Best Bosch Heat Pumps of 2022 – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

| Last Updated: September 4, 2023

Explore Bosch heat pump reviews, If you’re fed up with the high bills that air conditioners and furnaces present, maybe it’s time to shift to heat pumps.

These are essentially an energy-efficient alternative to the two and are suitable for moderate cooling and heating needs. One of the best manufacturers of highly efficient heat pumps is Bosch.

In this article, we’ll be reviewing some of the best models the company has put out to help you pick the unit you are looking for. 

How Does Bosch Compare to the Competition?

Bosch is a leading multinational company that has been serving people for years. It has a lot of competition due to its leading products and uniqueness in the market. 

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Bosch’s heat pumps are highly advanced, as well as ultra-efficient. The German manufacturer has succeeded in providing a water heater that will provide very hot water with great energy savings and a small carbon footprint. The units are also Energy Star rated, making them a great pick. Other factors that make Bosch stand out from the competitors include:

Features and Available Models

This company has models that can deal with larger families. Though the electric type, connections, and unit footprint are similar, their heat pumps are twice as effective as other units. Despite the high initial cost, the estimated payback is 4-5 years. 

Control Panel

The control panels and innovative electronics in Bosch are connected for regulations, easy adjustment, and better control of the heating process. The LCD is not only responsible for showing the temperature of hot water but also the protection codes or any error, inquiries, status, operating modes, and parameters of the components. The icon will be illuminated if the temperature rises to 120 F. The error codes, as well as the diagnostic functions, help in repairs and easy troubleshooting. 

Operating Modes

There are four operating modes, vacation, electric, economic, and auto. When any mode is on, it is displayed on the LCD. The different modes allow users more control over how they want to use their unit. 

Comparison of the Best Bosch Heat Pumps

  • Energy-efficient up to 20 SEER
  • Air filter system is multi-part that cleanses the air and reduces odors and potential allergens
  • Configurations of the multi and single zone for maximizing indoor comfort
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  • Comes with an app for easy operations
  • Operating costs are low that save the utility bills up to 70%
  • Sound levels are as low as 52dB
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  • Best for the money
  • Two-stage fans for premium dehumidification
  • 10 speeds for the best efficiency and quiet operation
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  • Completely modulating inverter for precise matching of cooling and heating needs
  • Energy efficiency up to 18.5 Seers, 9.5 HSPF and 13 EER
  • Best Bosch 18 SEER heat pump
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  • Best Bosch inverter heat pump
  • Energy efficiency is 20.5 seer, 10.5 HSPF and 14 EER
  • ECM outdoor blower has 10 speeds
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  • Has a capacity of 2-5 tonnes
  • Best Bosch geothermal heat pump
  • Standard ECM and CFM blower motors
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The comparison chart below will help you select the best Bosch heat pumps by providing a clearer picture of each model. 

Model NameUnit Size (L”xW”xH”)Energy Efficiency (SEER)Home Sq. Ft.Condenser Fan MotorCost of Unit OnlyInstallation Cost
Climate 5000 Ductless System33.27×27.6×14.32512002$1,999 -$2,500$2,000 – $4,000
Greensource CDi Series SM Rev C22.5×26.0x43.3321000 –
2$3,500$5,500 -$7,500
Inverter Ducted Packaged Unit16x18x16191000 – 32002$1,000 –
$1,800 –
Inverter Ducted Packaged Unit (IDS)16x18x1618.51000 – 320002$1,500 –
$1,800 –
Inverter Ducted Packaged Unit (IDS 2.0)16x18x1620.51000 –
2$1,700 –
$2,500 –
Green Source CDi Series SM Split26.00×21.50×25.75301000 – 32002$2,700 –
$4,500 –

Review of the Best Bosch Heat Pumps

In this section, Bosch’s best heat pumps are discussed in detail to provide you with an overview of what to expect from them. With this, we aim to provide you with everything you need to know. 

Best Overall

Climate 5000 Ductless System (2.0)

Bosch Heat Pump Reviews


Cooling Efficiency (Max SEER): 25

Heating Efficiency (Max HSPF): 12.5

Decibel Level: ≥20 dB

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Why it Stands Out to Us

Besides having a noise level lower than 20dB and energy efficiency of 20 SEER, this unit is best known for improving the quality of indoor air to the maximum. The filter system comprised of multiple parts works to refresh the air circulating in the room.

Allergens, odors, bacteria, and viruses are reduced. You and your family can breathe easily. Another thing that makes this unit so great is the ductless installation. Not only does this make the installation process easier, but it also reduces heat loss significantly.

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, the system is highly energy efficient with a lot of benefits for the environment and the user too. The ductless system is also highly efficient as it minimizes heat loss.

Plus, the auto-clean feature does triple filtration, cleaning the air, and reducing the moisture. It is ideal for basement spaces because three-inch holes are needed for a conduit through the walls to hook up between outdoor and indoor units.


Installation is much easier, as no ductwork needs to be done

Zoning can be done with units by connecting mainly to one unit

Compact and flexible for cooling and heating of individual areas

No ductwork avoids energy loss related to the forced air systems

More flexibility is offered because indoor handlers are suspended from a ceiling, as well as mounted flush in the drop ceiling


Needs professional installation

Approximately 30% more expensive than traditional systems


Greensource CDi Series SM Rev C


Cooling Efficiency (Max EER): 32 GLPH

Heating Efficiency (Max COP): 4.7 GLPH

Decibel Level: ≥52

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Why it Stands Out to Us

In this model, Bosch has integrated a new microprocessor with a control board that allows the user greater control over the unit. Component statuses and fault feedback regarding real-time usage is provided through Easy Start App. Moreover, this unit has a two-stage scroll compressor.

This technology is essential in helping to lower operating costs without any compromise on efficiency, performance, or comfort. It is all done by adjusting the cooling and heating. It also features a cupro-nickel coil, which is a better option for brackish water or in conditions on a moderate scale. Also, it is environmentally friendly and offers improved air quality.

Bottom Line

Bosch is one of the pioneers of heating systems. This geothermal system provides comfort for a reasonable price. The energy efficiency of this unit is remarkable.

The temperatures outside may fluctuate a lot due to the changing seasons, but the underground temperatures don’t change very dramatically. Free energy is provided by the geothermal system that capitalizes on the constant temperatures. This is a solid system with a lot of commendable features.


Keeps the air fresh and clean

Warranty of 10 years for parts and labor

Offers maximum comfort with high efficiency

Connects with Wi-Fi, making set-up and control easier

EasyStart App was developed for saving the time consumed in diagnosing and troubleshooting


Large ground space is needed for installation

A kit is a premium product; you have to pay a premium amount for it

Best for the Money

Inverter Ducted Packaged Unit


Cooling Efficiency (Max SEER): 19

Heating Efficiency (Max HSPF): 10

Decibel Level: ≥59 dB

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Why it Stands Out to Us

Conventional systems require a lot of time to cool down and reach the desired temperature. However, that’s no longer an issue with this unit. Its boosted compressor speeds up the whole process, making it smoother and quicker. It also turns to be a more energy-efficient and cost-saving option for its users.

The unit settles the thermostats to adjust for the output capacity to meet the ideal temperature requirements. The two-stage fans also help enhance the humidity control of the unit. Surely, this is a one-time investment in the initial phase, but eventually, it will pay off even more in 4-5 years.

Bottom Line

The IDP system is a truly innovating and revolutionizing heat pump that Bosch has put out. All the features offered work together to provide a great deal of comfort along with maximum efficiency.

Precise modulation is better in helping to maximize the comfort levels of its users and minimize the energy levels, too, hand in hand. This unit itself offers maximum comfort at a minimal cost due to its 19 SEER and 10 HSPF ratings. The modulating inverters do not supply unnecessary heating or cooling.


Keeps the air fresh and clean

Warranty of 10 years for parts and labor

Offers the best efficiency and excellent comfort

Modulating inverter maintains the desired temperature

Keeps the room temperature consistent through the pumps driven by inverters


Some homes cannot install ducted air conditioners because of less space

Ducted AC is not zoned so you’ll have to pay the cooling cost of the whole house

Best Bosch 18 Seer Heat Pump

Inverter Ducted Split System (IDS)


Cooling Efficiency (Max SEER): 18.5

Heating Efficiency (Max HSPF): 9.5

Decibel Level: ≥56 dB

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Why it Stands Out to Us

What we love about this unit is the excellent warranty it offers. There’s a warranty of ten years on the unit for residential use. Along with that, there’s a warranty on parts and labor. This makes users feel very relaxed and satisfied with the company. They feel fearless in investing in premium products as they know easily that the product and its components can be replaced in case of problems. Another thing we love about this unit is how energy-efficient it is, and at a relatively low cost.

Bottom Line

A lot of features make this unit a must-buy. It is environmentally friendly and maintains the fresh and good air quality by eliminating pollutants, viruses, and bacteria. Users can enjoy the maximum benefits and comfort at the least price with this unit. While it might be expensive for some, it will pay off in a few years, as expected from any Bosch unit.


Air quality is maintained efficiently

Produces sounds as low as 56 dB

Only consumes the required energy

Maximum comfort is offered at the least cost

IDS system has effective management of temperature control even if the outside temperature drops to 5 degrees Fahrenheit


Aesthetically, its presence is not favorable inside 

Underground water supply or well is required for adequate water supply for its working

Best Bosch Inverter Heat Pump

Inverter Ducted Split System (IDS 2.0)

Bosch Heat Pump Reviews-Inverter Ducted Split System (IDS 2.0)


Cooling Efficiency (Max SEER): 20.5

Heating Efficiency (Max HSPF): 10.5

Decibel Level: ≥56 dB

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Why it Stands Out to Us

There are several features that make this unit stand out. The sound levels are lowered to 56 dBA with the Silent Blade technology, making it nearly noiseless. The operations are smoothly ramped up, energy usage spikes are avoided, and the life cycle of the systems is also protected.

It is not just recognized for its high efficiency but also for its cost-effectiveness. Besides, this product has energy compliance with ENERGY STAR. Moreover, the aluminum coil protects it from corrosion. The electronically commuted motor helps control its humidity. Changing seasons, like cold has no impact on its performance.

Bottom Line

To sum it up, this product is exceptional. It is environmentally friendly and is the preference of many people. The system is energy efficient and produces the lowest noise level to ensure the maximum level of comfort.

You should add this product to your buying list, as all its features are favorable and outweigh its cons. In addition, it is user-friendly as well, making it a great pick.


Sound dampening system is integrated, making it noise-free

Cooling and heating systems are more efficient and smoother

Room temperature is maintained consistently even if the outside temperature drops

Provides comfort to the house owners since it is energy effective and cost-effective

Modulated inverter system ensures that energy consumption is according to your needs

Intelligent features work along with the thermostat for temperature adjustments according to preferences


Installation requires a good amount of space

Best Bosch Geothermal Heat Pump

Greensource CDi Series SM Split


Cooling Efficiency (Max EER): 30 GLPH

Heating Efficiency (Max COP): 4.7 GLPH

Decibel Level: ≥52 dB

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Why it Stands Out to Us

The earth coupling option of this product marks its uniqueness among the rest of the competing brands. Earth is used by these geothermal systems as a heat sink and heat source. For the transferring of heat into or from the ground, ground loops (heat exchangers) are used after installation on the ground.

Plastic pipes of high-density polyethylene are used in it. Heat pumps and loops are connected after that. The fluid circulation starts in the loop piping. This transfers the heat between the earth and the pump.

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, this geothermal system has been distinguished for its outstanding features. The compact design and versatility help in the adaptability for replacing it. It is highly functional and has a compact design that is very stylish. It attracts the aesthetic sense of its users.

The design engineered for quiet operation reduces the noise levels. It is also remarkable for saving the money of its users because the two-stage compressors work in coordination with each other and with the temperature of the earth, which extends the service life. The advanced controls are another way of monitoring the equipment for longevity and reliability.


Reduces energy bills by as low as 70%

Greenhouse gas emissions are reduced

Life expectancy of ground loops is more than 50 years

Rigorous standards are followed to manufacture these heat pumps

Environment-friendly and helps in making the air free from bacteria, virus, and carbon oxides


Not the cheapest unit

What Kind of Warranty Does Bosch Offer?

Bosch offers a limited warranty on its air handler series and ducted split series. The warranty also covers heat pumps, provided that their installation location remains unchanged.

Warranty Coverage

The company provides a ten-year warranty coverage. BOSCH Thermotechnology Company provides a warranty for all of its internal components and compressors shipped by the company in thermal heating systems for all its parts and labor for ten years. 

BTC may supply accessories with the heat pump as well as other components that were not present in the shipment. The warranty covers these other components for one year from the occupancy or startup certificate’s date up to 18 months after shipment. If the other components are defective, the company will replace or repair it if it lies under warranty.

Who is Bosch?

Bosch is a well-renowned Germany company, popular for the highly innovative products that it has introduced in the market. While it has a prominent presence in the automotive industry, it’s most famous as a leading manufacturer of top-of-the-line home appliances that include heating and cooling systems. Robert Bosch found the company in 1886, and it has, since then, served users across the globe. 


Overall, to sum up, Bosch heat pumps hold great value in its markets. The company is reputable and has its name in the contemporary market. These heating and cooling systems offer great comfort for their users.

They are also energy-efficient and cost-effective. While the initial unit cost might seem high, people widely observe that they recover this cost within four to five years. Therefore, this could be a great investment.

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