Best Small Dehumidifiers – 2021 Top Picks

| Last Updated: June 17, 2021

If you are someone living in a hot and humid climate or even an area prone to floods, you may understand how important it is to keep the humidity of your house in control. Excess humidity in the air can have negative effects on one, such as bad and frizzy hair, moldy smell, etc. One thing that is absolutely crucial for you in these circumstances is a dehumidifier.

Dehumidifiers remove moisture and the moldy smell from damp areas. You can install a small dehumidifier in areas such as your bathroom, basement, and crawl spaces to get rid of excess moisture and that moldy, mildew smell.

It can be a confusing thing to purchase if you don’t know what you should look for, the kind of product you want, and with all the numerous options, it can be hard to decide. Well, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Here’s a comprehensive review for some of the best products on the market along with their best features, a small guide on what to look for, and some frequently asked questions.

Comparison of the Best Small Dehumidifiers

  • Best Overall Option on Our List
  • Can Work for a Space of 150 sq. ft.
  • Has an Automatic Shut-Off Feature
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  • Best for the Bathroom
  • Has a Water Tank Capacity of 500ml
  • Has Thermoelectric Cooling Technology
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  • Best for RVs
  • Made of Superior Quality Materials
  • Has Thermoelectric Cooling Technology
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  • Works for Rooms of 270 Sq. Ft.
  • It is the Best One With Drain Hose on Our List
  • High Capacity Water Reservoir Holds Up to 0.5 Gallons of Water
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  • Best for Crawl Spaces
  • Quiet Operation Technology
  • It Has a 30-Pint Water Reservoir
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  • Best for Bedrooms
  • Has the Water Tank Capacity of 16 oz.
  • Can Remove Moisture up to 8 oz. Per Day
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  • Best Small Ducted Dehumidifier
  • Has been engineered for use in low temperatures
  • Removes 70 pints of moisture in up to 3,000 sq. ft.
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How We Chose These Top Picks

The right kind of dehumidifier can do wonders for your home or wherever you decide to use it, whereas the wrong one can be a wasteful investment and that’s not what we want. Therefore, we decided to combine the very best in each category and provide you with a review of them.

All of the below-mentioned dehumidifiers are some of the very best for various reasons. Let’s look at those reasons to help you make a decent choice.

Portable and Convenient

All of these are lightweight and easy to travel with. You can shift them from one room to the other with great ease as they are highly convenient to move. The small and portable design makes them easy to store and these won’t clash with the aesthetic of your room either.


The dehumidifier you invest in should not make a lot of noise while working, as it can be distracting and unpleasant. Ideally, it would quietly do its job such that you won’t even notice its existence except by the improved air quality.

Room Coverage

You need to know the exact size of the space where you plan on running the unit. A small dehumidifier works well in rooms, basements, RVs, boats, etc. The products we talk about all mention the cubic meters or square ft. of the area they work best.

Water Capacity

If you live in a highly humid place, you need a dehumidifier which can suck in more moisture. Small humidifiers usually have the capacity of 16 to 72 ounces, and after that, you will need to empty your unit.

Automatic Shut-Off Feature

This feature makes a product user-friendly. It shuts off the unit when the dehumidifier’s water capacity is full. Therefore, it can come in handy.

Pro Breeze Mini Dehumidifier

Review of the Best Small Dehumidifiers

The quest to find your perfect dehumidifier can be a challenging one, given the variety of options in the market and the abundance of gimmicky products. To save you the hassle, we have cherry-picked some of the best ones for you.

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Pro Breeze Mini Dehumidifier

Pro Breeze Electric Dehumidifier 1200 Cubic Feet (215 sq ft) - Portable Mini Dehumidifier with Auto Shut Off for Home, Bedroom, Basement, Trailer, RV


Dimensions: 7x6x11″

Weight: 2.4 lbs.

Decibel Level: N/A

Capacity: 9 ounces

(Max. Water Removal / Day)

We may earn commission from purchases made from our links, at no additional cost to you


We termed this product as the best overall for good reasons. This product can very well be the master of all trades. It features a stunning design which is portable and lightweight. These two qualities are very important when looking for a small humidifier as these allow you to transport it from room to room with ease.

You can further store it without a hassle as well as it is by no means bulky. It fits right in the room without taking too much attention or clashing with your aesthetic and has a modern and stylish design. All of this translates to the fact that it is nice to look at!

But that isn’t all!

The looks and design are only some of its qualities. The features it comes with are certainly what has our heart. This dehumidifier has the capability of removing nine ounces of water per day. Furthermore, it carries a 16-ounce water tank.

This product is deemed perfect to work for a room of 1200 cubic meters, or 150 sq. ft. The best part of this humidifier is its auto shut-off feature. When the water tank is full, the unit will automatically shut off and there will be an LED indicator telling you that it is time to drain the water tank and place it back. Moreover, the machine features a built-in thermo-electric cooling technology which operates without a compressor. Therefore it works without any noise in a number of environments like your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, etc.

Bottom Line

If you reside in a moderately humid area and have a small space that needs dehumidifying, this will be a great bet for you. It is the overall package and offers many features which work well. However, it won’t be the best pick for larger areas.


Has a Practical Design

Works Without Making Noise

Suitable for a Number of Settings


Doesn’t Work Well for Big Rooms

Best for the Bathrooms

hOmelabs Small Space Dehumidifier

hOmeLabs 1,500 Sq. Ft Energy Star Dehumidifier for Medium to Large Rooms and Basements


Dimensions: 15.2×10.2×19.7″

Weight: 30.5 lbs.

Decibel Level: N/A

Capacity: 22 Pints

(Max. Water Removal / Day)

We may earn commission from purchases made from our links, at no additional cost to you


This product by hOmelabs is a great buy. The product features a stunning design and comes from a well-trusted brand. They always put out great products and this is another one. The product has a stylish outlook and a portable design. It is lightweight as well as easy to carry from room to room. You can gift it or even travel with it, given its compact size.

Even though the looks are tempting enough for one to spend on it, its great features are the important part. This dehumidifier can soak up 8.8 oz.of moisture in a day and has a water tank capacity of about 500 ml or 16 oz. This works wonders for a room of 150 sq. ft. It easily removes moisture and keeps the formation of molds and mildew at bay which often damage our bathroom walls.

This also keeps away the allergens and dust mites that arise due to humidity. Furthermore, the product features an auto shut-off function which turns off the unit and turns on an LED when the water tank reaches its maximum capacity, making you aware that the tray needs to be changed.

It is highly energy efficient as it comes with a 25W ETL certified adapter. It isn’t noisy, as it comes with thermoelectric cooling technology which operates without a compressor.

Bottom Line

For anyone looking to control moderate levels of humidity, this can be a great choice. This product features a great design with excellent features and can be a delightful purchase.


Great Design

Energy Efficient

Doesn’t Make Noise


Works But Not Very Strong

Best for RVs

Eva-Dry EDV -1100

Eva-dry Edv-1100 Electric Petite Dehumidifier, White


Dimensions: 6.5×8.5×5.3″

Weight: 1 lbs.

Decibel Level: 50.9 dB

Capacity: 8 ounces

(Max. Water Removal / Day)

We may earn commission from purchases made from our links, at no additional cost to you


This is a great product by EVA and is one of their best dehumidifiers you can invest in. This product features a compact design. In fact, it’s one of the most highly compact and lightweight dehumidifiers you can spend money on.

The design is stylish overall and could be a great addition to your room or wherever you need to use it. The lightweight nature makes it easy to carry and the compact design is what makes it easy to store. It takes up very little space.

The dehumidifier is one of the best on the market. It features thermoelectric technology, which doesn’t require any compressor; therefore, it makes no sound. It is one of the quietest dehumidifiers out there. The noise made by a machine can be distracting and irritating; however, that is not the case with this one. So, you can turn it on and go to sleep and you won’t even notice its existence.

It is made of high-quality products and is, therefore, very durable. It can be a great choice for your RV as it has low power consumption and only draws 22 watts. Furthermore, it keeps mold, mildew, and excess moisture at bay with great ease and efficiency. It removes eight ounces of moisture in a day and works best for rooms with 1100 cubic meters.

Bottom Line

This is a great product for your RV, as it is very portable, durable, and uses less power. It’ll also keep the mold and mildew at bay. Overall, it will make the air fresh and keep your head clear while you drive around.



Great Design

Makes Little to No Noise


The Cord Length is Short

Best With Drain Hose

Ivation 13 Pint Small Dehumidifier

Ivation 13-Pint Small-Area Desiccant Dehumidifier Compact and Quiet - With Continuous Drain Hose for Smaller Spaces, Bathroom, Attic, Crawlspace and Closets - For Spaces Up To 270 Sq Ft, White


Dimensions: 10.6×6.9×17.5″

Weight: 14 lbs.

Decibel Level: N/A

Capacity: 13 Pints

(Max. Water Removal / Day)

We may earn commission from purchases made from our links, at no additional cost to you


This is an excellent small desiccant dehumidifier. The brand Ivation is known to create great quality products and this is one of them. It features a stylish overall outlook which makes it a great addition to your home.

The small design allows it to be easy to store as it doesn’t take up much space. It’s also pretty lightweight which makes it easy to carry around. You can take it from room to room or even travel with it. Furthermore, it has adjustable humidity control for small spaces and works for rooms of 270 sq. ft. in size.

It has a very versatile performance and can work for a range of temperatures from 33 degrees Fahrenheit to 109 degrees Fahrenheit. Now, that is hard to beat! One must keep in mind how user-friendly this is, as well. It comes with a smart LCD which allows you to adjust the movement of the air vent to allow clothes to dry faster, adjust the humidity, fan speed, heat, etc.

In addition, it has thermoelectric cooling technology which doesn’t require a compressor, therefore, this product makes little to no noticeable sound. It won’t distract you and is ideal for a nursery, work environment, etc.

It also comes with multiple drainage options like a connection hose which you can use for continuous drainage. It has a water tank capacity of half a gallon.

Bottom Line

If you’re not on a budget and need an excellent quality product, this is a great option for you. It can be such a blessing, given its perfect size, efficient work capability, and smart design.


Great Design

Makes No Noise

Works Efficiently


Pricier Than Others

Best for Crawl Spaces

TOSOT 20 Pint Dehumidifier

TOSOT 20 Pint 1,500 Sq Ft Dehumidifier Energy Star - for Home, Basement, Bedroom or Bathroom - Super Quiet (Previous 30 Pint)


Dimensions: 15×11.7×20.7″

Weight: 32 lbs.

Decibel Level: N/A

Capacity: 20 Pints

(Max. Water Removal / Day)

We may earn commission from purchases made from our links, at no additional cost to you


If you’re looking for a dehumidifier for a medium-sized room or vent, this is your best pick. TOSOT dehumidifiers are some of the best on the market and have a loyal following, rightfully so.

This product is great for a number of reasons. The very first would be its great design. It has a very stylish outlook which makes it a decent addition to any room. It won’t clash with the aesthetics of your room and will work very efficiently. It works great for medium-sized rooms and has a water reservoir of four gallons, or 30 pints.

Apart from the great look, the features are what make it a worthy buy. This is an environment-friendly and pocket-friendly design. It is Energy Star rated which makes it better for the environment, like some of the other products. Plus, since it has low power consumption, it saves you a few bucks too, so it’s a win-win situation.

It works so quietly that you barely notice it being there. It features the thermoelectric technology which doesn’t need a compressor, therefore, it makes no noticeable noise. It even operates during a power outage and reverts to the same settings once power is restored!

Bottom Line

If you are someone who needs an excellent dehumidifier for a medium-sized room or even large basements, then this one works wonders. It has an elegant and efficient design and comes with all the features of a decent dehumidifier.


Efficient Design


Smooth Operation


Hard to Attach a Hose for Draining Water

Best for Bedrooms

SEAVON Small Dehumidifier

SEAVON Electric Dehumidifier for Home, 2200 Cubic Feet (225 sq ft) Portable and Compact 16 oz Capacity Quiet Dehumidifiers for Basements, Bedroom, Bathroom, RV, Laundry Room, Closet, Auto Shut Off


Dimensions: 6.5×5.3×11.5″

Weight: 2.4 lbs.

Decibel Level: N/A

Capacity: 9 ounces

(Max. Water Removal / Day)

We may earn commission from purchases made from our links, at no additional cost to you


Here is a great product by SEAVON, the brand never fails to impress us with its excellent quality products. This is one of their masterpieces.

This product features a stylish outlook with great features. The design is such that it would make a delightful addition to any of your rooms. It is lightweight and small in size which makes it easier to store and carry around from room to room if required.

This dehumidifier has the tank capacity of 16 oz. or 500 ml and can absorb up to eight ounces of moisture in a day. This can work in really humid environments with great ease and can be very helpful in preventing mold and mildew and removing that moldy smell from the air. It dehumidifies the air and makes it fresher and cleaner to breathe in.

It can be particularly great for your bedroom given the fact that it operates without making any noise and is ideal for small rooms and night time.

It has a medium-sized and works optimally in the range of 59 to 86 Fahrenheit. It doesn’t work below 41 degrees Fahrenheit. It doesn’t only make the environment you breathe comfortable but also clean. It automatically switches off when the water tank capacity reaches its end and makes you aware that the tray needs to be drained as the LED turns red.

Bottom Line

If you are in search of a stylish unit that will fit in with your decor and is quiet enough to use even at night, this is a great option. The auto shut-off ensures that the unit doesn’t overflow. This is a great choice for anyone in need of a little larger unit.


Practical Design

Operates Without Noise

Shuts Off Automatically When Water Tank Fills Completely


Works Slowly

Best Small Ducted Dehumidifier

Santa Fe Compact70

Santa Fe Compact70 Dehumidifier


Dimensions: 27x18x18″

Weight: 65 lbs.

Decibel Level: N/A

Capacity: 70 pints

(Max. Water Removal / Day)

We may earn commission from purchases made from our links, at no additional cost to you

What Recent Buyers Report

People love this compact dehumidifier for a lot of reasons. Recent buyers love the small size, with some mentioning they were surprised by just how small it is. Many people mentioned that it fits into crawl space and that it’s extremely effective at lowering the humidity level. Setup is also simple. Depending on your room, you may only need to open the box and plug it in.

Why it Stands Out to Us

We also really like that this dehumidifier is so compact and easy to set up. In addition to the horizontal flow-through design and the small footprint, this dehumidifier is engineered to operate in low-temperatures and in spaces with poor airflow, which is why it’s perfect for a crawlspace. It has an auto-restart feature, so you don’t have to worry about the power going out, and you can choose between high and low mode, depending on whether you have high humidity in your home.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for the best small dehumidifier, the Santa Fe Compact70 is a top-notch choice. While it is a little pricey, its efficiency is worth the costs and ultimately brings value for money. 


Built to last

6-year warranty

Fits in small spaces

70-pint water removal capacity

Highly effective in air filtration thanks to the MERV-13 filter


Noisy operation

May be out of some people’s price range

MSJ Portable Dehumidifier

MSJ Portable Dehumidifier with 250ml/day Dehumidification 500ml Water Tank Air Dehumidifier Compact Moisture Absorber for Home Closet Basements Kitchen Office


Dimensions: 11.6×6.4×5.3″

Weight: 2.8 lbs.

Decibel Level: N/A

Capacity: 8 ounces

(Max. Water Removal / Day)

We may earn commission from purchases made from our links, at no additional cost to you


This is one of the best dehumidifiers out there. This stunning product by MSJ is no less than a beauty. This product features a portable and stylish design. The design is such that it looks great in a room and won’t clash with its aesthetic.

Furthermore, the product is lightweight and easy to shift from one room to another. You can give it as a gift or even travel with it due to its portable nature.

Even though it has great looks, the features are what makes it a great option. This product has a water tank capacity of about 16 ounces and can easily remove about eight to nine ounces of moisture from the air on a daily basis. This gives you about a two to five day time period depending upon the level of humidity after which you would need to drain the water tray. This would ideally work for a room of 1200 cubic meter or 150 sq. ft. area.

It works in many environments. You can use it in your bathroom, kitchen bedroom, closet, etc. to get rid of the moisture and moldy smell and to prevent the decay of furniture or staining of walls.

Bottom Line

This product is a great one if you are not looking for one with extraordinary performance. It doesn’t absorb an enormous amount of moisture and will be suitable only for moderate operation. It still is a great product with all the features one looks for in a small dehumidifier.


Whisper Quiet Operation

Low Energy Consumption

Stylish and Small Design


Works Only for Small Spaces and Not Very Humid Areas

KEDSUM Mini Dehumidifier

KEDSUM Electric Mini Dehumidifier, Small Dehumidifier, 1200 Cubic Feet (150 sq ft) 16 oz Capacity, Portable Dehumidifiers for Home, Bedroom, Bathroom, Basement, Kitchen, Closet


Dimensions: 6x5x8.6″

Weight: 2.6 lbs.

Decibel Level: N/A

Capacity: 8.8 ounces

(Max. Water Removal / Day)

We may earn commission from purchases made from our links, at no additional cost to you


If you’re on quite a tight budget and want the features of a good quality dehumidifier, this is the one for you. This dehumidifier has one of the smallest sizes you will see on the market.

The small and compact design of the product is what makes it easy to handle and to take from one room to another. It can be stored with ease as well since it doesn’t take up much space. This dehumidifier has a very stylish outlook and can be a great addition to your home.

The design is great, but the features are even better. This product is highly-efficient for small rooms and can easily soak up 8.8 ounces of moisture in a day. It comes with a water tank capacity of 16-oz. This makes the environment fresher and less humid.

Plus, it is suitable for operating in a 1200 cubic meter or 150 sq. ft. area and is great for your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, closet, RVs, etc. It operates optimally between 59F and 86F and doesn’t work below 41 Fahrenheit.

Furthermore, it features ultra-quiet technology. The worst thing about a dehumidifier can be its loud noise, but this one doesn’t make any!

It comes with thermoelectric cooling technology which doesn’t need a compressor and therefore, operates without making any noise. It will automatically turn the unit off when the water tank reaches a certain level and will inform you that you need to change the water tray.

Bottom Line

This is a great product for anyone whose house suffers from mold and mildew by keeping them away and working with great efficiency. Overall, it is a great product and won’t break the bank either.


Has a Great Design

Has an Automatic Shut-Off Feature

Operates Without Making Any Noise


Comes in Only One Color

How Does a Small Dehumidifier Work?

Small humidifiers work by drawing warm air into their coils through the fans. Warm air then travels through the refrigerated coils of the machine and contracts, pulling excess moisture from the air. The condensation is left inside the dehumidifier.

Dehumidifiers are connected to a storage tank, so as the condensation occurs, water collects in the tank or runs out through a continuous drainage system. Cool air is then released back into the hose through the other side of the machine. 

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Where to Place a Small Dehumidifier

Place a small dehumidifier in an area with no excess fresh air from outside and no water is coming in to ensure you control humidity efficiently. Ensure that you keep the intake and exhaust away from the wall, and do not place them near open water. Keep the dehumidifier away from hanging curtains or draperies, too. They could be pulled in by the intake.

Your electric dehumidifier will most likely use a ground fault circuit interrupter-protected circuit. You should also ensure the product has clean fans. Clean the fans with water and reinstall them when they have completely dried. Dirty fans reduce the efficiency of dehumidifier capacity.

Check the electrical requirements for your dehumidifier, too. Most require a 115 VAC power outlet. Follow the installation instructions included with the model you choose. Most require a flat surface to avoid leaking. 

Most dehumidifiers drain through gravity, so the water does not condensate upwards.  Condensate can be drained using a clear vinyl hose and threaded adapter. Also, it has to have a drain trap.

Best Places to Use a Small Dehumidifier

Use a small dehumidifier in any room of your home that has a moisture problem. Mold can grow anywhere, and every house is different, so the best place to use a small dehumidifier is where you need it most. 


A bathroom is an ideal place for dehumidification because long, hot showers and baths raise the humidity level quickly. This condensation builds up, leading to mold and mildew. If the extractor fan in your bathroom isn’t getting the job done, consider adding a small dehumidifier. Run a bathroom dehumidifier for about 20 minutes after every shower, and you should soon see a decrease in mildew and mold growth.  

Crawl Spaces

It is common for humidity to accumulate in crawl spaces in the winter, then the temperature inside is warmer than the temperature outside. A small dehumidifier tucked into a crawl space does the trick, but make sure it has a strong fan and specifically mentions that it’s for a small space.


Kitchens are a big source of humidity in the home since cooking, dishwashers, and refrigerators all add moisture to the air. Too much humidity not only increases the danger of mold growth but can also affect how long the food in your pantry and cupboards stays fresh. Placing a small dehumidifier in the kitchen when cooking is often a great way to help combat humidity. 

SEAVON Small Dehumidifier


Humid basements with a musty odor are pretty common. Because basements are underground, they’re cooler and more vulnerable to water getting in from the outside. If your laundry room is also in the basement, it can increase the humidity even more. Hooking up a dehumidifier in the basement is usually pretty simple as you can make use of the drainage system already in place for the laundry room. 

Why Would You Want a Small Humidifier?

If you live in a flat or need a dehumidifier for a smaller area, investing in a small dehumidifier is your best bet. Small dehumidifiers can be your best friends if you don’t have space or don’t have need of a big one. Living in humid areas means your place gets a lot of mold and mildew. It can also happen if you live near a water source.

Mold and mildew contribute to a moldy odor in your house, which is unpleasant. Furthermore, they may also stain the walls of your house.

If the humidity intensifies and is more than 40%, you will feel it on your skin and your hair may get all frizzy, thus it can be uncomfortable to live with. Moreover, your furniture suffers too, if the humidity is too high and the wood will decay faster than it’s supposed to. Thus, a small humidifier can do wonders to improve air quality.

What it basically does is suck in the musty air, filter it, and release it back into the environment with less moisture. The air would then have controlled levels of humidity in it.

Ivation 13-Pint Small Dehumidifier


These were our top products picks for you. Dehumidifiers can be a delightful investment, therefore, one needs to pick wisely. Keep all the things mentioned in your mind and pick any one of these according to your needs. You won’t be disappointed! One important thing to remember is what you need from a product, and if you’re aware of that, the rest falls in place just fine.

TOSOT 30 Pint Dehumidifier

People Also Ask

Below are some common questions related to small dehumidifiers:

How Many Watts Does a Small Dehumidifier Use?

A dehumidifier uses 580 watts. This makes it energy efficient, which is above the Energy Star standards. It draws 5.1 amps while operating with an efficiency of 5 pints of water per kilowatt-hour.

How Much Does a Small Dehumidifier Cost?

Small dehumidifiers span a wide range of prices. The cost can range from as low as $30 up to over a thousand dollars.

Is a Small Dehumidifier Worth it?

A small dehumidifier is highly efficient in removing water and relatively quiet. This makes it perfect for use in nearly every condition.

How Long Can I Leave My Small Dehumidifier Running?

A dehumidifier should not be left running for long, especially when there are children around.

How Often Do I Need to Empty a Small Dehumidifier?

A tube should be attached to the dehumidifier to remove the water.

Place the other end of the tube to a drain, plug-in power, and the machine does its work.

Why are Some Dehumidifiers Smaller Than Others?

Some humidifiers are smaller than others because they may be the desiccant type. Desiccant dehumidifiers are smaller in size than refrigerant humidifiers as they do not have a compressor. Desiccant dehumidifiers have numerous advantages to them like being able to work better in lower temperatures, however, they are less energy efficient and have lower water capacities.

It is important to know that dehumidifiers need space around them that allows a consistent flow of air for them to work efficiently and do their job well.

Do All Small Dehumidifiers Have Shut Off Functions?

The best dehumidifiers are those that have an automatic shutoff function. Small dehumidifiers have a feature that automatically shuts off the unit when the water capacity is full and prevents spillage. Mostly, machines will have an indicator that will tell you when it is time to empty the tray. Therefore, spillage really isn’t the biggest of concern here if you pay attention.

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