Highest EER Window Air Conditioners – 2022 Best Options Reviewed

| Last Updated: December 22, 2021

Efficiency is important when it comes to appliances.

How can you be sure that your window air conditioner will run well and not cause large electricity bills?

We’ve put together a review of the best energy-efficient AC units and included their Energy Efficient Ratio (EER) ratings.

Comparison of the Highest EER Window Air Conditioners

  • Rugged and durable construction set at 43 pounds
  • Detachable washable filter for air purification
  • Highlighted by a simple plug/play setup
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  • Can be controlled from iOS and Android devices
  • Highlighted by robust installation for enhanced durability
  • Innovative U design to keep window open or closed
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  • Best for the Money
  • Coming with a 24 hour timer for optimal control
  • Features four modes including cool, dehumidify, energy-save and fan
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  • Supports Wi-Fi connection and voice assistant control
  • Offers an energy efficient and quiet performance
  • Sturdy construction with a support bracket
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  • Enhanced air circulation with three fan speed settings
  • Features a reusable and washable built-in filter
  • Covers an area of up to 250 square feet
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What to Know Before Buying a Window AC With a High EER

If you’re looking for a window air conditioner with a high EER, there are several factors to consider. In addition to energy efficiency, you’ll want to think about room size, features, and how to mount your unit. 

BTU and Wattage Values

Some units will advertise their EER, so you’ll know if they have a high rating. However, if you don’t see it mentioned, you can figure out the efficiency by using other values. Generally, anything over 12 is excellent.

Knowing this calculation can help you compare the rating of two units. You’ll need to know the British thermal units (BTU) and wattage of the air conditioner. Divide the BTU amount by the wattage to get the EER. For example, 8,000 BTU / 650 = 12.3 EER. 

Performance and Room Size

When looking at the BTU of an air conditioner, it won’t simply tell you the information you need for the EER. It’s also an indication of power, which can help you calculate which unit you need for your space. Larger rooms require 10,000 or 12,000 BTU, whereas smaller spaces need 6,000 or 8,000.

Higher isn’t necessarily better; a unit that’s too powerful for space won’t run efficiently or effectively. That impacts your bills, the cooling, and the energy efficiency, so remember to take the room size and position into account.

Unit Features

While cooling is the primary function of an AC unit, there are different features in terms of controls and what it can do. For example, some come with a dehumidifying option, which is useful for wet climates. 

You might want to look for options with remote control, sleep mode, energy-saving mode, and filter indicator that lets you know when it needs cleaning. There are usually different choices for temperature control, fan speed, and even WiFi connection to start your air conditioner before you get home.

Unit Installation

When choosing a window AC, you’ll need to know whether it fits the type of window that you have on your property. Most units are suited to double-hung windows and will come with a mounting kit to install. 

You’ll need to know the measurement of your window and the unit to ensure you get a snug fit. If you have casement windows, you can find air conditioners that are designed to fit that style.

Review of the Highest EER Window Air Conditioners 

We take a look at the top window air conditioners with high EERs and other great features. We’ve selected the best overall and listed other products to suit different needs.

Best Overall

Della 048-TL-WAC6K

DELLA 6000 BTU 115V/60Hz Energy Saving Window Air Conditioner, Whisper Quiet AC Unit with Remote, Cools Up to 250 Square Feet



Coverage Area: 250 sq.ft.

Airflow (CFM): 240

Dimensions (in): 15.2×15.98×12.52

Weight: 53 lbs.

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This unit is suited to smaller rooms up to 250 square feet with 6,000 BTU. With an EER of 12.2, it’s energy-efficient and has been rated by Energy Star. It provides cooling and dehumidifying and has a wide range of features, including sleep mode, energy-saving mode, and a 24-hour timer for programming. 

There’s a handy display showing the temperature and other settings. You can remove and wash the filter. It comes with a mounting kit and foam, so you can get a tight fit. However, some users find it noisy in the highest setting and find that the vents let in light. 

Bottom Line

This feature-rich unit has an excellent EER and provides options like auto-shutoff and eco mode to reduce energy consumption. It’s designed for smaller rooms and provides cooling and dehumidifying. It’s fast when it comes to bringing the temperature down, has three settings, and can be noisy on the highest one.


Cools quickly

Many useful features

Remote control and display

Energy saver and auto-shutoff mode

Mounting kit and insulation provided


Noisy on higher setting



TOSOT 8,000 Air Conditioner Cools up to 350 sq. ft. Quiet, LED, Smart Remote Control, Energy Efficient Window AC, 8000 BTU, White



Coverage Area: 350 sq.ft.

Airflow (CFM): N/A

Dimensions (in): 21×17.2×12.8

Weight: 52.9 lbs.

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TOSOT’s 8,000 BTU air conditioner is suitable for rooms up to 350 square feet. It provides cooling and dehumidifying, as well as various settings such as sleep and energy-saving modes. It’s easy to install in your window with the mounting kit and side panels. However, the instructions for using the unit with the remote aren’t very detailed.

The unique selling point of this AC is its appearance, which is more attractive than most units, especially in terms of the grill. The vents, which can point in different directions, are a useful feature that circulates the airflow.

Bottom Line

For a medium-sized room, this unit is energy efficient and provides numerous features, including cooling and dehumidifying. The design is attractive and easy to install. The smart remote checks the temperature in the room to adjust, although there aren’t detailed instructions for use.


Easy to install

Energy-saving mode

Pleasant appearance

Remote control with smart feature 

Vents positioned in multiple directions


Limited instructions for settings

Best for the Money

Haier ESAQ406T

Haier ESAQ406T Serenity Series 6, 000 BTU 115V Window Air Conditioner with Ultra Quiet Sound Package



Coverage Area: 250 sq.ft.

Airflow (CFM): 250

Dimensions (in): 18.13×21.25×12.44

Weight: 55.6 lbs.

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The fan on the Haier is very quiet, which means you’re left with the sound of the compressor. The manufacturer has included a blanket to block the noise on that component, so the overall effect is only a low hum from the unit. It’s 6,000 BTU, which is designed for rooms up to 250 square feet.

It has several useful functions, such as the energy-saver mode and a 24-hour timer, which means you can program it to come on and off. The trade-off is that this AC isn’t as powerful as other units on this list.

Bottom Line

This unit offers a range of features and a quiet fan while also being good value for the money. The digital display and remote control make it easy to use, and the vents move in four different directions. However, it could be more powerful when it comes to cooling.


Good value

24-hour timer

Energy-saver mode

Remote and digital display

Includes compressor blanket to block noise


The cooling output is weaker than other units 

Editor’s Pick

Midea U Inverter

Midea 8,000 BTU U-Shaped Smart Inverter Air Conditioner –Cools up to 350 Sq. Ft., Ultra Quiet with Open Window Flexibility, Works with Alexa/Google Assistant, 35% Energy Savings, Remote Control



Coverage Area: N/A

Airflow (CFM): N/A

Dimensions (in): 21.97×19.17×13.46

Weight: 67.9 lbs.

We may earn commission from purchases made from our links, at no additional cost to you


The distinctive “U” design of this Midea unit not only improves its appearance but also affects the noise and efficiency of the air conditioner. It means you can close the window or open it, and with it shut, less hot air comes into the room. While helping the unit run more efficiently, the closed window also blocks the sound from the compressor.

Although this AC has an EER of 11.2, it’s worth looking at its other stats to understand the energy efficiency. Energy Star rates it as most efficient, and the inverter enables 35% energy savings. The smart remote and the ability to control it with a home voice assistant are fantastic bonus features.

Bottom Line

The unique shape of this unit means that installation with the bracket is a little trickier than other models. However, it makes up for that with its efficiency, smart features, and the fact that it’s so quiet.



Very quiet

Smart control

Unique design allows for closing window

Motorized swing for good air distribution


Installation is challenging

Honorable Mention

Amazon Basics 6,000 BTU

Amazon Basics Window Mounted Air Conditioner with Remote, Cools 250 Square Feet, 6000 BTU, Energy Star, White



Coverage Area: 250 sq.ft.

Airflow (CFM): N/A

Dimensions (in): 18.54×13.39×15.75

Weight: 41.89 lbs.

We may earn commission from purchases made from our links, at no additional cost to you


This Amazon brand air conditioner is 6,000 BTU, suitable for smaller rooms of up to 250 square feet. It has three fan speeds and eight air direction options to help you direct the cooling. 

There are many other settings, including sleep mode, a clock, a timer, a child lock, and the option to turn off the lights. However, the result is a remote that has a lot of functions, which means it’s no longer simple to operate. On the other hand, it’s rated by Energy Star and brings the temp down quickly.

Bottom Line

This unit fits standard windows and provides the main functions, such as cooling and dehumidifying. The remote tries to do a lot, which can be useful if you want lots of features, but it overcomplicates things. The cooling ability is satisfactory, and it isn’t too noisy.


24-hour timer

Quick cooling

Easy to install

Remote control

Energy-saver mode


Complicated controls

What is an EER Rating, and What Does it Mean?

There are three types of energy-efficiency ratings: EER, combined energy efficiency ratio (CEER), and seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER). The first is the EER, which measures the cooling capacity of a unit by dividing the number of BTUs by the power or wattage. 

You might also see a CEER rating. It’s a newer measure that also considers the energy used by the unit when it’s on but isn’t running.

The final type is SEER. It’s typically used for central air, and the measurement is for an entire season of use.

Is a High-Efficiency Window AC Worth the Money?

There are many aspects to consider when purchasing a window AC, so is the efficiency that important? Although it might not be the deciding factor, it’s certainly worth paying attention to as it brings several benefits.

One of the crucial advantages of a unit with a high EER is the effect it can have on your energy bills. Efficiency means that your unit requires less power to operate. The result is less demand on your electricity overall, and lower consumption than other units means your bills won’t keep rising all summer.

It’s not only your energy bills that are impacted. Efficiency also means more effective cooling. Investing in a high-efficiency window unit means that it’ll bring down the temperatures with ease. Generally, that means your room will get cooler faster, that you won’t need to use the high settings as often, and that maintaining a comfortable temperature won’t be a challenge.

Finally, energy efficiency is better for the planet. Using an AC with a high EER rating means you’ll be using less power, possibly using the unit less, and, therefore, reducing your carbon footprint.

Top Manufacturers of High-EER Window ACs

As with any product, you’ll be looking out for a brand name you can trust. When it comes to window air conditioners with a high EER, several names stand out. 


Founded in 1968, Midea specializes in appliances, including air conditioners, refrigeration, washing machines, ovens, and other small kitchen gadgets. It’s a global company with headquarters in China. 

The company aims to produce technology that is friendly and improves your home life. It’s particularly known for its air treatment products and has won many awards for design. The company also works on a commercial scale, including supplying heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) for sports stadiums. 

Midea U Inverter


Since 2005, TOSOT has been making a name for itself in the air conditioning industry. The brand is an acronym for technology, original, style, outstanding, and trust. The focus is on central air, home air conditioners, and appliances.

It’s part of a larger group called Gree Electric Appliances, which is based in Zhuhai in China. The company is international and makes sales in Europe, Asia, the Americas, and Africa.


Although products from LG didn’t make our list, the company has an excellent reputation when it comes to air conditioners, especially for larger rooms, often with 12,000 or 14,000 BTU. It also focuses on energy efficiency.

The global brand has been operating since 1958. It’s a trusted name in electronics and appliances and is known for its “Life’s Good” motto. 

Price Points of High-EER Window ACs

If you’ve decided to invest in an air conditioner with a high EER, you now know more about the advantages and the brands. We’ve reviewed our list of the top products and their features. However, there’s still a critical consideration to address: the price. We’ve outlined the main price differences when it comes to efficient window AC units.

$200 – $250

These compact units won’t compromise on energy efficiency. However, in this price bracket, you’re more likely to find less powerful options, such as 6,000 BTU designed for smaller rooms up to 250 square feet. You can still expect features such as dehumidifying, sleep mode, and remote control.

Della 048-TL-WAC6K

$250 – $300

The middle price range is where you’ll find the units with extra features, such as improved design for a more attractive appearance or vents with more options to direct the air. The units in this bracket will be 8,000 BTU and suitable for rooms up to 350 square feet. Typically, the higher the BTU, the less efficient a unit is, but you can still expect high EER ratings for this price.


You can find window AC units that cost more than $300 or even $350. Generally, they’ll have  BTU of either 8,000 or 10,000. What makes the 8,000 products fit into this price bracket are additional features. For example, you could expect smart controls, such as WiFi connections and a dedicated app. Some models also work with home assistants, so you can use your voice to operate them.


Window air conditioners with a high EER can bring many benefits, such as lower energy bills and more effective cooling, but they don’t need to cost a lot. There are several brilliant options on the market with useful features, including sleep mode, dehumidifying, and auto-shutoff. Crucial factors to consider are the size of your room and the mounting kit for your window style.

People Also Ask

If you want to know more before you proceed with your purchase, you’re in the right place. We’ve answered some common questions about EER ratings and window air conditioners below.

Is a Higher EER Rating Better on an Air Conditioner?

Yes. The higher the EER rating on an air conditioner, the more efficient it is. The rating is calculated using the BTU, which tells you the size of the room it’s suitable for and the wattage, which is the power it uses to cool your room. 

What is the Highest EER?

The highest rating is 14. Ratings are often given out or approved by Energy Star, which has a chart that goes up to 14. 

Is a 9.5 EER Good?

A 9.5 EER is quite low. Anything over 12 is considered energy-efficient. Many larger products might come in at 11, as efficiency is harder to achieve with higher BTU. So, 9.5 isn’t considered energy efficient.

What is More Important: SEER or EER?

Although they are similar measures, SEER and EER are used for different types of units. SEER is used for central air systems and measures the output over the whole season. EER is used for individual room units, such as window air conditioners when cooling.

How Much More Efficient are ACs with a High EER?

The actual efficiency of a unit can depend on several factors when operating, including position, climate, indoor and outdoor conditions, and weather fluctuations. There are several parameters to consider when comparing efficiency. However, a unit with an EER of 12 could cost $16 less per year to operate compared to one with an EER of 10.

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