Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Reviews – 2022 Guide

| Last Updated: December 22, 2021

If you live in a city that does not see extreme weather, fans are the one thing that gets you through the summers and winters. 

If you are thinking about adding or upgrading a fan in your house, then you have probably come across Home Depot, the largest home improvement retailer in the country. 

Hampton Bay is a part of home depot and specializes in ceiling fans and light fixtures. If you’ve invested in one of those, here’s everything you should know!

Comparison of the Best Ceiling Fans From Hampton Bay

  • Coming with a 160 rotation per minute motor
  • Highlighted by walnut and maple finish reversible blades
  • With 60-watt CFL bulbs for optimal lighting
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  • Made out of plywood and glass
  • Featuring a handheld remote for speed control
  • Perfect for medium sized rooms
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  • Best for the Money
  • Highlighted by a simple downrod mount
  • An aged bronze design with antique finish
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  • Best 5 Blade Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan
  • Featuring an accu-arm technology for simple installation
  • Coming with two 60-watt bulbs
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  • Best Hampton Bay Flush Mount Ceiling Fan
  • Highlighted by a white dome light
  • Offering superb air flow of 4670CFM
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What Makes Hampton Bay Products Stand Out From the Competition? 

Home Depot is known for selling home improvement products, which include everything from concrete and cement to furniture, fans, and other appliances. Here is why Hampton Bay is sought-out by most people:  


The warranty of individual products varies vastly depending on their type and design, but we will look at ceiling fans here only. The company sells two general designs of ceiling fans, i.e., modern fans and flush-mount fans. Most, if not all, of these fans, have light fixtures. Whatever design your fan has, all of them have motors with lifetime warranties. Other parts usually have a one-year warranty period.

Seaport 52″ White Ceiling Fan

Safety Certificates

Many of their fans are UL-listed. UL listed products are tested for safety. Their safety standards are nationally and globally recognized. If you are more familiar with ETL than UL, then there is no need to worry because they are both virtually the same; the standards developed by UL labs are the ones tested by ETL labs. 

Many modern users look for efficiency in their electric appliances above other things, so it is good to know that you can find fans from Hampton Bay that have good EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) ratings. 


One of the major reasons for the popularity of Hampton Bay ceiling fans is their low price compared to other companies. You get modern designs and functionality at a reasonable price, which would otherwise be out of range.

Review of the Best Hampton Bay Ceiling Fans

Now that you have some idea about Hampton Bay and its ceiling fans, let’s look at the top products that you should consider investing in. 

Best Overall

Hampton Bay YG268-ORB

Hampton Bay YG268-ORB HB_YG268-ORB


Dimensions: 21.57 x 12.52 X 11.1

Special Features: Reversible

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What Recent Buyers Report

If you are looking for a beautiful antique finish, then this fan will fulfill the criteria, and buyers agree. Even at its highest speed, it makes almost no noise. Its light is not blinding either; rather, it is warmer and softer. So, it creates a very comfortable environment in the room. If you install it correctly, it is very stable and does not sway.

Why it Stands Out to Us

With this fan, you will get a traditional style with a modern touch. The base is aluminum with a black finish, while the blades have an oil-rubbed bronze finish, which gives it a deep brown color. This gives it the look of old wood. There are three large light fixtures where you can install LED bulbs. The light fixtures are made of amber glass, which has light-resistant properties.

Moreover, there are five blades, which are considered best if you want a stable fan with high airflow. This fan has 4496 CFM (cubic feet per minute). The blades are reversible, too, so you can use them in winter to blow the cold air upwards. Lastly, it comes with a downrod so you can install it in a room with a high ceiling.

Bottom Line

To sum up, this ceiling fan gives the full antique experience with a traditional style and the pull chain function. At this price, the product is a total steal, given its stability during operation and durability.


Motor is extremely quiet

Has a lightweight design

Has multiple light fixtures

Long wires for extended downrod

Reversible blade function makes it versatile


Does not have a remote control


Mercer 52″ White Ceiling Fan

Hampton Bay Mercer 52 In. White Ceiling Fan by Hampton Bay


Dimensions: 22.68 x 52 X 17

Special Features: Reversible

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What Recent Buyers Report

As per the reports, you get what you pay for in this fan. It is easy to install and quiet, and the sleek white design can fit into any room. It has good airflow that can cover a large room easily while its light is soft and dimmable. Another great thing is that it can be mounted in multiple ways. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

We like that this is a sleek white and modern fan with four blades. It is stable and pretty quiet. It is also easy to install and safe to use and is UL-certified for safety, too. You just need to make sure all the nuts and bolts are tight, and the fan will not fall or wobble. 

Its versatility is also commendable. You can adjust the speed to one of three settings or opt for the reverse mode. The fan can be installed in angeled and standard form, depending on your ceiling. Moreover, the light kit it comes with has an opal glass covering, which is highly durable and break-resistant. It comes with remote control, but it can also be connected to the smart home system to make things easier.   

Bottom Line

Overall, this is a modern style fan with an automatic home connection along with remote control. You can control the light and fan separately. The light can be dimmed to a softer luminance. At its price, it is a pretty good deal.  


A simple and sleek design

Very well balanced and quiet

Operated by a remote control

Features a multi-speed motor

Has UL certification for safety


Material is not very durable

Best for the Money

Lillycrest 52″ Aged Bronze Ceiling Fan

Hampton Bay Lillycrest 52' Indoor/Outdoor Aged Bronze Ceiling Fan - Model # 32711


Dimensions: 52 x 52 X 13

Special Features: N/A

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What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers state that you get a unique design and look from this fan. The blades are very easy to install since they snap right on. Plus, the blades are wide, so they can circulate air well. The fan fits right into the outdoor patio style and is very easy to install; you can even do it yourself pretty quickly.  

Why it Stands Out to Us

This is an antique design with a downrod mounting style. The package comes with everything you need to install it. It doesn’t have its own light kit, but you can install it on your own if you feel the need. The fan also has universal compatibility. 

Moreover, the fan is wet-rated, which means you can use it outdoors without damage. The wings have a different design than standard fans; the blades have a palm leaf style, which is broad and disperses air well around the area. Its motor is multi-speed and reversible, too, so it is very versatile and can be used in different weather conditions.   

Bottom Line

Fans don’t just make the room comfortable and cool, but they can also add style to your living space. This fan is just an example of that. It has an antique design with leaf-like blades, and it fits right into any patio’s aesthetic.


Can be used outdoors

Uses a reversible motor

Blades have multiple speeds

Installation is quick and easy

Runs without noise and wobble


Does not have light fixtures

Best 5 Blade Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan

Southwind 52″ Venetian Bronze Ceiling Fan

Hampton Bay Southwind 52 in.Venetian Bronze Ceiling Fan


Dimensions: 52 x 52 X 19.3

Special Features: With remote

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What Recent Buyers Report

According to most recent buyers, this fan is very easy to use, especially with the remote control. The design is traditional with a bronze finish, which gives it a wooden look. At the given price, this fan has great quality and durability. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

We like that this Hampton Bay fan has a bronze finish with a custom amber glass for covering the light. Amber glass is light-resistant and completely non-toxic. 

Moreover, it has five blades, so the airflow is reasonably high. It is also reversible, but you need to do it manually. Other operations can also be done with the remote control, making things easier. It also comes with two light bulbs that you can replace when needed.    

Bottom Line

All in all, just like all five-blade ceiling fans, this one is also very stable and has a high CFM. The stability also makes it wobble-free and silent. In addition, its style is antique without being over the top and improves the aesthetic of the room.


Has an antique wooden finish

Has high airflow for large rooms

Can be operated via remote control

Operates without wobbling and noise


Design is not very modern

Best Hampton Bay Flush Mount Ceiling Fan

Hampton Bay AL383-WH

Hampton Bay AL383-WH Hugger 52 inch Low Profile White Dome Light Ceiling Fan


Dimensions: 20 x 15 X 10

Special Features: N/A

$153.60 On Amazon

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What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers report that this fan has a great warranty. It is not noisy at all and compared to other more expensive fans, it holds up in regard to quality. It has good airflow and is quite easy to install. The white finish lightens up the room.

Why it Stands Out to Us

It is a flush mount fan with five blades, which means it is very stable and does not have vibrations and wobbling that you would get from a downrod fan. This makes it one of the best flush mount ceiling fans. 

Plus, the blades make the fan’s weight balanced and further reduce any noise. The blades have a reversible option as well. The light fixture uses frosted opal glass, which is one of the most common materials used for light covering.  

Bottom Line

Since this is a flush mount ceiling fan, it is suitable for rooms with low ceilings. Plus, its 4670 CFM rating makes it suitable for medium-sized rooms, and its white finish means it blends into just about any room decor.  


Has reversible blade operation

Comes with a simple white finish

Five large blades for use in big rooms

Flush mount design makes it very stable


Light bulbs are not included

Best Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan With Remote

Hampton Bay 99963



Dimensions: 24.1 x 12.6 X 9.9

Special Features: With remote

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What Recent Buyers Report

Most buyers had to say that this fan looks high-quality, works great, and is easy to install. It runs very quietly, even at high speed. Because it has different speeds, you can set it to any of them depending on the temperature of the room. You can also control its light separately. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

One of the things that make this ceiling fan stand out is how stylish it is. It has a durable brushed nickel finish, which looks like stainless steel. Meanwhile, the five blades have a black finish, and its light bulbs are enclosed in frosted opal glass. All this gives it a modern and sleek look. 

Moreover, it has a very high airflow capacity of 6112 CFM. This makes it suitable for large rooms and high ceilings. It also has a thermostatic remote control, making its operation quick and easy. It can save you up to 70% in energy bills while giving 40% more airflow compared to other fans.  

Bottom Line

If you are looking for an ultra-efficient and modern fan, this is the way to go. It is an indoor fan with extra-high airflow speed, which can easily cool a large room while reducing your energy bill. So, it pays for itself over the years.


Has remote operation

Saves up to 75% energy

Durable brushed nickel finishing

Comes with a replaceable light kit

Tested for 40% more airflow than other fans


Cannot reverse the fan direction with the remote

Best Hampton Bay Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Seaport 52″ White Ceiling Fan

Hampton Bay Seaport 52 In. Indoor/outdoor White Ceiling Fan


Dimensions: 22.13 x 52 X 17.9

Special Features: Reversible

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What Recent Buyers Report

User-friendly, high airflow, and versatility are a few of the top qualities of this ceiling fan that users have repeatedly mentioned. It can run at high speeds. Plus, maintaining and cleaning it is easy. This comes in handy if you install it outdoors. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

This is a large 52-inch fan with five blades and can work very well for large rooms. The high number of blades makes it very stable and quiet. This also means that its airflow rate is high at 5020 CFM. It has a UL certification for safety. 

Furthermore, the blades are resistant to moisture and hence can be used outdoors. Its light kit is covered with frosted glass, and its motor also has a reversible option.  

Bottom Line

All in all, this stylish fan will brighten up your ceiling with its white finish and sleek style. It has a remote control operation and can be installed quickly and easily. Outdoor ceiling fans require more quality, and this has a wet rating so it will not get damaged by rain or snow, etc.


Has a reversible motor

Energy Star listed for efficiency

Five large blades make it well-balanced

Can be used both indoors and outdoors

Has a high airflow capacity of 5020 CFM


Does not have remote operation

Who is Hampton Bay?

Hampton Bay is one of Home Depot’s 15 companies. It specializes in making modern ceiling fans, patio furniture, and light fixtures. Their fans have a lifetime warranty motor. Its other products include rugs, lamps, kitchen cabinets, fire pits, chandeliers, and blinds. Their products are budget-friendly and easy to install. All their designs are sleek and modern, with accessories to complement them like cushions and throw pillows.     

Where Are Hampton Bay Products Made?

Hampton Bay is a wholesale company and not a manufacturer. Their products are made in China and sold in Home Depot outlets throughout America and Canada. 

Who Makes Hampton Bay Products?

Hampton Bay is a subsidiary of Home Depot, and the company itself manufactures the products. The products are made in China and branded in the United States.

Hampton Bay YG268-ORB

Who Owns Hampton Bay?

Hampton Bay is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Home Depot. Their products are only sold through Home Depot stores and websites. 

How Long Has Hampton Bay Been Around?

The company started its operation in 1986 and has been thriving since then.

Types of Ceiling Fans From Hampton Bay

Hampton Bay essentially has three different types of ceiling fans. Here’s a breakdown of each:

Ceiling Fans With Remote

There are three ways you can turn the fan off and on, i.e., wall button, remote, and string. The string probably sounds unusual, but it is an old feature that is being replaced by modern ones. The fan’s motor can also be connected to the home’s internal wiring, and it can then be turned on by a button. But in this case, the fan will have to be installed at the time of the house’s construction.

The most modern and liked option is remote control. These days, everything in our homes is connected wirelessly, including refrigerators, doors, lights, etc., since it makes things very convenient and easy. Hampton Bay’s ceiling fans with remote is just that.      

Photo credit: Electrical-Online.com  

Ceiling Fans With Lights

Most ceiling fans come with embedded lights. Their style can vary from having a round glass covering around the LED lights to old-fashioned light fixtures. You can usually control the lights separately from the fan as you wish and dim them as well. Though small in number, there are also Hampton Bay fans with no lights.

Outdoor Ceiling Fans

Not all ceiling fans can be used outdoors. This is due to the materials used in their construction. If you live in a damp area, you will need a fan that is resistant to moisture. Outdoor fans will also require more maintenance, like frequent cleaning for dust and girt. These fans should be easy to clean as well. Hampton Bay’s outdoor fans have three ratings, i.e., damp, wet, and dry, that indicate the level of protection from water, so you can choose accordingly. 

Hunter vs Hampton Bay Ceiling Fans – Comparison Overview

Hunter is another recognized and well-tested company that produces ceiling fans. Their products are also sold at Home Depot. Both are top contenders; we will compare them here to see which one is better.


Hampton Bay was founded in 1986 as a subsidiary of Home Depot. Their products are only sold through Home Depot stores and websites.

On the other hand, Hunter has its own website and the fans can be bought through the site as well as Home Depot. John Hunter founded it in 1886, so it is considerably older.

Photo credit:  HomeDecorSelection.com


The product list of the two companies varies vastly. Other than ceiling fans, Hunter also makes ceiling lights and accessories like remotes, light kits, downrods, glass shades, etc. Other products include air purifiers, humidifiers, and filters for them.

On the other hand, Hampton Bay makes patio furniture like seats, tables, and cushions to go with them. They also make cabinets, rugs, lights, and countertops, etc.


The price range of Hunter ceiling fans starts below $150 and goes above $600-$700, where most fans lie. You will also find some fans above $1000 on the list.

Meanwhile, most Hampton Bay ceiling fans have a lower price range between $50 and $150. The highest they go is $400, so they are much more affordable.      

Lillycrest 52″ Aged Bronze Ceiling Fan

Install Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan

Installing a fan can be difficult if you have never done it before, and you might want to call a technician, just to be safe. But if you want to do it yourself, here’s what you should do. 

  1. Before you start, you will need a drill, screwdrivers (large and small square heads and flat head), wire strippers, voltage tester, knife, and ladder.

  2. Take all the components out of the box, and if it has a manual, you can refer to it if you get stuck somewhere.

  3. Locate the breaker that is connected to the fan wires and turn it off.

  4. Get up on the ladder where the fan connection is and use a wire stripper to take off the casing of the hanging cable.

  5. Use the stripper to strip the wires inside (only their tips so you can connect them).

  6. From the hole in the ceiling, you will see an electrical box. Use the drill to remove the screws in it.

  7. Take out the bracket assembly from the fan kit. It will have a smaller piece that unlocks.

  8. Using the screwdriver, take out one screw from the bracket and loosen the other one.

  9. Take the smaller part now removed from the bracket and insert the two screws you removed from the electric box in it and install it in the ceiling.

  10. Use the drill to tighten the screws.

  11. At the base of the fan’s motor, where there are electric wires, take out the pin.

  12. You will see a small conical piece in the box. Pass that through the wires in the fan’s base.

  13. Then take the two circular trim pieces and pass them through as well.

  14. The next piece is the small rod that will hang from the ceiling. Pass it through the cables as well.

  15. The final piece, for now, is the bracket from which you took off the screws before. This will connect to the motor.

  16. Take the pin you took out before and slide it into the hole to connect this assembly.

  17. One of the wires from the fan is a safety wire that has a loop at the end. Attach it around the screw on the electric box in the ceiling and tighten the screw.

  18. If the wires have excess length, you can cut them off.

  19. Strip the tips of these wires for connection.

  20. The wires coming from the ceiling will be color-coded: red for the fan and black for the light. Your house might have a different code, so you should check that.

  21. First, you should connect the ground wire that comes from the ceiling around a crew in the electric box. Make sure it is tight.

  22. Use wire nuts to connect the ceiling fan wires to the wires from the ceiling.

  23. After they are connected, put the wires inside the box and pull the fan assembly up.

  24. Take the screws that you took out earlier from the bracket, and screw them back in.

  25. The trim piece below it will have screw holes in it, which should lock in place at the bracket.

  26. For the fan blades, just screw in the brackets on each blade. Use the drill to tighten them.

  27. The motor will have holes for the fan blades. Screw-in the blades there.

  28. The inner ring of the motor is for lights. Loosen two of the screws you see there and remove the third.

  29. Push the wires through the light bracket and tighten the screws back.

  30. Connect the two power harnesses you see. The third and smaller wire harness will have a plastic covering. Remove that.

  31. Push the wires back in.

  32. The outer bracket will have screws. Loosen two of them and remove the third.

  33. Take the light kit and connect its wire harness to the fan’s harness.

  34. Lock it in place with the screws.

  35. Install the light bulbs in the light kit you just put in. Then if the fan has a covering, just screw it in.     

Since there are many steps involved, you might find yourself confused. So, here’s a video for visual aid. 

Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Troubleshooting

A ceiling fan can run into many problems throughout its use. Hampton Bay provides some information about how to fix any issues that might come up. We will discuss the common ones here.

If the fan does not start properly, you will need to check the power source and see if the breakers are on. Also, check the connections and battery of the remote.

Your fan can also be noisy when you first install it. If this is the problem, wait for a day. If it persists, then you should check all the screws and make sure they are tight and not rattling. The noise can also be because of wobbling. This will be because the fan is not installed properly. Check if the fan has a blade balancing kit. You can use that to stop the wobbling.

Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Remote Not Working

The most likely cause of this is that the batteries of the remote ran out. You should use new batteries and test them again. If it still does not work, you can try to get closer to the fan; it might have a short range. Or, it might be just that you need a new remote.   

Photo credit:  HomeDepot.com  

Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Light Not Working

If the light is not working, take off the light shade and see if the bulbs are working correctly. If the bulbs are broken, then replace them. The light may also not work if the wires are not connected correctly.


The ceiling fans on our list are the best ones that you can get from Hampton Bay. All of them give the best performance and functionality at the most reasonable price. Some things you should keep in mind when buying them is their durability, ease of use, and efficiency. If you are confused about installation instructions, you can look at the user manual to see the images of all the parts, and you’ll be good to go!  

People Also Ask

Want to find out more about Hampton Bay fans and their maintenance? Read these frequently asked questions from other users.

What Kind of Warranty Does Hampton Bay Offer?

Their motors have a lifetime warranty while all the other parts are covered for one year. However, the light shades are not covered in the warranty. 

How Do You Turn on a Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Without a Remote?

You can use the wall switch connected to the fan. If the fan has a cord, you can pull that to turn it on.

Do Hampton Bay Fans Need to Be Oiled?

The fans that need oiling will have an oil hole on the motor. Check for that and look at the user manual. If it is there, then you will need to oil it.

How to Remove Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan

To remove the ceiling fan, start at the base and remove the screws one by one. After loosening the brackets, disconnect the wires from the ceiling wires and remove the fan.

How to Reset Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Remote

First, turn the fan power off, then switch it back on. For ten seconds, hold the off button on the remote. This will reset it.

Who Makes Hampton Bay Ceiling Fans?

The brand is owned by Home Depot, and their fans are made in China.

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