HVAC Certification Requirements in Minnesota

The Land of 10,000 Lakes is a great place to live and work! And if your work happens to be in heating, air condition, ventilation or refrigeration, you want to be sure you’re doing things “by the book”.

Fortunately HVAC technicians and contractors in Minnesota don’t have a lot to worry about. Of course, there are codes to follow. But there’s no licensing or certification for working in this industry.

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Bond Requirement for Contractors

If you’re working as an HVAC contractor - actually called a mechanical contractor in Minnesota - you do have to take out a $25,000 bond. This is valid for the whole state. The bond must be filed with the state, and the filing has a $15 fee. This applies to anyone doing gas piping, heating, ventilation, cooling, air conditioning, fuel burning or refrigeration work. You can find the form for filing your bond at this link.

Of course, if you are a contractor, be sure to file for appropriate business licenses. One aspect to keep in mind is that, if you are working under a fictitious name, there is additional paperwork to file. That means if you have a business name instead of using your real name, you’ll have to get this filed.

Local Requirements

Counties or cities within Minnesota may have further licensing requirements. For instance, the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul require a certificate of competency. The certificate is available at both journey and master levels. An application has to be filled out, including a notarized section with approval from masters you have worked under certifying your previous experience. After submitting this, you will be eligible for testing.

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Other cities or counties may have requirements, as well. Be sure to consult the appropriate office in the jurisdiction where you expect to be working.

EPA Certification

If you work with measuring, recharging or recovering refrigerants in Minnesota, you will, of course, have to follow related federal law. The relevant law is Section 608 from the EPA. You can find more information on EPA certification in this article.


If Minnesota is where you live or work, be sure to take the necessary steps to keep your HVAC trade on the right side of the law. On a state level, it’s rather simple. Keep up your training and be aware of the latest changes, and check out your local regulations. And enjoy your job helping everyone stay comfortable with the changes in weather!

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