Best Filterless Air Purifiers – Best of 2020

| Last Updated: June 23, 2020

When it comes to the world of air purifiers, the options are seemingly limitless. Each model feels more innovative than or equally as good as the other. This can cause a great dilemma for you, the buyer, because you can't decide on the best.

However, today’s article will help defeat this dilemma as it will provide insights related to the best filterless air purifiers currently on the market.

So, if you happen to be looking for the perfect filterless air purifier, you have come to the right place!

Comparison Chart of the Best Filterless Air Purifiers

  • Best Overall
  • It Has Simple Controls Which Makes it Easy to Use
  • Two Ceramic Plates That Help Increase Oxygen Splitting Capacity
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  • It Functions Soundlessly
  • Runner-Up Choice on Our List
  • This Device Uses Thermodynamic TSS Technology to Sterilize Air Completely
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  • Best Value for the Money
  • Is Compact and has a Sleek Design
  • Removes Allergens and Pollutants From the Air
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  • Is Safe to Use Around Children
  • Doesn’t Make a Lot of Noise While Operating
  • Uses Thermodynamic TSS Technology to Purify the Air
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  • It Cleans the Air Effectively
  • It is Small in Size and Therefore Very Portable
  • This Air Purifier Can Produce 20 Million Negative Ions Per Second
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How Does a Filterless Air Purifier Work?  

Filterless air purifiers, as the name suggests, don’t make use of filters at all. Instead of using filters, these air purifiers emit a charge which latches onto the contaminants in the air. After the particles are charged, they are then gathered on an oppositely charged plate. This works very differently than filter-based air purifiers which usually filter the polluted air and output the clean air.

Although both the filter and filterless air purifiers are beneficial in different ways, the filterless has some perks you won’t find in filter-based air purifier model.

How to Choose a Filterless Air Purifier

When buying a filterless air purifier, there are a few features you should always keep in mind.

Purifying Technology

First of all, you should consider which technology you want to go for. Among filterless air purifiers, you can opt for purifiers that use ionization or ultraviolet purifiers. It all depends on the nature of the contaminants.

Area Coverage

Room coverage is another essential thing. You should opt for an air purifier with greater coverage. You should measure the area (in square feet) to ensure you get the right model.  

Airfree Air Purifier Onix3000 Black can be use in a living room.

Energy Efficiency

Next is the energy consumption. Of course, a purifier that uses excess or is wasteful with electricity is no good for you. Always opt for energy-efficient models.

Noise Production

Another vital feature to look for happens to be the noise level. The quieter an air purifier is, the more preferable it is going to be for the entire household (especially during the night).

The Size

Lastly, the size of the air purifier should be taken into consideration. A larger and heavier purifier would be difficult for you to move around. Such a model will also take up more space. Try and go for compact yet powerful units.

Quick Take: Best Filterless Air Purifiers

Review of the Best Filterless Air Purifiers

As mentioned before, choosing from a selection of filterless air purifiers can cause a lot of confusion. However, in this section, you will be able to read detailed reviews of the best filterless air purifiers.

So, let’s dive straight in!

Best Choice Products Living Home Office Ionic Air Purifier Ozone Ionizer, Brown


  • It Has a Nice Design Which Can Be Used in Any Setting
  • It Can Easily Treat the Air in the Space of 3,500 Square Feet
  • This Device Features State-of-the-Art Technology to Produce Desirable Results


  • The Ceramic Plates Need to Be Changed Annually

Our Review

The SKY1057 Ionic Air Purifier by Best Choice Products has a very appealing appearance. The hardwood exterior is bound to look good in any kind of setting. This air purifier is built with two ceramic plates which help increase its oxygen-splitting capacity. The use of two plates enhances the O3 output up to 360 milligrams per hour. You can choose between ten different output levels, depending on the size of the room and the amount of output required.

Furthermore, this purifier has adjustable settings for ions and ozone as well. Unlike air fresheners or other scents that mask unpleasant odors, this air purifier eliminates foul odors altogether. It can do away with any type of unpleasant smell including ones caused by pet dander, mold, smoke, etc.

This device weighs around 12 pounds and can cleanse the air of all types of bad odor in less than an hour. The room capacity of this purifier is up to 3,500 square feet. The controls of this device are reasonably easy to use. It has a separate knob which controls the number of negative ions produced by this unit.

Bottom Line

It is obvious why SKY1057 is a popular choice when it comes to filterless air purifiers. It has a wide variety of features; with the pros easily outweighing the con of this product. Moreover, the chic design is an added point as it doesn’t disturb the interior of the room you want to place it in.

Airfree P3000 Filterless Air Purifier - Free Home Air Purifier Requires No Filter, Fan, or Humidifier


  • Functions Without Noise
  • Doesn’t Require a Lot of Maintenance
  • Doesn’t Produce Any Ozone Emissions
  • Uses Thermodynamic TSS Technology to Purify the Air


  • Some People Might Not Appreciate This Unit’s Lack of Portability

Our Review

This Airfree filterless air purifier may be small in size, but it is definitely no less (performance wise) than many others. It has a ceramic core which can reach up to a temperature of 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Airfree air purifier doesn’t rely on a HEPA filter or an ionizer to purify the air. Instead, it makes use of something known as the Thermodynamic TSS technology. This purifies the air by completely eliminating all contaminants present in the air instead of filtering them out.

It pulls the air in and, with the help of its ceramic core, which heats up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, it completely sterilizes the air. This device then cools the air before sending it out into the room again.

The best part about this filterless unit is that there are no filters for you to replace and maintain. There are no ion emissions to worry about either. All you have to do is simply turn this little device on and let it do its work.  Moreover, it can clean the air in your room up to 99.99%. This means it provides you with completely clean (bacteria-free air).

Along with that, it also deals with household allergens which include pet dander, mold, dust mites, etc. Another feature of this purifier is that it is entirely silent. So, you can use it comfortably, even in your bedroom.

Bottom Line

The Airfree Air Purifier Onix3000 is a brilliant unit if you are looking for a small, noiseless air purifier. It is free from all types of filters and doesn’t require a lot of care and maintenance to have it working effectively. It is a good choice for anyone looking for a hassle-free air purifier.

Envion Ionic Pro Turbo, 500 Sq Feet, Black


  • It is a Portable Air Purifier
  • It Provides Crisp and Fresh Air
  • This Unit is Easy on the Budget
  • The Purifier is Very Easy to Clean
  • It Doesn’t Consume a Lot of Energy.
  • This Unit Doesn’t Make a Lot of Noise


  • While Easier to Clean, it Needs to be Cleaned Quite Frequently

Our Review

This Ionic air purifier has a slim and sleek design making it easy to fit into any kind of interior. This purifier uses negative ions to purify the air in the household. It functions by emitting negative particles into the air.

These negative particles latch on to the contaminants such as dust mites, pet dander, mold spores, bacteria, etc. This makes the particles heavier and causes them to sink and settle on the surface. The settled particles can be swept up and cleaned, thus leaving the air clean for you to breathe.

This purifier is a good option for all those who suffer from various allergies and even people who suffer from breathing problems such as asthma. The modern technology effectively gets rid of all pollutants and provides everyone with cleaner air to breathe. It also frees the air of all foul smelling odors caused by smoke and mold, as well as the smell of pet dander.

Since this purifier doesn’t use any filters, it is easier to clean as well. The purifier itself does not take a lot of space, but still has a room capacity of 500 square feet. Moreover, it doesn’t need a lot of energy to function effectively. On average, it consumes less energy than a fluorescent bulb or nightlight would.  

Bottom Line

Overall, the Ionic Pro 90IP01TA01W Air Purifier is a good buy at a reasonable amount. It has all the features of a good air purifier and more. It is portable, which means it can be used in multiple locations and can be set up easily (where and when needed). Although it does require frequent cleaning, the entire cleaning process is an easy one.

Airfree T800 Filterless Air Purifier, Small, White


  • It is Ideal for Smaller Spaces.
  • This Air Purifier is Lightweight and Portable
  • It is Equipped With Cutting Edge Technology
  • This Air Purifier Helps Produce Clean Air to Prevent Allergies and Breathing Issues


  • Takes Quite Some Time to Completely Purify the Air
  • It Doesn’t Perform Very Well Against Dust and Smoke

Our Review

Like all other air filters from Airfree, this one also makes use of the Thermodynamic TSS Technology. This technology enables the air purifier to sterilize the air and make it pollutant-free up to 99.99%. It does so by heating up the polluted air and purging it from all types of bacteria and germs.

It is fairly simple to use due to not having any complex functions for you to make sense of. It takes care of particles such as dust, pet dander, dust mites, and mold spores to ensure your household can breathe clean air. It is safe to use around kids and helps prevent allergies and breathing problems.

This air purifier is very compact and is best suited for smaller rooms and spaces. Furthermore, it works very silently and can be used in bedrooms, lounges, and even guest rooms.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for something that is small yet effective, then the Airfree T800 can prove to be a good option for your household. This is another filterless air purifier which is easy to operate. It doesn't produce a lot of loud noise so you won't be disturbed during night time. It is ideal for smaller rooms and offers portability for you to place it anywhere you wish. This unit is safe for kids who have allergies or breathing issues and require clean air.  

IonPacific ionbox, Negative Ion Generator with Highest Output - Up to 20 Million Negative Ions/Sec, Filterless Mobile Ionizer & Travel Air Purifier USB, Eliminates: Pollutants, Allergens, Mold, Germs


  • It is a Small Yet Efficient Air Purifier
  • This Unit is Compatible With Outlets and USBs
  • It Can Be Taken Everywhere Due to Increased Portability
  • This Air Purifier Gets Rid of Bacteria and Germs in the Air


  • It Doesn’t Offer a Lot of Area Coverage

Our Review

This small little box, the IonPacific Ionbox unit, can actually work wonders if you give it a chance. Despite its small size, it is able to push out 20 million negative ions per second. The negative ions attach to the minute particles of smoke, dust as well as mold and remove them from the air. This leaves the air cleaner, fresher and more breathable for your entire household to enjoy. Not only that, but it also removes bacteria and germs from the air as well.

With this air purifier, you won't have to worry about certain allergens in the air. This unit can get rid of them all so you can live a healthy life. Due to clean air, allergies and breathing complications are kept at bay.

Saying that this Ionbox is portable would be an understatement. Why? Because it can easily fit into the palm of your hand. Sounds crazy, right? This means you can take this unit anywhere with ease. You can even use it while traveling. It can be plugged into USB or an electrical outlet (110V/220V). Since the device works without any filters, it can easily be maintained and doesn’t require a lot of care.

Bottom Line

This Ionbox air purifier is a rather cute solution to your unclean air problem. It is a powerful ionizer. However, while it has been promoted (by the manufacturer) to cover room space up to 500 square feet, the effectiveness decreases after 300 square feet. Anyway, it is a low maintenance air purifier with no filters to replace or clean. You can easily travel with it.  

Perks of Investing in a New Filterless Air Purifier

Air purifiers have a lot of benefits. They are an easy and efficient way to get germ-free and cleaner air. However, filterless air purifiers add a little more to the equation than that.

The first and foremost perk of a filterless air purifier is that it doesn’t need any filter replacements and related maintenance. This helps save on the additional cost as well down the line. Furthermore, filterless air purifiers don’t produce a lot of noise.

One more perk of the filterless air purifiers is that they are more portable than the filter-based air purifiers, due to being smaller in size.

We have shared with you several filterless air purifier reviews to help you make an informed buying decision. Selecting from the filterless air purifiers on our list can allow you to experience the benefits accompanying quality air purifiers without filters.  

Types of Filterless Air Purifiers

There are two different types of filterless air purifiers you should know about.


These are perhaps the very first type of air purifiers made. They work with electrically charged plates. The plate with the opposite charge collects all the pollutants on it and removes them from the air for a cleaner environment to breathe in.

Ultraviolet Purifiers

The ultraviolet light is very powerful. It can easily help erase particles like germs and bacteria from the air. This type of air purifier doesn’t need a lot of electricity to function and ensure you have clean air to enjoy.


Overall, filterless air purifiers are a good way to deal with a polluted air space indoors. They can effectively help reduce pollutants and allergens from the air and create a healthier environment. The best part is they are easier to maintain than filter-based air purifiers because they don’t use filters, which must be changed with time.

We hope our best filterless air purifier list aids you in finding the right product for you to invest in.

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