American Standard Air Conditioners – 2021 Complete Review

| Last Updated: August 23, 2021

After a hectic day outside, what is the one thing that we all look forward to? Our homes, right? And the comfort of our home is incomplete without the presence of the best air conditioner.

These not only keep the environment cool on extremely hot days but also provide a relaxing and soothing environment at home.

There are many good AC brands on the market, but one brand that always surpasses all expectations and excels at all features is American Standard. It offers better efficiency and quiet operation, but more on that later.

How Does American Standard Compare to the Competition?

Over the years, American Standard has made a solid name for itself in the industry. It is not only the most reliable brand, but it also excels in other features. Here is how American Standard competes with the competition. 

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is one of the most important features of any air conditioner because it not only determines energy output but also helps regulate your cost. American Standard comes with excellent SEER, which is generally higher than 16 points. Its model with 13 SEER comes with a relatively low cost hence desired by some customers.

More Compressor Options

Compressor options make any company more reliable as these ensure that the AC works perfectly fine in any kind of temperature. American Standard’s units are known for having more compressor options. Not just that, they come protected with weather insulation material and grills that make it withstand the hottest of the temperatures. Most of the models under the company come with two types of compressors. One fits onto them, and the other comes in 2 stages.

Condenser Fan Options

The principal task of the AC is to provide cooling during hot environments; hence it is extremely important that the condenser itself remains cool during operations, and this is where a condenser comes in handy. These allow the unconditioned air to move through the coil and help keep the fans cool. American Standard has garnered huge praise for their amazing standard of condenser fans.

Noise Levels

American Standard ACs are unbeatable when it comes to regulating noise levels. They come with insulating materials, including thermosetting plastics and rubber that provide it with greater noise control. 

Comparison of the Best American Standard Air Conditioners

Without proper guidance, finding the most suitable product can be pretty hard, and we understand that. To help you make a quick and wise decision, we have highlighted the main comparison features of the best American Standard Air conditioners.

Model Name

Unit Size

Energy Efficiency (SEER)

Home Sq. Ft.

Condenser Fan Motor (i.e., Single vs. Two)

Cost of Unit Only

Installation Cost

Silver 13 







  Platinum 20 



1600 - 1700




Silver 14 







Gold 17 







Platinum 18



1600 - 1700




Review of the Best American Standard Air Conditioners

American Standard is the most trustworthy brand on the market, and people agree too. Since all of their models are so amazing, it often becomes hard picking just one. Here are all the main features to look out for while buying the best model for you.

Best Overall:
AccuComfort™ Variable Speed Platinum 20 Air Conditioner


  • Takes less time to cool larger rooms
  • Very quiet operation adds to your convenience
  • Ensures a relatively lower compressor modulation
  • Comes with double fan motor option thus covering more ground
  • Energy humidity control keeps the temperature inside comfortable


  • Not suitable for smaller rooms or halls
  • Repair and replacement costs are significantly higher than other models

Why it Stands Out to Us

When it comes to AC brands, the thing that stands out to us most is high SEER. This is because SEER is an accurate measure of how efficient your air conditioner is. This model is considered the best overall because it comes with 22 SEER, one of the highest on the market right now. This means that it also comes with better efficiency, especially in the long run. Another thing that stands out is the presence of a variable speed cooling option. The users can adjust the speeds according to the weather and their preference. The buttons are easy to understand; hence, it makes your task extremely convenient.

Bottom Line

Weather is unpredictable, but that doesn’t mean your AC has to be too. The model comes with one of the best SEER hence making it the best overall model on the market. This, coupled with a wider operating angle, adds to the appeal. After installing the model, you will be amazed to see the range of cooling options that the model offers. It is also one of the largest models and hence has the ability to cool any room very quickly. Moreover, the model offers a relatively low compressor modulation. To top all this off is the no-noise technology of the compressor that allows you to relax and chill after a hectic day at work.

 AccuComfort™ Variable Speed Platinum 18 Air Conditioner


  • Very quiet operation makes it convenient
  • Presence of double fan motors provides better efficiency
  • Low compression modulation helps to keep the AC very clean
  • Comes with higher durability thus ensuring long-lasting operation
  • Provides higher control over setting thus offering higher customization


  • High AC unit cost
  • Has high installation cost
  • Difficult to find a replacement in case of any damage to the case

Why it Stands Out to Us

The model stands out to us because of the excellent low modulation compressor. The best feature of this compressor is that it changes every couple of seconds to meet the variable demands of the room and the environment. This not only reduces energy consumption but also ensures that the total cost of your model is relatively less than other brands. The model is also known for offering a very good energy yield. Both these features come together to offer greater de-humidification, reliability, and comfort at all times.

Bottom Line

Double fan motors are a key feature of this model and hence, have resulted in the model garnering huge praise from many customers. The DC fans make up for 70% less energy consumption than AC fans. They are also extremely fast and respond quickly to changing weather demands. They are also lightweight and compact, thus making installation easy. Not just this, they also ensure a sleek design, which is more attractive to see. Moreover, the presence of a humidity controller offers convenience and ensures the greatest comfort because added humidity in any room can suffocate and make the environment unpleasant.

Best for the Money:
 Silver 13 Air Conditioner


  • Quiet operation and excellent efficiency
  • The base pan and tight screws add to higher protection
  • Considered to be completely ozone safe for added appeal
  • Can save more than 38% of cooling energy with continual use
  • Comes with rust-resistant coating thus offering better reliability
  • Ensures reduced greenhouse gas emissions thus benefiting the environment


  • Capacity is relatively less too
  • Low overall SEER as compared to all other models in this review
  • The unit needs to be run on full capacity even when only a small amount of heat is required

Why it Stands Out to Us

The most prominent feature of this model is definitely its low cost, but that is not the only feature that stands out and appeals to the customers. The Silver 13 is known for offering a strong model with higher reliability and durability. Its pan base and tight screws not only keep it steady and in place but also keeps it running for a longer time. Moreover, it comes with a rust-resistant coating that ensures its exterior doesn’t wither away with time. That’s not all; the model offers a one stage cooling system that means that its compressor is easy to repair and replace.

Bottom Line

The model offers convenient replacing, but we assure you that the feature would be null and void because the strong and durable construction of the Silver 13 would not require you to replace or repair any model. It offers a relatively lower SEER, but compared to the price, the SEER is not that bad. But perhaps the reason buyers prefer this model over all others is its environmental-friendly features. The model does not emit any greenhouse gases that can affect you or the planet. Moreover, its quiet operation and lesser cost make it a fan favorite.

Best American Standard 14 Seer Air Conditioner:
 Silver 14 Air Conditioner


  • Includes spin fin coils for added durability
  • Higher capacity is offered at a cheaper rate
  • Installation cost is relatively less than other models
  • Offers variability due to the presence of a range of options
  • Single-stage compressors keep the AC cleaner for a longer time


  • Relatively low SEER than some other models
  • Does not offer very good efficiency on extremely hot days
  • The unit needs to be run on full capacity even when only a small amount of heat is required

Why it Stands Out to Us

Not many products can yield such amazing results, that too, with a single-stage cooling system, and that is exactly why this feature stands out to us. The model allows for greater control hence ensures that the users feel more satisfied with the settings. Moreover, with the one-stage compressor comes greater humidity control too. This ensures that the temperature and the environment inside your home are comfortable. Moreover, it offers convenience on mildly hot days, thus saving energy. To top all this off is the lower price of a one-stage system. It is not only easy to replace but also very readily available for all kinds of repairs.

Bottom Line

The model has won everyone over thanks to its single motor system and quiet operation. It offers an unbeatable combination of reliability and value. Its spin fin coils have been a standout feature that not only adds to the durability of the model but also makes it highly dependable. Moreover, the model comes with higher capacity, thus ensuring that it can be used for larger spaces and halls. A range of options both in cooling settings and humidity control are also offered to ensure that the temperature inside the room is not one that the unit dictates, rather one that you prefer.

Best American Standard Central Air Conditioner:
 Gold 17 Air Conditioner


  • Runs at a capacity higher than 70 percent
  • Quiet operation lets you work, sleep and relax
  • Rust-resistant coating makes it last for a longer time
  • Two-step duration adds to the reliability of the model
  • Comes with spin fin coil construction for added durability
  • Ozone safe and offer better environment-friendly features


  • High installation costs
  • Model’s components are more difficult to repair or replace
  • Repair costs and installation costs are significantly higher

Why it Stands Out to Us

In this modern world, we need to care about our convenience and comfort, but we can’t be completely negligent of our environment, and our responsibility towards it and American Standard understands that. The company has gone to considerable lengths to include some of the most environmentally friendly features in its gold 17 AC. The model does not create any noise pollution and is completely ozone-safe. Moreover, it does not produce any unnecessary hazardous gas that affects your health or damages the environment. Moreover, the model can do all this while also offering lowered energy consumption.

Bottom Line

To say this model exceeds all expectations would be an understatement. It is one of the best models in the highly sought out gold series of the company. It not only runs at a higher capacity, but it can also step up its game on extremely hot days, thus offering higher reliability. Its two-step duration and the inclusion of fin coils add to the higher durability of the model. Together, the superior construction elements help the model last for a very long time. Moreover, the Gold 17 comes with a smooth and stable coating with rust resistance. This ensures that regardless of the time and place, your AC’s paint or its exterior will not wither away.

What Kind of Warranty Does American Standard Offer?

Warranty plays a huge factor when deciding whether to buy any brand or not, and American Standard knows that. It is because of this incentive that they have one of the most effective warranty policy on the market that compels even the most unyielding of customers into buying their product.

All of the units that we have listed above come with the same warranty and hence shouldn’t be a deciding factor in your choice of the model. American Standard offers a 12-year warranty on all of its compressors, thus ensuring higher reliability.

Moreover, their warranty for the outdoor coil is slightly less than their compressors but still relatively higher than most other AC brands. It is provided for 10 years. Moreover, the warranty on internal functional parts is also 10 years, which is very good news for all customers.

One thing to keep in mind, however, is to get your product registered as soon as possible. If the product is not timely registered, in 60 days, to be precise, the product will have the base limited warranty of the American Standard heating and air conditioning brand. This will result in the exclusion of some of the major parts of the normal warranty.

Moreover, there is another option for you to buy extended warranties. These not only pay for labor but also cover certain other costs. This is also slightly better than the warranty offered by the manufacturer.

Who is American Standard?

Reliability, efficiency, and comfort are some of the words regularly associated with American Standard, a company that has garnered huge praise from the audience all over the world and needless to say that none of the praise is exaggerated. 

The brand has a history ranging more than a century as it has been on the market for the last 140 years. It is their commitment to superior performance and innovation that has retained their position as one of the most sought out brands in the world. Another reason for their appeal is their evolution.

Unlike most other brands, American Standard hasn’t been a stagnant one; it has changed with every year, and for the better too. The company not only offers ACs but a lot of other home equipment such as heat pumps, coils, etc.


Buying the perfect AC model for your home can be a daunting task, especially if you don’t know the right place to look at. The review offers not only the most amazing and informative buying guide for your help but also includes a list of top American Standard AC models for you. The company offers better efficiency, noise effectiveness, and cost estimates, so regardless of which AC model you go for in the end, rest assured that you can’t go wrong with American Standard.

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