Napoleon Fireplace Reviews – 2022 Guide

| Last Updated: July 19, 2021

If there is one company that is both loved and respected by a large number of users, it is definitely Napoleon. What sets it apart is its determination to produce diverse products that suit every user’s needs equally. It manufactures a range of fireplaces every year that comes with extraordinary features.

These high-quality units are both affordable and very modern. They offer good and solid construction that comes with added durability and strength. You also get a good warranty and excellent customer service when you deal with Napoleon.

Comparison of the Best Napoleon Fireplaces

  • Easy to install in the wall with seamless design
  • Made from high-quality materials to last longer
  • A powerful heating capacity for quick and easy space heating
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  • The frame is invincible after installation
  • very easy to use control buttons for ease of use
  • A variety of ember displays to choose from
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  • Best for the Money
  • Heat capacity of up to 500 BTUs
  • Very easy to install and to operate
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  • Best Napoleon Electric Fireplace
  • Comes with the slimline design for a nice display
  • Very easy to operate and heating of space
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  • Best Napoleon Gas Fireplace
  • A variety of designs can be chosen form
  • Comes with quite a high heat output capacity
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  • Best Napoleon Outdoor Fireplace
  • Made from high-quality materials to last longer
  • Very easy to install and operate
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  • Best Napoleon Direct Vent Fireplace
  • Comes with a very high heat capacity
  • Will quickly heat up to maximum heat
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This article includes all the best models by the brand and will also include their top features. If you also want to learn about the installation and troubleshooting process, continue reading ahead. 

Who is Napoleon in Fireplaces? 

Unlike many other companies in the market, this one started as a small family-owned business in Ontario, Canada. The family didn’t have a lot of resources to go about it, so they didn’t diversify their productions until they had the means. The company first started as a steel fabricating business and then started the manufacturing of wood stoves.

When these stoves garnered nationwide praise, the name Napoleon came into existence. Now the company has more than 1000 employees that are treated like family. It has a large facility situated on an area of 1,200,000 sq feet in Canada. It now produces wood, electric, and gas fireplaces.

Moreover, Napoleon has one of the most revered awards in the industry. It was awarded the highly prestigious Vesta award too.

What Makes Napoleon Fireplaces Stand Out From the Competition?

Napoleon fireplaces don’t need an introduction. The brand reputation speaks for itself. The company has retained its popularity over the years and now has thousands of very content buyers. But this hasn’t been easy to achieve. The brand has always offered the best features and quality. Here is why Napoleon stands out from the competition:

Innovative Technology

There aren’t any buyers who don’t appreciate innovation. Everyone wants modern features that can bring comfort to their lives, and the extraordinary and dynamic heat control technology by Napoleon does exactly that. It relies on an optimized and stable airflow throughout and ensures that your homes’ temperature is kept at a comfortable and consistent level. 

Moreover, many models come with a glass guard system that protects the unit and allow for a good viewing area. 

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Excellent Customer Service

One look at the brand’s website will convince you that Napoleon is committed to providing you with the best of everything. This includes customer services, as well. If you face any issues with installation or servicing, you can contact one of the many authorized dealers. You can also fill out a form on the website, and one of the representatives will get back to you very soon. They will also then guide you regarding the whole process and help you solve your problem.


The company produces a range of models, but one thing that is consistent in all these units is safety features. All of them have the ability to shut off the gas flow if there is no flame.

There is also a self-generating millivolt system that keeps the valve open. However, in situations where your safety is at risk, this millivolt will stop generating and hence ensure the unit is switched off instantly.

Napoleon Fireplace Reviews

The company has an extensive range of products, and choosing the best of the best was no easy feat. However, a lot of research went into this part, and we hope you can find a fireplace that suits your needs well.

Best Overall

NEFL50FH Allure

Napoleon Allure 50 inch Wall Mount Electric Fireplace - Black, NEFL50FH


Power: 1,500 watts

Coverage Area: 400 sq ft.

Heat Output: 5,000 BTU/h

Dimensions: 50 x 5 x 21.6 inches

Weight: 51 lbs.

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What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers didn’t have to read a lot of reviews before investing in this model. its smooth and seamless design was enough to convince them of its unmatched durability. They also found it easier to install and maintain. However, the thing that made all the difference was definitely the high power. This allowed them to get robust heat all through winter.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This is a 50-inch wide and five-inch deep model that has a BTU of 5000 and can heat any room of 400 sq. ft. It isn’t very heavy and hence doesn’t require any complex installation process. All you have to do to ensure the unit’s proper running is to take it out of the box, hang it on the wall, and plug it in a 12V outlet.

Plain and simple designs have been in the market for quite some time now, but while reviewing this particular model, we didn’t expect it to surprise us this much. It featured a very attractive body that made all the difference when coupled with an aesthetic interior flame. For anyone wishing to enhance the décor of their room, this model would be the perfect fit.

Bottom Line

This is a relatively small-sized unit that fits perfectly anywhere you want. It can heat any room of 400 sq. feet easily, but more importantly, it comes with an additional bracket that allows for easy hanging. So if you want affordability and durability in one design, you should definitely consider this.


The power is 1500 W

Has a seamless and clean design

Can heat large rooms of 400 sq ft. easily

Comes with an additional bracket for hanging

50 inches wide and 50 inches deep, providing a greater viewing area


Only offers a BTU of 5000


Alluravision NEFL50CHD

Napoleon Alluravision Deep 50 inch Wall Mount Electric Fireplace - Black, NEFL50CHD


Power: 2,800 watts

Coverage Area: 800 sq ft.

Heat Output: 9,000 BTU/h

Dimensions: 5.81 x 50.31 x 15.88 inches

Weight: 72 lbs.

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What Recent Buyers Report

People with large-sized rooms and halls were looking for a fireplace that could act as the primary heat source in their homes, and they certainly found one in this model. This Alluravision unit offers excellent controls that add to the buyer’s convenience. They also found the flames to be very realistic and reported that the unit ensured a cozy and warm environment inside their rooms.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Alluravision NEFL50CHD surprised almost everyone with its greater customizability options. It sets the perfect mood for you and your family. There is a multicolored LED ember bed that allows for six different color settings. These include white, blue, yellow, and green. Changing these colors is also very easy and just requires the click of a button.

Apart from that, this Alluravision unit is also one of the largest in the market. It is around 50 inches long, which means it is able to provide heat to a large room of 800 sq feet. But more importantly, the model features 9000 BTUs.

Bottom Line

Of all the models we reviewed here, we found this to be one of the largest and most efficient ones. It allows for robust heat production that is able to provide heat to a large room or hall. The colors offered also allow for greater customizability. You can choose the flame color according to your mood at any time of the day.


Controls are very easy to use

Realistic flame is attractive to look at

Capable of heating rooms up to 800 sq ft.

5.8 inches deep that increases its aesthetic appeal

Allows for ember bed color options that are customizable


Requires more space for installation

Best for the Money

Allure NEFVC38H

Napoleon Allure 38 inch Vertical Wall Mount Electric Fireplace - Black, NEFVC38H


Power: 1,500 watts

Coverage Area: 400 sq ft.

Heat Output: 5,000 BTU/h

Dimensions: 5.5 x 16 x 38 inches

Weight: 23 lbs.

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What Recent Buyers Report

There are two things that most buyers loved most about this model; its efficiency and its ease of installation. The first is offered by a robust heat performance while the second one is allowed by a vertical orientation setup that makes hanging easier. The model also comes with a hidden vent that removes all the waste without disrupting the décor of your room.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Allure products are very appealing, and this model is 38 inches tall and only 16 inches wide, meaning it doesn’t require much space for installation. Moreover, it is only five inches deep, which makes it easier to use. But even with a small body, this Allure model gets the job done. It heats up a room of 400 square feet easily. The BTU may be relatively less than other models, but it is enough to heat a medium or small-sized room.

Another feature that stood out to us was the ease of usage. This isn’t just ensured by the small size but also the latest technology that is used in the construction of the model. There are efficient vents included that regulate the temperature and allow for a consistent and stable temperature inside the room at all times.

Bottom Line

Affordable models aren’t very durable; however, this misconception was easily knocked down by this superior Napoleon fireplace. This not only offers a good value on the money but also allows a lot of convenience. You can easily adjust the brightness and suit it to your needs. Moreover, you get different colored flames, and you can select one that suits your mood.


Brightness is easily adjustable

Requires an outlet voltage of only 120V

Comes with an efficient and hidden vent

Vertical orientation allows for easy setup

Offers flame color options that you can customize easily


38 inches tall hence requires a large space for installation

Best Napoleon Electric Fireplace

Alluravision NEFL50CHS

Napoleon Alluravision Slim 50 inch Wall Mount Electric Fireplace - Black, NEFL50CHS


Power: 1,500 watts

Coverage Area: 400 sq ft.

Heat Output: 5,000 BTU/h

Dimensions: 4.25 x 50.31 x 15.88 inches

Weight: 72.8 lbs.

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What Recent Buyers Report

Modern buyers need modern units to suit the needs of their homes. This is why they decided to invest in this extremely sleek and stylish model. It offers a minimalistic look that sits well with recent customers who wanted to increase their home’s aesthetic appeal. Moreover, they like the frameless design that allows a large viewing area of the flame.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Napoleon makes some of the best electric fireplaces in the market, and this particular model is a testament to that fact. It is a 50-inch long and 4.25-inch deep fireplace that is easier to hang. It can heat any room between 400 and 500 sq. ft. easily. This is all thanks to the robust heat produced by this model. Moreover, it requires only 1500W.

Another feature that we like about this fireplace is that it allows for light-up control buttons. These are not only easy to use but also illuminate instantly whenever you need them to. They also get dimmed when they are not in use. This ensures that the light of the buttons does not interfere with the flames’ beautiful color for a great ambiance.

Bottom Line

Equipped with an excellent frameless design, this model is certainly making rounds in the market. It offers an outlet power connection that doesn’t add much to your utility bills. Another advantage of investing in this electric fireplace is that you get access to very easy controls. These allow you to make adjustments without having to turn knobs.


Controls are very easy to use

A slim unit that also offers good durability

Nearly frameless finish allows a good view of the flame

Has a minimalistic look that doesn’t interfere with your décor

Requires you to simply hang the unit and connect it to a power source


Does not operate when there is a power shortage

Best Napoleon Gas Fireplace

Elevation X 42


Power: N/A

Coverage Area: N/A

Heat Output: 39,000 BTU/h

Dimensions: 22.5 x 44.62 x 47.56 inches

Weight: N/A

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What Recent Buyers Report

When recent buyers reviewed this model, one feature they continued praising was the authenticity of the design. They loved how the ember bed was able to glow exactly like real logs. This, along with the inclusion of hand-painted logs, helped make this one of the most realistic looking models in the market.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Of all the features that this model offers, some that really caught our eye was the app compatibility and good modulation. This gas fireplace offers ten different decorative brick kits, of which the standard and old town red are the most popular ones. It also offers an excellent finishing trim that is available in copper, black, charcoal, and gunmetal options.

We also liked the modulating endless embers included in it. This ensures that the bed fills the entire floor and allows you to see the logs from every angle. There is also a special heat blower added that circulates heat and keeps the room’s temperature comfortable at all times. You can also connect it to an app and operate it from a distance.

Bottom Line

Napoleon is known for its good warranty; however, not many units boast a lifetime warranty. This means that this propane unit’s construction and manufacturing are so amazing that you don’t have to worry about it faltering any time soon.


Offers a high BTU of 39,000

Electric ember bed glows exactly as real logs would

Logs are hand-painted and feature a very realistic look

Comes with a lifetime warranty that increases reliability

Features a dynamic heat control system for better efficiency


Does not come with a glass guard

Best Napoleon Outdoor Fireplace

Galaxy See Thru


Power: N/A

Coverage Area: N/A

Heat Output: 55,000 BTU/h

Dimensions: 24 x 50.5 x 24.5 inches

Weight: N/A

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What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers who were looking for a fireplace for their garage ended their quest when they came across this unique yet durable model. It not only features a linear and slim looking design but also incorporates steel construction that gives it additional strength. Buyers were also fascinated by the model’s ability to reduce costs in the long run.

Why it Stands Out to Us

We find this to be one of the best outdoor fireplaces available on the market. It is not only a unique unit but also offers a lot of convenience for users who prefer to sit comfortably in an outdoor environment. This linear model is available in a one-sided unit too.

It also boasts of a very good construction that uses stainless steel as the primary component. This adds to the unit’s durability and makes it more resistant to adverse conditions. Since it is installed outside, it also requires certain protective features. This is why the Galaxy See Thru comes with a safety valve that turns the gas supply off as soon as the flame goes out.

Bottom Line

As compared to indoor units, outdoor units require two additional features; water resistance and greater safety. The former comes in handy when there is snow or heavy rainfall, and you still want to enjoy a comfortable and cozy environment outside. The second comes in handy when there are fast winds that allow a lot of dust and debris to settle on the pilot and ignition. The safety valve automatically shuts off the unit if the model isn’t operating as it should for safety.


Available as a one-sided unit to reduce costs

Safety valve enhances safety for children and pets

Water-resistant hence suitable for open-air installation

Stainless steel construction provides greater durability

Features a sleek and linear model perfect for outdoor living


Dust and debris can frequently stick to the pilot

Best Napoleon Direct Vent Fireplace

Altitude X 42


Power: N/A

Coverage Area: N/A

Heat Output: 38,000 BTU/h

Dimensions: 18.63 x 42.25 x 45.44 inches

Weight: N/A

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What Recent Buyers Report

One look at the BTUs offered by this unit made all the difference. Buyers loved the direct vent technology that ensured no smoke or harmful gas disrupted their mood. They also had high praises for the exclusive night mode. This, they felt, allowed them to sleep in peace without getting distracted.

Why it Stands Out to Us

If there is any model that is specifically designed to provide the perfect aspect ratio, it is this one. This propane gas unit is not only cheap but is also available in a variety of sizes hence allowing more customization. It is a minimalistic and very clean-faced unit that comes with a full and wide firebox for added convenience. But more importantly, it allows connection to your mobile app.

There are also six decorative brick kits included in the unit. These include the porcelain radiant panels that add to the beauty of the fireplace. There is also an additional heat blower for good heat circulation. This not only offers a variety of speeds but also ensures better control over your heating performance. The ambient glow metal fibers are added to enhance the look of the flames.

Bottom Line

Napoleon has always taken the lead in innovation, but it came into the spotlight when it included modern features into its design. For instance, this Altitude fireplace comes with a remote control that allows for long-range efficiency. Moreover, there is a premium log option that enhances diversity and gives you more control over how you want to operate your unit.


Provides an amazing BTU of 38,000

Comes with four ultra HD premium log options

Long-range remote control adds to the convenience

Features an exclusive night light for added convenience

All premium accessories are durable and come in the package


Direct vent installation is costly

Best Napoleon Linear Fireplace

NEFL60FH Allure

Napoleon Allure 60 inch Wall Mount Electric Fireplace - Black, NEFL60FH


Power: 1,500 watts

Coverage Area: 400 sq ft.

Heat Output: 5,000 BTU/h

Dimensions: 60 x 5 x 21.6 inches

Weight: 40.82 lbs.

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What Recent Buyers Report

Of all the features buyers reviewed, they loved the compact body of the unit the most. They say this allowed them to enjoy good warmth without compromising on any space inside the room. Moreover, the inclusion of the perfect controls also meant that buyers were able to enjoy a lot more convenience than they would have with other models.

Why it Stands Out to Us

With a width of 100 inches, this is not your ordinary model. It comes with an extraordinary heater that can heat both large and medium-sized rooms quickly. Moreover, you get to enjoy easy installation because the model comes with an additional bracket that allows for easy handling.

Another feature that stands out is the seamless and clean design. This is important because it allows the unit to be recessed fully into the wall and hence doesn’t use up any additional space of your room.

Bottom Line

Deep models often look nicer when mounted inside the walls, but this Napoleon model is also very sleek and hence doesn’t take up much space in your room. Another feature that helps with this is the clean and seamless design that allows for easy installation and ensures you don’t have to spend a lot of time in daily maintenance.


Slim design doesn’t take much space

Large size allows for more heat production

Controls can illuminate and dim out instantly

Features an additional bracket for easy hanging

Clean and seamless design allows for easy maintenance


Does not offer a good warranty on all parts

Best Napoleon Wall Mount Electric Fireplace

NEFL32FH Linear

Napoleon Allure 32 inch Wall Mount Electric Fireplace - Black, NEFL32FH


Power: 1,500 watts

Coverage Area: 400 sq ft.

Heat Output: 5,000 BTU/h

Dimensions: 32 x 5 x 21.5 inches

Weight: 48 lbs.

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What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers generally love Napoleon, but there are some models that they absolutely cherish. This one is definitely one of those models. Its pilot light is both easy to switch on and off and hence allows for ease of usage. Moreover, buyers like the sleek body that ensures this model doesn’t take up much space and allow for an easy mounting into the wall.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This Allure model is 32 inches wide and 5 inches deep, which means it provides suitable heat for any room that has an area of 400 sq. feet. Since it doesn’t protrude out of the wall, it doesn’t take up any valuable space. But those aren’t the only features that stand out to us.

We also found this particular model to be one of the safest in the market. There is a special valve added to ensure the unit switches off if the flame goes off at any time. This ensures that you can keep the unit on even when you are sleeping or away from your home for some time.

Bottom Line

If we were to suggest one reason why you should definitely invest in this model, it would definitely be its colorful and attractive flames. These are available in yellow, blue, and green colors, among others. You can change the flame to any color according to your mood. On days that you feel cheerful, you can have green flames, and when you feel gloomy, you can have blue flames.


Allows for an easy cleaning process

Pilot light is easier to turn on and off

Allows for very colorful and attractive flames

Installation is both fast and easy, thus saving your time

Doesn’t protrude out of the wall or takes valuable space


Higher running costs

Types of Napoleon Fireplaces

Napoleon is known for ensuring great diversity. There are three main kinds of products that it produces. The three categories further have a plethora of products to choose from. Here are three kinds:

Gas Fireplaces

These are usually slim and come in a linear shape and also look very traditional. They are preferred by people who want modern features in a unit that looks very vintage and old-style. They are also very versatile and can easily be installed inside or outside your home. 

Additionally, they are extremely efficient, which means that they will decrease your utility bills and ensure that you can save a large amount of money.

Electric Fireplaces

These are made for anyone looking for the most modern features and a higher aesthetic appeal. Such units are very handy because they don’t require any propane or gas as fuel and hence are easier to maintain and run for a longer time period. 

The installation process is also very convenient. All you have to do to get them started is to hang them on a wall and connect them to a power outlet. Moreover, they usually feature LED lights that make them look more attractive than usual.

Wood Fireplaces

This is as traditional as it gets, and Napoleon takes a lot of pride in being one of the few brands that produce such realistic-looking fireplaces. They use wood as fuel and hence require refueling every few hours or sometimes days. 

Since they use real wood, you will get to enjoy the smell and sound of real logs burning. The flame is also very attractive and makes your room appear very cozy and comfortable. So if you don’t mind spending some time on maintenance every month, you should definitely consider this type of fireplace.

Napoleon Gas Fireplace Troubleshooting

The units by this brand are both durable and efficient, but like any other product in the market, there may be times when they don’t operate as they should. Here are some common troubleshooting concerns that buyers face, along with that, you must do to solve the issue:

How Do You Turn Off the Pilot Light on a Napoleon Fireplace Hearth?

Turning off the pilot light of your fireplace is quite an easy process. All it requires is for you to open the fireplace’s front side and move the knob for the pilot to the opposite side. There is going to be a small label for off placed there too. Once you do that, turn the gas valve off.

What Causes My Gas Blower on My Napoleon Fireplace to Rattle?

This is a common problem with many fireplaces and isn’t an issue unique to Napoleon units only. If dust or debris gets stuck on the blower’s motor bearings, it may start to rattle.

How to Light a Napoleon Propane Fireplace

This is also a simple process, and all you have to do is first turn the gas knob in the clockwise direction to switch it off. Then, wait five minutes to let the gas out and ensure there is no safety hazard. Then, turn the gas valve in the opposite direction. You also need to simultaneously light the pilot button with the help of an igniter. Repeat the processes if the pilot doesn’t light in the first try.

Napoleon Fireplace Won’t Click to Light

When this happens, don’t panic. Instead, just check the main gas valve and make sure that the gas knob is switched on. If there is gas coming out of the valve and the pilot still does not light up, then the problem might be in the spark igniter. Make sure you check for any dirt or debris that may be stuck on the igniter, preventing it from functioning properly.

Napoleon Gas Fireplace Won’t Start

This isn’t a common problem with Napoleon fireplaces; however, there may be instances where your model may not start. You need to check the gas valve and make sure it is switched on. If it is, then check for any insect nests or heavy debris stuck inside the pilot tubing. If the issue still isn’t resolved, then you may need to call a professional.

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Comparison Overview 

Just because Napoleon enjoys great popularity and offers excellent features, it doesn’t mean that it is the only good brand in the market. Others give it a tough competition. We have reviewed them here too so you can decide which one suits your needs more.

Continental Fireplaces vs. Napoleon

Both these brands are unique and offer their own features; however, some stark differences make them appease different types of customers. With Napoleon, you can expect more diversity in the fireplaces. You get wood, electric, and gas units that are all relatively sleek than most other models in the market. They are also easier to install and hence reduce your installation costs. Moreover, its gas models burn cleanly and don’t require you to install a special chimney.

Continental fireplaces deserve to be mentioned here because their models are relatively cheaper, both in terms of initial investment and in terms of utility bills. They are also easier to maintain and don’t create a lot of mess while burning. Another area where the brand takes the lead is in terms of the warranty. The warranty offered by Continental is slightly better than the one offered by Napoleon.

Napoleon Fireplace vs. Flame

Where Napoleon gives more diversity in the fuel types, Flame gives more diversity in the design and shape of the fireplaces. The latter also offers a variety in the construction. The construction materials used in manufacturing these units include stone, cast iron, wood, and marble. The distinct texture and features of all these units help give users more choice.

However, Napoleon takes the lead when it comes to installation. All its units are very simple and allow for quick mounting. It also gives the option of wall hanging or wall mounting, which adds to the user’s convenience. Since Flame products are relatively more complex in their designs, the buyer has to hire a professional for their installation.

Valor vs. Napoleon Fireplaces

Valor units allow for decreased or no emissions. These make them very safe and desirable units. Moreover, Valor’s wood stoves and fireplaces appear very realistic and add to the beauty of your room.

In terms of controls, Valor offers precise controls that allow for convenience. But compared to Napoleon, these controls are slightly less diverse. In terms of heat production, the former works well indoors than outdoors, whereas the latter offers robust heat production in any setting.

NEFL50FH Allure

How to Install a Napoleon Fireplace

There are two ways to go about it; you can either surface mount the appliance or build it inside the wall. For the former, here is what you have to do.

  1. You simply have to hang the unit like you would a television. 

  2. A bracket comes in the package that you need to attach to the wall to safely mount your fireplace.

  3. You have to level it up and then locate the two studs at the ends. 

  4. There are two openings on the back of the fireplace that you will use for hanging.

  5. After that, plug in the model, and you are good to go. 

  6. Napoleon also gives you a concealed housing part that you can use to hide any wires.

For a recess wall mounting, here are some easier steps to follow.

  1. Make sure you have a framed out opening where your fireplace is going to be fixed.

  2. Remove the glass frame from the fireplace and Install the small brackets on each side.

  3. Place the unit, with its glass still removed into the wall cavity, and screw the four brackets to the wall.

  4. Place the ice cube crystals into the ember bed and make sure they are evenly spaced.

  5. Plug in your unit to an appropriate socket.

  6. Before you put the glass screen on, make sure you switch on the unit for a test run. 

  7. Place the glass frame and slide it over the main unit. You won’t need to attach any screws because the frame will fit into the main unit itself. 

  8. Make sure you have an assistant for the whole process to ensure safety.

For a more detailed description, check out this video below.


Napoleon is an excellent brand, and there is no doubt about that. However, the issue arises when users like more than one unit for their home and get confused between the choices. Our list aims to help with exactly that; it includes the best models manufactured by the brand. These have been reviewed in detail so that you make the best choice. 

People Also Ask

There aren’t many brands that have garnered such praise from buyers. Napoleon has a loyal fan base, and all its customers are ready to stand by the unit. However, there are those in a dilemma and have many queries in their minds. Here is our attempt at answering some of the most popular questions potential buyers have asked.

Are Napoleon Fireplaces Good Quality?

We wouldn’t have been reviewing this brand if it weren’t one of the best ones in the market. All its models are of the highest quality and allow for great durability and strength. It produces gas, wood, and electric fireplaces that each come with their unique set of features.

How Do You Turn Off a Napoleon Fireplace?

This is as easy as switching a unit on. All you have to do is open the fireplace’s front and then turn the button with the pilot label off. After that, turn the gas valve off to ensure that there is no gas leakage. As for electric units, all you have to do is remove the plug.

Where Are Napoleon Fireplaces Made?

The company is one of the largest ones in all of North America. Most of the offices and bases of operations are there. However, the production, assembly, and shipment of the units are mostly done in Canada. This location is selected because it allows for good quality raw material and passionate labor.

Who Makes Napoleon Fireplaces?

The brand currently has over 1000 employees working for it. They are actively involved in the manufacturing and testing process of the fireplaces. Moreover, there is a 1,200,000 square feet facility where all the magic happens.

Who Owns Napoleon Fireplace?

The company is registered and now operates on a large facility, but it started small. Wolfgang Schroeter founded a steel fabrication business in Barrie, Ontario, in 1976. He then started manufacturing wood stoves and hence entered the fireplace business.

How Long Have Fireplaces Been Around?

Fireplaces, in their essence, have existed for a very long time. In earlier times, people used to have similar models; however, modern units are much more advanced and offer much more convenience. In 500 BC, peasants used to have small huts with holes in the rooftop to let the smoke out. In 43 AD, Roman bakers invented a similar model that came with a flue. This was used to remove smoke.

Why Are Napoleon Fireplaces so Popular?

The company is popular because of the excellent features that it offers in all its models. Every piece is durable and strong. The ones used outdoors offer water resistance and greater safety features. This diversity is one of the many reasons these fireplaces are so popular.

What Kind of Warranty Does Napoleon Offer?

The warranty offered by Napoleon is much better than the one offered by most competitive brands. The company warrants that any product that you buy will be free from any manufacturing defects or defects in material from the date of purchase to at least one year. Some other models offer a lifetime warranty on the frame.

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