Buyers Guide: American Standard Water Heater Reviews

| Last Updated: July 10, 2021

American Standard is quite a well-known brand when it comes to water heaters. With devices that can be employed for both commercial and residential application, American Standard has a reputation that has allowed it to become a household name across the US.

With both gas and electric options to choose from, American Standard aims to produce high-quality products that heat large amounts of water quickly, while providing excellent customer service.

Qualities of American Standard Water Heaters

American Standard is a well-known and trusted brand across the USA. Here’s a little more in-depth understanding of why they’re a great choice for water heaters.

Trustworthy Brand 

As far as the customer service of American Standard water heaters goes, American Standard works only with qualified and licensed representatives. This means that all representatives have been trained to the highest standard to deal with American Standard products, allowing them to provide the highest quality service to their customers. Their regular training upgrades ensure that their whole team is prepared to help with customer inquiries and provide top service.

Their products are manufactured in to be superior quality, with longevity and durability. In terms of customer satisfaction, they have a very good record of success with those who have chosen their products.

American Standard has a good warranty program that demonstrates the faith in their products’ capacities as well as their commitment to ensuring the customer has a good quality water heater.

Long Lasting Tanks

American Standard prides itself on the longevity of the tanks due to their excellent durability. The materials used in the manufacturing process, coupled with their innovative technology both help to create water heaters that last a long time.

Their water heater tanks are constructed with heavy gauge steel interiors. This is enameled throughout with DURA-GLAS, a fiberglass filler that helps to prevent the corrosive element in the water from eroding the sides of the tank. Moreover, all tanks are fitted with multiple life-long anode rods which also serves to protect the tanks against corrosion.

Their tanks are also fitted with a hand-hole cleanout that makes it easy for inspection and for cleaning the inside of the tank. This helps to prevent against sediment buildup and makes maintenance easier to increase the tank’s lifetime.

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Constantly Upgrading Their Products

American Standard has an impressively diverse range of water heaters to meet all needs that are constantly updated and upgraded to ensure that their products are of the utmost quality.

They have both a commercial line of water heaters and a residential line, offering both electric and gas water heaters. Having recently implemented a new line of tankless water heaters, American Standard is committed to training all staff to understand each of the new models.

As with the new NAECA regulation put in place in 2018, American Standard is dedicated to providing customer products that meet all regulation and expectations, which keeps their range updated and upgraded to ensure they offer products that fulfill all criteria.

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Solution for Large Hot Water Quantity Users 

Typically, those looking to heat large amounts of water without the access to gas will find that electric water heaters are often expensive to run as they are quite energy intensive. Find out the estimated cost here.

However, American Standard has a solution to this. American Standard Commercial Electric water heaters have been specially designed to heat large quantities of water on-demand. These point-of-use installations are available as 52, 80, and 119-gallon water heaters which can have inputs from 6KW through to 54KW. They also have various voltage options available.

In this sense, those who have large living abodes with multiple residents, or those running commercial businesses like hotels and hostels can implement these water heaters for efficient electrical solutions for large quantities of hot water quickly.

Have an Impressive Warranty 

American Standard water heaters are designed to the highest quality in order to help keep them durable. Their company concept of quality and long warranties demonstrate their confidence in their own products. According to American Standard, they define themselves by ‘quality’, expanding it as an acronym to: ‘Quality you can respect’; Unmatched quality and service; Anode protected – Larger anode rods = extended tank life; Longer warranties; Integrity in our tank construction and way we do business; Trouble-free customer service; and Your first choice for commercial and residential water heaters.

The residential warranties come as a six-year period as standard but can be extended to up to 12 years for the glass-lined tanks. This lengthy period demonstrates confidence in workmanship and durability.

High Quality Products

American Standard products are designed and manufactured to be high-quality products that utilize innovative technology to ensure durability and user-friendliness.

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A Slight Drawback

While the warranty does extend up to 12 years, their warranties do stipulate some limitations which include some of the other components, that have slightly shorter warranties. Make sure to read the fine print on this.

Additionally, while the parts themselves are of high-quality, a few customers note that the assembly of the parts could be improved, with pipes threaded poorly and insulation not attached correctly. This is not common but has been brought up by previous customers.

Equally, when having their products delivered via internet orders, many customers have found that the product has gone through a significant amount of wear and tear throughout the delivery process. This has often led to them receiving faulty water heaters which are dented or have broken parts.

Brief Overview of American Standard Water Heaters

There are three main types of residential American Standard water heaters: Electric, GSN Low NOx, and Tankless Condensing water heaters. All three are made to be of high quality and energy efficient, with the choice depending mainly on your fuel type and hot water needs.

American StandardEN-30, 40, 46, 50 Residential Electric Water Heaters

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Electric water heaters are available in 30, 40, 46, and 50-gallon capacities and either as short or tall configurations. All have fully automatic thermostats with an input of between 6 and 54 kilowatts.

Every model complies with NAECA, ANSI, and Energy Efficiency requirements, as well as DOE test procedures. They come with a choice of a 6 or 12-year warranty for the tank and parts.

Residential Gas – GSN Low NOx

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GSN Low NOx models run on natural gas or LP gas and are made of heavy gauge steel with glass-lined tanks. With a 6 or 12 year warranty, these models are installed with Vaporshield technology to cut off the fuel if ignited accidentally or in the event of overheating.

The tanks are enameled with DURA-GLAS which helps to protect against corrosion inside the tank. They are self-cleaning, making them maintenance free and are fully insulated with non-CFC foam. These designs available with capacities of 30, 40, or 50 gallons, and have a BTU input from 76,100 to 512,000.

American Standard Tankless Condensing Water Heater

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American Standard Tankless Condensing water heaters run on LP or natural gas, heating either 11 or 12 gallons per minute. Their BTU input ranges from 18,000 to 199,000 with a thermal efficiency of 92%,  as all models have an ultra-low NOx combustion system for better fuel efficiency.

In fact, their Tankless Condensing models are Energy Star and ETL certified which demonstrates that they consume 15-55% less energy than water heaters that meet the federal standards. The compact design has a precision thermostat and gas leak detector. They come with a 5-year limited warranty and a 12-year heat exchanger warranty.

Top Sellers 

American Standard CE-12-AS 12 Gallon Point of Use Electric Water Heater

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Made of heavy gauge steel, lined with DURA-GLAS and with a brass valve, this water heater is designed for durability. Compact in design, this model can be installed in small spaces at the point-of-use, such as under-sink cupboards, countertops, and mop cupboards.

It comes with a thermostat for more precise heating, with top and side connections for easy installation. It can heat 12 gallons of water and comes with a 6-year warranty as standard on residential installations, which can be extended up to 12 years.

American Standard TCWH199S-AS-NG 199,000 BTU Tankless Natural Gas Ultra Low Nox Condensing Water

American Standard TCWH199S-AS-NG 199,000 BTU Tankless Natural Gas Ultra Low Nox Condensing Water Heater

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An Energy Star rated and ETL certified tankless water heater, this model is extremely energy efficient at 96%. Its eco-friendly ultra-low NOx combustion system means it consumes less fuel and lowers energy bills. It can heat at 11 gallons per minute and is designed to resist the build-up of scale. It is easy-to-install and comes with a 12-year limited heat exchanger warranty and a 5-year limited parts warranty.

Water Heater Safety Tips 

Ensuring you understand water heater safety will stop any spontaneous fires from occurring or gas leak issues and help improve the lifetime of your water heater:

  1. Have it checked professionally. Every year you need to ensure that you have your water heater checked. If you have no understanding of this process, it is usually safer and easier to have a professional plumber run through and ensure all the components are intact and well-maintained.

  2. Keep the surrounding area clear. Your water heater should have a clear space around, especially if it is running on gas. Otherwise, there isn’t room for oxygen to get in, and this can lead to the production of carbon monoxide, which is a poisonous gas. Equally, ensure that you have no flammable products near your water heater. This can include materials but can also be an issue if the water heater is stored in the garage near the paints and other chemicals.

  3. Know how to turn it off. In the event of a fire or a safety hazard, knowing how to turn off your water heater is imperative. Make sure to educate yourself on this.

  4. Give it ventilation room. As noted above, clutter can cause issues with ventilation, however, make sure your water heater isn’t in an airtight space and has a flow of air to ensure correct combustion.

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American Standard Water Heaters Information

American Standard engineers and manufactures residential and commercial water heaters that can handle both gas and electric inputs. They aim to produce high-quality products that enable versatile applications, with a strong focus on producing large amounts of hot water quickly and efficiently. Their products use durable materials to improve the longevity of their ranges, while the warranty demonstrates confidence in the quality of their products.

American Standard products have been known to provide reliable service in homes, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, apartments, schools, and industrial buildings. Their staff is highly trained to provide the best customer service with informed information regarding the diverse application of their products, and the skills to help with any issues.

It is clear that American Standard puts a huge emphasis on quality. From their longer anode rods for greater durability and longevity, through their 24/7 toll free customer service and longer warranty programs, American Standard uses quality as lynchpin that holds their reputation together, both in terms of product and service.


American Standard is a reliable brand to consider when looking for a water heater. With a diverse range, they have water heaters applicable for both commercial and residential use, with a strong emphasis on delivering high amounts of hot water very quickly.

They pride themselves on the quality of their products and their customer service and offer generous warranties to support this. A household name, American Standard has the reputation they do for a good reason, as an affordable, high-quality water heater provider.

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