Best Low-Temperature Dehumidifiers – 2020 Review of the Top Models

| Last Updated: September 1, 2020

When people think of a dehumidifier, they tend to think of hot, high, damp spaces filled with humidity. Keep in mind though that wet and cold climates sometimes also suffer from too much moisture in the air.

To deal with this problem, technology has given birth to low-temperature dehumidifiers. These are engineered specifically to operate at an optimal level in cool climates.

However, finding the best low-temperature humidifier can be difficult, which is why we have decided to help you out. Mentioned below is all you need to know about this variety of dehumidifiers along with the top products present on the market.

Comparison of the Best Low-Temperature Dehumidifiers

  • It can be cleaned easily
  • This is the best dehumidifier overall
  • It has exceptionally easy-to-use controls and features
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  • This dehumidifier is the runner-up in this list.
  • Enjoy the elegant design that makes it perfect for every room.
  • It has great features and provides you with good control over your unit.
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  • Best dehumidifier in terms of money
  • It can easily humidify medium and small sized rooms
  • It comes with user-friendly features that are easy to use
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  • It can work for any space, small or medium
  • It comes with different modes including turbo mode for faster clean-up
  • This unit helps in eliminating odor, moisture, and other nasty things from the air.
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  • This is a compact yet very powerful unit
  • Due to its auto-defrost and auto-restart abilities, you can enjoy this unit with ease.
  • It provides you with breathable air that is clean and a comfortable environment at home.
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What is a Low-Temperature Dehumidifier Best For?

A low-temperature dehumidifier has several benefits that make it an ideal product to invest in. These units help in making your household inhospitable to allergens such as mold, dust mites, mildew, and germs. Since these units do not make too much noise, they can run efficiently in the background without disturbing anyone.

hOmeLabs 70 Pint Dehumidifier

Moreover, since they work at a low temperature, they can work for a long period of time and reduce the possibility of developing mold on your clothes and furniture. They even help in getting rid of rotting smells and any other unpleasant odors. All of these benefits make it ideal for you to buy a low-temperature dehumidifier, and since they are energy efficient, you don’t have to worry much about these adding to your utility bill.

How to Choose a Low-Temperature Dehumidifier?

Choosing the right kind of dehumidifier requires proper research and time from your end. However, as a general rule, make sure to look out for the following characteristics when making a purchase.

Dehumidifier Size

Dehumidifiers that are used commercially come in three different sizes; 70 pints, 50 pints, and 30 pints. This size describes how much moisture these units can capture in one day and have no relation to any physical availability, dimension or the capacity of the reservoir. Instead, they depend on the room you need to place them in.

A smaller room will be perfect for a 30-pint unit, whereas a medium room can make use of a 50-pint unit. Similarly, you can use a 70-pint unit for an entire household as well as large bedrooms. These large dehumidifiers do not run for a long time, and this helps in prolonging their lifespan.  However, if you're on a short budget, you can always go for a 30-pint or 50-pint dehumidifier, since they are less expensive.

Quiet Operation

Noise of any kind can be a real nuisance, and when investing in a product such as a dehumidifier that works all through the night, it is essential to consider this aspect. Dehumidifiers that come with two different fan speeds can be quiet at low humidity levels; however, some units make slight noise even at the low setting.

It is a good idea to purchase a dehumidifier that is extremely quiet and does not make any noise at all. This way, you can enjoy their high functionality along with a night of good sleep.

Automatic Shutoff

Dehumidifiers can run for a long time at low temperatures. However, running of a unit for prolonged hours without a full tub can be harmful. This can weaken it and even ruin the mechanical system of the dehumidifier.

So, it is essential that you get a humidifier that comes with a timer or an automatic shutoff feature. This allows you to sleep peacefully without getting up in the middle of the night to turn it off or check the tank.

Some dehumidifiers also come with an indicator light that tells you when it needs to be refilled.

Quick Take: Best Low-Temperature Dehumidifiers

These are our recommendations for the best low-temperature dehumidifiers:

  1. hOmeLabs 70 Pint Dehumidifier
  2. Keystone 70-Pint Dehumidifier
  3. Frigidaire FAD504DWD 50-Pint Dehumidifier

Review of the Best Low-Temperature Dehumidifiers

Now that you're aware of what to look for and why dehumidifiers are so helpful, you can find the best low-temperature dehumidifiers present in the market. Here are five units that we think are truly worth investing in.

hOmeLabs 4,500 Sq. Ft Energy Star Dehumidifier for Extra Large Rooms and Basements


  • User-friendly features.
  • Perfect for the entire household.
  • Comes with auto-shut off features.
  • Works perfectly well all through the night.


  • Even though cleaning it is easy, this unit requires proper maintenance.

Our Review

This hOmeLabs Dehumidifier is a 70-pint dehumidifier with a 9-gallon capacity, which means it helps in removing 70 pints in a day. This makes it ideal for basements, large rooms, and cellars. This unit is certified by Energy Star, indicating that it is quick and effective in absorbing moisture without taking your energy bills to the extreme.

This unit is designed for the modern household due to its exceptional design. It has a clean and sleek look that people love and is convenient. It comes with a built-in wheel and handles along with a very quiet fan that makes sure that it doesn't drown out your TV shows. Since durability is an important issue, this unit comes with a two-year warranty that allows you to use it with any worry.

Moreover, it's very easy to use and can adjust to your ideal moisture setting without any problem. It can run for an entire day after a single fill; for continuous draining, this unit comes with gravity fed drain hose. This unit helps in eliminating moisture, odor and all the other gross things present in your household.

Furthermore, this device comes with controls present on the touch panel, auto-shutoff feature, restart and defrost abilities, as well as a turbo mode that provides comfort right away.

Bottom Line

This unit is no doubt very good and is the best dehumidifier overall. It has excellent features and is large with an impressive capacity and the ability to extract 70 pints of moisture. It can work all day long with a single fill and provides comfort at your fingertips.

70 Pt. Dehumidifier with Built-In Pump


  • User-friendly.
  • Can dehumidify a large area.
  • Digital display allows you to set the humidity level.
  • Auto shutoff feature.


  • Needs to be emptied often.
  • Large and heavy, making it difficult to carry around.
  • Comes with a small water collection reservoir that only holds 10 pints of water.

Our Review

As soon as humidity rises, Keystone dehumidifiers help in combining energy efficiency and power in order to remove mildew and mold for your household. This unit has the ability to dehumidify large areas in a very short time due to its 70-pint capacity.

It comes with exceptional features that many dehumidifiers lack and has automated features that allow you to set your desired level of humidity. Once you’re done with all the settings, you can let the dehumidifier be, and it will continue to run.

This is an energy efficient unit, and within 24 hours, it can remove up to 70 pints of moisture from the air. It has the ability to dehumidify up to 3800 square feet of area, and this makes it ideal for the entire household. It can also work perfectly well for garages, workshops, and basements.

Even though this unit comes with a small water collection reservoir, it has a continual water drainage system. This allows you to bypass emptying the bucket together. Simply attach a garden hose to its drain spout and empty it onto a nearby drain.

Apart from this, this dehumidifier comes with two standard speed fans; low and high. On the low setting, this unit is quiet but takes more time to dehumidify the area. Moreover, with the digital display present on the unit, you can easily set the humidity level you want and control this unit properly.

Bottom Line

This Keystone dehumidifier helps in actively removing moisture from your household and does this job effectively. It requires minimal maintenance and provides users with a continuous drainage option.

Frigidaire FFAD5033W1 High Humidity 50 Pint Capacity Dehumidifier


  • Electronic controls.
  • Long power cord adds to its convenience.
  • Digital screen lets you know about the humidity present in your room.
  • You can choose from different settings, including a low setting that is incredibly quiet and saves more money.


  • You will have to wait for two days before you can use it if it has been moved during delivery.

Our Review

This Frigidaire dehumidifier is an incredibly compact and portable unit with a 50-pint capacity. This is an energy star certified unit that removes mildew and mold from your household, leaving behind a good and healthy atmosphere. The filter present in this unit is anti-bacterial, allowing it to be washable and remove airborne particles.

Moreover, this dehumidifier comes with auto-defrost features, a good controlling system, and even has an auto shutoff feature that allows you to use it without any worry.

Furthermore, with the full bucket indicator, you will know beforehand how much water you can add. Its mechanical controls make this unit easy to use, and the digital humidity readout makes sure that you can regulate the humidity level indoor with ease and comfort.

Since it is energy star certified, this unit is known for being energy efficient. It removes the same amount of moisture any conventional unit can remove and still ends up using thirty percent less energy. This saves money on the utility bills. Apart from improving the air quality, this unit also provides protection from harmful microorganisms, making this unit an ideal investment to make.

Bottom Line

This unit helps in getting rid of excess humidity and bacteria in your household. It comes with a convenient design and is a cost-effective unit that is easy to use and incredibly versatile.

Vremi 50 Pint 4,500 Sq. Ft. Dehumidifier Energy Star Rated for Large Spaces and Basements


  • Effective for cleaning the air.
  • Prevents allergies by eliminating odors.
  • Covers an area of 5000 square feet.


  • Slightly noisy and works as loud as a window air conditioner.

Our Review

This is a large dehumidifier that comes with a 9-gallon tank. This unit is designed with the modern household in mind. This unit's clean and sleek look makes it stand out. It also has a convenient design that makes it perfect for moving around; since it has built-in wheels along with a handle, portability will not be an issue.

It comes with easy to use features and can easily be controlled by a beginner. Moreover, you can adjust the moisture setting to your ideal level, and this unit can run for an entire day with a full tank.

When the water tank is empty, this unit will shut off on its own automatically. This saves you the worry of waking up in the middle of the night to turn the unit off. To provide you with added convenience, this unit has a drain hose outlet that provides you with continuous draining.

Bottom Line

This is an ideal unit for small and medium households; it works perfectly well and is a good investment due to its incredible features and energy efficiency.

Ivation 4,500 Sq Ft Energy Star Dehumidifier with Pump, Large Capacity Compressor Includes Programmable Humidity, Hose Connector, Auto Shutoff and Restart and Washable Filter (4,500 Sq Ft W/ Pump)


  • User-friendly displays make this unit stand out.
  • Packed with features such as different fan speeds.
  • Auto-shutoff and restart feature mean you can relax.
  • Using the LCD interface, you can easily control the moisture levels at home.


  • Very loud and can be noisy at night.

Our Review

This is another large, 70-pint dehumidifier that is ideal for large areas. This unit comes with exceptional features that make it worth buying. Since it is energy star certified, you can relax and enjoy it without worrying about the utility bills. This unit helps in cleaning spaces up to 4500 square feet and helps prevent mildew, mold, allergens, and odor from surviving in the air.

This unit makes sure that the air you breathe in is healthy. It comes with user-friendly features that include easy operation and is also low maintenance. With this unit, you get a bright LED display that also allows you to control the humidistat.

Moreover, setting this unit is easy as it allows you to choose between the fan speeds, comes with a timer, and even has a filter alert that stops the machine when empty and prompts you to refill it.

Bottom Line

This unit is incredibly powerful and can easily take care of germs, allergens, mildew, mold, and dust. It can dehumidify small to medium-sized rooms as well as large rooms. It is an ideal unit, and apart from its noise drawback, you can easily grab this unit without a second thought.


We hope one of these five dehumidifiers ends up being the perfect unit for your home and we hope that this guide helped make your search easier and less time-consuming. Invest in the right kind of dehumidifier and make sure you get your money’s worth.  

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