Goodman vs Lennox – Which is the More Reliable AC Brand?

| Last Updated: August 17, 2021

Having a difficult time deciding which brand is the best between Goodman and Lennox? 

In this article, we explore both brands in-depth, what defines them, and what they represent. Goodman and Lennox are well-established brands and have customer bases that believe in each brand being reliable.

We’re sure you’ll reach the end of the article with your decision on which AC brand is right for you.

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TL;DR: Goodman vs Lennox

Let’s explore each brand’s strong suits, downsides, what features their units have to offer, and, finally, what makes them the better option for you.





Goodman brand is considered to be very affordable

Units have great durability and their products undertake tests to ensure they have a long service life

Long warranty term


Units are smart use-equipped  

Lennox brand has energy-efficient products

Long-lasting warranty term

Lenox products undergo a series of tests before they’re considered perfect



They’re considered to be less efficient compared to Lennox products


Lennox units are a bit costly for most people

Some products are made of proprietary parts

Goodman Introduction

Goodman is a manufacturing company that was founded in 1975 by Harold V. Goodman. 

For four decades, the company has been producing high-quality design HVAC systems and continues to get better with time. It has gained the reputation of being an outstanding trustworthy economy-tier brand with products that are the absolute best for its customers.

With more than 30 years of experience, five years and still running as Europe’s top developer, and a business model that has changed over time into accommodating its retailers and customers needs, Goodman demonstrates why they’re a highly recommended brand by achieving the following: 

  • They provide high-performance and high-quality commercial heating and cooling systems.

  • Their products are energy efficient and comfortable for indoor environments (businesses, stores, restaurants, and homes).

  • Through policies, processes, and procedures, Goodman prioritizes international quality standards and product solutions.

  • Goodman offers a long-term warranty coverage that most of their consumers consider to be great.
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Lennox Introduction

Founded by American businessman, David Lennox, Lennox International has consistently challenged technological boundaries in furnace productions since 1895.

Lennox International is a manufacturer of furnaces, air conditioners, heat pumps, garage heating, solar-ready systems, air handlers, and mini-split systems

The Lennox company has grown to be one of the most trusted HVAC manufacturing brands. With various options designed to appeal to their retailers and customers, the brand delivers energy-efficient products and smart energy equipment.

The Lennox company prides itself in offering the following:

  • Products with sustainable green energy solutions. The company’s many models have earned the Energy Star certificate. 

  • Affordable products and extended warranty programs for their consumers.

  • Products with outstanding durability and added features that make the unit worth the investment.
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Company Comparison

The table explores the main aspects of each brand, from who they were founded by to who manufactures them and where.




Daikin Texas Technology Park (4.2M square in size), located just outside Houston, Texas.

Where Are Their Products Made?

Richardson, Texas, near Dallas

The Daikin Group

Who Manufactures Their Products?

Heatcraft Refrigeration and Armstrong brands


Who Owns These Companies?

Worthington Industries

46 years

How Long Have They Been Around?

126 years

Goodman offers a one-year warranty for part replacement if you register your Goodman AC; this only applies to parts found to be defective due to workmanship and materials (normal use and maintenance) and if not registered, your product warranty will only last five years

What’s their Warranty Like?

Lennox offers:

  • Five-year warranty on covered parts, heat pumps, and air handlers
  • Seven-year warranty for heat pump (mini-split systems)
  • 10-year warranty on air conditioners
  • 20-year warranty on heat exchanges and a five-year warranty on covered parts And the warranty can be extended to 10 years upon registration

What Goodman Does Better Than Lennox in Air Conditioning

In this section, we’ll show where Goodman has some clear benefits over Lennox.


Goodman products are a popular to-go option for homeowners looking for affordable replacements for their damaged AC units. They come at cost-effective prices, and even though some may be slightly more costly, they’re worth all their extra features.

On the other hand, Lennox has slightly higher prices due to its many incorporated features.

AC Units

Goodman is one of the best air conditioning unit producers. The brand uses various universal components such as Copeland compressors. They also use Ultratech, the most well-known compressor in air and heating conditioning.

Although the quality components aren’t the best and the warranty might just suffer, the brand has improved massively over time. The overall ratings are very good.

Goodman’s parent company Daikin has lined up Goodman’s models to five air conditioners from 14 to 19 SEER. These models are stage one and stage two, giving you a performance choice.

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The brand has included new features such as the ComfortBridge communication technology, which can be equipped into the split system’s furnace.

Communication technology makes use of algorithms for great performance and efficiency.

Lennox uses proprietary parts (parts designed for that particular unit) which slightly puts them at a disadvantage.

The parts are hard to get and if ever your HVAC unit has problems you might wait for some time before it gets to you, which is inconvenient to any customer.

These factors are best considered, but they don’t set the brands apart in a big way. Certain aspects can be worked around, so it’s about deciding what will work best for you.

What Lennox Does Better Than Goodman in Air Conditioning

Next up, let’s see where Lennox has the advantage and why many consumers prefer its products.


Efficiency is considered one of HVAC’s most essential features. This shows a unit’s ability to last in the long run, their convenience, and the occurrence of minimal losses long term. 

If any HVAC product is used daily, it should be able to last the minimum warranty term without costing much in repairs. Well taken care of units even last longer than expected.

Compared to Goodman products, Lennox products have the most advantages due to their units having the highest Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) ratings in the market. With high-efficiency ratings, Lennox products are worth the investment because they can save on utility costs.

High Quality

Lennox produces superior models with meticulous performance and high quality. The company boasts about providing only the best for its customers and offering exclusive benefits.

The Lennox brand has industry-leading (up to 26) SEER ratings and SunSource units that are built to harness solar power.

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Even on the hottest days, Lennox air conditioners have Precise Comfort technology that gives you full control of temperature in your workspace or home. When you purchase from the Lennox Signature collection, you gain access to a system that can modify your AC’s cooling ability to suit your local climate. 

Through the use of Silent Comfort technology, Lennox products are among the quietest, making them well built for efficiency.

Lennox also offers services like the following:

  • Installation services

  • Upgrading or replacing systems

  • Affordable repairs

  • Long-term warranties for long-term investments

  • Year-round maintenance plans

Goodman vs Lennox: Similarities

Spending time on each brand’s winning points is one thing to consider. We’re going to look at how they’re the same in various aspects.


Goodman products undergo a series of tests to ensure durability. The test normally is a 500-hour test of saltwater spray to ensure corrosion resistance of the unit. The units are made of high-quality material and have a long service life without being worn down by the wear and tear of daily use.

Lennox products go under meticulous tests to ensure long-lasting service life as well. The units go through various checkpoints and leakage tests, to ensure perfect conditions once received in the market. For added protection, some units are made of heavy-duty materials and coated with premium paint layers. This makes them suitable for any weather and corrosion-resistant.


Goodman produces HVAC units that are designed for the customers’ convenience and are easy to use. They’re space-saving as they come in compact sizes and are designed to blend seamlessly in homes. Their units have installation choices and are easy to install.

Goodman HVAC products produce less noise which makes them highly suitable for work and home places. Some of the units come equipped with automatic temperature adjustments that help save utility bills and convenience.

Lennox offers compact-sized products that are space-saving and they also offer rooftop units. Their products have the customer’s convenience and comfort in mind. For easier use, they offer features like automatic cooling power of the AC in various operations. Their units are suitable for commercial and residential use.

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Both brands have high ratings, and due to years of existence, they’ve each created remarkable names for themselves. 

Goodman and Lennox deliver best on what is expected of them and are brands you can trust to supply any of your HVAC units. They’re both global, have continuously growing markets, and continue to prosper in technological advances.

Goodman vs Lennox Air Conditioners

If you’re wondering how Goodman and Lennox products compare, we’re going to evaluate some of them below in various tiers.

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Flagship Model: Goodman vs Lennox

The first major difference between Goodman’s and Lennox’s flagship furnace models is that Goodman’s models work only on gas and Lennox has both oil and gas models. This little aspect gives an idea of how much each brand works on improving their products.

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Goodman: 90%+ AFUE Furnaces

The best gas furnaces come in compact sizes, making them easy to store when not needed. You hardly think about them and pull them out only in winter. They run through quietly and perform effectively to your needs for years to come.

The majority of Goodman gas furnaces are designed to be energy efficient and have more to offer for their customers’ convenience:

  • They are designed from aluminum steel to withstand heat and wear over the years.
  • They have a multi PSC blower instead of a single-speed monitor. This reduces energy consumption and lowers noise production.
  • Available slope heat exchange design for optimal drainage.

Lennox: SLP98V

Lennox has furnaces that run on gas oil and with the two two furnace types, different features are offered to fit different customer needs.

The different models offer stage two furnaces, variable speed, and ultra-low emission. 

The SPL98V is Lennox’s number one flagship product. It has an industry-leading AFUE rating of 98.7 percent and was amongst the Energy-star certified products in 2019.

The unit:

  • Produces almost no noise.

  • It has two heat exchanges as well as condensing technology providing highly effective heat disbursement.

  • Has increased reliability and durability with its silicon nitride ignitor.

  • The systems work well with Lennox smart thermostat and run on natural gas
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The Lennox flagship is more advanced than Goodmans and has way more features. This unit is great for someone who wants a sleek tech unit and doesn’t mind spending.

Mid-Range Model: Goodman vs Lennox

The Lennox and Goodman mid-range models are very similar to the standard features they offer. Both brands can be an option for finding the best HVAC system.

Goodman: GSX16

This Goodman unit has a two-year unit replacement warranty and a 10-year parts limited warranty.

The GSX16 has a lot of features that make it one of the best mid-range options for the brand. Features include:

  • Factory-installed filter drier to filter and absorb system contaminants and moisture

  • Energy-efficient compressor that utilizes less energy than a base model compressor

  • Fully charged for 15 feet of tubing length aids with the easy installation process

  • AHRI certified and ETL listed

  • Contactor with lug connection; for fast and securely wiring, they can connect using large screw lugs

  • Copper tube and enhanced aluminum fin coil
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Lennox: Elite Series EL296E and EL296V

The EL296E and EL296V are two-stage units and are considered to be better than most Lennox single-stage units like the Lennox Merit Series ML195.

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The units are operated at two different output intensities. This helps temperature instability in your home and assists you in controlling humidity levels.

The units have more features, including the following:

  • Venting options that are expanded unlike most base model units

  • Sealed blower compartment

  • Power-saving motor that helps reduce utility bills

  • An AFUE that is 96% and is Energy Star qualified.

Goodman’s mid-range model is more affordable than Lennox’s. Overall, the products have similar features and qualities.

Budget Model: Goodman vs Lennox

Both budget model brands offer a great solution to consumers seeking low-budget units.

There are differences in both the brands such as Energy Star ratings.

Goodman: GSX13

The GSX13 provides efficient cooling with a SEER rating of 13. The unit is best for budget-conscious consumers as it’s affordable and still equipped with great features. Despite the low budget, it’s a well sought out choice by most consumers. The product is a single-stage and isn’t Energy Star rated.

Lennox: Lennox Merit ML296V

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Due to its variable-speed blower and two-stage operation, the Lennox ML296V is the go-to choice for most consumers. It has features that deal with humidity control and create more consistent temperatures. The unit itself has excellent performance and efficiency. There’s close to nothing to complain about.

The Lennox Merit ML296V features are:

  • An AFUE of 96% and is Energy Star rated

  • The unit is more advanced than most entry-level models

  • Heat exchange warranty lasts for 20 years. There’s a five-year limited warranty on covered components. With product registration, the product can gain a 10-year warranty


Keep in mind that there are many advantages and disadvantages that both the Goodman and Lennox brands might have.

The Goodman brand is best for people who are budget conscious. It has great features but can’t compare to Lennox when it comes to certain aspects. On the other hand, Lennox products are equipped with great features and more. This comes at a costly price. Lennox is also known for its product efficiency.

Overall, it comes down to what you want, either product is worth the buy.

People Also Ask

Below are a few answers to questions you might still have about which brand is the right choice for you.

How Long Should a Goodman AC Unit Last?

A Goodman AC typically lasts 10 to 15 years before there may be a coil or compressor failure. This applies to units that are well taken care of, as well as properly installed by a licensed HVAC installer, maintained regularly at least once a year, and are properly charged.

How Long Does a Lennox HVAC System Last?

Lennox heat pumps and air conditioners last for about 10 to 12 years. Furnaces last about 15 to 20 years.

These factors will depend on the unit’s maintenance and climate. If your Lennox unit has spent the average life span, you can consider replacing it and not fixing it if there are any problems. This can prove to be a large investment but it is worth it in the long run.

Who Makes Goodman Air Conditioners?

Goodman’s parent company, Daikin, manufactures Goodman air conditioners. It’s situated right outside Houston, Texas. The Daikin Texas Technology Park is 4.2 million square feet. It contains Goodman’s engineering, logistic, and manufacturing departments. 

Daikin deals globally and locally with manufacturing and holds technologically advanced HVAC facilities around the globe.

Is Trane a Good Air Conditioner?

Trane is known for its energy-efficient units. Trane products range from basic to better and then best.

It is relatively affordable which makes it a great brand. The brand has warranties that consumers cannot complain about. If the unit is well taken care of and maintained yearly, the products will last longer.

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