The Best AC Covers: Make Sure your AC is Properly Cared For

Air conditioners, be it a window unit or centrally-installed unit, are subject to wear and tear when exposed to extreme weather conditions and temperatures. Window units are also prone to permit cold air to enter the house, leading to higher utility bills.

In winter, it is difficult to remove and store your window unit air conditioner in the attic. You might also worry about protecting your outdoor unit from the elements. To avoid such maintenance issues and ensure that your air conditioner stays intact for the summer, we have gathered information, reviews, pros and cons about using an air conditioner cover.

This article would be most useful to those who see value in using a cover for the air conditioner during times when it is not in use. Though your air conditioning unit is built to bear and deal with the winter conditions, we are attempting to share the most appropriate circumstances when you need to choose an air conditioning cover.

Quick Comparison Chart of the Best Air Conditioner Covers – Outside Units


Sturdy Covers AC Defender

  • Unique mesh design
  • Universally Compatible
  • 3-year guarantee
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  • 12–gauge commercial vinyl
  • Elastic bottom
  • Water resistant
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Classic Accessories Ravenna Square

  • Waterproof
  • Reinforced padded handles
  • Custom colored buckle
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Hybrid Covers

  • Adjustable material
  • Weather resistant bottom
  • UV protection
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AmazonBasics Square

  • Polyester woven fabric
  • Interlocking seams
  • Universally compatible
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When Should You Use An Air Conditioner Cover For Your Outdoor Unit

As we mentioned earlier, your outdoor air conditioner unit is already designed to withstand the extreme conditions of winter, but you may want to consider using a cover during the maintenance season. This saves your air conditioner from extreme weather.

When we say extreme weather, we are not just talking about snowy winters, but something more. If you are residing in those cold northern states of the US or Canada, then you may consider using a cover. If your region is prone to hail storm, blizzards, or any other unpredictable winter calamity, then you would prefer using an air conditioner cover.

But there’s also risks when you choose to cover your outdoor unit:

  • Rodent and pest infestation
  • Growth of Mold and Mildew
  • Seepage of moisture causing the air conditioner to rust
  • Dirt settled over time could be sucked in while in use.

We don’t recommend using a cover all winter long - that brings risk, and your unit doesn’t need the protection. Save it and install it when those rough patches are coming.

What to Look for When Buying

Air conditioner covers help in preserving your air conditioner for the next hot season,so you want to purchase a cover that ensures durability and safety. Here are some factors that we have listed down for you, that would help in making a smart purchase decision.


Since it is recommended to use a cover to save your air conditioner from extreme cold winter disasters, ensure that it is waterproof. It should not allow water to settle and seep into the A/C. This helps in keeping away moisture, mold and mildew.

Easy to install

Look for installation instructions while purchasing a cover. Review them before you make a purchase decision.

Aerated and Porous

While you need to look for an intact cover, it should also be well-aerated and have enough porous material to allow air to flow in and out. This helps in keeping away any stench that can occur.


The warranty of the cover speaks for this. Yes, your cover needs to come with a warranty period stating that it is durable for a minimal period. A good warranty would last for a minimum of 2 years.


This is most important for window units. Based on the region you live in, you would sometimes need insulated cover to keep away the cold. Check if covers come with this feature.

Quick Take: Best External Unit Air Conditioner Covers

These are our recommendations for the best external unit air conditioner covers:

  1. Sturdy Covers AC Defender
  2. CoverMates – Air Conditioner Cover
  3. Classic Accessories Ravenna Square Air Conditioner Cover

Reviews of the 5 Best External Unit Air Conditioner Covers

Checking around for the best AC covers is time-consuming and confusing. We made that job easy for you, by listing some of the most bought and appreciated covers in the market.

1. Sturdy Covers AC Defender

Sturdy Covers AC Defender - All Season Universal Mesh AC Cover for Central Units

Unlike a fabric stitched cover, the AC Defender is a sturdy mesh cover that is well aerated, waterproof, weather resistant and keeps dirt from entering the panel grille of the external unit. The cover helps you keep away moisture and prevent from any corrosion.

It comes with bungee cords that can extend around the sides of the unit, but you may want to double-check this aspect based on your unit’s size.

This is great if you’re concerned about keeping dry leaves from entering the unit. It is greater for larger leaves, although smaller ones might still find their way inside. This product is long-lasting and backed up by a 6-year warranty.

2. CoverMates – Air Conditioner Cover

Covermates - Air Conditioner Cover - Fits 26 Width x 26 Depth x 32 Height - Classic - 12-Gauge Vinyl - Mesh Vent For Airflow - Elastic Bottom For Secure Fit - 2 YR Warranty - Water Resistant - Green

CoverMates offers this cover made of thick 12–gauge commercial vinyl and a mesh vent for breathability. They also come with velcro slits on the back for a custom fit around hoses.

This cover has built-in vents with flaps to keep things like rain, dirt, and leaves from getting inside. These vents also help with air circulation, preventing moisture from building up and causing rust or mildew.

Though this product generally works well, it’s good to be aware that it does not cover the bottom of the unit where the tube is situated.

The manufacturer offers this in 14 different sizes and you should be careful while ordering to check the size of your unit.  You should choose a cover that is at least 2 inches bigger than your unit size. For instance, if your unit measures 23”x23”, you’ll want the 25”x25” cover.

3. Classic Accessories Ravenna Square Air Conditioner Cover

Frigidaire FFRS1022R1 10000 BTU 115-volt Slider/Casement Room Air Conditioner with Full-Function Remote Control

This Classic Accessories product is made from “Gardelle One”, a durable woven polyester fabric with an added UV-stabilized coating. The water-resistant backing keeps your air conditioner dry. Elastic hem cords and a buckle help you attach it for a snug fit.

The reinforced padded handles make removal easy. Air vents keep weather out while providing maximum ventilation and minimum condensation. It is available both in cylindrical and cuboidal shapes.

It has a 4-year replacement warranty, and a “limited lifetime” guarantee - which of course has its limits, even on the lifetime.

Buckling the straps in place can get tricky at times. Also, the velcro placement may not suit all A/C models.

4. Hybrid Covers - Air Conditioner Cover

Hybrid Covers - Air Conditioner Cover, Square, Durable Waterproof All Weather Outdoor Protection (34 x 34 x 30 inches)

If you are purchasing an A/C cover because you want to protect your unit from hail storms and wind, then this is the one! This is made of 400D Oxford Polyester waterproof fabric. It’s water resistant and tear resistant. It’s also coated with a UV protective material. It should protect your air conditioning unit from dust, dirt, rain, wind, sun, snow, birds, tree leaves, mold buildup.

The adjustable Velcro side opening fits air conditioners with pipes and hoses. It comes with a drawstring cord with a cord lock that tightens the cover around air conditioner for a snug, secure fit. It does a good job of keeping your air conditioner protected during wind and storms.

The material gets high praise for its quality and the protection it affords.

5. AmazonBasics Square Air Conditioner Cover

AmazonBasics Square Air Conditioner Cover

AmazonBasics presents another cover made of polyester fabric that is water resistant. It’s tough enough to withstand windy days. Some good features you can look forward to are its click-close straps and tough interlocking seams that add strength and durability to the cover. It will keep your AC unit intact during severe weather.


The needs for external air conditioning units vary. Also, only use covers for external units when necessary. Be sure to invest in a cover that serves a purpose beyond looking good, too. Covers can help prolong the life of your unit and keep your utility bills down when used appropriately.

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