Best High Speed Ceiling Fans – 2022 Ultimate Round-Up

| Last Updated: December 22, 2021

A ceiling fan delivers airflow and temperature regulation during the warm summer and cold winter months. Sometimes, people will buy two units when purchasing one with sufficient speed is enough.

Therefore, we’re going to take you through our selection of the best high-speed ceiling fans and how to choose the one that suits you the most.

Comparison of the Best High Speed Ceiling Fans

  • Wall control for five speeds and on/off
  • Three brushed nickel steel blades
  • Fantastic for large areas of up to 400 sq.ft.
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  • Adequate for damp and patio locations
  • Fully enclosed design offering strong air circulation
  • Offers warm white, cool white, full light color
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  • Best for the Money
  • Reversible blades with quiet motor
  • A dimmable LED kit for ambient atmosphere
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  • Best High Speed Outdoor Ceiling Fan
  • Easily changeable direction with pull chain control
  • Highlighted by a downrod feature for proper air movement
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  • Offering an airflow of 1270CFM
  • Coming with a lifetime guarantee for the motor
  • For rooms up to 80 square feet
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How Do I Choose a High-Speed Ceiling Fan?

When it comes to selecting the best high-speed ceiling fans, there are a few factors you need to consider. 


You’ll find two types of profiles for fan ceilings. The low profile is suitable for flat ceilings less than eight feet high with the housing hugging the surface. The standard profile is for seven feet or higher with a down rod holding the housing in place from a sloped or flat ceiling. Finally, you should check whether the unit is compatible with the indoor or outdoor installation.


The point of having a high-speed fan is to ensure that there’s enough airflow for the area. While you can also invest in a belt-driven ceiling fan, it may be more cost-effective to purchase a direct-driven unit with greater speed. The product usually indicates this measurement in cubic feet per minute (CFM).


The engine has a significant part to play in how fast it can turn the blades. Any size between 153 mm and 188 mm is considered a small to a medium motor and will struggle to accomplish high speeds. An amount above 188 mm is a large engine, and it should suffice to meet your needs.


There’s a pitch between the 180° horizontal plane and the blade’s upper surface called the tilt. The optimal angle for any ceiling fan is between 12° and 15°, while some of the fastest units are generally at 12°. This pitch determines how much air the product can lift and circulate. 

Westinghouse Lighting 7861400

Review of the Best High-Speed Ceiling Fans

Welcome to our review of the best high-speed ceiling fans. We’ll take you through the pros and cons of each, what customers had to say, and why it stands out for us.

Best Overall

Westinghouse Lighting 7247500

Westinghouse Westinghouse 7861400 Industrial 56-Inch Three Indoor Ceiling Fan, Brushed Nickel Steel Blades


Dimensions: ‎25.35 x 8.5 x 8.7 inches

Special Features: N/A

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What Recent Buyers Report

A few customers didn’t realize the down rod’s length that’s best suited for 10 ft ceilings, while some reduced it to fit in their establishments. However, most buyers were pleased with the industrial look and how much airflow it creates. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

The Westinghouse Lighting 7247500 has a standard profile for flat or angled ceilings 10 ft or higher. We’re impressed with the five reversible speeds and the three-blade brushed-nickel design. If you’re interested in warranties, there are 15 years for the motor and two for the other components. 

The one aspect that stands out is the 5,370 CFM with an efficiency of 78 CFM/W, which is excellent for a high-speed ceiling fan. The remote is positioned as a 120V box with a knob featuring forward and reverse speeds. The steel blades and housing present the perfect appearance for most industrial facilities. 

Bottom Line

This Westinghouse unit is one of the best high-speed ceiling fans on the market at the moment. Its performance speaks for itself with powerful airflow and excellent efficiency for an industrial product. Finally, it’s also a fantastic choice for high and slanted ceilings.


Brushed-nickel finish

Five reversible speeds

15-year motor warranty

Ideal for rooms up to 400 sq ft

Generates airflow of 5,370 CFM


Massive remote box

For ceiling height of 10 ft or higher


reiga 52-in Ceiling Fan

reiga 52 Inch 3 Blade Smart Wifi Modern White Ceiling Fan with Light and Remote for Bedroom Living Room, ETL Listed Quiet DC Motor


Dimensions: ‎52 x 52 x 15.4 inches

Special Features: With Remote and Reversible

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What Recent Buyers Report

The most common praises include that this high-speed ceiling fan is easy to install and runs quietly, even at the top setting. While many buyers would have preferred the inclusion of the 12V remote control battery, many enjoyed the six speeds and intense airflow. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

This low profile unit hugs the ceiling nicely, with ABS blades that can withstand moisture. Sure, the material consists of hollow plastic, so you’ll need to take extra care not to break them. However, the 17° pitch performs perfectly well when compared to similar high-speed ceiling fans.

Another feature that stands out for us is the timer mode. If you’re planning to sleep or are busy with duties around the home, you can set a period for how long you want the fan to run. There are three different light color modes with six reversible blade speeds.

Bottom Line

There’s something about the blade tilt and the appearance that makes this fan look elegant. It’s more suited for a residential than an industrial application with its hugger profile. Still, the maple finish drew our attention more than the silver, white, driftwood, or hand-painted models.


Six speeds

Timer mode

Silicone steel motor

Moisture-proof ABS blades

6” and 10” rods for different installations


Light is very bright with no dimmer setting

Remote doesn’t include the required 12V battery

Best for the Money

Westinghouse Lighting 7224200

Westinghouse 7224200 Comet Indoor Ceiling Fan with Light, Matte Black


Dimensions: 52 x 52 x 14.25 inches

Special Features: Reversible

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What Recent Buyers Report

While it may not be the fastest ceiling fan on our list, buyers were pleased with the airflow produced. There were a few reports of how challenging the installation is, but the wood laminate finishes calmed any frustrations once the fan was up and running.

Why it Stands Out to Us

We agree with customers that the various wood laminate finishes presenting a striking appearance that makes any room with timber paneling look fantastic. It contains a bright light that emits 910 lumens, sufficient to light up any living area. The high-speed ceiling fan might only deliver 3,589 CFM, but it has an excellent efficiency of 57 CFM/W.

The manufacturer promises a lifetime motor warranty, while you’ll only receive two years for the other parts. Of course, it depends on whether you hired a professional installation of the unit and didn’t break anything in the process. There’s also an LED light kit included.

Bottom Line

The Westinghouse Lighting 7224200 high-speed ceiling fan has many surprising features you’ll enjoy if you like low-profile hugger units. If you’re looking for an outdoor option, you can try its counterpart, the 7230200 Comet, which delivers 4,592 CFM airflow at 79 CFM/W efficiencies.


Includes LED light kit

Light emits 910 lumens

Lifetime motor warranty

Four wood laminate finishes

Produces airflow of 3,589 CFM


Challenging to install

Slight, audible motor noise at the slowest speed

Best High-Speed Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Hunter Bridgeport Ceiling Fan

Hunter Fan Company, 53126, 52 inch Bridgeport New Bronze Indoor / Outdoor Ceiling Fan and Pull Chain


Dimensions: 52 x 52 x 13.2 inches

Special Features: Reversible and Programmable

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What Recent Buyers Report

Many customers indicated that the Hunter Bridgeport ceiling fan has strong performance with a silent motor. There were also indications that it’s best suited for covered porches, but the unit only appears to deliver 3,695 CFM airflow outdoors rather than the indicated 5,671 CFM. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

The New Bronze housing finish complements the oak blades to give it that traditional appearance. While the down rod only extends to 3”, you’ll find that it works well in any covered outdoor area with powerful airflow. It’s also damp-rated, meaning it can withstand high humidity, heat, and mist from heavy storms.

The Hunter Bridgeport high-speed ceiling fan is one of the easiest to install on our list. We would have preferred a remote control instead of pull-chain control, but it’s effortless to manage three reversible speeds. Since it only uses 66 W, it guarantees a high airflow efficiency.

Bottom Line

The unit is exceptional for any outdoor area where there’s sufficient cover to support its weight and area coverage. You may lose some airflow if there’s too much interference from external factors or the area’s too open, but you’ll still enjoy the performance it has to offer.


Traditional oak blades

New Bronze housing finish

Strong airflow of 5,671 CFM

Damp-rated for covered outdoor areas

Whisper Wind motor for silent high performance


Pull-chain control

Down rod is only 3” long

Editor’s Pick

Westinghouse Lighting 7224300

Westinghouse 7224300 Quince 24-Inch Gun Metal Indoor Ceiling Fan, Light Kit with Opal Frosted Glass


Dimensions: 14.57 x 10.83 x 11.22 inches

Special Features: Reversible

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What Recent Buyers Report

A few clients mentioned that this ceiling fan can be installed on flat or angled surfaces and works well with both. It delivers high airflow for small rooms but isn’t ideal for areas larger than 80 sq ft. When it comes to brightness, many buyers reported that there’s sufficient light.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The gunmetal finish and six-blade design present a beautiful look that we find thoroughly appealing. There are two light settings that you can adjust to suit your mood. While it only delivers 2,039 CFM, it’s suitable for homes with small rooms with an efficiency of 67 CFM/W.

As is typical with Westinghouse products, the silicon steel motor has a lifetime warranty. There are three speeds to choose from via a remote. You’ll install the unit flush with the ceiling, the down rod extendable up for 4” from the surface. As you can tell, we’re fans of these types of hugger products.

Bottom Line

This Westinghouse Lighting may be a small unit, but it packs loads of features that we love. Six blades, the gunmetal finish, high airflow efficiency,  and suitability for small spaces are some of the top aspects that make it our editor’s pick for today.


Six blades

Elegant design

Gunmetal finish

Airflow efficiency of 67 CFM/W

Silicon steel motor featuring a dual capacitor


Small blade span

Only suitable for small rooms up to 80 sq ft

Can You Really Find a Quality Ceiling Fan That’s Affordable?

Many people have a false impression that affordability means inferior products or a short lifespan. While this may be the case in a few situations, there are many times where a cheap ceiling fan provides the same performance as an expensive one. For instance, you might just be paying for a name brand rather than improved quality.

Of course, it’s reasonable to expect any of the best high-speed ceiling fans to have outrageous costs. However, there may be a new product on the market with a lower price to draw in buyers. You may even find a seller dropping rates for when sales have dropped or during holiday seasons.

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Pros and Cons of Using High-Speed Ceiling Fans 

While each product has its pros and cons, there are general advantages and disadvantages for you to consider when looking to buy any of the best high-speed ceiling fans listed above.

Energy Efficiency

Despite the high performance of these units, the manufacturers design them to run on as few watts as possible. The higher the airflow and the lower the energy usage, the greater the efficiency. You’d be surprised how much power these ceiling fans display with low energy consumption in our modern age of technology.

Enhance Indoor and Outdoor Areas

Whether you’re looking to install a unit inside your house or outside under a cover, there’s no doubt that it will enhance the theme and appearance. The gunmetal and timber finishes are exceptional, especially in the right settings. You’ll have your friends and family in awe.

Westinghouse Lighting 7224200

Strength and Durability

Manufacturers know how much pressure the high speeds cause on the motor and revolving parts. They value the buyers and understand that durable components are an essential part of the purchasing process. In most cases, you’ll find a lifetime motor warranty and two years for the other parts.

Requires Regular Maintenance

The one downfall worth highlight is that even the best high-speed ceiling fans require regular maintenance. The bearings and other motor parts undergo constant friction, making them wear down quickly if you’re fond of the highest settings. If you want the durability and strength to last, you’ll need to budget for proactive maintenance rather than waiting for it to break down.

High-Speed Ceiling Fan Troubleshooting

You may encounter a few performance issues during the lifespan of the ceiling fan. Here are a few problems that you can fix without hiring a professional.

My Ceiling Fan Wobbles At High Speed

Ceiling fans usually wobble when the blades are out of balance. To check if this is the case, you can measure each blade’s distance from the ceiling. 

If there’s more than a ¼ inch difference between each of them, you’ve found the issue. You can solve it by applying a small coin or metal washer to the blade’s upper surface closest to the ceiling.

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My Ceiling Fan is Stuck on High Speed

If your ceiling fan is stuck at high speed, it’s a sure sign that the capacitor is still in good working condition. A faulty capacitor can’t deliver enough power for fast speeds. However, you may want to open the housing to see if the pull chain has broken loose, as that’s usually the case in these situations.

My Ceiling Fan Only Works on High Speed

There may be three causes of this issue. While there’s a chance you need to replace your capacitor, the other two reasons are more likely. The small motor switches are generally made of plastic and are prone to breaking. Your remote’s button may also be faulty, so make sure to check those too.


Having the best high-speed ceiling fan is essential for any residential or industrial establishment that requires excellent airflow and efficiency. Ensure that you follow our steps for choosing the top products that suit your needs.

People Also Ask

We often receive questions from our readers regarding ceiling fans. Here are some of the top FAQs for your consideration.

How Many Blades on a Ceiling Fan Make the Best Airflow?

The guiding principle is that more blades produce better airflow and silent running but create more wear and tear on the motor and components. Industrial units lean toward two to three blades, while homeowners aim for four to five blades. 

What is the RPM Of a High-Speed Ceiling Fan?

Besides measuring the CFM for airflow, you can also check the revolutions per minute (RPM) to judge the speed. Average ceiling fans slot in at about 300 to 350 RPM, while you can expect high-speed units to achieve up to 390 RPM.

How Do I Increase the RPM of My Ceiling Fan?

There are several ways you can improve the RPM. Firstly, check if any dust has been collected on the blades and clean it off. You should also lubricate moving parts as per the manufacturer’s instructions and look if the oil reservoir is dirty. It won’t hurt to look for faulty switches or loose wires.

What is the Reason for the Slow Rotation of the Ceiling Fan?

You might have a bad capacitor, as a poor performing one can only produce a small amount of electricity. The only way to repair this issue is to replace the component. Furthermore, look if there are faulty switches, wires, or a broken pull chain.

Does Changing the Capacitor Increase Fan Speed?

Yes, it can. However, it’s best to consult with a technician to ensure that your ceiling fan can handle a stronger capacitor.

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