-panel screens are slightly expensive.

Fireplace Screen vs. Glass Doors

Regardless of the fireplace you have, it is always better to invest in a metallic screen than in a glass door. There are obvious reasons for that. The latter is more vulnerable to damage and can break away easily. Moreover, it is heavier and hence difficult to move. But most importantly, glass doors offer less protection for your kids and pets.

However, these models aren’t all bad and can be picked if your only purpose is to add to the beauty of your home. If there are no kids, then a glass door will offer protection without compromising on your viewing angles. 

Plow & Hearth Fireplace Screen


With so many varieties of options, finding one that suits all your needs can be pretty daunting, but that’s why we chose to write this review. It covers every possible aspect of the buying guide and will surely help you make the most informed decision. But before you jump to conclusions, we recommend you go through the products again.

Some screens are very attractive, but they lack durability and resistance and do not offer protection. Similarly, some models may not look pretty, but they do their job well. For this reason, we made a list of only the best products that offer both functionality and an aesthetic appeal. Choose one from our list, and you’ll be all set to enjoy your fireplace this winter!

People Also Ask

Buyers who put a lot of thought into every purchase are difficult to please, but they are also the ones who are willing to make an informed decision. We found many queries left by potential customers who wanted to know about fireplace screens and took it upon ourselves to answer those. Have a look!

Do You Really Need a Fireplace Screen?

If you have a fireplace at home, you definitely need a fireplace screen to cover it. It will not only add to the safety of your kids but will also protect you from getting any burns. Moreover, if you have wooden floors or carpeting, then a screen would prevent any fires from occurring inside your room. It also allows you to leave the fireplace unattended for a long time.

Does a Fireplace Screen Block Heat?

It can block a small amount of heat, but that is not a bad thing at all. The size of the mesh in the screen will determine just how much heat is prevented from escaping. But since fireplaces produce a lot of heat, the blockage comes in handy when you want to keep the surroundings warm and not uncomfortable.

Do I Need a Fireplace Screen for a Gas Fireplace?

If there is one type of fireplace that requires the screen the most, it is definitely a gas one. This is because the heat produced by gas appliances is quite intense and can often make the room feel suffocating. A screen will not only prevent that but will also enhance the ambiance inside.

Should My Fireplace Screen Cover the Whole Opening?

This depends on your preference, but a screen that is added for protection should cover the major part of the fire. There are single, double, and triple panels available, and you can choose between them according to your fireplace’s size. If the opening is too high, you can only get a screen that covers 75% of the unit.

What’s the Difference Between Curved vs. Flat Fireplace Screens?

As the name suggests, a curved screen will be in a semi-circle position and will cover the fireplace from all possible sides. However, a flat-screen will only cover the opening. The former offers protection from heat emissions but restricts the viewing angles. Moreover, it is slightly more expensive and heavier than flat screens.

What Are Fireplace Screens Made Of?

Since these screens have to provide greater resistance against heat, they have to be made of metal or copper. These materials offer better protection from the heat and allow for long-term usage. Many modern screens, especially those used to add beauty, are made of glass. Moreover, since they have to preserve the view of the fire, they usually come with iron or copper mesh panels.

What Size Fireplace Screen Do I Need?

This depends on the size of your fireplace and also on your preference. You need to measure the opening as well as the side lengths and then buy a screen accordingly. Moreover, if you want the unit to cover the entire appliance, then you can also opt for a curved screen. For instance, if your fireplace measures 18 inches by 20, your screen should be 22 inches by 24 inches.

How to Childproof a Fireplace Screen?

If you have kids at home, you may have to childproof your screen to provide greater protection. The first step is to use a baby safety fence to put space between the fireplace and the baby. You can also cover any sharp edges with tape or foam to ensure the child doesn’t get any cuts.

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