HVAC Certification Licensing in New Mexico

New Mexico is a great place to start a career in HVAC thanks to its desert climate. Hot summer days and cold nights make indoor climate control a priority for all residential and commercial buildings in the state.

With over one thousand jobs in HVAC statewide, the opportunity to have a lucrative vocation as an HVAC technician has never looked better.

Here we will outline for you all the state requirements you’ll need to get your HVAC licensing in the state of New Mexico.

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HVAC Licensing Requirements for New Mexico

To work in HVAC as a contractor, it is required that you both get licensed as a Conditioning Contractor and in Business and Law. The license will allow you to bid and contract on various projects related to heat and air conditioning systems, whether it be for renovation, maintenance or repair. It covers both residential and commercial projects.

If you are interested in working in ventilation systems that use natural gas fittings, you will need a Natural Gas Fitting Contractors license. This license allows contractors to service or install natural gas systems or appliances. Both licenses have similar requirements and examination processes. Here are the eligibility details for each:

Heat, Air Conditioning Contractors License Requirements

  • Submit a bond for $500 to $5,000, cash collateral, or audited financial statement
  • Provide proof of 2-4 years of experience depending on classification
  • Submit a certificate of competence
  • Pass both the trade exam and the business and law exam
  • To continue to hold your license you will need 5 hours of continued education every biennial renewal period.
  • The fee to apply to sit for the exam is $30, the licensing fee is $30 and there is an additional $30 annual renewal fee
  • Natural Gas Fitting License Requirements

  • Submit a bond for $500 to $5000, cash collateral, or audited financial statement
  • Provide proof of 2-4 years of experience
  • Submit a certificate of competence
  • The fee to apply to sit for the exam is $30, the licensing fee is $30 and there is an additional $30 annual renewal fee
  • Examination Process

    After applying for your license, you can schedule an exam at your nearest testing site. The exams are administered by PSI and you can contact the company at 1-800-733-9267 to schedule.

    What does an HVAC technician study?

    Heat, Air Conditioning Contractors License Exam

    The exam has 100 questions that must be answered within 180 minutes. You will need to get a 75% or higher on the exam to pass

    New Mexico Business and Law Exam

    • This exam has 50 questions and a time limit of 125 minutes
    • Questions will be related to licensing requirements, giving estimates, bidding, how to organize a business, managing finances, state laws, environment, safety, risk assessment and project management
    • You will need a 75% or higher to pass and the exam fee is $45.

    MM-2 Natural Gas Fitting Exam

    • Taken in tandem with the Business and Law exam
    • 100 questions and a 240 minute time limit
    • You will need a 75% or higher to pass
    • The exam covers gas-related topics like piping, gas sizing, appliances, combustion, air, chimneys, flues, vents, and systems

    Job Outlook

    As we were discussing at the beginning of the article, New Mexico has a great job outlook for HVAC techs and contractors, thanks to its non-temperate climate changes. Entry-level job availability is estimated to grow by 21% by 2024.

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    Techs earn $40,590 per year on average in New Mexico. Wages vary from $13.26 all the way up to nearly $30 per hour. Top end, senior HVAC techs can have a take-home pay of over 60K. There are great opportunities for entry-level HVAC technicians with plenty of room to grow into higher salaries with even more job security.

    As far as regional job outlook, Santa Fe beats out every other city in the state by nearly $10,000 for average salary, coming in at $46,962. Albuquerque is the next highest salary, around $39,911. It is no surprise that the two largest cities might have the highest demand for HVAC and therefore the highest salaries. Other notable locations for high paying HVAC careers are Alamogordo, Farmington, and Rio Rancho.


    New Mexico is a prime location to start your education in HVAC. After 2-4 years of hands-on experience as an apprentice, you can test to get your contractor’s license. With licensing comes the ability to take on larger, higher paying jobs and more responsibilities at your company.

    The licensing process requires just a little bit of effort in exchange for long-term career benefits. Whether you get your license in gas fitting, air conditioning, or both, the results can be rewarding. It is never too late to learn HVAC and get your licensing.

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