Best Outdoor Fireplaces – 2020 Top Picks

| Last Updated: April 20, 2021

Countries that are cold throughout most of the year have residents craving for good warmth and comfort. But having that inside a room is not always sufficient. Many people have small sitting spaces in their lawns and garages and hence prefer outdoor fireplaces for that.

Within the past decade, there has been a lot of advancement in the heating sector, and companies have focused on making the most suitable and convenient outdoor fireplaces that they can. These are relatively safer and offer unmatched durability and strength.

This review discusses some of the most revered products in the market. It also highlights the benefits and drawbacks of these models to help you get a complete picture. Other information regarding safety and purchase is also mentioned so that you know everything there is regarding outdoor fireplaces!

Our Top Picks for Best Outdoor Fireplaces

  • Versatile unit
  • Long-lasting
  • Great display
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  • Better heat distribution
  • High heat capacity
  • Many extras
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  • Best Gas Fireplace
  • Easy aesthetics
  • Very durable
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Comparison of the Best Outdoor Fireplaces

  • Can be used in a variety of space heating applications
  • Made from durable materials to be strong
  • Comes with a nice display for better decor
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  • Made with the 360 view designed for better heat distribution
  • Comes with a high heat capacity for larger rooms
  • There are many extra features included
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  • Best Outdoor Gas Fireplace
  • It includes a tile mantel for better display
  • Made from strong and durable materials
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  • Best Outdoor Electric Fireplace
  • Uses the e-flame design to be much safer to use
  • Comes with a very quite fan for better heat distribution
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  • Best Outdoor Wood Burning Fireplace
  • Comes with a mesh cover for safety
  • Made from high-quality and durable material
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  • Best Outdoor Stone Fireplace
  • Heat capacity of up to 30000 BTUs for larger rooms
  • A natural design for a much better display
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  • Best Portable Outdoor Fireplace
  • Large wheels are included for better mobility
  • Dome top design for better heat distribution
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  • Best Chiminea Outdoor Fireplace
  • Comes with a 360 degrees view for better heating
  • Quite lightweight and mobile
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When Would an Outdoor Fireplace Come in Handy? 

As the name suggests, an outdoor fireplace will come in handy when you want to enjoy good warmth and comfort whilst sitting on your lawn. But such models also come in handy in several other situations. These include:

Cozy and Romantic Sittings

Outdoor fireplaces are unmatchable when it comes to providing a cozy and romantic setting. These often come with an open hearth and an insert that features bright and attractive flames. They also appear very cheerful and bright hence adding to the serenity of the environment. You can also sit in front of the fire with your partner or your friends and enjoy some delightful food. 


Apart from providing you with warmth, these units also provide better cooking opportunities. You can heat and even cook soups, coffee, and tea on your stove while simultaneously warming your home. Moreover, this comes in handy when you are out of power for a long time, and you still have to cook food or warm water for baths. It can also work for roasting marshmallows while sitting in the backyard with friends and reminiscing about old times. 

Eco-Friendly and Cost-Efficient Heating

With the rise in modernity, companies realize that they just can't get away with bad environmental and safety policies. This is why these fireplaces produce a lot of heat without compromising environmental protection. Burning wood also ensures that you have an absolute zero carbon footprint. Moreover, you get to cut on your energy costs and reduce your utility bills. You won't be dependent on fossil fuels - you can simply use wood to heat your entire homes.

How to Choose an Outdoor Fireplace 

Everyone loves outdoor fireplaces; there is no doubt about that. But what they love more is to invest in a model that provides efficiency and still adds to the beauty of their home or outdoor spaces. For this, you need to keep the following things in mind and choose the most suitable unit:

Ignition System

Most fireplaces come with two different ignition systems; the continuous pilot ignition or the intermittent pilot ignition. Both require you to light the pilot using a small switch on the unit. With the latter, your pilot will remain lit for as long as the fireplace is running. This type is more suitable for less cold weather where residents don't have to turn on the appliances every day. The former ensures that the pilot remains open regardless of the gas supply. This is much better for colder climates.


A lot of modern units come with an efficient remote control or a wall switch to adjust the settings of the fireplace. The remote controls will turn the unit on and off from a distance. They can also be used to change the settings for the blower, lightings, flame heights, and timer. The wall switches allow the same settings, but they require you to move to the fireplace to make the adjustments. You can also integrate your unit with your smart home system for greater convenience.

Weight and Portability

Things like price, durability, strength, and warranty are all important considerations, but the weight will ultimately decide how frequently you use the unit. Any model that is too heavy will be difficult to move around and hence will restrict you to one place. So if you are someone who wants to carry their unit to the campground, you need to invest in a lightweight and compact model.

Quick Take: Best Outdoor Fireplaces

These are our recommendations for the best outdoor fireplaces:

  1. Landmann USA 25722
  2. Deckmate Sonora Model 30199
  3. Cal Flame Fire FRP-906

Review of the Best Outdoor Fireplaces 

Now that you know how to choose a good outdoor fireplace, let’s go over a few options that you should definitely consider. The following are some of the best outdoor fireplaces that offer value for money and have great functionality too. 

Best Overall:
Landmann USA 25722


  • Firewood grate ensures air flows beneath the fire
  • 360-degree viewing angle of fire provides an aesthetic appeal
  • Comes with hinged double doors to allow easier access to fire
  • All four sides have screens to ensure even distribution of heat
  • Features an ash pan tray that can be removed to provide easy cleaning


  • Installation costs are high

What Recent Buyers Report 

A good chimney is one of the things buyers demand the most. This not only protects your children and your family from inhaling toxic gases but also makes the air around your room fresh and healthy. This Landmann unit comes with a durable chimney that can allow a good circulation of heat whilst also controlling the amount of heat surrounding you. Buyers also love the grate that ensures air only flows beneath the logs.

Why it Stands Out to Us 

We put this model at the number one spot because we realized that it stood out in almost all areas of usage. It had a large and durable body that could provide greater efficiency for a long time. The model was also equipped with a tall and heavy-duty mesh screen and a locking latch that allows you to enjoy a fire without worrying about any uncontrollable embers. 

Ease of cleaning is another positive feature that we loved. Even when the fire dies down, you can still easily clean the entire unit. There is a large fire pan that is easily removable. Moreover, it comes with ergonomic handles that make it easier to pull and dump all the excess waste.

Bottom Line 

With a high and steeply pitched chimney that smokes up directly, this is one of the most secure fireplaces in the market. It is unique, and its contemporary design allows you to enjoy a full 360-degree viewing angle. But more importantly, it comes with a special poker that is 24 inches long. Keeping all this in mind, we are convinced that it doesn't get better than this. 

Deckmate Sonora Outdoor Chimenea Fireplace Model 30199


  • Ash catcher will ensure an easy cleanup
  • A spark screen ensures a full 360-degree view
  • Large sliding door allows you to add fire easily
  • Includes a smooth fire tool and a log grate for efficiency
  • Cast iron construction provides extra durability to the unit


  • Expensive

What Recent Buyers Report 

This Deckmate model is a dream-come-true for many buyers. It makes refueling extremely easy. There is a large sliding door that is smoothly attached to the corners. Buyers find it easy to move the door to put more logs in. Moreover, they love its heating capacity that ensures all the logs for the day can be put inside at the same time.

Why it Stands Out to Us 

If you are looking for a model that will provide long-lasting usage, then this one is what you should be looking for. It is made with designer embossed cast iron construction that adds to the durability of the design. The high-temperature finish also makes the exterior look more smooth and even. Even when you use the model frequently and for many years, you won't see this paint finish coming off. 

We also liked the large sliding door of the unit. This not only allowed buyers to place several logs each time but also made the whole refueling process easier. The door is also hinged at the corners, thus making the opening and closing process easier.

Bottom Line 

This unit's efficiency is a commendable feature, but what is even better is the ease of usage. The best thing about it is that it is very easy to use. An ash catcher is placed underneath the unit that allows you to remove any waste instantly and without much hassle. Moreover, at a relatively lower price, you get a log grate that will add to your convenience.

Best Outdoor Gas Fireplace:
Cal Flame Fire FRP-906

Cal Flame Fire FRP-906, 55,000 BTU Gas Outdoor Fireplace


  • Promises an excellent BTU of 55,000
  • Includes lava rocks that enhance the look
  • Stucco finish provides extra durability to the unit
  • Offers natural gas and liquid propane convertibility
  • Comes with a set including seven pieces of 24-inch logs for an attractive look


  • Has a large carbon footprint

What Recent Buyers Report 

Those who didn't want to feel restricted with their choice loved investing in this unique model. It looks like a traditional fireplace, but its features are very modern. Buyers have rated it high on diversity because it offers good convertibility between liquid propane and natural gas. Moreover, its ability to include lava rocks simultaneously adds to its appeal.

Why it Stands Out to Us 

This model does not claim to be portable, but it does claim to offer perfect efficiency. It comes with an excellent BTU of 55,000, thus ensuring you get high heat production at a relatively lower price. Moreover, it offers diversity by giving you the option between lighting lava rocks and using fossil fuel as the input.

With an amazing liquid propane and natural gas convertibility, you also get a chance to use this model when you don’t have access to logs. Moreover, since the flame is at a distance from the opening, you can install this fireplace in a home with kids or pets.

Bottom Line 

Equipped with excellent BTU and high diversity, this model has made a name for itself in the market. It is a fairly large unit that does not offer any portability. However, it offers such an amazing efficiency that you won’t have to move it at all. You can also place a long log set of 24 inches and achieve a great flame. 

Best Outdoor Electric Fireplace:
Amantii Tru-View-XL

Amantii TRU-View-XL 3 Sided Electric Fireplace Deep (60)


  • Glass can be viewed from three different sides
  • Comes with an ambient canopy lighting feature
  • Allows you to install the unit in 4 different positions
  • Flame changes color with a quick click of the remote
  • Flame is bright and multi-colored to add beauty to the room


  • Glass offers less resistance against impact

What Recent Buyers Report 

This XL design is hands down the prettiest one we have seen so far, and almost all buyers agree. They have also complimented the fireplace’s ability to change colors with just a click. Many buyers were very pleased when they could switch the flame color from blue to red according to their mood. This, they said, allowed them to better deal with their emotions.

Why it Stands Out to Us 

Amantii Tru-View-XL is undoubtedly a unique model. It is a delight to look at, and you can enjoy looking at shiny blue flames from three different corners. But more importantly, you don't always have to look at blue flames. With just a flick, you can change the flames' color according to your mood and preference.

The glass covers all sides except for the back, which adds to its attractive look. You can place it in a fireplace insert in your garage and host as many parties as you want.

Bottom Line 

Getting a choice in terms of installation is something users only dreamt of before. But with so many new inventions, it is now certainly possible to choose how you want to set up the fireplace. With this Amantii model, you also get to look at a solid and transparent glass screen from three different sides. All this makes this one of the best models in the market.

Best Outdoor Wood-Burning Fireplace:
Sunjoy A304001000

Sunjoy Heirloom Slate Wood Burning Fireplace, Black


  • Fireplace tool is included
  • Offers bronze highlights that look attractive
  • Uses natural stone ceramic tiling for the exterior body
  • Two functional doors come with screens and add protection
  • Double powdered coating adds to greater resistance against impact


  • Weighs around 110 pounds

What Recent Buyers Report 

The only people who could resist buying this model were the ones who had portability as their priority. This is a large model, and buyers love it because of its fast performance. You can place a large number of logs together and wait for a few minutes until your entire space is properly warm. You can also use the space to heat some foods like sandwiches and steaks.

Why it Stands Out to Us 

Sunjoy wood appliance is a treat for sore eyes. It is one of the most attractive models in the market that also provides excellent durability. The rust-resistant powder coating, combined with a steel frame, ensures that you can use the same wood-burning unit for as long as you want. Greater precision is also ensured by an illustrative assembly instruction that allows you to instantly set up the unit.

Two locking screen doors allow you to refuel the appliance as many times as you want. They also help protect you from the flying sparks created by the flame. You also get a good viewing angle and an evenly distributed heat performance.

Bottom Line 

If you are looking for a model that will make your space very appealing for your guests, this is the right appliance. It comes with two different functional doors that offer better protection. But they also increase the viewing angle and ensure you can feel the ambiance and the warmth at the same time. 

Best Indoor Outdoor Fireplace:
Heat & Glo Twilight II


  • Provides easy controls for quick adjustments
  • Touchscreen remote control is sensitive to the touch
  • Comes with an efficient blower that transmits air all around
  • Direct vent technology removes any harmful fumes from the exhaust
  • Offers an excellent finishing touch that enhances the long-lasting appeal


  • Installation costs are high

What Recent Buyers Report 

This indoor model was specially included in this list because it offers many incredible features that we just can’t overlook. That is the case with buyers too who went to buy an outdoor model but instead chose to invest in this Heat & Glo fireplace. The technology used is so efficient that it will heat your entire room, and you won’t want to go out.

Why it Stands Out to Us 

Ventilation is a huge issue with many people, and many users dread having to pay a lot of money for it. The Heat & Glo Twilight II, however, is one of the most convenient models out there because it offers a direct vent technology. This efficiently removes any combustion exhausts or fumes from your home and ensures that your health is not affected by these gases.

The touch controls also make things easier by ensuring you can make any adjustments you want within seconds. You can opt for either of the two things: a remote control that has simpler settings but allows you to adjust things from a distance, or a wall switch that has more knobs but requires you to cover a distance.

Bottom Line 

The installation costs may be high, but that is probably the only downside to the model. Once it’s properly set up, you will notice that the unit offers excellent convenience. The inclusion of a sturdy remote control means that you can adjust the settings from a distance. 

Best Portable Outdoor Fireplace:
Bessemer 01471

Bessemer 01471 28' Patio Fireplace, Black and Silver


  • Lightweight hence easily portable
  • Comes with wheels that enhance transportation
  • Porcelain enamel bowl allows you to easily clean the model
  • There are a total of 4 screens with two screens in the fire pit
  • Domed top pushes the heat outward and warms your place faster


  • Only one large door hence difficult to refuel

What Recent Buyers Report 

Users who wanted a model with wheels found the perfect unit in the form of this Bessemer fireplace. This unique model comes with a domed top that can push heat in the outward direction. Buyers have praised this quality because it allows them to enjoy equal warmth regardless of where they sit.

Why it Stands Out to Us 

If there is one thing that this unit does better than all others, it is to provide easy mobility. It offers a small yet sturdy design that is incorporated with a porcelain enamel bowl and a special lid that gives the fireplace a smooth look. The quality is exceptional, too, and the inclusion of ergonomic handles on each side helps ensure easy navigations.

A full 360 view is another noteworthy feature of the unit, which is allowed by screens on all four sides. The silver high-temperature painted center also helps contain the fire whilst ensuring all the heat is equally distributed to all corners of the room or lawn. You also get to enjoy a full view of the pretty and attractive dancing flames.

Bottom Line 

The viewing angle on this one is perfect, but so is the construction. The model uses porcelain enamel for its frame. This, along with a domed shaped body, allows for easy portability. There are also wheels included that allow you to move the model around as you please. But to top all of this, there are four screens situated at all corners that increase visibility.

Best Chiminea Outdoor Fireplace:
Deckmate Corona Model 30075

Deckmate Corona 3 Ft. High Outdoor Steel Chimenea Fireplace Model 28063


  • Allows a viewing angle of 360°
  • Sliding doors allow you to add logs with ease
  • Ideal for use with both artificial logs and firewood
  • Heavy-duty cast iron construction gives the unit greater strength
  • Designed embossing and wire mesh screening add to the aesthetic appeal


  • Not very wide, so it takes longer to heat the area

What Recent Buyers Report 

This design isn’t like the others on the list, but that is exactly why buyers preferred it. The white and ebony colors are used for the exterior body and ensure a smooth paint finish. Buyers have also rated it highly in terms of usage. The viewing angle of 360 degrees allows you and your guests to see bright flames from all corners.

Why it Stands Out to Us 

This chiminea is relatively small, but it makes for an excellent present for new homeowners. It ensures ease of usage and provides excellent warmth and relaxation for your outdoor space. Moreover, the combination of brown and blue adds to the coziness and makes your place look much more welcoming. The design is another extraordinary feature of this unit.

It is both sturdy and very durable because of the strong cast iron construction. The steel grate is another excellent addition that allows for good fuel placement. This also adds to easy ventilation that promotes even and steady burning. To top all this, there are spark guard screens to keep all the embers inside safe and well protected.

Bottom Line 

Affordability and convenience are the two words mainly associated with Deckmate products. This chiminea is perfect for your outdoor and indoor usage because it comes with a small body that is fully portable. There is also a sliding door at the back that allows you to place several different logs together.

Best Outdoor Brick Fireplace and Best Outdoor Stone Fireplace:
 Necessories Colonial Fireplace

Necessories Colonial Outdoor Fireplace in Desert


  • Top feels like a beautiful hand-chiseled limestone
  • Relatively larger and hence heats the space quickly
  • Body also incorporates blush, sandstone, and brown colors
  • Features construction with attractive and smooth concrete blocks
  • Provides all the accessories required for reinforcements and installation


  • Does not offer portability

What Recent Buyers Report 

Many buyers who wanted to find an attractive brick model were pleased with the performance of this one. This Colonial fireplace came with a beautiful and smooth top made with hand-chiseled limestone to add durability. Buyers also like the relatively large unit size that allows it to provide the maximum amount of heat in less time.

Why it Stands Out to Us 

Bricks can add beauty and ambiance to any room, but when you place a brick fireplace outside, it just completely transforms the look. This unit is around 40-inch wide and 70-inch high, making it perfect for large gatherings and houses. Every kit that you purchase will come with a 2.25-inch thick firebrick that provides an overall majestic performance and unmatched durability.

Moreover, people who don't want to add to environmental pollution will be delighted because they barely add any carbon footprint and hence take responsibility for restoring the planet. But the best thing is that you get to buy this model at a very low price.

Bottom Line 

The combination of concrete blocks and limestone is as attractive as it is strong, and together, these two construction materials give the body a very attractive look. You also get all the accessories you need for proper setup and installation, thus saving both your time and energy.

Outdoor Fireplace - Wood Burning Outdoor Fireplace with Smokestack; Gather Around the Fire in Your Backyard with This Modern Outdoor Fireplace


  • Lightweight hence ensures greater portability
  • Food-safe chrome has a removable cooking grate
  • Cast iron legs are raised to provide extra safety to the unit
  • Comes with a door and cover that provides easy placement for fire


  • Instruction manual is too technical

What Recent Buyers Report 

Buyers didn’t find this much attention to detail in any other unit, which is why they opted to invest in this Red Ember fireplace. The legs are not only made with cast iron construction material, but they are also raised to offer better safety to the user. There is also a special door that allows users to place the log easily and without much effort.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The Red Ember fireplace isn’t your usual unit because it comes with a solid cast iron construction that offers greater resistance against impact or accidents. The cast iron legs are also raised to increase safety and thus allow relatively greater portability. The exterior is also covered from all sides to ensure fewer accidents with kids and pets.

But one thing that mesmerized us was the size and the weight of the unit. It is at least 20 inches long and 25 inches wide. However, it isn't very heavy and thus allows you to move the unit around according to your preference. To top all this, there is also a fire bowl included for log placement.

Bottom Line 

A model that appears big would be expected to be very heavy too, but that's not the case with this Red Ember fireplace. This wood-burning miracle is lightweight and comes with durable legs that allow you to change the unit's position according to your preference. It is also one of the cheapest models in the market, thus providing good value on the money.

Comparison Overview

An outdoor fireplace isn’t the only thing that you can use to warm up your backyard or lawn. There are other alternatives too. But what makes an outdoor fireplace than the others? Here’s a comparison:

Outdoor Fireplace vs. Fire Pit

Both of these often come face to face in a lot of debates. Outdoor fireplaces are much cozier and provide you with more attractive flames. They are also very efficient and offer better adjustments through the remote control or the wall switch. They also enhance the fun you can have at your summer parties because you can cook food outside whilst also feeling comfortable. But more importantly, they are available in a variety of sizes hence offer diversity.

Fire pits don’t really have diversity in designs, so you get to enjoy less customization. They add to the house's ambiance and make the place look attractive and more entertaining than it is. But the biggest drawback of a fire pit is that it is really heavy and hence cannot be moved from one place to the other. The installation also requires more time and effort.

Chiminea vs. Outdoor Fireplace

A chiminea is usually smaller than most outdoor fireplaces and is used to provide warmth to a small group of people sitting outside. It makes use of wood instead of fuel or natural gas, which makes it eco-friendly too. However, a chiminea is rather small and takes longer to heat a room or an outdoor space. Most units also don't come with blowers that can distribute the heat evenly.

On the other hand, outdoor fireplaces are more expensive in comparison, but they are also much more efficient. They usually come in large sizes and can heat the surroundings more quickly. So if you are looking to invest in a model for very cold weather, an outdoor fireplace is the better choice. 


Outdoor fireplaces are strong, durable, and extremely efficient, but more importantly, they make your outdoor setting seem very welcoming and entertaining. You can also find them in a range of sizes and shapes, so you don't have to compromise on your preference.

We listed some of the best models on the market above. Some models have a good aesthetic appeal, whilst others are more affordable. But one thing that almost all units have common is extra durability. This ensures that regardless of the model you invest in, you will always enjoy warmth in the comfort of your home.

People Also Ask

An outdoor fireplace can be a big investment, and to make sure that your money doesn’t go to waste, it is natural to have some questions. The following are some common questions, along with their answers to help you make the right investment. 

Is an Outdoor Fireplace Worth it?

If you want to enjoy a good and cozy environment in your home, there is no better way than to buy an outdoor fireplace. These are extremely efficient and come with good durability. But more importantly, they come with modern features that decrease the carbon footprint and ensure your comfort doesn’t come at the cost of your environment.

How Much Does an Outdoor Fireplace Cost?

The price of each unit ranges from $1000 to $20,000. This might seem like a wide range, but larger units are costlier. If you buy an already-made unit, it might cost you less. However, if you want to customize it, then you should prepare to pay some extra money.

How Far From the House Should an Outdoor Fireplace Be?

Since outdoor heating appliances tend to be large, it is always better to keep a safe distance between the unit and the house. The usual distance is between 10 and 12 feet. You should also ensure that there are no flammable materials or pet houses nearby that can catch heat.

Do You Need Fire Brick For an Outdoor Fireplace?

Fire brick is necessary material that adds to the unit's functionality, and it also makes it appear more attractive. Moreover, it provides greater insulation to the fireplace from the excess amount of heat produced.

Can You Use an Outdoor Fireplace on a Deck?

Adding a fireplace to any deck will greatly enhance the performance and increase efficiency, especially in cooler weather. Moreover, it provides an alternative place for you to cook food if you want to take full advantage of the pleasant weather outside. Furthermore, homeowners can install such units on wooden decks and achieve greater ambiance.

Does an Outdoor Fireplace Need a Flue?

Such models either use wood or propane gas as fuel to produce heat. Most models will provide either option, but some allow you to shift between different inputs. Wood fireplaces require a chimney that will provide an adequate draft to let the exhaust fumes out correctly.

Do Outdoor Fireplaces Give Off Heat?

A lot of people simply invest in an outdoor fireplace because it offers a greater ambiance of natural lighting and ensures better visual enticement. But that in no way implies that it cannot offer a good amount of heat too. As compared to a patio heater, the process might require more time, but in the end, you are going to feel relatively warmer and more comfortable.

Are Outdoor Fireplaces Safe?

All the models that have been reviewed here are completely safe, but it is safe to assume that many traditional units don't offer safety when they are not operated carefully. Modern units, however, come with better controls and remote control that allows adjustments from a distance. Many units also include sliding doors for easy placement of logs.

Does an Outdoor Fireplace Need a Smoke Shelf?

Outdoor fireplaces can have the wind move in the downward direction, thus forcing smoke to affect the inside of the hearth. But this issue is easily dealt with when you add a smoke shelf. This will ensure no downdraft of wind occurs. However, you will have to carefully calculate the chimney's size and length to avoid any inconvenience later.

How Many BTUs Do I Need For an Outdoor Fireplace?

Models that use propane or gas for fuel will usually have a fixed BTU rating. This influences the efficiency and allows for greater production of heat. Most models will have a value of between 40,000 and 150,000. However, for an efficient outdoor fireplace, a BTU above 50,000 is suitable.

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