Ravelli Pellet Stove Reviews – 2022 Round-up

| Last Updated: December 22, 2021

As winters approach us, we are all looking for heaters that will warm our homes while providing us with the best utility.

Ravelli pellet stoves do just that. They are a great kind of heater and are especially cost-effective.

Despite being different from other kinds of heaters, they still make for a good choice. This guide is all about Ravelli and lists some of the options you must definitely consider. 

Comparison of the Ravelli Pellet Stoves

  • Design is made of cast iron
  • Comes with sensors for enhanced security
  • Functional, easy to clean ash pan
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  • Glass-ceramic door ensures resistance
  • Easy to control with display
  • Design is finished in painted steel
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  • Best for the Money
  • Remote control and graphic display
  • Heats up to 11,500 sq ft
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  • Up to 35,000 BTU per hour
  • Tank capacity of 33 LBS
  • Compact design made of cast iron
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  • Efficiency is more than 81.8%
  • Easy glass cleaning system
  • Burning time up to 20 hours
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Who is Ravelli?

Ravelli is one of the world’s biggest and most significant manufacturers of a variety of home heating products like boilers, cookers, fireplaces, and stoves. It mostly believes in using renewable energy sources like wood and pellets.

The company started off as a family-run business, and now, after two decades of being an industry leader, it transformed itself into a managerial organization that is aided by a financial investor.

Ravelli places its focus on innovation and reliability, so its products are the best in the market. In addition, it aims for environmentally sustainable products, and hence it focuses on bringing renewable energy options to the world.

What Makes Ravelli Pellet Stoves Stand Out From the Competition?

Ravelli has been a market leader globally for the past two decades, and it’s not just a stroke of luck that it is so. The secret of its success lies in the unique product offerings and features that it brings to the table.

The company has a superior R&D team that focuses on making the products highly efficient, cost-effective, and environment-friendly. The design team delivers to customers elegant and classy designs manufactured with high-quality materials while paying extra attention to detail. Furthermore, Ravelli provides all its customers with customized heating solutions that best fit their individual requirements.

Best Ravelli Pellet Stoves

Ravelli is undoubtedly one of the best brands available in the market with a wide range of products to suit all customers’ needs. However, this can also make it hard for you to choose your ideal product. Hence, we have shortlisted some top options that you must consider. 

Best Overall

Vittoria C


Heat Output (BTU/h): 50,000

Heating Capacity (sq ft): N/A

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What Recent Buyers Report

According to users, it is a very easy-to-use pellet stove; all you must do is feed in the pellets. The maintenance procedure is also very simple. You can simply use any brush you can find and dust the ashes out of the stove. Furthermore, it warms your home very efficiently.

Why it Stands Out to Us

In terms of efficiency, Vittoria C doesn’t have much competition. It has an efficiency rating of 89%. This means that it manages to transfer 89% of the heat produced by burning pellets into the home without wasting it in the stove’s interior or in the fumes exhausted outside the house. 

In addition to its great performance, this stove also has an elegant and modern look, which makes it ideal for people with contemporary homes. In short, Vittoria C is the perfect blend of efficiency and aesthetics.

Bottom Line

Ravelli Vittoria C is a highly efficient stove that warms up your home quickly. It has a modern outlook and several features to make its use comfortable. It also has a sturdy built and is very easy to clean.


Sturdy and durable iron build 

Elegant design for modern homes 

Produces only 0.7 g emissions per hour

Features security sensors and warning alerts

Highly efficient in transferring heat to the room


Relatively heavy

Cannot be controlled by remote




Heat Output (BTU/h): 35,000

Heating Capacity (sq ft): N/A

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What Recent Buyers Report

Users report that it is very convenient to use. You are only required to adjust its default setting once at the start, and then it works perfectly. It will heat your home just fine since it produces a great amount of heat. Furthermore, it looks great with its steel and iron body.

Why it Stands Out to Us

When it comes to automating a stove, Ravelli Francesca has no match. It has a built-in digital display that allows you to set all kinds of settings, and it also alerts you about any hazard that you might be facing. 

Furthermore, it will tell you about anything that needs to be done to ensure the stove’s safe use. You can also set the default temperature and duration for functioning through the digital display. This has made using Ravelli Francesca very convenient for most customers. Also, the efficiency rating of this stove is great. Hence, warming your home won’t be a problem for it at all.

Bottom Line

In all, Ravelli Francesca is one of the most efficient and convenient stoves available in the market. It provides its customers with a graphical interface for easy use. In addition, it has a sturdy and durable body of steel and iron.


Sturdy build of steel and iron 

Pre-installed glass cleaning system

Has a digital display and control system

Highly efficient with an efficiency rating of 87%

Features a programmable thermostat for easy use


Pellet capacity of only 31 lbs

Can be complex for people who are not tech-savvy

Best for the Money

Holly C


Heat Output (BTU/h): 50,000

Heating Capacity (sq ft): N/A

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What Recent Buyers Report

Holly C has a large pellet tray, which means that you don’t have to refill it again and again. The efficiency rating on this stove is also good, considering the price and other utilities and features it includes. Furthermore, the exterior has an elegant outlook and is very durable.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This stove is the best option for people who are on a budget. It is built from great-quality materials and has some of the best technology installed in its system. Yet, it is not as expensive as other units with similar features. You get great value for your money if you choose to buy this. 

It has remote control technology, which makes it very easy for you to control your unit even from a distance. The centrifugal fan heating system also ensures that the heat is properly dissipated through the system and into the house. In addition, it looks great.

Bottom Line

To sum it up, this stove can provide you with the best value for your money. It is equipped with advanced technology, a sturdy interior, and an elegant exterior. It is also very efficient. This means that the stove has it all, and you will get everything in one unit.


A pellet capacity of 55lbs 

Highly durable and elegant looking

Centrifugal fan heating system is used

Features majolica tiling, which is highly durable

Can be controlled with a remote, and it also has a digital display


Relatively heavy

Fuel consumption is above average

RV 80 C


Heat Output (BTU/h): 35,000

Heating Capacity (sq ft): N/A

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What Recent Buyers Report

RV 80 C is a very elegant-looking stove. It adds elegance to your space, and since it is available in a range of different colors, you can easily pick any color that matches your house’s interior. Furthermore, it is very easy and convenient to use with its digital display and remote control.

Why it Stands Out to Us

In winter, we all like getting comfy in our covers and on the sofas, and it also often makes us a little lazy. In such a situation, you might dread getting out of your covers and getting off your sofa to do anything, let alone having to adjust your stove. 

Hence, Ravelli decided to introduce the remote control technology in RV 80 C. Now you can easily use the remote to turn the stove on and off or change other settings. This ultimately will make your overall experience highly comfortable and convenient.

Bottom Line

All in all, RV 80 C is a great stove for people who care about comfort and convenience. It is also efficient enough to warm your home without wasting any heat. Furthermore, it has an elegant outlook and a durable build.


Has a programmable thermostat 

Durably built from high-quality iron

Features majolica tiling for a sophisticated interior

Elegant and contemporary outlook for modern homes

Features a digital display and remote control for convenient use


Efficiency is relatively low

Pellet capacity of only 35 lbs



Heat Output (BTU/h): 35,000

Heating Capacity (sq ft): N/A

We may earn commission from purchases made from our links, at no additional cost to you

What Recent Buyers Report

Users report that the installation of this unit is simple. You just need to define its standard mode once during the initial setup, and then it automatically works with the same settings unless you change them. It’ll heat up your home just fine. It also looks amazing since it’s made of solid steel and iron.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Monica is a simple stove that can appeal to people who don’t care about the best, but they still want all the top features to be present in their electronics. It provides most top-grade features in its system in a way that you won’t be missing out on anything.

It has a digital display and remote control along with RDS technology. Furthermore, it comes in some of the best color options to enhance its elegant design. 

Bottom Line

This is your standard stove that features a digital display and can be controlled by a remote. It has an elegant design. It’s not the most efficient stove, yet it will easily warm your home and make it comfy for you.


Uses RDS technology 

Available in a wide range of colors

Can be controlled with a remote very easily

Ashpan conveniently collects all the ash in the system

Has a digital display on the top that can pop out for easy viewing


Relatively heavy

Efficiency rating at only 81%, which is relatively lower than the other options

Ravelli Pellet Stove Troubleshooting

While using a Ravelli pellet stove, you might face some common problems. Although they are not serious enough to call a technician, you should still address them so as to not damage your stove.

Some common problems include the pellets not burning properly or smoke or soot coming out of the stove. Some people are also not comfortable with the technology, and hence the error codes intimidate them a lot. The display also might start acting up once in a while. 

Here’s how you can solve different problems:

Photo credit: edilportale.com

Why is My Ravelli Pellet Stove Indicating the Pot Needs Cleaning Every Two Days?

It is normal to get an indication that the pot needs cleaning every two or three days. It usually appears after you use your stove continuously for a few days. The pot starts accumulating residual, which causes a reduction inefficiency. Hence, you need to clean it regularly. 

Why Does My Ravelli Pellet Stove Read Blackout?

This usually happens when the power cord isn’t inserted properly. You can just plug it in properly.

Common Ravelli Pellet Stove Error Codes

Alarm 06 – Out of Pellets: This usually occurs when the pellet tank is empty.

Alarm 01 – Blackout: There is no voltage.

Alarm 05 – No Switch On: Either the pellet supply is not working, or the heater’s switch is broken.

Ravelli Pellet Stove Display is Upside Down

You can fix this by pressing the OK button while plugging the power switch in and out. The display will most probably be fixed once the light turns on again. If it doesn’t work, it’s best to contact a professional. 

My Ravelli Pellet Stove Won’t Turn On

Check the power supply and the pellet tank. It is usually one of those two problems. Fix those two, and you will be good to go.

Comparison Overview

The best way to pick the best product is to always compare it to several counterparts. This will help highlight the pros and cons of buying each product. Following is a comparison of similar units to help you pick the most suitable one. 

Ravelli RV120 vs. RV80

RV120 and RV80 are two stars of Ravelli’s range, so it’s not uncommon for people to draw a contrast between them.


They both share the same RDS technology, graphic display, and remote control. They both have a standard programmable thermostat, an elegant outlook, and a durable and sturdy build.


RV120 is highly efficient, with 87% efficiency, while RV80 is around 5% less efficient. Hence, the former gives you better results for the same amount of fuel used.

Photo credit: archiexpo.it

Ravelli vs. Harman Pellet 

Ravelli and Harman are the top two competitors, and people often draw a comparison between them.


Stoves from both companies are built durably and have great-quality mechanisms that make them efficient and effective.


Ravelli’s stoves are usually cheaper than Harman’s stoves. The replacement parts for the former are easier to find since there are more dealers available. Due to this easy availability, you can also get the replacement parts at a lower price. 

Furthermore, the cost of installation and maintenance for Harman’s stoves is higher. 

How to Install a Ravelli Pellet Stove

Ravelli pellet stoves are easy to install. If you are a handy person, you will most probably be able to do it yourself without much external help. Here’s what you basically need to do:

  1. Find a suitable location in your room to place the pellet stove.

  2. Make sure you have a hardwood flooring or a piece of hardwood on which you will place the stove to protect the floor from the heat and embers.

  3. Cut a hole in the wall for the vent pipe to lead to the exhaust outside your house.

  4. Make sure you put on your safety glasses for protection.

  5. Put together the pellet piping.

  6. Start installing the pellet piping in the wall from both inside and outside to create a tight hole for the fumes to get out.

  7. Now attach the main unit to the pellet piping.

  8. Plug in the main unit, and you are good to go.

In case you still have any reservations, feel free to watch the following video:

How to Clean a Ravelli Pellet Stove

To ensure your stove’s long life, you need to make sure that you do routine maintenance on it and clean it whenever necessary to avoid any buildups and blockages. Here’s how:

  1. Open the door of the stove.

  2. Use a vacuum cleaner to take the dust and ash out of the unit.

  3. Scrape the heat exchangers two to three times.

  4. Use a soft brush to take out the ash sticking in any corners or roof of the stove.

  5. Use the brush to clean the pellet tray.

  6. Close the unit, and you are good to go.

If you want to understand this process in detail, you can refer to the video below.


Ravelli is one of the greatest manufacturers of stoves in the world. It has come up with innovative technology to increase efficiency, reduce fuel costs, and make stoves more environment-friendly. All this is done while prioritizing their customers and delivering great products. Hence, warm your home with their pellet stoves and get value for your money.

People Also Ask

It’s a daunting task to pick a product from the many great options available, and naturally, you must have a lot of questions to either understand the product better or to narrow down your options a little. Hence, we have answered some top questions for you. Read them and ease your mind:

How to Set a Ravelli Pellet Stove

To set the stove, you need to press the OK button. You should see the user screen mode. Tap button “2” to move to RDS setup. Press OK and use button “2” to get to Code C2 and press ok. The appliance will enter Ignition mode and light up. It takes about eight minutes for it to get to stabilization mode. It will settle into power level five and begin a 20 minute countdown. Now adjust your airflow settings and enjoy the warmth.

How to Reset a Ravelli Pellet Stove

To reset the stove, press the OK button twice. Now you would have entered the User Menu. Press “2” eleven times, and you will be on “Working Hours” now. Press OK. Then, press “1” until you reach the option “Enter Key.” Now you can enter the key “35.” Finally, press OK, and you have successfully reset your stove.

How Do You Power Off Your Ravelli Pellet Stove?

Powering off your stove is a very simple and easy procedure. All you need to do is hold the ON/OFF button. You can also take the plug out of the switch after you have already turned off the stove.

How a Ravelli Pellet Stoves Works

Once you switch on the stove, it will automatically start heating and burning the pellets present in the tray. While the pellets burn, it will pump the fumes and ash out of the pipe that is located in the stove’s back. Then, the pipe will lead the fumes and ashes outside.

Where Are Ravelli Pellet Stoves Made?

All Ravelli’s products, including the pellet stoves, are made in Italy.

Who Makes Ravelli Products?

OpenGate Capital makes Ravelli’s products. It is a financial investment firm, and it makes all of Ravelli’s products in Italy with the best facilities and a great R&D team.

Who Owns Ravelli?

Ravelli was initially a family-owned business, but now it is owned by an organizational financial investor, OpenGate Capital.

How Long Has Ravelli Been Around?

Ravelli has been around for over two decades now, and it has been a market leader for most of its existence.

Why are Ravelli Products so Popular?

Ravelli’s products are so popular because of the smart technology they use, their environment-friendliness, and because of how efficient they are. Their products are also quieter than most other stoves. 

Also, the contemporary design of all products makes Ravelli stand out among its competitors. Lastly, you can always choose to customize your own stove according to your preferences.

What Kind of Warranty Does Ravelli Offer?

Ravelli offers a limited time warranty to its customers. The warranty period can range from one to five years, depending on the product. In certain cases, you can also get a full refund. Furthermore, you can avail of the warranty only if you get the unit installed from certified Ravelli personnel.

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