Best Electrostatic Air Filters – 2023 Review

| Last Updated: August 18, 2023

One important feature of an efficient HVAC system is air filtration. Without the filtration of harmful air particles like debris, dirt, pollen, and dust, the air quality around your house will remain low.

One effective air filtration system you can opt for is electrostatic air filters. Apart from being efficient at trapping particles, they are also capable of eliminating odor.

Let’s see why you should opt for these and how you can get the best electrostatic air filters.

Comparison of the Best Electrostatic Air Filters

  • Easy to Clean
  • SFC 6 Stage Filtration
  • Best Overall Option
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  • Easy to Install
  • Runner-Up on Our List
  • High-Efficiency AC Air Filter
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  • MERV Rating 11
  • Best for the Money Option
  • Low Air Resistance Doesn’t Put Much Load on the AC Unit
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  • Best Washable Option
  • Extremely Easy to Wash
  • Can Trap 95% of Particles
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What Are Electrostatic Air Filters and How Do They Work?

Electrostatic air filters are basically washable filters that, in theory, don’t need to be replaced. The idea behind these products is that instead of replacing the electrostatic air filter regularly like you would with a conventional one, you simply need to take them out and wash them using a hose once every month.

In fact, the reason why they are effective is because of the polypropylene and polyurethane blend used for making the filtering materials. The fibers have been formulated such that when air passes through them, they generate static charges. Separate layers of the filtration medium receive opposite charges. As a result, the filtration media can attract different airborne particles. By sticking to these metal plates, they are eliminated from the air you breathe in.

How to Choose an Electrostatic Air Filter

When it comes to choosing an electrostatic air filter, there are primarily two things to look for.

The Right Size

You need to be mindful of the actual and nominal air filter sizes. Almost all filters have a nominal size which is, in reality, the actual size that has been rounded off to the nearest inch. Both sizes are generally mentioned on the side of the air filter. In case it’s not written, you can always use a tape measure to ensure you get the right size for your furnace.

The Correct MERV Rating

MERV or Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value basically refers to how effectively air filters are at trapping the air particles. As the ratings go higher, the effectiveness of the filter increases too. In fact, with higher ratings, it is able to remove more kinds of particles from the air. However, an extremely high rating can block the air flow, negatively affecting the overall performance of your ventilation system. For this reason, an ideal MERV rating is 13 or lower.

Review of the Best Electrostatic Air Filters

The secret to buying the best filter for your air filtration system is to have a look at its features and its efficiency. If you’ve been looking for an electrostatic air filter to fit into your house, the following are some of the best choices available on the market.

Best Overall:
6 Stage Electrostatic Washable Air Filter



  • Quite Well-Made
  • Helps Save Money in the Long Term
  • Drain Holes at the Bottom Ensure That it Dries Out Quickly


  • Not So Efficient at Trapping Dust

Our Review

The six-stage electrostatic washable air filter is a combination of woven, unique, high-loft polypropylene that is enclosed either in a one-inch or two-inch metal frame. Perhaps the greatest thing about this product is that to install this, you don’t need to make any modifications to the furnace or make any electrical connections.

Once air flow charges up this filter, it works to removes tobacco smoke. Similarly, it gets rid of dust and eliminates odor too, improving the air in your house for those suffering from allergies. Moreover, these are so durable that they can easily outlast your furnace. Plus, you only need to wash them one every month. The best thing is that cleaning these is very easy, making the unit’s maintenance a breeze.

What makes this air filter efficient at what it does is the six-stage filtration. The one-inch metal frame features four layers of lifetime expanded aluminum as well as two layers of electrostatic filter media that efficiently traps particles. The airflow from the ventilation system moves over the filter, thus enhancing its charge field. Once the airborne particles come close to this charged field, they are held in the media until it is cleaned.

Bottom Line

This electrostatic filter is a washable home furnace air filter that captures maximum dust and other airborne particles. Plus, with its premium industrial-grade build, it is bound to last for quite a while.

Montemono Air Electrostatic Air Filter

Montemono 20x20x1 Furnace Filter | MERV8 Replacement Aluminum Electrostatic Air Filter Washable HVAC Filter Reusable Furnace Center AC Filters for House, 1 PCS


  • Doesn't come apart when washing
  • Fits nicely in the unit
  • Takes Away the Need to Buy Disposable Options


  • Frame is not aluminum

Our Review

With this unit from Montemono Air, you can significantly improve your home’s quality of air by improving its HVAC efficiency. It’s no secret that the right air quality in your office or home plays a big role in personal health, HVAC system lifespan, and heating bills. This electrostatic air filter helps to deal with all such problems!

This unit can help to improve the airflow in your house by creating less resistance and making use of enhanced filtration to remove more dust and pollen.

The fit on this unit is well reviewed, it slides in and out easily. The purifier slides into the HVAC systems effortlessly in just a few seconds which means that changing out your old filters is super easy.The electrostatic media stays in place when performing routine cleaning.

Bottom Line

This air filter promises cleaner and healthier air by helping to purify the air of allergens, dust, and pollen. As a result, it helps to reduce the chances of getting itchy eyes and sneezing. Overall, by purifying the air, it helps to keep the people healthier. 

Best for the Money:
 Electrostatic Washable Air Filter

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  • Quite Well-Made and Sturdy
  • Much Better Than the Throwaway Filters
  • Cleaning This is as Easy as Just Using a Hose


  • Doesn’t Have Drain Holes to Help With Quicker Drying

Our Review

If you’ve been looking for a filter to replace your disposable one, this electrostatic washable air filter is the one to go for. With a MERV rating of 11, this is no doubt a good choice. Not only are they washable and highly durable, but they can also trap up to ten times the amount of dust that throwaway filters can.

This comes with various benefits. For instance, it is easy to maintain, install, and even clean. Moreover, it is resistant to mildew and mold. In fact, it is built to last for a lifetime so you won’t have to worry about replacing it anytime soon.

What makes this an ideal option, though, is its low air resistance, which doesn’t make your air unit work harder. Plus, apart from dust, mold, and pollen, it can also help to get rid of bacteria, smoke, and spores.

Bottom Line

Overall, when you purchase this unit, what you get is a washable, permanent electrostatic filter that is easy on the pocket. With this installed, you can create a clean environment around your house.

Best Washable Model:
Air Care Furnace A/C Filter

The ULTIMATE Furnace A/C Filter! Washable, Permanent, Reusable. Electrostatic - Traps dust like a magnet. 10x Better than Disposable Filters. Never Buy Another Filter! (14x24x1)


  • Installing This is a Breeze
  • Improves the Performance of Your HVAC System
  • Construction is Quite Good Compared to Disposables


  • The Space Around the Edges Makes a Whistling Sound

Our Review

If you’re tired of hitting the market every few months just to buy a furnace filter or if you’re frustrated with your house always being dusty, then you need to check out the AirCare furnace AC filter. To get rid of all the hassle, you can just throw out your disposable air filter and put in a washable electrostatic one instead.

This product traps up to ten times more allergens and dust than disposables. In fact, it can trap up to 95% airborne allergens and dust. Plus, it comes with a durable metal frame and is supported by a lifetime warranty. Moreover, cleaning this off is extremely easy, and once it dries, reinstalling is a breeze.

Moreover, since it is a self-charging electrostatic filter media, you don’t need to connect it with an electricity supply. All in all, it helps to save money, the environment, and even time!

Bottom Line

These washable filters work as the ideal substitute for disposable filters. They take away the hassle of buying disposable products and are comparatively more efficient with the capability of trapping up to 95% particles.

Pros and Cons of Using an Electrostatic Air Filter

Given the unique mechanism of electrostatic air filters, one can expect many pros and cons.


Offer Good Filtration

While not as effective as pleated air filters are, they still do well at filtering out air. As a result, you're left with cleaner air that improves the environment inside your house.

Quite Cost Effective

Since electrostatic air filters are generally washable, they are able to pay for themselves within just a year. Plus, they don’t cost too much, helping you save money in the long run compared to conventional products.

Helps to Save Both Time and Hassle

Apart from saving the money that you’d otherwise spent on disposables, you also won’t have to frequently visit the store, and stand in line to buy air filters.


Requires Maintenance Monthly

For electrostatic air filters to be completely effective, they must be cleaned and removed on a monthly basis. If they are not maintained, they will not stay as effective as they were and will eventually end up putting dirt and allergens back into the air.

Not as Effective as HEPA Filters

Since electrostatic filters essentially rely on static electricity, they can filter out the small and lightweight particles easily. However, they cannot get rid of finer mold spores or dust particles. In other words, they are not as efficient at purifying the air as HEPA versions are.


Despite their drawbacks, electrostatic air filters come with their own set of benefits. Primarily, they are cost-effective and help save time too, and they are just as efficient as other air kinds of filters. With the right electrostatic air filter installed in your house, you can make a clean and pure environment at home and enjoy fresh air inside!

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