Best HVAC Schools in Nashville, TN – 2021 List

| Last Updated: June 15, 2021

In today’s world, HVAC technicians hold a renowned status as installers and mechanics of the refrigerating and ventilation systems. And training schools play an undeniable role in polishing the talent of HVAC candidates and allowing them to earn a fascinating amount of money through their capabilities.

This article contains an unbiased review of the best HVAC schools situated in Nashville that intend to establish an attractive career of HVAC students. If you are planning to take admission in an HVAC school in Nashville, then go ahead and pick one that fits your choice.

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Requirements to Be an HVAC Technician in Nashville, TN

In Nashville, becoming a professional HVAC technician is not that difficult, and it doesn’t require too many tedious courses to be accomplished. Only a few simple steps can open the doors for a bright future in HVAC for you.

Those who are interested in building an HVAC career should get a license that will allow you to execute your duties as an apprentice and have experience working as an HVAC professional.

During the apprenticeship period, HVAC candidates have to pass an exam in order to become an HVAC contractor. To pass this exam, you will require adequate knowledge about the theory and principles of HVAC systems. Here comes the need for HVAC schools to provide you all the relevant education.

Through HVAC schools, candidates will learn the fine details about HVAC systems and witness the practical demonstration of operating, repairing, and maintaining them.

The process of becoming an HVAC tech in Tennessee requires the candidate to pass a business and law test whose purpose is to make them aware of the law guidelines required for HVAC tech. Commercial HVAC tech must get a Mechanical HVAC/Refrigeration Contractor License. An EPA license is necessary for HVAC contractors dealing with refrigerants.

Salary and Job Outlook in Nashville, TN

The salary package of HVAC technicians is undoubtedly awesome, be it for an entry-level or an expert tech. Salaries are proportional to years of experience. Apart from that, your degree of training will also have an impact on your job placement.

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In the beginning, HVAC techs will be able to earn more or less around $21 per hour, while experts will approximately have an annual wage of $62,000. As an average estimated range, HVAC technicians earn $21.08 to $33.15 hourly and $43,840 to $68,950 annually.

The HVAC technicians always get the lion’s share in the salary as compared to other technicians. For the same reason, the popularity and demand for HVAC individuals are increasing immensely. More and more people are inclined towards becoming a member of the HVAC technicians’ community.

The air conditioning and refrigerating industries of Nashville have indicated a noticeable rise in the growth of the HVAC technicians’ circle. An increase of 13% of HVAC job opportunities is expected by 2026. This estimated percentage is enough for us to determine the importance of the HVAC field.

List of the Top HVAC Schools in Nashville, TN

Never leave your character development and career-building in the hands of any randomly chosen HVAC school. Instead, you should pay heed to the environment, facilities, and staff while considering an HVAC school.

This section is going to relieve your research stress as we have shortlisted some schools that propose the most facilities without demanding too much.


Fortis College

Contact Info

Address: 3354 Perimeter Hill Dr # 105, Nashville, TN 37211

Phone: +1 615-320-5917

List of Programs

Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Program

Our Review of the Program

Fortis College is one of the most astounding HVAC institutes in Nashville. The training college offers a wide variety of courses related to many fields other than HVAC. As far as HVAC training is concerned, the college tops the list as it places many extraordinary qualities in reach.

The college provides capacious classrooms that accommodate more students comfortably so that each student gets the equal and most wanted attention of lecturers and instructors.

Other than that, the college also includes labs that house the latest tools and equipment required for the assessment of refrigerating and air conditioning systems. In this way, theory and practical handling go hand in hand, and the candidates learn the skills closely.

There is a financial aid office in the college established for the guidance of candidates regarding the financial circumstances. This office also helps the students in making a better and effective approach towards financial programs and schemes.

Preparing the students for an HVAC career is the foremost goal of Fortis College, but the story does not end here. When the candidates enter the last semester of their programs, they get a chance to interact with the Director of Career Services, who teaches them the basics about how to present themselves in an interview and resume. The director also facilitates them in acquiring the job.


Total Tech School

Contact Info

Address: 909 Murfreesboro Pike, Nashville, TN, 37217

Phone: (615) 459-8024/(615) 312-0792

List of Programs

HVAC Service Protocol Training

Our Review of the Program

It covers an extensive area of about 10,000 square feet, which comprises both classrooms as well as laboratories. The laboratories encompass all basic to modern units and tools that the candidates will find appropriate for implementing their expertise before stepping into the professional world.

The staff members are very cooperative, thereby maintaining a respectful and friendly environment. The standard of choosing the teachers for the college is transparent and solely based on merit. Therefore, skillful and proficient HVAC technicians are produced in Total Tech School.

In this college, students learn the principles of maintaining and repairing HVAC systems. They also learn how to install the refrigerating and ventilating units properly and safely. As a result, the graduating student becomes a competent HVAC professional and finds a suitable position in a well-reputed HVAC industry on account of his skills and potential.

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The handling of lab equipment also infuses confidence in the students to deal with a faulty system and repair it efficiently. The students are trained to judge the problem of a malfunctioning unit rightly.

The school has some laws that the students must abide by in order to have uninterrupted and disciplined learning. These laws force them to behave properly and concentrate on studies more.


All American Technician Academy

Contact Info

Address: 3894 King Drive Suite 200 Douglasville, GA 30135

Phone: 770-858-7802

List of Programs

HVAC Program

Our Review of the Program

The reason behind including this school to our list is the efforts it makes for preparing HVAC technicians. For this, the school hires the most competent professors and counselors that impart knowledge of principles in the classrooms and develop practical skills in the laboratories.

These teachers also act as instructors who enable the students to uplift their communication sense and face professional life confidently. Students learn the etiquette of communicating with the customers.

Moreover, the academy introduces some special certification programs intended to engage HVAC aspirants. EPA-certified HVAC technicians can go for the AATA certificate, which will increase their worth in the industrial community. This certificate will be provided to HVAC candidates on passing a test successfully.

All American Technician Academy does not fail to engage HVAC candidates as it offers an EPA Universal Certification Test. This valuable test is a combination of individual certificates of EPA, and after the achievement of this certificate, you will no longer be in need of any additional HVAC certificate. Hence, preparing for this test will make you gain a great experience like that of the HVAC internship.

HVAC graduates of this college don’t have to wait for the placement of a job since the acquisition of certificates clearly indicates the level of their aptitude.


Tennessee College of Applied Technology

Contact Info

Address: 100 White Bridge Pike, Nashville, TN 37205

Phone: (615) 425-5500

List of Programs

Domestic Unit Repair

HVAC Mechanic Assistant

Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Technician

Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration Technician

Our Review of the Program

Tennessee College of Applied Technology, more commonly referred to as TCAT, is located in Nashville and is dedicated to serving HVAC candidates with its highly proficient faculty staff and peaceful atmosphere. If you wish to become a qualified HVAC technician and explore the benefits of prominent industries, then this college can be fruitful for you.

The diverse range of courses it offers enables the candidate to study the problems and situations that may come while repairing, installing, and maintaining heat pumpsair conditioners, refrigerators, and ventilating systems. As a consequence, the student acknowledges a great deal of know-how of small as well as large, old as well as modern air conditioning and refrigerating systems.

Furthermore, the college is concerned about the financial issues of students for which it comes up with scholarship schemes and other educational facilities. Thus, HVAC candidates don’t have to worry about discontinuing their training programs because of budget limitations.

The environment of lecture halls is quite satisfying and does its best to maintain the focus of HVAC students. Resultantly, the students don’t miss out on any detail included in the lecture. Every HVAC graduate instantly gets employment and makes huge earnings due to his profound training.


Remington College

Contact Info

Address: 441 Donelson Pike #150, Nashville, TN 37214, United States

Phone: 1-800-208-1850

List of Programs

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Diploma Program

Our Review of the Program

HVAC individuals are recognized as the most demanding mechanics and technicians since they are quite adept at dealing with air conditioning and refrigerating systems. Remington College is known for educating individuals about the maintenance, repair, and installation procedures. This institute, in turn, prepares those individuals for handling residential and commercial air conditioning units.

If financial instabilities are hindering you from taking admission in this college, then it has a solution for you. You can reap the benefits of Federal Financial Aid programs as long as you meet the eligibility criteria.

The laboratories are equipped with all the latest conveniences and provide an advantageous platform to execute professional tasks under the supervision of experts. In addition, the different courses lay various options before HVAC candidates so that they pick one accordingly.

After making the students complete their training programs, the college, in collaboration with career services, helps them in getting hired by top companies. It indicates that the students not only get plenty of expertise but also don’t have to wander helplessly in search of employment.

The college also takes responsibility for improving the skills of HVAC candidates in order to pass a compulsory test and attain the status of Universal EPA Certified HVAC technician.


HVAC industries always succeed in coping with the fast-paced world. The advanced approach to learning the techniques of air conditioning, refrigerating, and ventilating systems has contributed to the success of HVAC companies. Owing to this fact, we suggest you receive HVAC training from any of the above-mentioned schools as it will help you understand how to handle HVAC systems skilfully.

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