Regency Fireplace Review – 2022 Guide

| Last Updated: July 17, 2021

Winter is coming, and all of us want to make sure that we are ready for it. We want our homes to be a warm and cozy haven for us.

Hence, we need to invest in a quality fireplace that will be efficient and effective.

And Regency Fireplaces will be just the right choice for that.

Comparison of the Best Regency Fireplaces

  • Multi-flame effect due to the 3D fire beds
  • Versatile design can be finished in different materials
  • 3D flames with 3 options available
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  • Crafty combination of radiant heat and convective heat
  • Black enamel reflective panels for perfect ambiance
  • Remote control for convenience
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  • Best for the Money
  • Clear view is Ideal for any decor style
  • Enhanced safety due to invisible glass barrier
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  • Best Regency Gas Fireplace
  • Comes with an invisible safety barrier
  • Can be used with any finishing material
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  • Best Regency Outdoor Fireplace
  • Contemporary, sophisticated styling emanates quality and finesse
  • Easy to use electronic ignition with on/off switch
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  • Best Regency Wood Fireplace
  • Dynamic ambiance with a portrait-style design
  • Large viewing area of more than 700 sq inches
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Who is Regency?

Regency is a world-renowned designer, manufacturer, and marketer of health products. It started in a garage and later grew into a professional organization with over 300 employees and 2000 retailers across Japan, China, Australia, Europe, and North America. Regency has been manufacturing products in North America for over three decades now.

Regency believes in providing its customers with the best products. It has defined for itself four cornerstones of delivering its customers with great products – high quality, good value, clean burning efficiency, and beautiful aesthetics. The company mixes its designs, and through hundreds of combinations, it creates a product to satisfy all needs.

Types of Regency Fireplaces

Regency offers a wide range of fireplaces. It has something for everyone, whether you are looking for big or small fireplaces or whether you are looking for modern or traditional ones. For better classification, Regency fireplaces are segmented based on their fuel type.

Wood Burning Fireplaces

As the name suggests, wood-burning fireplaces use wood as their primary fuel source to warm your home. They give a traditional feeling and help you go back to the old memories by triggering nostalgia. Regency aims to create these fireplaces such that they require less wood to create more heat. Hence, you will chop less and put less effort into maintaining your unit.

Electric Fireplaces

These fireplaces run on electricity. There is no flame or fire in these models. However, they create artificial flames through LED lights and give the same aesthetics as real fire does. These are very stylish and elegant options for people with modern homes. Furthermore, they are easy to install and can also be mounted on a wall.

Gas Burning Fireplaces

Gas-burning fireplaces use propane or natural gas as their primary fuel. They come in various designs like contemporary and traditional. These are high-quality options that employ better technology for a safer and better overall experience.

Review of the Best Regency Fireplaces

There are many great Regency fireplaces, and choosing the best one among them can be challenging. Hence, we have shortlisted some top offerings and their key features so you can easily make your choice.

Best Overall

Skope E110


Power: N/A

Coverage Area: N/A

Heat Output: 5,000 BTU/h

Dimensions: L x 43 x 13.5 inches

Weight: N/A

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What Recent Buyers Report

Users report that this unit looks great in your house if you have a minimal theme. It will add subtle beauty to it without grabbing too much attention. It also keeps your home warm, and it is safe to use since there is no real fire or gas involved. This also makes installing this fireplace super easy since you only need to plug it in.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Skope E110 is a modern fireplace that uses the latest technology and is designed to fit into modern homes. You don’t have to feed your fireplace wood, gas, or pellets to keep it going. You also don’t have to go through the extensive cleaning procedures or tough maintenance. 

Furthermore, you never have to worry about gas leaking or fire catching on to something. E110 deals with all of these inconveniences and makes sure that your new fireplace experience is as comfortable as it possibly can be. You only need a steady electricity supply for this efficient fireplace and a normal duster in case you feel like cleaning it. 

Bottom Line

In all, Skope E110 is a fireplace that truly belongs to the 21st century. It is as simple to use as it can be, and there are no traditional hazards that you need to deal with. Furthermore, you can conveniently control it with a remote.


Can be mounted on a wall

No need for a gas line or chimney

Brightness of the flames can be adjusted

Features three-dimensional fire beds that create a multi-flame effect

Thermostatic remote control can be programmed according to your needs


Expensive to use

Doesn’t give a traditional fireplace experience

Subcat Banner

Ultimate U900E


Power: N/A

Coverage Area: 457 sq ft.

Heat Output: 34,000 BTU/h

Dimensions: L x 39.5 x 17 inches

Weight: N/A

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What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers report that this is an affordable contemporary fireplace. It isn’t too inexpensive like wood ones, yet it is more affordable than electric ones while still having a modern and stylish design. It is also highly efficient. Furthermore, its linear design makes it look even fancier and stylish.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This fireplace uses direct vent technology, which is a new and innovative technology. It uses the outside air for combustion and ensures that all the fireplace fumes and smoke produced as a result of combustion are pumped out of the house, so only the heat remains to warm your home. 

As a result, the air quality in your home remains unaffected, and you don’t have to worry about turning it off after a few hours to prevent any suffocation caused by the fumes and harmful gases.

Bottom Line

Ultimate U900E is a great linear gas fireplace. It has a modern outlook and a very stylish design that will suit modern homes. It uses direct vent technology and is a highly efficient fireplace that can be easily controlled by a remote.


Modern and stylish design

Uses direct vent technology

Features a variable speed blower

Can be easily controlled with a remote

Both propane and natural gas can be used as fuel


You will have to make a specific installation area for the unit

Best for the Money

New York View 40


Power: N/A

Coverage Area: 570 sq ft.

Heat Output: 28,500 BTU/h

Dimensions: L x 38 x 15 inches

Weight: N/A

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What Recent Buyers Report

According to buyers, this is a very elegant-looking fireplace with an almost invisible glass safety barrier. This gives an illusion that you are directly sitting in front of the fire. It is very efficient and will warm up your home quickly and safely without releasing any harmful gases or fumes into your house.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Do you want a fireplace that makes you feel like you are sitting right in front of the fire, but ensures your safety? If so, then New York View 40 will be ideal for you.

This fireplace has seamless glass walls that are invisible. You feel as if the fire is out in the open, and you are sitting right in front of it. While at the same time, you are completely safe since the fire is actually in the box, and it can’t get to you.

Furthermore, this makes the fireplace look minimalistic, which makes this fireplace great for modern contemporary homes. 

Bottom Line

All in all, New York View 40 is one of the most well-designed fireplaces in the market. It has a very realistic fire look while being highly efficient at warming your home. At the same time, it doesn’t compromise on your safety. 


Uses a cool wall system

Stylish and elegant design

Features an invisible safety barrier of glass

Can be controlled by a remote very conveniently

Available in two product variations – direct vent or power vent


Cannot be used in traditional homes

Best Regency Gas Fireplace

San Francisco Bay 40


Power: N/A

Coverage Area: 1110 sq ft.

Heat Output: 28,500 BTU/h

Dimensions: L x 47 x 15 inches

Weight: N/A

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What Recent Buyers Report

This is an expensive fireplace, but it is compatible with both propane and natural gas, making it easy to cut down on the fuel bills a little. You can choose natural gas to save money while still being able to keep your home warm and stylish.

Why it Stands Out to Us

San Francisco Bay 40 is a very efficient fireplace. It is second to none when it comes to warming your home. It uses a heatwave kit to ensure that your complete living area is warm instead of just areas around the fireplace. This heatwave system allows you to directly heat rooms in the house that are around 20 feet away from the fireplace. 

The kit contains a vent, vent register, and variable-speed blower. These circulate the area as per your requirement. Consequently, you also save money on heating costs since you can use one fireplace for many rooms.

Bottom Line

To conclude, San Francisco Bay 40 is a stylish and modern-looking fireplace that is highly efficient and promises excellent performance. It heats rooms 20 feet away from the fireplace easily and is compatible with both propane and natural gas.


Seamless glass barrier

Modern and stylish outlook

Compatible with both natural gas and propane

Uses a heatwave kit to maximize the heat that you get

Available in two variants, direct vent and power vent, so you can choose your ideal option


Difficult to install without a designated place

Best Regency Outdoor Fireplace

Horizon HZO42


Power: N/A

Coverage Area: N/A

Heat Output: 44,500 BTU/h

Dimensions: 14 x 36 x 17.5 inches

Weight: N/A

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What Recent Buyers Report

There aren’t many great options for outdoor heating, and there are definitely not many that are as stylish and efficient as the Horizon HZO42. It makes your outdoor event and settings very comfortable with its heating. It is easy to use and install, and you don’t need to arrange electrical wiring for it. Also, the build quality is highly suitable for outdoors.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Horizon HZO42 is made from high-quality stainless steel. It can be put out in the yard or wherever you need it, and it won’t be affected by the weather’s harshness. It will not be damaged by rain or dust or storms. 

Regency has complete trust in its product, and to further translate this trust into something tangible, it offers a very comprehensive limited lifetime warranty. Such a warranty is one of its kind and is an example of excellence in the industry. 

Furthermore, it is backed by a battery, which makes installing it super easy. You don’t need high technical assistance to put it in its place.

Bottom Line

Horizon HZO42 is an example of excellent quality and performance. The limited lifetime warranty that backs it up is a testament to the company’s trust in it. Hence, you can comfortably enjoy all your outdoor activities while staying warm.


Operates on battery

Weather-proof to sustain the harsh outdoors

Can be used with both natural gas and propane

Made from stainless steel so it can stand the outdoors

Comes with the industry’s most detailed limited lifetime warranty


Very heavy

Cannot be used indoors

Best Regency Wood Fireplace

Alterra CF780


Power: N/A

Coverage Area: 700 sq ft.

Heat Output: N/A

Dimensions: 33 x 49 x 73 inches

Weight: N/A

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What Recent Buyers Report

The Alterra CF780 is a minimal wood-fueled fireplace that adds a traditional and elegant touch to your living space. It is very easy to install and use; you just need to put in wood and leave it. It warms your house up very nicely and comes with a warranty that helps customers put their trust in the company.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Fireplaces that use wood as fuel are stereotypically assumed to look traditional and antique. They are believed to have an old and traditional effect on the interior of the house. However, Alterra CF780 proves these notions wrong. 

It is a wood-fueled fireplace that has a minimal and elegant look. It only has an outer frame that can be easily customized to suit your home’s interior, whether it is traditional or modern. Furthermore, it helps you enjoy the essence of a true fire with the same crackling noise of wood-burning and flames rising. It can be a therapeutic experience for many people. 

Bottom Line

Alterra CF780 is a fireplace that can be customized to either give a traditional or a modern look based on your preference. It allows you to experience the natural burning of woods and fire, which helps you relax. Furthermore, it is also very easy and convenient to use.


Very easy to use

Easy to install anywhere in the house

Comes with a limited lifetime warranty

Minimal and elegant design to enhance the fire

You can customize the frame to suit the traditional or modern interior of your house


Releases fumes into the house

Maintaining and cleaning the fireplace is a tedious task

Regency Fireplace Troubleshooting

Everyone needs a little time to get used to the new products or gadgets they add to their lives, and it’s only normal that you feel the same way with Regency fireplaces.

While you learn to use it, you might face problems like the fireplace not turning on, or it keeps going on and off, or maybe your ignitor isn’t working properly. Sometimes the thermostat might also refuse to turn on.

These problems are simple and can be dealt with at home. Hence, we have addressed some of these problems as follows.

If the remote isn’t working, then the first thing that you need to try is changing the cells of both the remote and the receiver box. If it still doesn’t work, then you need to reprogram the remote. You can do that by hitting the “Program” button on the receiver box and then switching on the remote.

This can be because the room temperature is higher than the temperature that you have fixed on the thermostat. In such a case, it simply won’t turn on. So just check the temperature you have set.

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Regency Fireplace Won’t Stay On

If your fireplace won’t stay on, then it is usually because of the thermocouple. This device is responsible for your safety, and it is a part of the ignition system. It restricts the gas valve to open if the pilot light isn’t lit. 

In certain cases, this component gets buried in carbon remains, so it can’t sense a flame. Hence, it doesn’t allow the gas valve to open, or it closes it suddenly.

Comparison Overview

Before buying your ideal fireplace, it is a smart move to compare it to other fireplaces and brands. By doing so, you will be able to get the best quality product for yourself.

Regency vs. Heat N Glo vs. Napoleon Gas Fireplace

Heat & Glo and Napoleon are some of the competitors of Regency. A comparison of the three can help determine which brand to trust most.  


The fireplaces of all three companies are highly efficient and offer options for all rooms and home sizes.


Napoleon offers its customers with lifetime warranties, and it has several manufacturers for its accessories, which makes it easy for you to save some money while comparing prices among those manufacturers. Napoleon fireplaces have a traditional look. 

Heat & Glo provides you with the most elegant and stylish fireplaces that suit your contemporary houses. Regency provides you with a mix of both.

Regency vs. Fireplace Xtrordinair

Xtrordinair is one of Regency’s main competitors, and so a comparison with it is essential.


Fireplaces from both companies are highly efficient. They both offer great-quality contemporary and traditional designs. 


Xtrordinair offers its customers an additional service called “Design My Fire.” It is a web app where you can easily pick your preferred model and its accessories and then put it in your room to see what it looks like. Regency, on the other hand, offers no such convenience.

How to Install and Remove Firebox Glass in a Regency Fireplace

Installing and removing the firebox glass from your Regency fireplace is actually quite easy. You only have to follow the steps given below:

  1. Ensure that the outer safety barrier glass and liner panels have been removed.

  2. Get yourself safety glasses, soft gloves, and suction plates.

  3. Locate the upper clamps for the front glass panel.

  4. Release the clamps by pulling them towards you.

  5. Locate the lower clamps for the front glass panel now.

  6. Release them by rotating them counterclockwise.

  7. Press the suction plates against the glass and close the handle fully to form a strong seal.

  8. Lift the glass a little, angle it as required, and pull the glass out carefully.

  9. For the side glasses, release the upper and lower clamps and take the glass out as done in the steps above.

  10. Now to install firebox glasses, always start with the side glass. Angle it forward and pull it up to place it in position.

  11. Fit the glass until the springs at the end are compressed.

  12. Close the lower and upper clamps.

  13. Now put the front panel by angling it and putting it in.

  14. Close the clamps once the glass fits in properly.

  15. Lastly, open clamps of the side glass to release them, so the side glass moves forward and adjusts to seal the firebox completely.

If you have any reservations or if you are confused at any step, feel free to refer to the video below.


Regency offers its customers with high-quality, stylish, and efficient fireplaces. It also offers its customers a wide range of products to choose from. Hence, you should trust Regency and choose your ideal product from among the many great options available.

People Also Ask

Inquiring about a product and the company selling it before making a purchase is a smart move. It is only natural that you worry about the investment that you are going to make. Keeping that in mind, we have answered some most frequently asked questions.

How to Shut Off the Pilot Light on a Gas Fireplace Regency Fireplace

To shut off the pilot light on the gas fireplace, you need to open its bottom. Once you have opened that, you should turn the control knob to “Off.” Now the pilot light will be shut off. 

How to Start a Regency Gas Fireplace

First, turn the control knob to the “Pilot” position. Keep pressing it while pressing the ignitor button. Now, wait until the pilot light turns on. After it is on, keeps pressing the control knob for about 60 seconds and then release it.

How to Sync Your Regency Fireplace Remote

Take out the receiver from under the firebox. You will see three controls there. You just need to take a pen and press the button “Learn” on the ON side. Press that button, and you will hear a few beeps. Test it a few times, and you are in sync. Now put the receiver back from where you took it out.

What Do Regency Fireplace Air Tubes Do?

The purpose of the air tubes is to bring in air into the chamber where the wood is burning. This air is usually released at the top of the chamber or firebox. It then mixes with the gases released from the wood and catalyzes secondary combustion.

Who Makes Regency Fireplaces?

Regency has a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in North America. All the fireplaces are designed, manufactured, and marketed there.

Where Are Regency Fireplaces Made?

Regency fireplaces are made in North America. There is a 240,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art facility that is constantly upgraded to manufacture and design the best fireplaces.

How to Turn Off a Gas Regency Fireplace

To turn off the fireplace, you can simply press the off button on the remote control or turn off the switch on the wall.

How Much Propane Does a Regency Fireplace Use Per Hour?

Normally, a Regency fireplace will use half a gallon of propane in one hour to produce 100,000 BTUs.

Who Owns Regency?

NIBE Industrier owns Regency, or in other words, it is the parent company of Regency.

How Long Has Regency Been Around?

Regency has been around for over 35 years now. It is a relatively new company, but the quality, brand reputation, and trust that it has are unmatched.

Why are Regency Fireplaces so Popular?

Regency’s superior customer service and the four cornerstones that it uses to deliver its customers with great products – high quality, good value, clean-burning, efficiency, and beautiful aesthetics, are reasons why the brand is so popular among its customers.

What Kind of Warranty Does Regency Offer?

Regency offers limited lifetime warranties to its customers for all its products. The duration and scope of the warranty depend on the model. You just need to make sure you purchase the unit from a verified retailer.

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