HVAC Technician Resumes

hvac-resumesYour HVAC resume or HVAC technician resume needs to include the full scope of your training and describe all of the work experience you’ve had throughout your career. Many employers will request an HVAC resume or HVAC technician resume as soon as you apply for a position.

If you are just entering the job market after completing an HVAC technician program, you can look at some HVAC resume samples online to learn exactly what type of information you need to include on your resume. Your HVAC resume may be very simple, but needs to convey your career goals, all of the skills you have acquired during training, and all types of work experience you have.

Putting Together an HVAC Resume

Reviewing at least three to four different HVAC resume samples can make it easier to put together your own professional-looking, original resume. Pay attention to formatting, and take a look at the different ways that the individual presents their experience, jobs, specific skills and training, and professional goals. Before you put together your HVAC resume, it may be helpful to write down all of your skills and qualifications as a bulleted list on a separate sheet of paper. This can help you summarize or describe items in more detail on your actual resume, and will help you keep everything organized.

Components of HVAC Resumes

You will need to include the following key points when you are looking at HVAC resume samples and putting together your HVAC technician resume:

  • Qualifications – Years of HVAC experience and all of the different skills you have acquired over the course of your educational career or HVAC career. This might include service and repair skills, customer service, equipment installation, and experience with refrigerant systems, administrative skills and expertise in estimating. Think of all the different roles you have played, and specific tasks you have had to complete in both residential and commercial settings.
  • Education and credentials – This part of the HVAC resume will need to include information about the associate’s degree you received and where you received it, whether you have HVAC EPA certification, any other types of certification you have received, and seminars that you have attended or participating in.
  • Experience – The work experience section of your HVAC resume will need to highlight all positions you have taken on throughout your career, the employer and location, the length of your role, and the key duties and responsibilities of your role. Be as specific as possible when describing all of your HVAC technician-related tasks or any tasks that apply to the position you are currently applying for.

Submitting HVAC Technician Resumes

You may need to write your HVAC technician resumes for a specific employer by including career goals with a company, instead of just sending a generic HVAC resume. You can submit your HVAC technician resumes to a number of companies in your area, and also look online for job opportunities that you are qualified for. Make sure your HVAC technician resumes are well-formatted, easy to print and do not contain extra information that doesn’t pertain to the position you are applying for.