Best Heaters For Small Rooms – 2022 Review

| Last Updated: December 21, 2021

The first thing that one would want to do in chilly weather is to have a warm and cozy living space. Installing space heaters is something that you would do to fulfill the purpose. 

However, the question arises: what makes the space heater suitable for use? 

This detailed buying guide will help you with your purchase decision. In this article, you will find a detailed description of the best heaters for a small room. Read on to know how to pick the best one!

Comparison of the Best Heaters For Small Rooms

  • Comes with a self-regulating ceramic element installed
  • Overheat protections is included with the heater
  • Made to last quite a long time
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  • Easy adjustable controls for easy use
  • Will quickly gain the desired heat
  • Made from flame retardant materials
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  • Best for the Money
  • The heater operates at a very low noise level
  • Comes with 3 heat adjustment settings
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  • Overheat protection Feature is included
  • Easily adjustable controls for various settings
  • Made from strong and durable materials
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  • Comes with a lightweight and compact design
  • You get 3 heat settings for a variety of heating options
  • Advanced safety features included for overheat protection
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What Makes a Great Heater For a Small Room?

Before purchasing any product, it is imperative to know about its key features and specifications. Having in-depth knowledge of a product’s essential features and functions leads to a smart purchase decision. 

Below are some of the key features that you must keep in mind while buying a heater for a small room:

Automatic Overheat Protection

Safety is a major concern when it comes to choosing heaters. Products with a sensor that shuts off if it overheats are preferable. Therefore, a good heater will always include automatic overheat protection.

High-Heat, Low-Heat, and Fan Settings

A space heater offering a choice of three quiet settings is considered to be amongst the top models. The three quiet settings include high-heat, low-heat, and fan-only.

Lasko 751320 features

Adjustable Thermostat

An adjustable thermostat makes for a great heater for a small room. It enables users to specify their preferred temperature. Therefore, it is one of the key features required in space heaters.

Sleep Timer and Remote Control

Innovation has resulted in devices featuring a remote control and sleep timer. You would want to have a heater that comes with remote control and a sleep timer, enabling you to monitor it from afar. This way, it will provide you ease and comfort while using the product. 

How Do I Choose a Heater For a Small Room?

There are various factors to consider while picking a heater for a small room. It is important to know the strength and size of the heater that you need. Ideally, for a small room, you would require a heater that is powerful but not too noisy; something compact and portable is ideal. To give you a clear idea, some of the important aspects are highlighted below:

Heating Power

The heating power must be considered depending upon the size of the space. Portable space heaters use 1500 watts of power to heat a bedroom. For a heater to function effectively, its heating power must be compatible with the size of the room.

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The products reviewed in this article come with a one to three-year warranty. You would not want to end up regretting your decision if anything goes wrong with your purchased product within a few days. Therefore, always look for the warranty of the product before making your purchase.


Often, there is a need to move the heater from one place to another. Therefore, it is convenient for you to look for a unit that is compact and portable. This will enable you to move it even if it is just from room to room.

Review of the Best Heaters For Small Rooms

Here we have identified some of the top products available on the market. Their in-depth reviews will surely make your decision easier. So, let’s take a look at the best heaters for small rooms:

Best Overall

Lasko 751320


Coverage Area (sq ft): 300

Power (watts): 1500

Dimensions: 7.25 x 7.4 x 23

Weight: 6.95 pounds

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What Recent Buyers Report

People who have purchased Lasko 751320 have dropped satisfactory reviews. It offers all the safety features that make it safe to use. Moreover, it comes with remote control and timer, bringing comfort to the user. Buyers are satisfied with the performance of this high-quality product offering all the essential features.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Lasko offers features that make it one of the best heaters for a small room. It comes with a wireless remote control and sleep timer, providing its users comfort and ease. Furthermore, it is a compact yet powerful heater, featuring a built-in carry handle. This makes it possible for you to move it from room to room. In addition, it consists of a user-friendly LED screen on top.The safety features of this product make it safe to use. Automatic overheat protection, along with cool-touch housing, ensure safety while using it at home.

Bottom Line

To conclude, Lasko 751320 consists of all the essential features, making it one of the best heaters for a small room. Its safety features make it safe to use at home. Also, features like wireless remote control, timer, LED screen, and others provide comfort and ease to its users.


Wireless remote control

High & low-heat settings

Includes adjustable thermostat and built-in timer

Automatic overheat protection ensures the safety

Features 1500-watt ceramic heater along with widespread oscillation


Unsuitable for large spaces


GiveBest PCT-905

GiveBest Portable Electric Space Heater with Thermostat, 1500W/750W Safe and Quiet Ceramic Heater Fan, Heat Up 200 Square Feet for Office Room Desk Indoor Use, Silver


Coverage Area (sq ft): 200

Power (watts): 1500

Dimensions: 7 x 6.2 x 9.2

Weight: 3.43 pounds

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What Recent Buyers Report

GiveBest PCT-905 is a portable and lightweight heater that gives its users ease and comfort. Purchasers who got this product used it for their home office or bedrooms. According to them, it was quiet and heated up space fast. Moreover, it is suitable for small spaces that are up to 100-200 sq.ft.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This product is included on our list due to its portability that is ideal for a small space. It is lightweight, which enables you to carry it around with the handle from room to room.

In addition, it offers safety features that are essential for a heater. There is automatic tip-over and overheat protection, which shuts it off when it overheats. Besides, it comes with a 1500/750-watts ceramic heater along with an adjustable thermostat.

If you are looking for a heater that cools a small office space or bedroom fast and with the least noise, then go for this model. It is best to heat up small rooms of 200 sq ft, and that also while keeping your bills to the minimum.

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, the GiveBest PCT-905 comes with safety features that make it appropriate for small spaces like office, desk, bedroom, or home. It is lightweight and portable, heats up a small space fast, and is quiet. What more could you ask for in a good heater?


Saves on electric bills

Quiet and safe for small indoor spaces

Lightweight heater, portable to carry from room to room

1500/750 watts ceramic heater with adjustable thermostat

Tip-over and overheat protection, which is suitable for households having pets or toddlers


Lacks a timer

No remote control

Best for the Money

Lasko 754200


Coverage Area (sq ft): 300

Power (watts): 1500

Dimensions: 6 x 3.7 x 9.2

Weight: 1 pound

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What Recent Buyers Report

People who have used this space heater appear to be content with its performance. Most importantly, people who were living in small spaces lauded this unit’s heating power. Also, thanks to the safety features, it is safe to use. Buyers were satisfied with the portability of the product as well.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The Lasko 754200 comes with features that make it a great heater for a small space. To add to that, it is available at a fairly reasonable price, making it suitable for people who are tight on their budget.Moreover, its built-in handle enables you to move it to multiple locations without any hassle. It is lightweight and portable, too, offering you comfort and ease.It features three quiet settings that include high heat, low heat, and fan only. This makes it ideal for warming an area in your home. In addition, the adjustable thermostat enables you to have the heat setting of your choice.

Bottom Line

Overall, Lasko 754200 is an ideal product offering value for money. It offers all the required features at an economical price. From safety features to the portability of the product, it ticks all the right boxes. Therefore, purchasing this product would be a wise decision.


Compact and portable

High-heat, low-heat, and fan settings

Cool-touch exterior and overheat protection

Built-in carry handle makes it convenient to use

1500-watt ceramic heater with an adjustable thermostat


Does not offer a remote control

Pro Breeze 1500W

Pro Breeze Oscillating Ceramic Space Heater 1500W – Heater Fan with 6 Operation Modes, Adjustable Thermostat, Overheat Protection and Tip-over Switch – Fan Heater for Home Office, Bedroom, Desk


Coverage Area (sq ft): N/A

Power (watts): 1500

Dimensions: 6.77 x 5.06 x 10.79

Weight: 3.76 pounds

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What Recent Buyers Report

Users of Pro Breeze 1500W stated that the compact size and heating power of the product make it ideal for small spaces. Its adjustable thermostat makes it energy-efficient and ensures optimal heating. Moreover, this product offers six operation modes, along with automatic oscillation, which gives a much better experience to the users.

Why It Stands Out To Us

This model comes with advanced features that make it an ideal heater for small rooms. It features advanced ceramic heating elements that provide faster and efficient heating.Furthermore, the lightweight and compact structure allows you to move it from place to place. Therefore, this product could be the right pick for your personal space. It is suitable for homes, kitchens, under desks, and offices.It also features six operation modes, enabling you to select between low (750W) and high (1500W) heat settings or fan-only mode. Also, its built-in overheat protection and tip-over switch render it safe to use.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, Pro Breeze 1500W includes advanced features at a reasonable price. This product is suitable for personal space, whether it’s in the bedroom, office, kitchen, or under the desk. It is an all-in-one unit as it is portable, compact, and energy-efficient.


Lightweight and compact design

1500-watt, portable ceramic heater

Built-in adjustable thermostat for efficient heating

Six operation modes along with automatic oscillation

Safety features include automatic overheat protection with a tip-over switch


A little noisy

No remote control or timer

andily Portable Ceramic Heater

andily Small Ceramic Space Heater Electric Portable Heater Fan for Home Dorm Office Desktop and kitchen with Adjustable Thermostat,ETL Listed for Safe Use (Black)


Coverage Area (sq ft): N/A

Power (watts): N/A

Dimensions: 10.79 x 7.64 x 6.06

Weight: 3.01 pounds

We may earn commission from purchases made from our links, at no additional cost to you

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers are satisfied with the portability and size of the product. As it is lightweight, it can be carried everywhere conveniently. Moreover, the advanced ceramic heating elements make it energy-efficient and warm-up space faster. The three heat settings enable users to adjust the heat and control the temperature with the thermostat.

Why it Stands Out to Us

andily Ceramic heater is a portable heater having all the essential features. It offers an automatic overheat system and tip-over switch, ensuring safety for its users. Moreover, the 1500-watt advanced ceramic heating elements provide faster and efficient heating. It warms up the place in a few minutes, giving you comforting warmth.

This portable and lightweight heater are ideal for personal spaces like offices, kitchens, and homes. You can also use the handles to move it anywhere you want.

Furthermore, it consists of an adjustable thermostat that enables you to control the temperature. The three heat settings allow you to adjust the heat as you please.

Bottom Line

To sum up, this model qualifies for an ideal space heater for a small space. It is energy-efficient, portable, and warms up the place fast. Also, it ensures safety with features like overheat and tip-over protection. Therefore, it is recommended for personal space like home or office use.


Lightweight and portable

High-heat, low-heat, and fan-only settings

Automatic overheat system with a tip-over switch

Advanced ceramic heating elements make it energy-efficient

1500-watt ceramic heating along with an adjustable thermostat


No remote control or sleep-timer

Are All Small Room Heaters The Same?

There are various ways in which heaters warm up a small room, depending upon their design. It includes convection, oil-filled, ceramic, and infrared heaters. Ideally, to warm up a small room, one would like to have an energy-efficient space heater. Usually, portable space heaters are electric and require 1500 watts of power for a small space. 

All aforementioned heaters for small rooms have 1500 watts of power, which is ideal for small space. However, they differ slightly from one another in terms of mobility, size, design, and efficiency. A product might feature a timer and remote control that makes it more efficient than the one lacking these functions.

What Do I Need to Know Before Buying a Heater For a Small Room? 

Space heaters have various features which you must keep in mind while purchasing one for yourself. To make a smart purchase decision, read below some important features that you need to consider while purchasing a heater:

Overheat Protection System

It is imperative to look for safety features in a heater. There are many instances where heaters can be a hazard. Therefore, units ensuring safety with features like automatic overheat protection and tip-over switch should be considered.

HOME_CHOICE Ceramic Heater can be used anywhere

Adjustable Thermostat

An adjustable thermostat enables you to get your desired temperature on a heater. Most units offer this feature, hence, be mindful while buying yours.


A heater with a handle will make your life easier. If you want to move it from room to room, then portability is important.


To conclude, getting a heater for a small room is entirely dependent upon your needs. By now, you would be better able to identify your needs and the aspects of a heater you need to consider. Keep in mind the safety features, portability, size, and heating power of the product. Also, ensure that the heater is energy-efficient, which will give you relief in the long run.

People Also Ask

Buying a heater for a small room could be a tough task. You might have questions in your mind, stopping you from buying the ideal unit. Here are answers to common questions regarding these units:

Can a Small Heater Heat up a Room?

A small heater does heat up a room, but it also depends on the room’s size that needs heating. Small heaters usually work for an area of 150-200 sq ft.

Do Small Heaters Use a Lot of Electricity?

Small heaters do not use up a lot of electricity if they are used in a small room with one or two persons. They can consume electricity anywhere from 200 to 1000 watts, making them cost-effective.

Which is a Better, a Small Room Space Heater, Oil Filled, or Quartz Infrared?

Oil-filled heaters are suitable for heating a specific spot. They are quiet and heat up the air slightly through re-radiation. On the other hand, Quartz Infrared heaters, heat objects, and people directly in front of the heater. Consequently, it provides very comfortable and effective heating. Hence, for a small room, an oil-filled heater would be better.

How Expensive is it to Heat One Small Room With an Infrared Heater?

Infrared units use infrared waves that are invisible and can only be felt as heat. These waves travel through empty spaces and heat up solid objects such as a person or a piece of furniture, rather than heating the air.  

In this way, the heat does easily escape up chimneys or through draughty windows. Therefore, an infrared heater is energy-efficient and can save you up to 60% on your heating bills.

Where Do I Position a Heater in a Small Room?

The heater should be placed five to six feet away from you, providing warmth without overheating. Also, it should sit flat on the floor, away from flammable items, like curtains or bedroom furniture.

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