Lennox vs American Standard – Which AC Is More Reliable In 2022?

| Last Updated: August 17, 2021

Are you planning to replace or upgrade your air conditioning system? Air conditioners are fundamental parts of indoor comfort and wellbeing. 

For this reason, you should make sure you’re getting the best appliance for your needs. 

In this article, we’ll compare two of the leading brands when it comes to air conditioners. 

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TL;DR: Lennox vs American Standard

Buying a new AC system is not cheap. Besides, a wrong purchase can end up being wasteful and ineffective. Check the significant pros and cons between both brands below.


American Standard



Best energy efficiency on the market

Straightforward installation process

Built with the best parts available

American Standard

Exclusive and durable parts

12-year warranty, which is the most extended warranty for ACs

Almost silent functioning



It’s more expensive than most comparable units

Models with copper coils are prone to leakage

Its condenser requires a lot of space

American Standard

Expensive installation

It’s slightly less energy-efficient than ACs of the same tier

Lennox Introduction

Lennox International is over a century old, founded in the United States in 1895. Mr. Lennox was the owner of a railroad repair business and built the first riveted steel furnace. In 1904, he sold his furnace business to D.W. Norris, who created the Lennox Furnace Company.

The company also created the first residential heating appliances using a forced-air furnace. Since then, the company has assembled some of the best air conditioner units in the country. Lennox has its headquarters in Texas. Yet, it has factories, dealers, and representatives in all states. 

In 1984, the Norris family created Lennox International Inc. This parent company oversees the Lennox Industries activities. Soon after, the brand expanded its production to commercial refrigerators as well. Nowadays, it manufactures a wide variety of HVAC products, including smart home appliances. 

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American Standard Introduction

The company was born in 1922 from two other companies: American Radiator and Standard Sanitary. The name “American Standard” came in 1967. Yet, the international name of the company is “Ideal Standard.”

In 1984, the company expanded further, acquiring Trane. In 2007, it became Trane, although it kept its old brand. Later, in 2008, Ingersoll Rand bought the company.

They build heat pumps, air conditioners, and furnaces using oil, gas, or electricity. This brand is recognized for manufacturing energy-efficient appliances. Units from the top lines rank up to 21 SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio). Those air conditioners are among the most energy-saving appliances on the market.

This brand uses several proprietary parts, which are famous for quality and durability. Because they manufacture most of their parts, they can offer longer warranties. They offer the most extended warranty for an air conditioner part at 12 years for its compressor.

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Company Comparison

Before we go deeper into both brands’ appliances, let’s check some quick facts first. Below, you’ll find a table putting Lennox and American Standard side by side.



American Standard


Where Are Their Products Made?


Lennox International

Who Manufactures Their Products?

Trane Inc.

Lennox International

Who Owns These Companies?

Ingersoll Rand


How Long Have They Been Around?


Up to 10 years

What’s their Warranty Like?

Up to 12 years

What Lennox Does Better Than American Standard

Both brands are at the top of their businesses. Lennox and American Standard offer some of the most reliable and efficient ACs. The difference between both brands lies in the details. In this section, you’ll read where the former outperforms the latter. 

Energy Efficiency

Lennox top appliances show more efficiency, with the highest SEER ratings. While a Lennox flagship scores up to 26 SEER, American Standard units reach up to 22 SEER. It means Lennox units tend to be 8% more efficient than the American Standard equivalent. Some of Lennox’s ACs also come with solar panels, a feature that lacks in its concurrent’s appliances.


Lennox units are less tricky to install. They’re also more demanding when it comes to choosing contractors and representatives. It means you’ll get a high-standard contractor for your installation. Proper installation is crucial to your appliance’s durability and best performance. 

Air Conditioner Parts

This company is very demanding when selecting parts for all their AC units. Because those parts aren’t exclusive, it’s easier to replace them. 

What American Standard Does Better Than Lennox

After a certain level of quality, it all boils down to small details. Still, as the famous adage goes, the devil is in the details. In this section, you’ll see where American Standard does a better job than Lennox.

Noise Levels

Both brands build almost completely silent units. Still, it performs a bit better than Lennox in this sense. Their top units have a noise level as low as 54 dB. It makes them the most silent air conditioners available. Lennox flagship models are a bit noisier: 59 dB. 


Their compressors have more speed options than Lennox. They build their own compressor, called Duration, a reputable compressor for its lifespan and capacity. Trane manufactures this compressor, and it deserves its name. This compressor can work at only 30% of its power. In comparison, Lennox compressors can’t work at less than 35% of their capacity.


Both brands offer a 10-year warranty on their appliances. Yet, some of American Standard’s parts are covered for 12 years under their warranties. This is the case for its compressor, Duration. Most American Standard’s components are manufactured by Trane, which is a very reputable manufacturer. Because they use many proprietary parts in their units, they offer longer warranties. 

Lennox vs American Standard: Similarities

Both companies are American and American-based. Coincidentally, both have headquarters in Texas, as well. They share the top range of high-quality air conditioning systems on the market. When one brand outperforms the other, it is usually in small details and matters of personal taste. Both brands manufacture energy-effective, dependable, and quiet units. 

Lennox contractors are usually more specialized than American Standard ones. But, American Standard compressors are more powerful and live longer. Even so, the difference here is also tiny. The difference between the capacity of both compressors is only 5%.

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Both brands offer the most silent units on the market. Again, they’re almost equal. It’s 59 dB from the best Lennox units against 54 dB from similar American Standard units. Such a high quality comes at a cost: both brands’ best units are pretty expensive, and upfront costs are also high. 

These brands are also some of the most traditional ones around. Lennox was established in 1904, and American Standard opened in 1922. Their products are divided into several tiers, according to the parts used in them. They maintain a standard quality even for all their appliances, which may not be the cheapest ones around when compared to other brands.

Dave Lennox Signature Collection (Photo credit: lennox.com)

Lennox Products vs American Standard ACs

It’s time to compare various products between the two brands. We’ll evaluate them in different tiers as indicated below.

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Top-Tier Model: Lennox vs American Standard

Drawing comparisons is vital for a good purchase. Below, you can compare both brands by their best products. 

Lennox: Dave Lennox Signature Collection XC25

It’s the top-notch air conditioner from Lennox. With 26 SEER, it’s the most efficient air conditioner available on the market. In fact, its energy efficiency reaches 98%. Besides, it’s compatible with SunSource solar modules, and it’s one of the most silent AC units out there. 

It comes with a modulating compressor, which ranges from 40% to 100% of its capacity. It means that this AC won’t make your room too cold. Instead, the temperature will remain stable and balanced. This unit has a very efficient humidity absorption system, improving the indoor environment.

American Standard: AccuComfort Platinum 20

It’s an almost silent central air conditioner with 22 SEER. Its compressor counts on sound insulation to keep sound levels as low as 4 dB. It’s perfect for smart homes since it can be controlled remotely. It also interacts with other smart gadgets. 

Its exclusive AccuLink system controls the communication between the compressor and other parts. It also uses an exclusive spine fin coil made of aluminum, providing superior heat transfer and corrosion resistance. Its variable-speed compressor makes constant and slight adjustments to keep temperature stable.

Mid-Range Model: Lennox vs American Standard

If you’re looking for more affordable units but won’t budge on quality, check the models below. Their energy consumption is still low, and they’re also reasonably quiet. Compare the intermediate units of both brands below. 

Lennox: Elite EL16XC1

If you’re looking for good cost-benefit air conditioners, Lennox Elite EL16XC1 may be for you. This model is still very efficient, ranking up to 17 SEER. This unit employs a Quantum Coil made of strengthened aluminum alloy. This alloy resists corrosion and extreme temperatures.

It comes with a smart thermostat and compatibility with smart home devices. It’s a powerful yet quiet unit. Noise levels won’t pass 71 dB, thanks to its sound insulation system. Manufacturer warranties are also quite long, compared with equal models of other brands.

American Standard: Gold 17

This unit ranks 18 SEER of energy efficiency, being a very cost-effective appliance. It comes in different sizes, from 2-ton to 5-ton models. It also comes with the same brand’s exclusive Spine Fin coil, entirely made of aluminum. It comes with a two-stage compressor, and its cooling capacity ranges from 24,000 BTUs to 60,000 BTUs.

It holds an ENERGY STAR certification. It’s capable of slashing your electricity bills by half, compared with 10 SEER models. Cooling capacity and energy efficiency make it perfect for areas with scorching weather. 

Budget Model: Lennox vs American Standard

Finally, we’ll look at the most affordable options, but you’ll be sacrificing a few features.

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Lennox: Merit 16ACX

If you’re not after the most efficient air conditioners but still want to keep energy consumption at a reasonable level, have a look at this unit. It ranks between 14 and 17 SEER and holds an ENERGY STAR certification. It works with a multi-stage compressor, also providing excellent humidity control. 

The noise level is kept at 75 dB, thanks to its SilentComfort system. It’s very resistant to corrosion and rust due to its exclusive PermaGuard Cabinet. This cabinet uses a combination of zinc, galvanized steel construction, and louvered coil guard, amounting to a pretty sturdy unit.

American Standard: Silver 14

This is a single-stage air conditioner from the company’s basic line. Nevertheless, it provides an excellent cost-benefit ratio. Its energy efficiency is rated at 16 SEER, which is still better than most comparable units. Its sound level is around 72 dB.

It’s a mighty unit and cools the room quickly. It also comes with heavy-duty steel panels and rust-resistant screws. It comes with some of the same exclusive parts of higher-tier models, such as the Spine Fin coil and the Duration compressor. It also counts on a double-fan motor.


Both brands are on the top of their game and are virtually at the same level. Minor differences here and there may make them better for some contexts than others. Still, there’s no clear winner here. Anyway, if you need help deciding, let us know!

People Also Ask

It’s crucial to research and compare before making up your mind. In this article, we’ve compared, in minute details, the main units of both brands. Do you still have questions about those big brands’ air conditioners? Stay with us and check this extra information we’ve organized for you. 

Why is Lennox So Expensive?

Energy efficiency is a valuable trait for such an energy-consuming appliance. Lennox provides the most efficient unit available: it scores 26 SEER, against 22 SEER from the second-best unit. It doesn’t look like much, but it makes a difference in savings over time.

How Long Does an American Standard Air Conditioner Last?

American Standard units are some of the most durable out there. If properly installed and maintained, an American Standard air conditioner can last between 10 and 15 years. While the unit’s warranty is 10 years, the compressor has 12 years warranty.

How Much Does a Lennox AC Unit Cost? 

Lennox air conditioners can range from $1,475 to $3,775 if you’re looking for a central air conditioner. You should also consider the installation cost, which can range from $1,350 to $2,700. Other models may vary according to size and capacity. Smaller models with less efficiency and capacity cost less. 

What’s the Cost Of an American Standard AC? 

American Standard air conditioners can cost from $1,235 to $2,625, depending on the size of the unit. The lowest price refers to a 1.5-ton unit and the highest, a 5-ton unit. Installations cost between $3,795 and $6,750, according to the model. 

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