Valor Fireplace Reviews – 2022 Top Picks

| Last Updated: July 17, 2021

Looking for a fireplace for your home can be daunting. That is why we are here to help out.

Most fireplaces either depend on a convection fan or faux logs that don’t really produce warmth to provide heat. Valor uses radiant heat technology, which makes their fireplaces generate constant, comfortable warmth.

So the next time you want to upgrade your home, getting a Valor gas fireplace should be your ideal choice.

Comparison of the Best Valor Fireplaces

  • Comes with a variety of flame displays
  • Very easy to install and operate
  • Made with a durable construction
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  • Made from high-quality materials to be durable
  • Will quickly reach maximum heat output
  • Easy to build it into the wall
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  • Best for the Money
  • Can heat up quite a large space quickly and easily
  • Comes with many extra features included
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  • Comes with a maximum heat output of 30,000 BTUs
  • Easy to install into the wall
  • Made from strong and durable materials to last longer
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  • Equipped with a safe air venting system
  • A variety of display options is available
  • Quickly heats up to the maximum output
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Who is Valor? 

Valor is a well-renowned brand that specializes in manufacturing gas fireplaces. It was founded in 1980, and the brand has made a place in the market. 

Valor has always been on top. It produces high-quality products and ensures it sets new standards in the industry. Valor also constantly refines its products’ energy efficiency. It offers sleek yet unique designs and promises comfort with their fireplaces.

What makes Valor stand out is radiant heat. With radiant heat, it offers healthy and natural heat, for instance, from the sun. 

The company has raised the bar by introducing new standards, such as the HeatShift technology, and other safety-related features to enhance the user’s experience. 

What Makes Valor Fireplaces Stand Out From the Competition?

What really makes Valor’s fireplaces stand out from their competition is a mixture of unique features.

Founded in 1890, Valor has always promised and delivered each of their fireplace in top-notch quality. Their products work highly efficiently and are some of the most aesthetically-pleasing units on the market.

Unlike most other fireplaces, the company offers optimal comfort through radiant heat and controllability. A leader in design and product innovation, Valor aims to provide energy-efficient home comfort products that satisfy customers throughout North America.

Another feature that makes Valor stand out from competitors is that it produces radiant heat. This moves in a straight line and thus heats the room evenly. Moreover, it does not use any electricity, so you can still run your fireplace if there is no power.

All of Valor’s products have substantiated efficiency ratings (Energuide & Enerchoice) and barrier screens for your safety.

Review of the Best Valor Fireplaces

Now that we have narrowed down some of the basics, let’s go over some of our favorite Valor fireplace options.  

Best Overall

H6 1400KN


Heat Output: 26,928 BTU/h

Dimensions: L x 36 x 25.5 inches

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What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers find the H6 Gas Fireplace quite reliable and long-lasting. It allows for multiple flame beds and works highly efficiently. What users love most is that it consistently provides heat and does not need the power to run. The Valor max remote also increases convenience. 

Why it Stands Out to Us 

The H6 Gas Fireplace is constructed as a large-format fireplace. It has features that have set standards in the field. The firebox is large in size with a shallow depth and tapered edges to allow for easy and seamless installation.

The secondary heat exchanger is built to circulate warm air naturally by the process of convection. This makes it stand out from other fireplaces. Moreover, the fire beds are customized in order to circulate radiant warmth around your living space, creating even heat.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a well-designed fireplace with a large format, the H6 Gas Fireplace can fit perfectly in your room. Providing natural warmth, the fireplace is reasonably priced and highly recommended by its users. 


Customized fire beds for even heating

Has tapered sides and shallow depth for easy installation

Excellent secondary heat exchanger naturally circulates warm air 

Has the HeatShift system, which is ideal in case there are heat-sensitive items present in the room


Offers only one engine option, as opposed to other models that offer more than two


L3 Linear


Heat Output: 30,484 BTU/h

Dimensions: L x 64 x 14.5 inches

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What Recent Buyers Report 

Fireplace safety is extremely important and is most valued by users. The barrier screen on Valor’s fireplaces ensures you can use it around young kids. Furthermore, you don’t need to keep it in a separate room as it can be used in the presence of a TV or other appliances. All in all, users highly recommend it.

Why it Stands Out to Us 

The L3 is Valor’s biggest linear gas fireplace. It is quite wide, with features like the addition of the latest birch log. 

It has a highly efficient construction design and uses the standard 6⅝” ventilation system. This allows for it to be a practical option and ensures simple and easy installation.

Most importantly, the Valor HeatShift System is the prominent feature in the L3 Linear fireplace. It is ideally for places where there are items around that must be maintained at cool temperatures.

Bottom Line 

Being the largest linear gas fireplace allows the L3 to add a unique look to your space. It is made with sturdy materials, which not only ensure longevity but also promise a sleek look. Users highly recommend it. 


Has birch logs

Practical and easy installation

Company’s largest linear gas fireplace

Can be used in a room where there are objects like the television that need to be at cooler temperatures


Limited liner options

Best for the Money

LX2 Multi-Sided


Heat Output: 36000 BTU/h

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What Recent Buyers Report 

The LX2 multi-sided fireplace has a pretty nice design and has a lot of specialty parts. Buyers claim they improved the wiring harness. Users have owned the fireplace for more than five years and commend its quality.

Why it Stands Out to Us 

This multi-sided and linear fireplace is the best choice for perpendicular rooms. We love that it also offers two different engine styles to choose from. Furthermore, the three-sided engine is curated for 180-degree enjoyment. 

On the other hand, corner engines are designed differently to offer flexibility. The LX2 is known for its incredible radiant heat performance that is capable of heating the largest of living rooms.

It is the ideal choice for you if you prioritize aesthetics along with the performance and safety of your fireplace.

Valor has also equipped the LX2 with the Valor HeatShift System, much like all its other fireplaces. 

Bottom Line 

Valor’s LX2 is popular for its aesthetic design and is definitely worth the splurge if that is something you value. With the hefty price tag comes the promise of high performance and durability, something users have highly vouched for. 


Offers two types of glass fire beds

Extremely aesthetic and sleek design

Can choose from two different engines

Can use split wood, rock, driftwood, and shale with it

Multi-sided and linear design is ideal for perpendicular rooms


Not suitable for outdoor use

Requires an additional corner panel with the liner

L1 See-Thru Linear


Dimensions: L x 40 x 14.5 inches

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What Recent Buyers Report 

The Valor 10 remote app has made it quite convenient to use the fireplace. Buyers also appreciate that the fireplace is not run by electricity and can run through the strongest storms when the power is cut off.

Why it Stands Out to Us 

The L1 See-Thru provides a seamless and smooth transition between architectural spaces and has the same widescreen proportions as one of its highly successful predecessors, the L1. It is designed to enhance the visual appeal of any room or space while providing Valor’s signature warmth. It is capable of efficiently heating two separate areas, however large.

Valor’s L1 See-Thru is also designed with the Valor HeatShift System. It ensures that any items in the space are maintained at cooler temperatures.

Bottom Line 

Not much different from Valor’s other fireplaces, the L1 See-Thru is yet another seamlessly designed model that fits into any room and steals all the attention. This high-efficiency model has been praised aplenty, so don’t sleep on it!


Compatible to use outdoors

Aesthetically pleasing, sleek design

Comes with the Valor 10 remote app

Widescreen and linear design for even warmth

Safe to use in the presence of items that cannot be too warm


Does not have a three-sided engine



Heat Output: 17,506 BTU/h

Dimensions: L x 26.5 x 14.75 inches

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What Recent Buyers Report 

Horizon is an ultimate favorite amongst buyers. It is compact and quite popular amongst people who live in small spaces. In terms of reliability, users quote it to be the best, especially compared to its competition.  

Why it Stands Out to Us 

The Horizon is one of the unique Valor fireplaces that offers many opportunities for installation in both rear and top vent applications. It is compact, unlike most of Valor’s fireplaces, making it perfect for smaller spaces. The design can also be installed in a newly constructed fireplace. You can customize, pick, and choose contemporary to traditional designs, and everything in between.

Just looking at this model shows how much Valor invests in quality, with the clean fronts, uniquely handcrafted ceramic fire beds, and traditional casting.

Bottom Line 

Another outdoor-compatible option, the Horizon is a unique masterpiece by Valor. It is also one of the newest models on Valor’s catalog, meaning you get all the latest features one could ask for in a fireplace!


Ideal for small spaces

Customizable designs

Compact design for easy installation and mobility

Can vent either through the rear (horizontally) or top of the firebox


Lacks the HeatShift System

Comparison Overview 

There are many different fireplaces from different manufacturers on the market, all suited for different types of spaces. To figure out which is the best for you, we have created a brief comparison of the top brands to help you make your choice. Let’s go over them. 

Valor Fireplaces vs. Napoleon

Valor and Napoleon both have very similar fireplaces, and there are only a few differences.


  • Contemporary and rustic aesthetics are available in the products of either of the brands.

  • Controlling the fireplace via a mobile app is an option in both. 

  • A remote control is present in both.

  • Both brands offer zone or dynamic heating via their gas fireplaces.

  • You can get multi-sided fireplaces from both companies.
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  • Valor has more size options, especially when it comes to multi-sided fireplaces.

  • With Napoleon, you can install a gas log set in your unused fireplace for warming with realistic effects of a real log fire.

Valor Fireplaces vs. Mendota

Mendota, like Valor, is a very competitive brand when it comes to fireplaces. Hence, both have a lot in common.


  • Both the brands deal with gas fireplaces that use clean-burning gas for heating rooms.

  • You can control the fireplaces via a mobile app in case of both the brands.

  • For fuel, you can either opt for propane or natural gas in either of the brands.

  • You can get fireplace inserts or fireplace units from either of the brands that, too, in various different styles and designs.

  • Both types of fireplaces release radiant heat for even warming of the room.


  • Mendota fireplaces come with an additional one-year warranty if the product is registered online by the buyer.

  • Valor features G3.5 inserts with V-Class burning systems and H3 fire styles.

  • Valor also deals in gas stoves while Mendota does not. However, Mendota deals in accessories, mantels, doors, etc.

Regency vs. Valor Fireplace

Regency is one fireplace brand that differs quite a lot from Valor, as opposed to other competitors. Here’s a comparison to see how:


Fireplaces from either brand can be run on propane or natural gas.

  • Both brands offer electric ignition.

  • Both feature remote control technology so that you can control the fireplace from the comfort of your couch.

  • Direct Vent technology is offered by both brands to prevent congestion of spaces.

  • The two companies offer G4 inserts.
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  • Valor does not need a fan to distribute heat, but Regency uses a speed blower for the purpose.

  • Regency does not give the option of controlling the fireplace via a mobile app.

  • Regency offers a programmable thermostat while Valor has programmable modes in some remote controls.

Valor Fireplace Troubleshooting 

Owning a fireplace can bring about its own problems. Some common problems you might face could be that your fireplace won’t turn on or off, or it makes clicking, beeping, or squeaking noises. 

Some other issues you may face can be that your glass looks smudged or the fireplace smells weird. You should know that these are both harmless. You can always clean up any residue on the glass with a wet cloth, and any smell can be dissipated away by opening the window for a few hours.

Through some basic research and help of the user’s manual, you can easily solve small problems that may occur in your fireplace. Here are a few more examples of the errors you may face and how to solve them.

What Does a Valor Fireplace With One Long Beep Mean?

One long beep by a Valor fireplace is an indication of one of the two things. It is either because the code learning sequence has failed and needs to be redone. If not redone, the fireplace will not respond to the commands of the remote. 

It may also mean that the wiring is wrong. Once done right, the beep disappears. You don’t have to do it every time you change batteries because this is a one-time hassle. 

Valor Fireplace Beeps But Won’t Light

There might be many reasons why the fireplace does not light up even after beeping. A light source produces the flames on the fireplace. Make sure that the light source is switched on. 

Another reason might be that the flames’ brightness, controlled by a knob, maybe too low to be visible. Turn it up a little. In other cases, the bulbs might have fused. Fortunately, these can be easily replaced. 

Valor Fireplace Turns Off After 10 Minutes

If your fireplace model has an overheat protection mode or a thermostat set at a particular temperature, then these might be the reasons behind the fireplace shutting off repeatedly by itself. 

The thermostat in many models is programmed to maintain the temperature of the room at a specific temperature. Once that temperature is reached, the thermostat shuts off the fireplace. In such a case, sometimes, the thermostat is reprogrammable to a higher or lower temperature value for the user’s convenience. 

The fireplace may also be placed in a confined space such as a cupboard or a congested corner of the room. Under such circumstances, the air around it gets heated quickly, and the fireplace goes into an overheating protection mode by shutting off. 

To prevent this, make sure that the fireplace is located away from furniture and is not directly attached to the wall. Also, the inlet and the outlet should not be blocked, and the whole assembly should be dust-free. 

The flue flow sensor might also shut off the fireplace if it detects inadequate airflow in the room. To solve this issue, simply set up a window to let some fresh air and try again. 

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How to Install a Valor Fireplace

Installing a fireplace does not require any special skill. But it needs to be done carefully, so make sure you go through all the instructions and take visual help where needed. Here are some of the steps that will help you along the way.

  1. Make a center mark on the wall and use the wall thimble to mark the drywall and cut along the lines, using a handsaw. 

  2. On the center mark, drill a hole to the outside.

  3. Mark the outside with a wall thimble, and cut the outer part as well. If it’s vinyl, a forage grinder with an abrasive blade will work perfectly.

  4. Get the wall thimble on and use a metal tape and a high-temperature silicone around it to secure. Place the trim ring on it. 

  5. Place the pipe in the wall thimble.

  6. Connect the gas line and bleed all of the air out. 

  7. Connect it to the fireplace, with the gas line venting through the wall. 

That’s about it. Make sure to follow the detailed set of instructions given along with the fireplace. Also, follow all safety precautions and get any help if you’re unable to install the fireplace alone. The video given below will aid you further. 


A Valor fireplace is an ideal choice for your lodge, cabin, or even your home. One of the best parts is that it is also an environmentally-conscious brand, and they also adhere strictly to all the latest regulatory standards provided by the EPA. You can easily surf around and evaluate the options available. We hope this article aids you in doing so. 

People Also Ask

After reading the article, in case you may have any more queries, we have listed them down below and answered them for your ease. 

How Much Does it Cost to Put in a Valor Gas Fireplace? 

A Valor gas fireplace can cost anywhere between $2000 and $10,000 to install, depending upon the labor required, the type of Valor fireplace, any other kind of gas plumbing required, or any finishing work that needs to be done.

Where Are Valor Gas Fireplaces Made?

Before 1987, Valor gas fireplaces were manufactured in Ontario, Canada. After 1987, they began manufacturing in the United States, in Washington, Oregon, and California. All their products have CSA certification. 

How Do You Reset a Valor Fireplace?

Valor fireplaces come with a remote that allows you to reset any settings. Using a sharp object, press and hold the reset button. When you hear a short beep, followed by one long beep, release the button. This is a one-time setting.

How to Light the Pilot on a Valor Fireplace

To light, the pilot, use the given remote and hold the small flame button until the flame goes out. On the Valor wall switch, click on the DOWN button and ensure the pilot light is turned on.

How Much Does a Valor Gas Fireplace Cost? 

Usually, Valor gas fireplaces cost between $2000 and $4000, depending upon whether you need installation and the type of product you purchase. 

Who Makes Valor Fireplaces?

Since 1999, Miles Industries has been manufacturing Valor products, while an agreement was signed in 2001. 

Who Owns Valor?

Miles Industries has been manufacturing Valor products and owns the brand since 1999. 

How Long Has Valor Been Around?

Miles Industries was founded in 1977 but obtained its exclusive Canadian distributorship for Valor products, as well as its first Canadian Gas Association (CGA) Certified products in 1984. 

Why Are Valor Products so Popular?

Valor is an exemplary brand, known for setting new standards in the industry. When it comes to comfort and reliability, Valor is one to fulfill promises. With radiant heat, these fireplaces use 25% less energy as compared to other similar models.

Another reason for its popularity is how satisfied customers are with their customer service. Buyers have left countless reviews, praising their attitude and complaint management system.

What Kind of Warranty Does Valor Offer?

Valor offers the Extended Warranty Coverage for about ten years. The distributor can pay the owner for any repair or offer an exchange of certain parts and components.

There are terms and conditions to this warranty.

How Do You Start a Valor Fireplace?

To start the fireplace, use the remote. Start by holding down the OFF button as well as the large flame button together. On hearing the beep, release the buttons to start the activation sequence. The pilot light will ignite, and the flames will turn to “Manual Mode.”

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